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Member: PhoenixForce
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Just BEing the vessel of my I AM.

Inner Sanctuary (The Heart)
Published by PhoenixForce on November 9, 2014 1:59am.  Category: inspirational

Stay in your Inner Sanctuary (The Heart) Here & Now, only then you will know Peace & reassurance that the Creator will give what you need to fulfill your day, each day of your life!

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Listen to the voice within you
Published by PhoenixForce on November 4, 2014 6:49am.  Category: General

Listen to the voice within you.
Feel the spirit in the silence of the Now.
You are everywhere and nowhere.
Be all that you see, hear and feel.
You are One with all that exists in Creation.
You're an Ocean that became a drop.
Feel the desire to be the Self.
It is the crossing, the big trip back to your Original Source.
Now you know who you are.
I AM you whispering in your ear.
The Divine Circle in constant motion;
Outside the Circle, experiences...
Within the Circle, Peace...

In the Center of the Circle, Love!


- The Elder Brother

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