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Member: Bring4th_Jim
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Male
Interests: Gardening, meditation, making the Law of One available to all who want it, communicating with friends, dancing, patting our kitties, and opening my heart in unconditional love.

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With daily entries written by Jim McCarty, the Camelot Journal contains reflections on The Ra Contact, Jim’s personal adventures, passages from Carla’s A Book of Days, and other L/L Research happenings.

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Published by Bring4th_Jim on January 24, 2021 11:07pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 17.13.-14:


"Questioner: When I am communicating with you as Ra, are you at times an individualized entity, or am I speaking to the entire complex?


Ra: I am Ra. You speak with Ra. There is no separation. You would call it a social memory complex thus indicating many-ness. To our understanding, you are speaking to an individualized portion of consciousness.


Questioner: Do I always speak to the same individualized portion of consciousness in each of the sessions?


Ra: I am Ra. You speak to the same entity through a channel or instrument. This instrument is at times lower in vital energy. This will sometimes hamper our proceedings. However, this instrument has a great deal of faithfulness to the task and gives whatever it has to this task. Therefore, we may continue even when energy is low. This is why we usually speak to the ending of the session due to our estimation of the instrument's levels of vital energy."


In the previous two questions and answers Don had asked Ra about Jesus, and Ra had mentioned that Jesus was of the fifth density, which they incorrectly identified as the vibration of love. Don noted the error, and then Ra said that Jesus was of the fourth density, which is the vibration of love. So Don was wondering what might have caused the error and asked if we always spoke to the same portion of the Ra social memory complex. Ra, sensing the gist of Don's query, mentioned that we always spoke to the same portion of their social memory complex, but occasionally Carla would be lower on vital energy, and this could lead to erroneous data. This was why Ra always asked us to specially monitor their numbers as our numbering system was foreign to them as they mentioned in 32.4:


"Questioner: So I should change that third to fourth?


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Please continue to scan for errors having to do with numberings, as you call them, as this concept is foreign to us and we must translate, if you will, when using numbers. This is an ongoing weakness of this contact due to the difference between our ways and yours. Your aid is appreciated."


We discovered later on that when Carla's body had a pain flare, while Ra was speaking through her, it was also possible to have erroneous information. In 87.17, Ra described how it was possible for Carla to use prayer to reduce the chances of pain flares:


"Questioner: Thank you. We noticed the possibility of a confusion between the term "mind/body/spirit" and "mind/body/spirit complex" in the last session. Were there a couple of misuses of those terms, shifting one for the other?


Ra: I am Ra. There was an error in transmission. The use of the term "mind/body/spirit" should refer to those entities dwelling in third density prior to the veiling process, the term "mind/body/spirit complex" referring to those entities dwelling in third density after the veiling process. We also discover a failure on our part to supply the term "complex" when speaking of body after the veiling. Please correct these errors.

Also, we ask that you keep a vigilant watch over these transmissions for any errors, and question without fail as it is our intention to provide as undistorted a series of sound vibration complexes as is possible.

This entity, though far better cleared of distortions towards the pain flares when prepared by those mental vibration complexes you call prayer, is still liable to fluctuation due to its pre-incarnative body-complex distortions and the energizing of them by those of negative polarity."


In 22.2, Ra explained how prayer aided the communication with them:


"Questioner: Secondly, she would like to know why she feels more healthy now after she does these sessions. She's generally feeling more healthy as time goes on.


Ra: I am Ra. This is a function of the free will of the entity. This entity has, for many of your years, prayed a certain set of sound vibration complexes before opening to communication. Before the trance state was achieved this prayer remained within the conscious portion of the mind complex and, though helpful, was not as effective as the consequence of this prayer, as you would call this vibrational sound complex, which then goes directly into the unconscious level, thus more critically affecting the communication from the spiritual complex."


Taking into account all 106 sessions with Ra we found fourteen such errors and, in each case, received the correct information when we queried Ra about the errors. The error was always one word and almost always involved numbering.


Today was a Sabbath Day of Rest, and I was happy to have more time to read and study the Law of One as well as to meditate. I took my usual errand run at noon to pick up some food for the kitties at Feeder's Supply. I now am feeding all four of Dana's kitties three cans of food per day whereas in the past it has been two and one half cans. I think it is a good sign that they have good appetites.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 24


Invisible Goals


I am the saving spirit of the consciousness of love which is in Jesus the Christ. I greet you with the full power of that consciousness.


Each has sought in the recesses of his heart for that consciousness and met with such a mixture of success and failure that it seems that God is sometimes generous and sometimes withholding.


Yet were the great pattern of being to be laid before the measurement of your mind's eye, it could be seen that the consciousness of love is infinitely even and disputed not at what must be done to insure true impartiality of experience to all created beings.


For it is the intent of love that the creations of love are to be creators. And how could that be were there no choices to make, no difficulties to overcome, no mountains to be traversed, and no invisible goals to be set in faith and realized with persistence?


The full consciousness of love embraces each in whatever circumstances. Yet comfort is abundant if each can but ask in faith, knowing that the consciousness of love is indeed within each one. Seek ye, therefore, the peace of utter freedom, freedom to find love in any circumstance whatever and rejoice in the glory of Christ.


I move among you making available to you the peace of love, now and forever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.






















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Published by Bring4th_Jim on January 23, 2021 9:40pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 17.2:


"Questioner: Is it possible to help an entity to reach fourth-density level in these last days?


Ra: I am Ra. It is impossible to help another being directly. It is only possible to make catalyst available in whatever form, the most important being the radiation of realization of oneness with the Creator from the self, less important being information such as we share with you.

We, ourselves, do not feel an urgency for this information to be widely disseminated. It is enough that we have made it available to three, four, or five. This is extremely ample reward, for if one of these obtains fourth-density understanding due to this catalyst then we shall have fulfilled the Law of One in the distortion of service.

We encourage a dispassionate attempt to share information without concern for numbers or quick growth among others. That you attempt to make this information available is, in your term, your service. The attempt, if it reaches one, reaches all.

We cannot offer shortcuts to enlightenment. Enlightenment is of the moment, is an opening to intelligent infinity. It can only be accomplished by the self, for the self. Another self cannot teach/learn enlightenment, but only teach/learn information, inspiration, or a sharing of love, of mystery, of the unknown that makes the other-self reach out and begin the seeking process that ends in a moment. But who can know when an entity will open the gate to the present?"


In this question Don asked Ra if it was possible to help a person reach the fourth density in these last days of the third-density experience. Back in 1.10, Don asked basically the same question:


"Questioner: Another question. Is it possible to create any acceleration of understanding [in] other entities [or are] all efforts . . . efforts by the individual on himself accelerating his understanding? In other words, if an individual tries to act as a catalyst in general to increase the awareness of planetary consciousness, is he doing nothing but acting upon himself, or is it possible [inaudible]?


