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Sometimes one has to Rant to be honest...

Kiling is Evil.. Even though you support it
Published by Fallen Destiny on January 27, 2011 7:14pm.  Category: General

It's really quite hilarious sometimes how off peoples logic are. People really believe that boycotting and peace marches do anything. People don't want a revolution. Revolutions are bloody, and many people will die. Sitting around dressed up as Native Americans smoking marijuana doesn't do anything.  Now that that's out of the way I can get to the point.


This countries natives were slaughtered and made to look as savages. Then slaves were brought in and they weren't given any true sense of equality until they started killing white people.


What am I getting at? I guess.. if Hitler won the war, who would be the bad guy? Or any wars for that matter, after one side wins.. the other side was wrong.


Then we are raised to be slaves, mentally and physically in todays society. While some people are happy being House Negroes because the master keeps them happy. Us out here in the fields feel much otherwise.


But even then.. everyone is afraid to actually do what must be done to actually change anything.


I guess we'll just have a little drum circle and smoke weed and boycott slave labor clothing. This will surely change everything. But every time you pay tax on anything you're supporting the massive murder and years of slavery and evil your country has imposed and will impose on the world.

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