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Experiences and insights shared in the journey of unlocking our potential in the Infinite Creator.

Get hooked up, yo
Published by Infinitycrownsword on March 6, 2011 11:14pm.  Category: General

So I visited a group one of the past sundays that go into the purification of spiritual influences from generational lines in history. While getting stuff out of the car, something interesting happened. Two of the coat hangars I used to hold up some ironed clothes, hooked right into my keyring. Now the chance of this happening is near to impossible, and so I paid attention to what the possible message might be.


Later I realized what it was. I remembered (or learned? Can’t remember which came first) that there is a planetary web of energy that can be tapped into for immense intelligent energy (basically zero point energy), and the message was that I need to get hooked up with it. I once, when being in a place of worship, became aware of something like a network stretching out all over the planet. Identifying it was difficult for me, so I thought it might’ve been something I want to stay away from, since there are ‘bad’ networks u don’t want to get into. But after this “coincidental event”, and remembering about the planetary web of energy, I decided it must’ve been this that was the true goal.


My understanding so far is that I need to open my top chakras to be able to tap into that energy, but today after some mediation in trying to open chakras, I had a very interesting experience. I saw in my mind a stream of energy (like a current) that was passing above me, and I was let to put my hand in it from where I was sitting on my bed. So I reached up and did it. Then I was led to, in a way, let go of my body and let my body ‘hang onto’ my arm that was stretched out into this energy stream. About a half minute later or so, the picture in my mind changed so that it was as if my whole body was inside the energy stream, and I got the sense that the stream and I was one – also said it out loud as I felt that that was the right thing to do. As if, in faith, I was accepting what was happening, without having any real experience of it, just in my mind only.


Then it hit me, an energy that made my body vibrate and my limbs and shoulders move in seemingly random ways as this energy became an experience. It wasn’t like heat or electricity, it wasn’t a physical feeling at all, it was as if it was another kind of energy, like an euphoria, but something tangible still, was filling and coursing through me, and my physical body was really manifesting it. I was breathing heavily while my body was shaking in a non-violent yet random way, and the energy had a wave-like way of coming over me. So as a wave would go through me, an intensified reaction in my body happened, and in my mind it sounded a bit like having an orgasm. There was also something profound happening in my mind in a wave-like, pulsating manner. Every single thing I felt that was part of my responsibilities, like work, studies, everything including relationships, was to be done with all of my strength, my joy, my energy and my commitment. It was as if receiving this amazing energy was with a very specific purpose – it wasn’t just a feel-good thing, I have a responsibility to share this energy and it empowered me to give more of myself without hesitation or reserve to others.


I would be held accountable for serving others with this energy. It wasn’t for myself. I also suspect that if I’m not faithful with its purpose, that I simply won’t be allowed to go further in tapping into this new kind of energy. My goal is to learn more about it and learn to tap into it at will in order to serve the purposes of God. I cannot let this gift or opportunity pass up – this is what I’ve been pushing for.

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