Ra: I am Ra. We shall answer your question in two parts, both of which are important equally.

Firstly, you must understand that the distinction between yourself and others is not visible to us. We do not consider that a separation exists between the consciousness-raising efforts of the distortion which you project as a personality, and the distortion which you project as an other personality. Thus, to learn is the same as to teach unless you are not teaching what you are learning; in which case you have done you/they little or no good. This understanding should be pondered by your mind/body/spirit complex as it is a distortion which plays a part in your experiences at this nexus.

To turn to the second part of our response, may we state our understanding, limited though it is. Group-individuated consciousness is that state of sharing understanding with the other distortions of mind/body/spirit complexes, which are within the evident reach of the mind/body/spirit complex individual or group. Thus, we are speaking to you and accepting both our distortions and your own in order to enunciate the laws of creation, more especially the Law of One.

We are not available to many of your peoples, for this is not an easily understood way of communication or type of philosophy. However, our very being is hopefully a poignant example of both the necessity and the near-hopelessness of attempting to teach.

Each of those in this group is striving to use, digest, and diversify the information which we are sending this instrument into the channels of the mind/body/spirit complex without distortion. The few whom you will illuminate by sharing your light are far more than enough reason for the greatest possible effort. To serve one is to serve all.

Therefore, we offer the question back to you to state that indeed it is the only activity worth doing: to learn/teach or teach/learn. There is nothing else which is of aid in demonstrating the Original Thought except your very being, and the distortions that come from the unexplained, inarticulate, or mystery-clad being are many. Thus, to attempt to discern and weave your way through as many group mind/body/spirit distortions as possible among your peoples in the course of your teaching is a very good effort to make. We can speak no more valiantly of your desire to serve."


In response to Don's question in this session Ra suggested that our most efficient way of serving others is to simply radiate our sense of oneness with the Creator with everyone that we meet. That's kind of like the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." That kind of radiation of love and unity is a vibration that reaches not only into people's minds, but it reaches into their hearts as well and unlocks their own natural seeking abilities. The Creator lives in each of us and only awaits our seeking for It to begin sharing Itself in synchronous ways. We have always echoed Ra's thoughts in this session which suggest that all we can offer is our heartfelt inspiration for why we see the Creator as Ra said in 17.30:


"Questioner: Well, if an entity wants to learn ways of it, wants to be of service to others rather than service to self while he is in this third density, are there best ways of being of service to others, or is any way just as good as any other way?


Ra: I am Ra. The best way to be of service to others has been explicitly covered in previous material. We will iterate briefly.

The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self-knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence, or the heart, of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Speaking to the intention of your question, the best way for each seeker in third density to be of service to others is unique to that mind/body/spirit complex. This means that the mind/body/spirit complex must then seek within itself the intelligence of its own discernment as to the way it may best serve other-selves. This will be different for each. There is no best. There is no generalization. Nothing is known."


Today I made a trip to the veterinarian just before noon to pick up some medications for Dan D. Lion, Chloe, and Boscoe. I also let the vet know that even though Dan D. Lion had gotten a depo shot last Tuesday for his feline asthma he had another attack this morning. The vet said that she will increase the potency of the next depo shot that he gets and suggested that I give him a couple of prednisone pills twelve hours apart today and also give him a whiff of an inhaler each time.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 23


Glad Tidings


Greetings in the consciousness of love. I am the Holy Spirit of Jesus the Christ, the bringer of glad tidings to all who have ears to hear.


My children, rejoice! For the glad tidings which we of the principle of love bear is that there is love in all things. It is a matter of recognition, not creation; reflection, not origination. For love was brought into the world as the world, the world itself being part of the consciousness of love.


There is no thing outside of the consciousness of love, only time's confused and crazed reflections through the cracked glass of imperfect reflection. Whatever lies in front of you this day is filled with joy and replete with peace. And were you to be able to go forward in time you would see, with no need for faith, that all things have indeed occurred so that your joy may be whole.


Thus if you sorrow this day, by faith you may rejoice in your sorrow. There is no greater peace than the recognition of the consciousness of love in every perfected part of the present day.


Love wishes love peace, now and evermore. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.

























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Published by Bring4th_Jim on January 22, 2021 9:31pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 17.1:


"Questioner: Thank you very much. I wish to say again . . . consider it an honor, great honor, and also a privilege, as my [inaudible]. And I would like to reiterate that my questions may sometimes go a little off because I keep going on something that I had already started to work into the applications of the Law of One to better understand primarily the free-will principle and further distortions that we discover.

I got three questions just now in meditation. I'll ask them first before we continue.

First, we are now in the fourth density. Will the effects of the fourth density increase in the next thirty years? Will we see more changes in our environment and our effect upon our environment?


Ra: I am Ra. The fourth density is a vibrational spectrum. Your time/space continuum has spiraled your planetary sphere and your, what we would call galaxy, what you call star, into this vibration. This will cause the planetary sphere itself to electromagnetically realign its vortices of reception of the instreaming of cosmic forces expressing themselves as vibrational webs so that the earth will thus be fourth-density magnetized, as you might call it.

This is going to occur with some inconvenience, as we have said before, due to the energies of the thought-forms of your peoples which disturb the orderly constructs of energy patterns within your earth spirals of energy, which increases entropy and unusable heat. This will cause your planetary sphere to have some ruptures in its outer garment while making itself appropriately magnetized for fourth density. This is the planetary adjustment.

You will find a sharp increase in the number of people, as you call mind/body/spirit complexes, whose vibrational potentials include the potential for fourth-vibrational distortions. Thus there will seem to be, shall we say, a new breed. These are those incarnating for fourth-density work.

There will also be a sharp increase in the short run of negatively oriented, or polarized, mind/body/spirit complexes and social complexes due to the polarizing conditions of the sharp delineation between fourth-density characteristics and third-density self-service orientation.

Those who remain in fourth density upon this plane will be of the so-called positive orientation. Many will come from elsewhere, for it would appear that with all of the best efforts of the Confederation, which includes those from your peoples' inner planes, inner civilizations, and those from other dimensions, the harvest will still be much less than that which this planetary sphere is capable of comfortably supporting in service."


We always went over the previous session's information the night before the next session to form questions that would follow up the new information. But Don would often get a question or two in the meditation that we held just before entering a new session with Ra, and that was the case with this question. Don asked Ra how the new fourth-density vibrations would be experienced over the next thirty years, but Ra said in 17.29, that this time period was an approximation:


"Questioner: Am I to understand that the harvest will occur in the year 2011, or will it be spread?


