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Member: Bring4th_Jim
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Male
Interests: Gardening, meditation, making the Law of One available to all who want it, communicating with friends, dancing, patting our kitties, and opening my heart in unconditional love.

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With daily entries written by Jim McCarty, the Camelot Journal is the official journal of L/L Research, containing a mix of both personal writing and the latest from the L/L office. Gary Bean and Austin Bridges supply The Blogworthy Report (the bullet points) detailing the highlights of their work for L/L Research.

Published by Bring4th_Jim on March 18, 2019 9:34pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The Ra quote today comes from 7.12:


"Questioner: I am interested in the application of the Law of One as it pertains to free will and what I would call the advertising done by UFO contact with the planet. That is, the Council has allowed the quarantine to be lifted many times over the past thirty years. This seems to me to be a form of advertising for what we are doing right now, so that more people will be awakened. Am I correct?


Ra: I am Ra. It will take a certain amount of untangling of conceptualization of your mental complex to reform your query into an appropriate response. Please bear with us.

The Council of Saturn has not allowed the breaking of quarantine in the time/space continuum you mentioned. There is a certain amount of landing taking place. Some of these landings are of your peoples. Some are of the entities known to you as the group of Orion.

Secondly, there is permission granted, not to break quarantine by dwelling among you, but to appear in thought-form capacity for those who have eyes to see.

Thirdly, you are correct in assuming that permission was granted at the time/space in which your first nuclear device was developed and used for Confederation members to minister unto your peoples in such a way as to cause mystery to occur. This is what you mean by advertising and is correct. The mystery and unknown quality of the occurrences we are allowed to offer have the hoped-for intention of making your peoples aware of infinite possibility. When your peoples grasp infinity, then and only then, can the gateway be opened to the Law of One."


In this question Don asked Ra if the Council of Saturn has allowed their quarantine of Earth to be broken over the thirty years previous to our contact with Ra in 1981, roughly from 1950 onward. It appears that Earth's quarantine has been in effect since the beginning of the third density 75,000 years ago. It also appears that it may have simply been a portion of the normal way that any third-density planet would be guarded so that the free will of its population would be protected as the primary means of the progression in evolution of its population as Ra seems to intimate in the final sentence of 21.18 where they included Don's assumption that the Guardians set up the quarantine 75,000 years ago, after the transfer of the Mars population as a portion of his incorrect assumptions:


"Questioner: I don't mean to be covering ground that we've already covered, but there're some points that we have trouble with fully understanding and sometimes I have to ask the question a different way to fully understand it. Thank you.

So, at the start of this 75,000-year cycle we know that the quarantine was set up. I am assuming then that the Guardians were aware of the infringements on free will that would occur if they didn't set this up at that time and therefore did it. This- Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. This is partially incorrect. The incorrectness is as follows: those entities whose third-density experience upon your Red Planet was brought to a close prematurely were aided genetically while being transferred to this third density. This, although done in a desire to aid, was seen as infringement upon free will." The light quarantine which consists of the Guardians, or gardeners as you may call them, which would have been in effect thus was intensified."


The first portion of Ra's answer revealed that the Council of Saturn has not allowed the actual breaking of the quarantine during this time period. Instead, Ra said that the UFO landings that were reported during this period were of two sources: one was landings of our people and some of the Orion group as Ra mentioned in 8.2:


"Questioner: There was a portion of the material yesterday which I will read where you say "there is a certain amount of landing taking place. Some of these landings are of your peoples; some are of the entities known to you as the group of Orion." My first question is what did you mean by the landings are of your peoples?


Ra: I am Ra. Your peoples have, at this time/space present, the technological achievement, if you would call it that, of being able to create and fly the shape and type of craft known to you as unidentified flying objects. Unfortunately for the social memory complex vibratory rate of your peoples, these devices are not intended for the service of mankind, but for potential destructive use. This further muddles the vibratory nexus of your social memory complex, causing a situation whereby neither those oriented towards serving others nor those oriented towards serving self can gain the energy/power which opens the gates to intelligent infinity for the social memory complex. This in turn causes the harvest to be small."


And in 8.12 respectively:


"Questioner: At the same time, you mentioned that some of the landings were of our peoples, you also mentioned that some were of the Orion group. [We] talked a little about the Orion group, but why do the Orion group land here? What is their purpose?


Ra: I am Ra. Their purpose is conquest, unlike those of the Confederation who wait for the calling. The so-called Orion group calls itself to conquest."


In 8.30 Ra gave an example of the type of UFO experience that the Council of Saturn has OK'd that would be spiritually meaningful for "those who have eyes to see":


"Questioner: Is this the type of craft that Dan Frye was transported in?


Ra: I am Ra. The one known as Daniel was, in thought-form, transported by Confederation thought-form vehicular illusion in order to give this mind/body/spirit complex data so that we might see how this type of contact aided your people in the uncovering of the intelligent infinity behind the illusion of limits."


Ra finished their answer by saying that Don's assumption was correct that "advertising", or the allowing of UFO sightings that would introduce mystery and inspire the consideration of infinity, was allowed at the end of WWII when the United States detonated nuclear weapons. In 26.32 Ra gave example of both the viewing of Confederation UFOs and the inspirational messages given through telepathic contact from Confederation sources as means of awakening the population of Earth to their spiritual journeys and seeing beyond the limits of the illusion:


"Questioner: Then as the UFO phenomena was made obvious to many of the population, many groups of people reported contact; many groups of people reported telepathic communication with UFO entities, and many recorded the results of what they considered telepathic communication. Was the Confederation, shall we say, oriented to impressing telepathic communication on groups that became interested in UFOs?


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct although some of our members have removed themselves from the time/space using thought-form projections into your space/time, and have chosen, from time to time, with permission of the Council, to appear in your skies without landing."


Dana wanted to get up early this morning because, since this is my last day here before I leave for a visit home, it will be a very busy day. My first task was to make a quick run to Shop Rite to pick up a couple more food items for Dana. Then I took Dana to her massage and acupuncture appointments, and she enjoyed working with both of the therapists once again today. Then we were off to Walmart where she bought some pillow cases and a brand new small laptop to replace her old one which seems to be swelling up in the keyboard area. However, we discovered evidence that this computer had been previously purchased and then returned to the store.


After I got her back home I went to pick up a pain medication prescription from her Primary Care Physician, but he said that it was too soon to refill the prescription and recommended that she try again when she had only three days' of pain meds left. My last journey out for the day was to return her new/used computer to Walmart and have it replaced by a new one.


The last activity of the day was my partaking in a L/L Board meeting via zoom where a fellow from a local organization which works with non-profit organizations like L/L was giving us a presentation which used our answers to a survey he had sent us some time ago. We are doing some basic re-organization work on our Board and are glad to have professionals help us out in this endeavor.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 18


Dwell Upon Your Christhood


I am the spirit of the living Christ and I greet you in the name of Jesus, that which is so evocative of the full consciousness of love.


Dwell upon your Christhood this day. For the Son of Man invited all to partake in the suffering, renewal, resurrection and transformation that lies beyond the point of deepest suffering, of completest loss.


Gaze within in awe and wonder at the Star of Hope lying above your own stable, that heart's manger wherein lies the tiny, infant Christ within, that Christ which is powerful enough even in infanthood to raise all within to glory.


Rest back, out of the surface illusion of your daily life. Dive beneath those murky waters and find and acknowledge today your nature and your destiny. Then know that Christ has given into your hands the companion of that infant Christ within, and seek the grace and the peace of the living spirit of Christ in each and every day.


 We leave you in the peace of Christ, both now and forever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:



We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.









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Published by Bring4th_Jim on March 18, 2019 10:39am.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 7.10-.11:


"Questioner: Is the Council of Nine the same nine that was mentioned in this book? [Questioner gestures to Uri.]


Ra: I am Ra. The Council of Nine has been retained in semi-undistorted form by two main sources, that known in your naming, as Mark and that known in your naming as Henry. In one case, the channel became the scribe. In the other, the channel was not the scribe. However, without the aid of the scribe, the energy would not have come to the channel.


Questioner: The names you spoke of, are they Mark Probert and Henry Puharich?


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct."