Ra: I am Ra. This is an approximation. We have stated we have difficulty with your time/space. This is an appropriate probable/possible time/space nexus for harvest. Those who are not in incarnation at this time will be included in the harvest."


Ra mentioned that Earth would become a fourth-density planet, but because of the disharmony that has long existed here there would be "ruptures in its outer garment" which we can take as earthquakes, volcanoes, and violent weather patterns. In 60.20, Ra gave us an idea as to how the release of heat in violent weather patterns would aid Earth in being able to receive the new fourth-density vibration:


"When an entire planetary system of peoples and cultures repeatedly experiences disharmony on a great scale, the earth under the feet of these entities shall begin to resonate with this disharmony. Due to the nature of the physical vehicle, disharmony shows up as a blockage of growth or an uncontrolled growth, since the primary function of a mind/body/spirit complex's bodily complex is growth and maintenance.

In the case of your planet, the purpose of the planet is the maintenance of orbit and the proper location or orientation with regards to other cosmic influences. In order to have this occurring properly the interior of your sphere is hot, in your physical terms. Thus, instead of uncontrolled growth you begin to experience uncontrolled heat and its expansive consequences."


These ruptures would be necessary for Earth to be able to achieve the proper alignment with the newer instreamings of energy from various locations within our galaxy that would also include the "new breed" of person incarnating. Ra mentioned these entities much later in Session #63.13, as having "dually activated" bodies. They are third-density graduates from other planets who are incarnating on Earth early to help with the harvest. Earth will be their fourth-density home:


"Questioner: Now these entities incarnate into a third-density vibratory body. I am trying to understand how this transition takes place from third to fourth density. I will take the example of one of these entities of which we are speaking who is now in a third-density body. He will grow older, and then will it be necessary that he die from the third-density physical body and reincarnate in a fourth-density body for that transition?


Ra: I am Ra. These entities are those incarnating with what you may call a double body in activation. It will be noted that the entities birthing these fourth-density entities experience a great feeling of, shall we say, the connection and the use of spiritual energies during pregnancy. This is due to the necessity for manifesting the double body.

This transitional body is one which will be, shall we say, able to appreciate fourth-density vibratory complexes, as the instreaming increases, without the accompanying disruption of the third-density body. If a third-density entity were, shall we say, electrically aware of fourth-density in full, the third-density electrical fields would fail due to incompatibility.

To answer your query about death, these entities will die according to third-density necessities."


Ra also mentioned that we would see more negatively oriented entities in the short run. But in the long run much of the population of Earth's fourth density will come from elsewhere because there will not be enough people from Earth that will make the graduation to take advantage of Earth's capacity for a fourth-density population. In 13.23, Ra confirmed that the Earth's harvest of positive entities would likely be small:


"Questioner: How does a third-density planet become a fourth-density? 


Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full question.


The fourth density is, as we have said, as regularized in its approach as the striking of a clock upon the hour. The space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of a different vibrational configuration. This causes the planetary sphere to be able to be molded by these new distortions. However, the thought-forms of your people during this transition period are such that the mind/body/spirit complexes of both individual and societies are scattered throughout the spectrum instead of becoming able to grasp the needle, shall we say, and point the compass in one direction.

Thus, the entry into the vibration of love, sometimes called by your people the vibration of understanding, is not effective with the present societal complex. Thus, the harvest shall be such that many will repeat the third-density cycle. The energies of your wanderers, your teachers, and your adepts at this time are all bent upon increasing the harvest. However, there are few to harvest."


Today I went back outside and used a rake and a scoop shovel to move the compost pile just a few feet to the west so that the decomposing of the leaf dust could be accelerated by switching what was inside the compost pile to the outside and vice versa. There is rain forecast over the weekend which will help the process of decomposition.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 22


Useful Challenges


I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of love divine.


Sometimes we have not the will to go on. Sometimes the consciousness within the body gazes upon the morning with rejection of all that it portends.


These times of discouragement are important. These times of difficulty are to be observed with great compassion and self-forgiveness, for it is within the framework of trouble and sorrow that much of your spiritual work is done.


Therefore, do not chide yourself for your discouragement but rather, praise and thank the blessed Father that in the mysterious way of grace, such dark days may be seen to cause the greatest inner illumination.


Thus, to the discouraged we would say, "Take heart and know that trouble and difficulty are but useful challenges to a servant of the consciousness of love."


In that love and that peace may you go forward this day and forevermore. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.



























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Published by Bring4th_Jim on January 21, 2021 9:53pm.  Category: General




I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 16.53-56:


"Questioner: All right. Continuing with what we were just talking about, namely densities: I understand then that each density has seven sub-densities, which again have seven sub-densities, which again have seven sub-densities. This expands at an extremely large rate as things are increased in powers of seven. Does this mean that in any density level anything that you can think of is happening? And many things that you never thought of are happening . . . are there . . . everything is happening . . . this is confusing . . .


Ra: I am Ra. From your confusion we select the concept with which you struggle, that being infinite opportunity. You may consider any possibility/probability complex as having an existence.


Questioner: Does what we do when we think of possibilities that can occur-say daydreaming-do these become real in these densities?


Ra: I am Ra. This depends upon the nature of the daydream. This is a large subject. Perhaps the simplest thing we can say is if the daydream, as you call it, is one which attracts to self, this then becomes reality to self. If it is contemplative general daydream, this may enter the infinity of possibility/probability complexes and occur elsewhere, having no particular attachment to the energy fields of the creator.


Questioner: To make this a little more clear, if I were to daydream strongly about building a ship, would this occur in one of these other densities?


Ra: I am Ra. This would, would have, or shall occur.


Questioner: And then if, say, an entity daydreams strongly about battling, let us say, another entity, would this occur?


Ra: I am Ra. In this case the entity's fantasy concerns the self and other-self; this binds the thought-form to the possibility/probability complex connected with the self which is the creator of this thought-form. This then would increase the possibility/probability of bringing this into third-density occurrence."


In this series of questions Don discovered that in third density, like all other densities, there is an infinity of sub-densities, each of which can contain realities composed of our thoughts. Our daydreams can become a reality in one of these sub-densities. There ae two types of daydreams. The first one is a general daydream about things, people, or places which are not related to us, and these daydreams may occur in some inner sub-density and have no connection to us. However, if we daydream about a specific person and imagine a certain type of interaction, this daydream connects us to that person in the degree that we continue to entertain that daydream. Perhaps we have had an argument with another person, and we replay that argument over and over width us coming out on top by verbally, or even physically, abusing that person, then the chances of that actually occurring in our current third-density reality are enhanced. I believe this is why, in 42.11, Ra suggested in our balancing exercises balancing thoughts was of most importance:


"Questioner: How can an individual assess what energy centers within its being are activated and in no immediate need of further attention, and which energy centers are not activated and are in need of immediate attention? 