In these two questions Don continued exploring the Council of Saturn which was discussed in the question just previous to these two questions. Don had the book, URI, written by Andrija Puharich, with him in this session because he was aware that he was going to question on this Council that was first mentioned in 6.7, and he was also aware of its having been mentioned in this book. Andrija Puharich and Don became good friends right away when they met in 1974. Because of their shared desire to discover the true nature of the evolutionary process Don asked a number of questions of Ra having to do with Dr. Puharich's own investigation of the paranormal. I believe that Dr.Puharich was the scribe who allowed the channel, Dr.Vinod, to channel The Nine.


When I Googled Dr. Puharich on the internet I found an interesting article by John Browning from 1999 in which he is critical of Dr. Puharich and The Nine, which Ra said sit on the "Session Council", (7.9) but I feel he also uncovered some valuable history regarding this contact:


"Although The Nine may appear to be quintessentially a modern phenomenon, our research uncovered its truly astonishing pedigree. In fact, the story begins nearly 50 years ago, in a private research laboratory in Glen Cove, Maine, called the Round Table Foundation, run by a medical doctor named Andrija Puharich (also known as Henry K Puharich).Set up in 1948 to research the paranormal, among the noted psychics studied at the Foundation were the famous Irish medium Eileen Garrett and the Dutch clairvoyant Peter Hurkos (Pieter van de Hirk).Prominent members included the influential philosopher and inventor Arthur M Young and the socialite Alice Bouverie (née Astor). 


In December 1952, Puharich brought into his laboratory an Indian mystic named Dr D. G. Vinod, who began to channel The Nine or ‘the Nine Principles'. In the months before Vinod returned to India, a group met regularly to hear The Nine's channelled wisdom. Never known for their modesty, The Nine proclaimed themselves to be God, stating "God is nobody else than we together, the Nine Principles of God."


In 39.9 Ra gives a more detailed description of "The Nine" and points out how their information could be "semi-undistorted":


"Questioner: I see. "The Nine" describe themselves as the "nine principals of God." Can you tell me what they mean by that?


Ra: I am Ra. This is also a veiled statement. The attempt is made to indicate that the nine who sit upon the Council are those representing the Creator, the One Creator, just as there may be nine witnesses in a courtroom testifying for one defendant. The term principal has this meaning also.

The desire of the scribe may be seen in much of this material to have affected the manner of its presentation just as the abilities and preferences of this group determine the nature of this contact. The difference lies in the fact that we are as we are. Thus, we may either speak as we will or not speak at all. This demands a very tuned, shall we say, group."


Mark Probert also channeled some aspects of The Nine in his book, THE MAGIC BAG (1950). In his case he was both the channel and the scribe. Here is a quote from The Nine mingled with the dedication of the book. The Nine's words are in quotation marks in the first paragraph and then are the entire second paragraph:


"The 1950 Dedication by Martin Lattimore Lingford concludes after appreciation is expressed concerning the support of the work made possible by the interest of Irene Probert, the medium's wife who "permitted us to proceed in our development of her husband over a period of nearly four years, and this without our once giving her even an inkling of what we were doing or that 'we' actually existed"; Dr. Meade Layne, "the 'doctor' who brought us into physical birth from the dark womb of our medium's brain"; and Harriet P. Foster, whose "material rewards have been far short of what they could have been had she set aside this work and enter fields that would have proven far more lucrative."


And to our "mouthpiece," our material channel to the physical world, Mark Probert - "The Boy" - and, alas, at time the "doubting Thomas," whose great curiosity was and still is his most saving grace, and who - despite his many hours of grave doubt and perplexity as to what actually was happening to him, kept right on lending himself to our efforts.  Do we love him?  Yes - but no more than we love all of God's creations.  The work he is now doing is to aid himself to repay a debt made in a former life, and in our doing this, we are at the same time undoing some of the wrongs each one of us committed upon our fellowmen in our past lives,


And now -


Let us give glory to the living God - Our Divine Self.



by Marin Lattimore Lingford


Dictated at San Diego, California


June 28, 1950"


Curiously, I found a good deal of references to Mark Probert on the internet came from THE RA MATERIAL. However, I used other sources for this piece about him.


Dana experienced her usual sleepless night and napping in the late morning. While she napped, I ran an errand to Shop Rite to continue to fill Dana's frig with her favorite foods which she will eat while I visit home for portions of the next two weeks. I also stopped in at CVS drug store to pick up a prescription for Dana.


After we shared breakfast Dana got her morning bath, and we got in her pretty blue Fiat, Periwinkle, and headed to The Tractor Store, which was about a 45-minute drive. There we found some specialty canned cat food that she mixes in with the regular canned cat food that she feeds her eleven kitties. We also found the right kind of bird seed for her two pigeons. Then we headed back to Plainfield and stopped in a discount store for the normal items that are found in every home. We completed our afternoon of errands at Staples where we bought come printer cartridges for her printer. She took the extended trip out and about very well, aided greatly by her newly-rented wheel chair.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 17


The Winds Of Circumstance


I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.


Just as your angry oceans in the teeth of the gale, so are your hearts within you as you attempt to deal with the things which are of your mundane world. The angry ocean rages within each cell of any body which attempts to move against the direction of the prevailing winds.


And one who chides and discriminates against its own body or circumstances does so needlessly. For the wind of circumstance is not apart from the pilgrim but much influenced by the subconscious thoughts of that pilgrim. And the ocean of illusion is molded more than can be seen on the surface by the thoughts which are created by worry and fear.


Seek, then, the positive, forward-moving winds of the spirit which lie within and beyond all mundane bodies and circumstances, so that the winds are no longer angry and, more and more, those things mundane may breathe the fresh breeze of spirit which comes to all who may be blessed by such grateful wind.


We leave you in the full blessing of the consciousness of love, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.








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Published by Bring4th_Jim on March 18, 2019 4:03am.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 7.9:


"Questioner: I have a question here, I believe, about that Council from Jim. Who are the members, and how does the Council function?


Ra: I am Ra. The members of the Council are representatives from the Confederation and from those vibratory levels of your inner planes bearing responsibility for your third density. The names are not important because there are no names. Your mind/body/spirit complexes request names and so, in many cases, the vibratory sound complexes which are consonant with the vibratory distortions of each entity are used. However, the name concept is not part of the Council. If names are requested, we will attempt them. However, not all have chosen names.

In number, the Council that sits in constant session, though varying in its members by means of balancing, which takes place, what you would call irregularly, is nine. That is the Session Council. To back up this Council, there are twenty-four entities which offer their services as requested. These entities faithfully watch and have been called the Guardians.

The Council operates by means of, what you would call, telepathic contact with the oneness or unity of the nine, the distortions blending harmoniously so that the Law of One prevails with ease. When a need for thought is present, the Council retains the distortion-complex of this need, balancing it as described, and then recommends what it considers as appropriate action. This includes: One, the duty of admitting social memory complexes to the Confederation; Two, offering aid to those who are unsure how to aid the social memory complex requesting aid in a way consonant with both the call, the Law, and the number of those calling (that is to say, sometimes the resistance of the call); Three, internal questions in the Council are determined.

These are the prominent duties of the Council. They are, if in any doubt, able to contact the twenty-four who then offer consensus/judgment/thinking to the Council. The Council then may reconsider any question."


Ra first mentioned this Council in 6.8 when Don asked them how they traveled to Earth to walk among the Egyptians:


"Questioner: How were you able to make the transition from Venus, and I assume the sixth dimension, which- would that be invisible when you reached here? Did you have to change your dimensions to walk on the Earth?


Ra: You will remember the exercise of the wind. The dissolution into nothingness is the dissolution into unity, for there is no nothingness. From the sixth dimension, we are capable of manipulating, by thought, the intelligent infinity present in each particle of light or distorted light so that we were able to clothe ourselves in a replica visible in the third density of our mind/body/spirit complexes in the sixth density. We were allowed this experiment by the Council which guards this planet."


In 6.9 Don asked Ra where this council was located:


"Questioner: Where is this Council located?


Ra: This Council is located in the octave, or eight[h] dimension, of the planet Saturn, taking its place in an area which you understand in third-dimensional terms as the rings."


In 30.14 Don asked Ra to give a metaphysical history of the planets of our solar system, and even though Ra did not mention any previous population of Saturn, Ra did say that it had "has a great affinity for the infinite intelligence":


"The planet known as Saturn and thus it has been dwelled upon in its magnetic fields of time/space by those who wish to protect your system."