Ra: I am Ra. The thoughts of an entity, its feelings or emotions, and least of all its behavior are the signposts for the teaching/learning of self by self. In the analysis of one's experiences of a diurnal cycle an entity may assess what it considers to be inappropriate thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and emotions.

In examining these inappropriate activities of mind, body, and spirit complexes, the entity may then place these distortions in the proper vibrational ray and thus see where work is needed."


This is why we need to take care that our fantasy conversations are never tinged with such service-to-self intentions, because if you are a seeker of the light there are negative entities who can try to take some of your light/power by enhancing your negative intentions toward this person you are daydreaming about. Even your thoughts of a negative nature can depolarize you in such a situation. The more powerful our wills become as we travel our spiritual paths, the more we need to take care that our thoughts and our actions reflect our desire to see and love the Creator in all people and things. In 52.7, Ra reinforced this concept:


"Instead, we appreciate and recommend the use of your second verb in regard to the use of the will. Acceptance of self, forgiveness of self, and the direction of the will: this is the path towards the disciplined personality. Your faculty of will is that which is powerful within you as co-Creator. You cannot ascribe to this faculty too much importance. Thus it must be carefully used and directed in service to others for those upon the positively oriented path.

There is great danger in the use of the will as the personality becomes stronger, for it may be used even subconsciously in ways reducing the polarity of the entity."


Today I made a trip to Anderson's Sales and Service to pick up my backpack blower which they serviced and repaired the blower portion that I had run over with my mower. Then I stopped by CVS to pick up a prescription and ended my little errand run with a stop by Walgreen's to pick up a couple of food items.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 21


For Those Who Trust


I am the spirit of Jesus the Christ, the gift and manifestation of the Son of Man, the servant of all. I greet you in the full consciousness of love.


If you ask the outer world what conditions are pleasant for growth you may, perhaps, not find the conditions which appear before you this day. Much may seem out of place, disquieting and disturbing. The peace of the spirit of love is that peace which trusts that the consciousness of love abides in each and every situation and that, in the outworking of time, the justice of the sweep of the world's actions may eventually be seen. From day to day, however, without the benefit of hindsight, the spirit of God lies in wait for those who trust.


May you trust the superior and final nature of love, both this day and forever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our, and our minds souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.
























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Published by Bring4th_Jim on January 20, 2021 9:55pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 16.50:


"Questioner: Thank you. Is it possible for you to give a small description of the conditions in fourth density?


Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to consider, as we speak, that there are no words for positively describing fourth density. We can only explain what is not and approximate what is. Beyond fourth density our ability grows more limited still until we become without words.

That which fourth density is not: it is not of words, unless chosen. It is not of heavy chemical vehicles for body complex activities. It is not of disharmony within self. It is not of disharmony within peoples. It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

Approximations of positive statements: it is a plane of a type of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life. It is a plane wherein one is aware of the thoughts of other-selves. It is a plane where one is aware of the vibrations of other-selves. It is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density. It is a plane striving towards wisdom or light. It is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced, although automatically harmonized by group consensus."


In this question Don asked Ra to describe fourth-density conditions. Ra's basic response was that it is hard to describe fourth density. Ra began by saying that it is difficult to use words to describe what fourth density is because it is so different from our third-density experience and is likely more than our language can accommodate. But they tried to say what it is not and approach some description of what it is. In 27.4, Ra gave the reason that the words in our language are not sufficient for an accurate description of many perceptions:


"Questioner: Would you define the word intelligent in the concept of intelligent infinity?


Ra: I am Ra. We shall address the entire spectrum of this question before defining as requested. Your language, using vibrational sound complexes, can be at best an approximation of that which is closer to an understanding, if you will, of the nature of conscious thought. Perceptions are not the same as sound vibration complexes, and the attempt to define will therefore be a frustrating one for you, although we are happy to aid you within the limits of your sound vibration complexes."


Instead of words being spoken, concepts of thought are transmitted telepathically in the fourth density. That would make communication quite precise and less given to misinterpretation because I am sure that you can also transmit the feelings that go with each concept complex of thoughts. But in our third density the Logoi preferred language communication to telepathic communication to be used in the third density because if there is a chance for misunderstanding due to the vagaries of words-or sound vibration complexes--then the catalytic process can be used much more efficiently for seekers of truth to polarize in the attempt to clear up misunderstandings between themselves and others. In 90.12, Ra described the reason that our Logos chose the use of words over concept communication or telepathy for third-density beings:


"Questioner: Was there a reason for choosing the forms that have evolved upon this planet, and if so, what was it?


Ra: I am Ra. We are not entirely sure why our Logos and several neighboring Logoi of approximately the same space/time of flowering chose the bipedal, erect form of the second-density apes to invest. It has been our supposition-which we share with you as long as you are aware that this is mere opinion-that our Logos was interested in, shall we say, further intensifying the veiling process by offering to the third-density form the near complete probability for the development of speech taking complete precedence over concept communication or telepathy."


Our heavy chemical bodies in third density are replaced in fourth density by body complexes that are "much denser and full of life." That means that these body complexes are more densely filled with light, which would also make them more full of life. Ra also mentioned that even thought "individual differences are pronounced" that group consensus is used to harmonize all differences. That's where group awareness of the thoughts of each entity would make this consensus possible. Though I am extremely thankful for the growth opportunities in our third density, I look forward to the day when we can enjoy the type of harmony that Ra speaks of in their answer here. In 11.17, Ra described the advantages of communication in a social memory complex:


"Questioner: At what stage does a planet achieve social memory?


Ra: I am Ra. A mind/body/spirit social complex becomes a social memory complex when its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. The group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind then become[s] known to the social complex, thus creating a social memory complex. The advantages of this complex are the relative lack of distortion in understanding the social beingness and the relative lack of distortion in pursuing the direction of seeking, for all understanding-distortions are available to the entities of the society."


Today I went outside and worked briefly on the fish pond. The fountain has been splashing some water on the rim of the pond lately, and some of it goes out of the pond. Over a period of a couple weeks the level of the pond dropped about three inches, so I got the hose out of the basement and got the water up to its normal level. While the water was filling I cleaned the filters for the fountain. I tried to aim the fountain so that it doesn't splash any water out of the pond and believe that I succeeded.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 20


What Is Holy?


I am the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I greet you in the consciousness of love.