So, I am thinking that the planet, Saturn, has never gone through the evolutionary process that Venus or Earth are engaged in. It has always been of a complete unity nature, and this is why it has a "great affinity for the infinite intelligence." I believe that Saturn may be one of the kind of planets that Ra is talking about in 28.13:


"Questioner: Thank you. Do all of the individualized portions of the Logos, then, in our- I'll call the lenticular galaxy that we are in, 250 billion suns, or stars, I will call that the major galaxy just so we will not get mixed up in our terms. Does all the consciousness, then, in this individualized form that goes into what we are calling the major galaxy start out and go through all of the densities in order, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven or- then to eighth- or is there, shall I say, some who start higher up the rank and go in a- so that there is always a mixture of intelligent consciousness in the galaxy?


Ra: I am Ra. The latter is more nearly correct. In each beginning there is the beginning from infinite strength. Free will acts as a catalyst. Beings begin to form the universes. Consciousness then begins to have the potential to experience. The potentials of experience are created as a part of intelligent energy and are fixed before experience begins.

However, there is always, due to free will acting infinitely upon the creation, a great variation in initial responses to intelligent energy's potential. Thus, almost immediately the foundations of the, shall we call it, hierarchical nature of beings begins to manifest
as some portions of consciousness or awareness learn through experience in a much more efficient manner."



Last night was another of those nights where the amount of sleep that Dana got was minimal, at best. But she was able to begin her day at the normal time and have a good breakfast. After breakfast I got a tub of water ready for her morning bath. While she was bathing I changed her bedding out and replaced it with all new sheets, blankets, and pillow cases. I also took the temperpedic-type topper on her bed and fitted it to its cover and replaced it on her bed. We put it on a couple of weeks ago and noted that it took a couple of days to unfold and become flat enough to put on the bed. However, we were unaware that it would continue to expand beyond its ability to fit into its cover, so I had to trim it to fit.


I took an errand run to Shop Rite to begin to collect those foods that Dana likes bestm so when I go back home for a visit next week she will be able to eat well. I also stopped in at CVS and picked up Dana's blood thinner medication to keep any further blood clots from forming. Then I stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up six cases of Friskies canned cat food for Dana's kitties. After returning home I got all the kitties fed and their litter boxes cleaned as the young woman who usually does this was not able to come over today. 


Toward the end of the day I read a couple more Ra sessions to Dana as she loves to be read to, and this material has been a favorite area of her study for the last 30 years. We occasionally stop and talk about certain concepts and make it into a study session as well. We enjoyed a good dinner, and it seems like Dana has been able to not only get stronger in the last week or two but has put on a couple of pounds. We finished our day by taking a look at a calendar and making the decision to shoot for her move to Kentucky in the last week of April. The exact timing will depend upon the availability of the fellow who runs the pet transfer service. It feels good to be back on the track of looking to make this great transition to Kentucy. 


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 16


The First Item On The Agenda


 I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.


Stand upon the rocky crag and gaze out over the broad land of this precious day. You have the long view now. Perhaps you have an agenda, a list, a plan for the day. But have you placed first the divine order of love in action?


Love in action creates a system of natural laws. Any person with an agenda which does not recognize first the source of inspiration which makes all things beautiful is going to experience a day less blessed, less full of love, and less inspired.


 As you set your agenda, let your first item be to seek first the natural order of the divine Father, for this allows the inspiration, the breath of the soul, to make vital that inner self which knows so much more than the agenda-maker who sat upon the bare rock of a morning and only gazed at his agenda and not at the divine beauty of the larger view and the natural order.


 Let peace flow through your veins as heavenly blood. Let inspiration be your heavenly bread. And let your day be blessed with inspiration and peace, as you know that you are doing the Father's will for you today.


We leave you in that love and peace, now and forever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.




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2019-03-15 - Blogworthy
Published by Bring4th_Jim on March 15, 2019 10:55pm.  Category: Blogworthy

  • Austin: Edited and published another podcast episode that was a first for us, where Gary and I were joined by two guests from the Asheville Law of One Study Group, Aaron Maret and Jana Amsellem, to talk about social memory complexes.
    Take a listen here:
  • Recorded a great new episode of In the Now, (#83) trying out a couple new things for the first time: a duo podcast without Jim (only due to his unavailability, we'd obviously prefer to have him join us!), and recording in the same room rather than segregated to different rooms. Seemed like a success on both fronts.
  • And in keeping with the theme of podcasting, joined Chip Reichenthal on his podcast "Kindness Beyond the Veil" for a two-hour long program on Monday.
  • Worked with Manuel Abasolo, getting him set up to manifest a Spanish translation of the Ra Contact books with some various tools and texts. He has a bit of a tedious journey ahead of him, but it will be an amazing accomplishment that will be a big benefit to Spanish-speaking readers.
  • As usual, retrieved mail from the PO box, along with the usual daily processing, packing, and shipping book orders.
  • Did some extensive research and work in a couple of areas relating to federal, state, and local regulations around payroll and employment requirements
  • Performed the weekly keeping of the books, breathing a sigh to get over the hump of monthly reports and reciliation.
  • Shared the Confederation via social media.
  • Continued editing the RC audiobook, Trish fantastically did.
  • Continued processing Coming Home and Homecoming things
  • Worked with Fox on questions of the budgetary report and intensively on the project to revisit/develop the mission and vision statements.
  • Received and relayed the report from the online board survey
  • Exchanged some planning with Jochen on potential European speaking events after Prague.
  • Got a wholesale order of RC books out to Beatriz, her second one!
  • Coordinated with everyone attending the upcoming meditation that will happen after Jim returns. We will have a booked house!
  • Replied to various interesting seeker email.

Gary's strictly personal sharing:


Though I haven't found time to read in a week, my highlighter is working overtime on Charles Eisenstein's Sacred Economics. One quote plucked for so many eligible candidates for sharing:


"Greed makes sense in a context of scarcity. Our reigning ideology assumes it: it is built in to our Story of Self. The separate self in a universe governed by hostile or indifferent forces is always at the edge of extinction, and secure only to the extent that it can control these forces. Cast into an objective universe external to ourselves, we must compete with each other for limited resources. Based on the story of the separate self, both biology and economics have therefore written greed into their basic axioms. In biology it is the gene seeking to maximize reproductive self-interest; in economics it is the rational actor seeking to maximize financial self-interest. But what if the assumption of scarcity is false-a projection of our ideology, and not the ultimate reality? If so, then greed is not written into our biology but is a mere symptom of the perception of scarcity."


And one that reminds me of Ra saying that positively polarized entities "...enjoy the picnic and find the sun beautiful, the food delicious, the games refreshing, and glow with the joy of creation.":


"In moments of clarity, perhaps after a narrow brush with death, or upon accompanying a loved one through the death process, we know that life itself is a gift. We experience an overwhelming gratitude at being alive. We walk in wonderment at the riches, undeserved and freely available, that come with life: the joy of breathing, the delights of color and sound, the pleasure of drinking water to quench thirst, the sweetness of a loved one’s face. This sense of mixed awe and gratitude is a clear sign of the presence of the sacred.

We feel the same reverence and gratitude when we apprehend the magnificence of nature, the miraculous complexity and order of an ecosystem, an organism, a cell. They are impossibly perfect, far beyond the capacity of our minds to conceive, to create, even to understand more than a tiny part of. Yet they exist, without our ever having to create them: an entire world to sustain and environ us. We don’t have to understand exactly how a seed germinates and grows; we don’t have to make it happen. Even today, the workings of a cell, an organism, an ecosystem are largely a mystery. Without needing to engineer it, without needing even to understand its inner workings, we still receive nature’s fruits. Can you imagine the wonder, the gratitude, of our early ancestors as they contemplated the undeserved provenance the world gave them so freely?"

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Published by Bring4th_Jim on March 15, 2019 8:39pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The quote from Ra today comes from 7.3:


"Questioner: By squared, do you mean that if ten people call, you can count that, when comparing it to the planetary ratio of people, as 100 people, squaring ten, getting 100? Is that correct?


Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The square is sequential - one, two, three, four, each squared by the next number."