The word "holy" is avoided by many who have felt that there is, indeed, a spirit which enhances the experience of humankind. We, ourselves, are careful in our use of this adjective. For it is not a part of the inspiration which love offers that it be understood as holy.


For in and of itself, love is not holy. For when all things are holy, then are none holy. Yet the holiness of the spirit of love resides in its sanctification of the ordinary in human experience. There is nothing that is not full of holiness. An instinct to love is the love of God. The principle of love imbues every particle of what you call matter and thought in creation.


Yet there must be the will to call that sanctification forth from within the skeletal walls of earth and rust that are so often perceived as the beginning and end of corporeal things. Call forth the sanctification of life by your will and allow your world to become holy. For as you see a holy world, so you shall share that vision and that truth with all whom you meet, inspiring each to the calling forth of that same sanctification. From such beginnings are worlds recreated and transformed.


We leave you in the abiding peace of the consciousness of love, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.
























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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 16.47-.49:


"Questioner: Thank you. Can you tell me of the silver flecks that we have found sometimes on our faces or elsewhere?


Ra: I am Ra. These of which you speak are a materialization of a subjectively oriented signpost indicating to one mind/body/spirit complex, and no other, a meaning of subjective nature.


Questioner: Who creates the silver flecks? Are they real?


Ra: I am Ra. Picture, if you will, the increasing potential for learn/teaching. At some point a sign will be given to indicate the appropriateness or importance of that learn/teaching. The entity itself, in cooperation with the inner planes, creates whatever signpost is most understandable or noticeable to it.


Questioner: You're saying that we ourselves then create these?


Ra: I am Ra. Entities consciously do not create these. The roots of mind complex, having touched in understanding, intelligent infinity, create them."


Before I joined Don and Carla the only indication that I ever got of the rightness of any important action that I was considering was intuition. I think that a lot of people go by such "hunches" or "gut feelings". In 49.4, Ra gave us a detailed description of intuition:


"The lobes of your physical complex brain are alike in their use of weak electrical energy. The entity ruled by intuition and impulse is equal to the entity governed by rational analysis when polarity is considered. The lobes may both be used for service to self or service to others.

It may seem that the rational, or analytical, mind might have more of a possibility of successfully pursuing the negative orientation due to the fact that, in our understanding, too much order is, by its essence, negative. However, this same ability to structure abstract concepts and to analyze experiential data may be the key to rapid positive polarization. It may be said that those whose analytical capacities are predominant have somewhat more to work with in polarizing.

The function of intuition is to inform intelligence. In your illusion the unbridled predominance of intuition will tend to keep an entity from the greater polarizations due to the vagaries of intuitive perception. As you may see, these two types of brain structure need to be balanced in order that the net sum of experiential catalyst will be polarization and illumination, for without the acceptance by the rational mind of the worth of the intuitive faculty, the creative aspects which aid in illumination will be stifled.

There is one correspondence between right and left, and positive and negative. The web of energy which surrounds your bodies contains somewhat complex polarizations. The left area of the head and upper shoulder is most generally seen to be of a negative polarization, whereas the right is of positive polarization, magnetically speaking. This is the cause of the tone's meaning for you."


So I was intrigued with the "silver fleck" phenomenon that Don and Carla had experienced for some years before I joined them. The silver flecks would appear somewhere on one of our bodies as we were talking about decisions of a spiritual nature that we were considering. The flecks would often be hexagonal and only about an eighth of an inch across. This would be our indication from our subconscious minds that a certain course of action was appropriate for the one of us with the question and the silver fleck. In 44.4, Ra gave us another type of confirmation of the rightness of a thought or action:


"Questioner: Can you tell me how I would hear a positively oriented signal?


Ra: I am Ra. Two types there are of positive signal. First, in the right ear location the signal indicates a sign that you are being given some unworded message saying, "Listen. Take heed." The other positive sign is the tone above the head which is a balanced confirmation of a thought."


Today I took Dan D. Lion to the vet to get a depo shot for his feline asthma. While I was there I picked up some other meds for him and Chloe. Then I was off the Panera Bread to buy a sandwich for lunch. The have a Mediterranean Vegie sandwich that is big enough to have for two lunches.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 19


Your Relationship With Your God


I am of the spirit of the love of Jesus the Christ. I greet you in that full consciousness which is love in living form.


Since before the beginnings of time you have been with your Creator. And until the very last tick of creation's clock, you shall still be one with the Creator. This is the bedrock of your relationship with your God.


We are aware that your daily life does not often show evidence of this primal relationship. Yet if you may open your heart to the spirit of love, that spirit, asked within, may use that invitation to awaken, engage and fire the active relationship of humankind to deity.


May you, in humility, seek not things but principles, the principles of truth, love and peace. To ask the spirit of Jesus the Christ to move within your heart this day is to ask that you be used to set on fire the world around you with the power of love. Though this power is quiet and may be expressed by soft words and gentle smiles, the impact of the spirit of love is transformative.


And so you may be a source of love. In spite of all human frailty, you have only to ask. You have only to trust. You have only to be at peace with who you really are and why you really are here. May you as children of the One Father be about the family business of sharing love with all that there is.


Peace to you, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.




















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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 16.21:


"Questioner: Can you give me some kind of history of your social memory complex and how you became aware of the Law of One?


Ra: I am Ra. The path of our learning is graven in the present moment. There is no history, as we understand your concept. Picture, if you will, a circle of being. We know the alpha and omega as infinite intelligence. The circle never ceases. It is present.

The densities we have traversed at various points in the circle correspond to the characteristics of cycles:

First, the cycle of awareness.

Second, the cycle of growth.

Third, the cycle of self-awareness.

Fourth, the cycle of love or understanding.

Fifth, the cycle of light or wisdom.

Sixth, the cycle of light/love, love/light, or unity.

Seventh, the gateway cycle.

Eighth, the octave which moves into a mystery we do not plumb."


In this question Don asked Ra to give us a synopsis of their progression through this octave of densities and how they became aware of the Law of One. I imagine that he was expecting that Ra would give information similar to our Earth's experience from the earth, wind, fire, and water in the first density, plants and animals in the second density, and the something like Mu, Atlantis, Egypt, etc. through our third-density progression.


However, Ra surprised me by saying that "there is no history" because their learning was "graven in the present moment". They said that they knew the alpha and omega as infinite intelligence which I took to mean the black hole on both ends of the octave of densities that symbolizes how the One Creator has come to know Itself through the coalescing of all of the experiences of all of the entities that ever existed in the octave of creation. Then Ra completed their answer by listing the basic characteristics of each of the eight densities. So I will give what information that we know of Ra's experiences in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth densities as the best we can do in knowing more of the kind of information that I believe Don was hoping to get. In 41.26, Don asked Ra a similar question and got a little more information:


"Questioner: This may be too long a question for this working, but I will ask it, and if it is too long we can continue it at a later time.

Could you tell me of the development of the social memory complex Ra from its first beginnings, and what catalyst it used to get to where it is now in activation of rays? Is this too long a question?


Ra: I am Ra. The question does not demand a long answer, for we who experienced the vibratory densities upon that planetary sphere which you call Venus were fortunate in being able to move in harmony with the planetary vibrations with an harmonious graduation to second, to third, and to fourth, and a greatly accelerated fourth-density experience.

We spent much time/space, if you will, in fifth density balancing the intense compassion we had gained in fourth density. The graduation, again, was harmonious, and our social memory complex, which had become most firmly cemented in fourth density, remained of a very strong and helpful nature.

Our sixth-density work was also accelerated because of the harmony of our social memory complex so that we were able to set out as members of the Confederation to even more swiftly approach graduation to seventh density. Our harmony, however, has been a grievous source of naïveté as regards working with your planet."


In 60.16, Ra said they were a very philosophical group on Venus in their third-density experience:


"Let us expand upon this point. When we were aided by sixth-density entities during our own third-density experiences, we, being less bellicose in the extreme, found this teaching to be of help. In our naïveté in third density we had not developed the interrelationships of your barter or money system, and power. We were, in fact, a more philosophical third-density planet than your own, and our choices of polarity were much more centered about the, shall we say, understanding of sexual energy transfers and the appropriate relationships between self and other-self.

We spent a much larger portion of our space/time working with the unmanifested being. In this less complex atmosphere it was quite instructive to have this learn/teaching device, and we benefited without the distortions we found occurring among your peoples.

We have recorded these differences meticulously in the Great Record of Creation that such naïveté shall not be necessary again."


In 88.13-.15, Ra discussed the origin of the tarot Major Arcana being on Venus during their third density:


"Questioner: Thank you. I would like to ask you, as to the initial production of the tarot, where this concept was first formed, and where the tarot was first recorded, where did this . . . the very first concept?


Ra: I am Ra. The concept of the tarot originated within the planetary influence you call Venus.


Questioner: Was the concept given to . . . let me ask . . . you say it originated there . . . was this concept devised for a training tool for those inhabiting Venus at that time, or was it devised by those of Venus as a training tool for those of Earth?


Ra: I am Ra. The tarot was devised by the third-density population of Venus a great measure of your space/time in your past.

As we have noted, the third-density experience of those of Venus dealt far more deeply and harmoniously with what you would call relationships with other-selves, sexual energy transfer work, and philosophical or metaphysical research. The product of many, many generations of work upon what we conceived to be the archetypical mind produced the tarot which was used by our peoples as a training aid in developing the magical personality.


Questioner: I'll make a guess that those of Venus third density who were the initial ones to partially penetrate the veil gleaned information as to the nature of the archetypical mind and the veiling process, and from this designed the tarot as a method of teaching others. Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. It is so."


In 89.35, Ra discussed the reason the two fifth-density positive wanderers switched their polarity when they incarnated on Venus:


 Questioner: What was the catalyst for their change?


Ra: I am Ra. In our peoples there was what may be considered, from the viewpoint of wisdom, an overabundance of love. These entities looked at those still in darkness and saw that those of a neutral or somewhat negative viewpoint found such harmony, shall we say, sickening. The wanderers felt that a more wisdom-oriented way of seeking love could be more appealing to those in darkness.

First one entity began its work. Quickly the second found the first. These entities had agreed to serve together, and so they did, glorifying the One Creator, but not as they intended. About them were soon gathered those who found it easy to believe that a series of specific knowledges and wisdoms would advance one towards the Creator.

The end of this was the graduation into fourth-density negative of the wanderers, which had much power of personality, and some small deepening of the negatively polarized element of those not polarizing positively. There was no negative harvest as such."


In 42.6, Ra talked about some of their experiences in fourth and fifth densities:


"Questioner: In the last session you made the statement that, "We (that is Ra) spent much time/space in the fifth density balancing the intense compassion gained in fourth density." Could you expand on this concept with respect to what we were just discussing? 


Ra: I am Ra. The fourth density, as we have said, abounds in compassion. This compassion is folly when seen through the eyes of wisdom. It is the salvation of third density but creates a mismatch in the ultimate balance of the entity.

Thus we, as a social memory complex of fourth density, had the tendency towards compassion even to martyrdom in aid of other-selves. When the fifth-density harvest was achieved we found that in this vibratory level flaws could be seen in the efficacy of such unrelieved compassion. We spent much time/space in contemplation of those ways of the Creator which imbue love with wisdom."


One of Ra's major activities in its sixth-density experience was to partake in the creation of the life-giving light of the sun as they described in 41.5:


"Questioner: In your last statement did you mean that the sixth-density entities are actually creating the manifestation of the sun in their density? Could you explain what you meant by that?


Ra: I am Ra. In this density some entities whose means of reproduction is fusion may choose to perform this portion of experience as part of the beingness of the sun body. Thus you may think of portions of the light that you receive as offspring of the generative expression of sixth-density love."


So that is a little taste of Ra's experiences in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth densities.


Today I cleaned the second floor where Dana's kitties reside. I swept up the kitty litter and then used a dust mop to finish the process. Then I was off to Big-O Tires to have Carla's Subaru, Stanley serviced. They changed the oil, rotated the tires, and lubricated the grease fittings. I was hoping that they could repair or replace the latch on the hood as it is hard to keep latched. It wants to pop up an inch or so and is only partially latched at that time. But the Big-O folks didn't have the right part and are currently looking all over town for it. Stanley is sixteen years old, and that makes the search a little more difficult.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 18


You Have Good Gifts


I am the spirit of the full consciousness of love in the vibration which comforts this instrument. I greet you in the love of Jesus Christ.


The nature of the Comforter is both particular and personal. Yet it does not expend itself in the movement from the winds of opportunity to the heart of one who prays that the Holy Spirit may therein enter.


The same principle which enlivens your heart and engages your attention in a spiritually rewarding manner may also then be used by you to show forth the glory of God to others. There is no deadness in the spirit, for all are alive in Jesus Christ.


Therefore, know that you have good gifts and are not going to find it necessary to act for your Lord without the help of the Holy Spirit. It was truly said that until the ending of the age Jesus would never leave His flock, for we are the principle of Jesus Christ and of the nature of Christ's consciousness. Thusly you and we work together to shine the light of peace and understanding upon a world which does not yet understand that all that exists is, alike, holy.


We wish you peace, now and always. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.






















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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 16.39-40:


"Questioner: I am assuming it is not necessary for an individual to understand the Law of One to go from third to fourth density. Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. It is absolutely necessary that an entity consciously realize it does not understand in order for it to be harvestable. Understanding is not of this density.


Questioner: That is a very important point. I used the wrong word. What I meant to say was I believe that it was not necessary for an entity to be consciously aware of the Law of One to go from third to fourth density.


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct."


Ra responded to Don's first question by reminding us that our third density does not have the capability to understand the Law of One. Thus it is not only not necessary to understand the Law of One to be graduated into the fourth density, but it is necessary to realize that we do not understand the Law of One in order to be available for harvest. We have the veil of forgetting between our conscious and subconscious minds, so we are consciously unaware of the true nature of reality: that we live in a creation of unity, made out of light by the power of love. In 17.15, Don asked Ra if it was simply the vibration of the entity that allowed them to be harvested and not any religion or intellect, and Ra agreed:


"Questioner: I would like to make a point clear now that I am sure of myself. People of this planet, following any religion or no religion at all, or having no intellectual knowledge of the Law of One or of anything at all, can still be harvested into the fourth density if they are of that vibration. Is this not correct? 


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. However, you will find few who are harvestable whose radiance does not cause others to be aware of their, what you may call, spirituality, the quality of the mind/body/spirit-complex distortion. Thus, it is not particularly probable that an entity would be completely unknown to his immediate acquaintances as an unusually radiant personality, even were this individual not caught up in any of the distortions of your so-called religious systems."


When we come to this realization that words and concepts are mere shadows of what they describe, I believe that the best that we can do, and what will aid our harvestability the most, is to love with all our heart, with all our mind, with all of our strength whenever we have any doubt as to how to proceed on our spiritual path. We can talk about all kinds of concepts, but all that we can really do is love, and that loving attitude will assure graduation into the fourth density of love and understanding. In 84.9, Ra mentioned how our ability to love all as the Creator would open our hearts:


"The awareness of all as Creator is that which opens the green energy center."


Today was another Sabbath Day of Rest. I was able to do my meditations and study of the Law of One. I made my usual errand run at noon and picked up some food for the kitties at Feeder's Supply and then stopped in at Walgreen's to pick up a couple of items for myself. The weather outside was rathe unusual in that it would snow for about ten minutes and then the snow would melt within half an hour. It must have done that three or four times today.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 17


The Eyes, Ears And Heart


I am of the principle of the love of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.


You have heard many times of eyes which cannot see and of ears which do not hear. The principle of the love of Jesus the Christ moves in spirit where it is called to open the eyes, open the ears, and unstop the heart. For the world seen without the spirit of love is a world of illusion and shadow.


With all of your heart, pray that the spirit may come upon you this day, that you may gaze at the beggar and see Christ; that you may gaze at the woman in rags and see a woman in fair, clean cloth; that you may gaze at the starving child and see the most gentle and worthy of beings; that you may gaze upon your landscapes which have been so torn by war and see the peace that will swallow such degradation with love; and that you may have the eyes of Christ and the ears of Christ.


Pray and open your heart to the spirit of love. We are the way out of illusion.


We leave you in that peace that the world of illusion can never know, now and forever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.




















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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 16.32:


"Questioner: Thank you very much. Can you tell me how the Confederation of Planets was formed and why?


Ra: I am Ra. The desire to serve begins-in the dimension of love, or understanding-to be an overwhelming goal of the social memory complex. Thus, those percentiles of planetary entities, plus approximately four percent more of whose identity we cannot speak, found themselves long, long ago in your time seeking the same thing: service to others.

The relationship between these entities as they entered an understanding of other beings, other planetary entities, and other concepts of service was to share and continue together these commonly held goals of service. Thus, each voluntarily placed the social memory complex data in what you may consider a central thought complex available to all. This then created a structure whereby each entity could work in its own service while calling upon any other understandings needed to enhance the service. This is the cause of the formation and the manner of the working of the Confederation."


In this question Don asked Ra how and why the Confederation came about. Ra answered by saying that the density of love is the first density where there is no veil of forgetting, and where a social memory complex is the way of entities to be. So you can imagine how this powerfully felt experience of love, combined with the clarity of perception without a veil of forgetting, could cause such entities to join in service to others. You would be able to see and experience the unity of all things and the love of the Creator which made everything. When there was a call for service it would be seen as part of your own self calling. The desire to respond would be immediate and overwhelming. This is the way that Ra described this situation in 14.18:


"The general cause of service such as the Confederation offers is that of the primal distortion of the Law of One, which is service. The One Being of the creation is like unto a body, if you will accept this third-density analogy. Would we ignore a pain in the leg? A bruise upon the skin? A cut which is festering? No. There is no ignoring a call. We, the entities of sorrow, choose as our service the attempt to heal the sorrow which we are calling analogous to the pains of a physical body complex distortion."


So each social memory complex took the combined experience of each entity within it and paced this information in a "central thought complex available to all". That became the beginning of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator. So each social memory complex, or any individual within any social memory complex, would have this data base upon which to draw when seeking to serve according to a perceived call. Some social memory complexes within the Confederation have specific services to offer as Ra described in 21.17:


"Questioner: How did the Confederation send this love and light? Precisely what did they do?


Ra: I am Ra. There dwell within the Confederation planetary entities who, from their planetary spheres, do nothing but send love and light as pure streamings to those who call. This is not in the form of conceptual thought but of pure and undifferentiated love."


Now comes the intriguing part. When the "central thought complex" was formed of these fourth-density entities there were also "approximately four percent more" of whose identity Ra could not speak. Who were these beings? Where were they from? In previous sessions Ra had spoken of the progression through the densities and hinted that there seemed to be some negative entities who switched polarities before mid-sixth density. Could these be the entities in question? Or could they be some entities from our own planet that made the harvest before the master cycle ended. Could these entities be those that Ra spoke of in 81.18:


"Questioner: Why does Ra not have any knowledge of that which was prior to the beginning of this octave?


Ra: I am Ra. Let us compare octaves to islands. It may be that the inhabitants of an island are not alone upon a planetary sphere, but if an ocean-going vehicle in which one may survive has not been invented, true knowledge of other islands is possible only if an entity comes among the islanders and says, "I am from elsewhere." This is a rough analogy. However, we have evidence of this sort, both of previous creation and creation to be, as we in the stream of space/time and time/space view these apparently non-simultaneous events."


This is obviously a question that we will probably never have an answer for, which reminds me of another quote from Ra that covers this situation from 13.13:


"It shall be understood that any portion, no matter how small, of any density or illusory pattern contains, as in an holographic picture, the One Creator which is infinity. Thus all begins and ends in mystery."


Today I did the vacuuming of the first floor of the house that I usually do on Fridays, but since yesterday was the 40th Anniversary of the Ra contact I treated it like a holiday and put off the vacuuming until today.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


From January 16


The Holy Ground Of Consciousness


I am the principle of Jesus the Christ which speaks to the world today. I am all those things that you think that I am, but most of all I am your own inner voice; your own inner comfort; your own inner peace.


Let us contemplate the holy ground of your consciousness.


Because of the troubles of daily life, the surface consciousness is littered with debris. The undercurrent of mind is littered with unspoken thoughts, unnamed fears, and unrecognized emotion.


Insofar as you may be able this day, return again and again, momentarily, to the holy ground upon which your consciousness, the very essence of your being, stands. It is no passing thing. It is, indeed, the representation of all that there is in creation.


Within you, abidingly and faithfully, that principle of love which is the Creator is your essence and constitutes the bedrock upon which you, as a timeless being, shall stand for eternity.


Return again and again to the peace, the strength, the power, the wisdom, and the love of love Itself. And from that spot within you comes a balance that shines in your vision and heals in the world outside of your eyes and inside your heart.


We leave you, healed, in the peace and love that abides within, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.






















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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 16.22-.23:


"Questioner: Thank you very much. In previous material, before we communicated with you, it was stated by the Confederation that there is actually no past or future-all is present. Would this be a good analogy?


Ra: I am Ra. There is past, present, and future in third density. In an overview such as an entity may have, removed from the space/time continuum, it may be seen that in the cycle of completion there exists only the present. We, ourselves, seek to learn this understanding. At the seventh level, or dimension, we shall, if our humble efforts are sufficient, become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all.


Questioner: Does this mean that you would have awareness of all that is?


Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. It is our understanding that it would not be our awareness but simply awareness of the Creator. In the Creator is all that there is. Therefore, this knowledge would be available."


In previous questions Don had asked Ra to describe their progress through the densities of this octave. Ra completed that description by saying that the eighth density "moved into a mystery we do not plumb." Don responded to that statement by saying that before our contact with those of Ra, the Confederation had stated that there was no past, present, or future as our ultimate reality. Here Ra said that in the third density there is a past, present, and future in our space/time material world. But if we could remove ourselves to the time/space portion of our third density, we would see that in the seventh density there is only the eternal present. Since Ra's sixth-density cycle is 75 million years long, and since there are "only" 2.5 million years left before their graduation, they are now seeking to learn about the nature of this eternal present. Ra gave us a taste of this eternal present in their first session with us in 1.1:


"We are not a part of time, and thus are able to be with you in any of your times."


In 82.6, they shared the concept of "true simultaneity" which is another way of describing the eternal present:


"Questioner: That's what I thought you might say. Am I correct in assuming that at the beginning of this octave, out of what I would call a void of space, the seeds of an infinite number of galactic systems such as the Milky Way Galaxy appeared and grew in spiral fashion simultaneously?


Ra: I am Ra. There are duple areas of potential confusion. Firstly, let us say that the basic concept is reasonably well-stated.

Now we address the confusion. The nature of true simultaneity is such that, indeed, all is simultaneous. However, in your modes of perception you would perhaps more properly view the seeding of the creation as that of growth from the center or core outward.

The second confusion lies in the term, "void." We would substitute the noun, ‘plenum.'"


They added that if they are successful at making the graduation into the seventh density that they would then have no memory, no identity, no past or future. They would simply become the One Creator and exist in the all, which I take to be both the created and uncreated universe. As the Creator they would be aware of all that is. In 39.4, Ra gave us a little more information about how the seventh density would work:


"For an analog one may observe the work of the one known as Albert who posits the growing to infinity of mass as this mass approaches the speed of light. Thus the seventh-density being, the completed being, the Creator who knows Itself, accumulates mass and compacts into the One Creator once again."


In 81.16, Ra gave us more information about their movement towards the seventh density harvest:


"Questioner: Ra states that it has knowledge of only this octave, but it seems that Ra has complete knowledge of this octave. Can you tell me why this is?


Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, we do not have complete knowledge of this octave. There are portions of the seventh density which, although described to us by our teachers, remain mysterious. Secondly, we have experienced a great deal of the available refining catalyst of this octave, and our teachers have worked with us most carefully that we may be one with all, that, in turn, our eventual returning to the great allness of creation shall be complete."


Today is the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Ra contact on January 15, 1981. Carla and Don were holding an "intensive meditation" training session, which was our term for a channeling session devoted to teaching a student to learn how to channel. I was out shopping for groceries after having been with Don and Carla for about three weeks.


After the session was over the first thing that Don said to me was that this new contact was the one he had been waiting nineteen years for. He asked me if I could transcribe it right away. He waited somewhat eagerly in the hallway outside the office for each page that I would finish. As I began my transcription it was quickly obvious to me that this contact with Ra was far different than any other contact I had ever read.


I have a hunch that Ra's ability to see probable futures let them know that this particular day would be the best opportunity to make their first contact with us because the student that was learning to channel later attended Session #22, which meant that he was of acceptable vibration to support the contact. There was only one more student from the Sunday night meditations that ever came to a Ra session, and Ra said of him that he was the last in the Sunday night meditation group that would be of the proper vibration to support their contact. So I am guessing that Ra did not see any better time to begin the Ra sessions than the one 40 years ago today.


To have been in the Ra contact is the highlight of my life. It was such an adventure, such an honor, and such a joy. I am so glad to be able to share the Law of One with all of my brothers and sisters on planet Earth. One last thought: I have always loved the fact that the Ra contact began on Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's actual birthday. What an inspiring soul he was!


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


January 15


The Perception Of Manyness


I am the spirit of Jesus Christ, the principle of the full consciousness of love in the vibration which comforts this instrument.


In your minds you know that all things come from one source and go to one source. And yet in your hearts you who peer into the gloom of the shadows of the world's day perceive often that many things come not from one source but from many, and likewise that the fruits of action are scattered to the twelve directions, not moving once again into unity but shattering again and again into the chaos of unintended effect.


Yet we say to you that one of the great and overriding benefits of consciousness with which the consciousness of love has been intermingled is a realization of the incorrectness of the perception of manyness, either of the source or of the final disposition of the energies which move within your notice and awareness.


Seek first to know the consciousness of love when you wish, secondly, to know the nature of those things which occur to you which are played out in front of you and which depart from you. Only in that transformed consciousness shall your eyes see truly and your heart resound with the unity of love.


Peace be with you, now and always. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.

















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