In the question previous to this one, Ra first introduced us to the concept of the Law of Squares. It is this law that allowed those of Ra to be able to make contact with our group and have a "beingness" in our space/time illusion. This law takes into account both those people who call for Ra's information and those who do not. It allows the numbers of those who call to be "squared" or doubled as Ra described in 10.12-.13:


"Questioner: Then although many entities are not aware of this, what they really desire is to accelerate their growth, and it is their job to discover this while incarnate. Is it correct that they can accelerate their growth much more while incarnate in third density than in between incarnations of this density?


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. We shall attempt to speak upon this concept.

The Law of One has as one of its primal distortions the free will distortion, thus each entity is free to accept, reject, or ignore the mind/body/spirit complexes about it and ignore the creation itself. There are many among your social memory complex distortion who, at this time/space, engage daily, as you would put it, in the working upon the Law of One in one of its primal distortions; that is, the ways of love. However, if this same entity, being biased from the depths of its mind/body/spirit complex towards love/light, were then to accept responsibility for each moment of the time/space accumulation of present moments available to it, such an entity can empower its progress in much the same way as we described the empowering of the call of your social complex distortion to the Confederation.


Questioner: Would you state in a little different way how you empower this call?


Ra: I am Ra. We understand you to speak now of our previous information. The call begins with one. This call is equal to infinity and is not, as you would say, counted. It is the cornerstone. The second call is added. The third call empowers or doubles the second, and so forth, each additional caller doubling or granting power to all the preceding call. Thus, the call of many of your peoples is many, many-powered and overwhelmingly heard to the infinite reaches of the One Creation.


In 26.40 Ra illustrated how this doubling effect worked when Carla took LSD on two occasions in the second month of the Ra contact:


"Questioner: The instrument asks, "How long do the debilitative effects that I am experiencing from the use of LSD last?", and is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable?


Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, the period of weakness of bodily complex is approximately three of your lunar cycles, the first ingestion causing approximately one of your lunar cycles; the second having a cumulative or doubling effect."


So the first ingestion was the cornerstone, as Ra said earlier, and represented one month's low energy period for Carla as a result of her first ingestion of LSD. The second ingestion of LSD doubled the first, resulting in two more months of low energy which were then added to the one month resulting from the first ingestion. So Carla experienced three months of low energy as a result of the two ingestions of LSD.


For the second night in a row Dana did not get any sleep. She adapted well by simply enjoying being in her bed, surrounded by four or five of her kitties, and investigated information on the internet using her little laptop in bed. One of her good friends, Leslie D., came over this morning to do her Friday feeding of the kitties to help Dana in this way. While she was here, I made an errand run to Shop Rite for groceries, to the CVS pharmacy to pick up some prescription toothpaste for myself, and I bought a few cases of canned cat food from the Dollar General Store just a few doors down from CVS.


The Physical Therapist came by at noon and observed how far Dana has come in her bed exercises since the therapist first introduced her to them two weeks ago. At that first visit Dana was only able to do five repetitions of each of the half dozen exercises. Now she is able to do thirty repetitions. After the therapist left, Dana and I drove to the Walmart in Watchug to buy gifts for a couple of friends of ours. The need for a nap overtook her when we got home, and I meditated before taking my now daily speed walk around her neighborhood. 


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 15


Realization And Confusion


I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ, and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.


Woe to the pilgrim who sits down upon the way, having decided that the wisdom which has come to him shall be the basis from which he shall view the world. For realization cannot be attained. It can only be accepted. Realization cannot be retained, but only experienced anew in each infinitely small moment.

Thus, it is the pilgrim who walks on with appreciation both for realizations and confusions; who walks the straight and narrow path placing one foot before another, not because of the surety of the point of view but because of the faith of one who laughs at unseen steps, knowing that the path is protected, as is all creation, by the very nature of the creation of love, which is the ultimate reality.


We leave you in the peace of alpha and omega, the joy of love, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:



We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.





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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The Ra quote today comes from 6.27-29:


"Questioner: Thank you very much. We do not want to overtire the instrument. It's now considerably over the normal working time. Could you tell me the condition of the instrument?


Ra: The instrument is balanced due to your care. However, her physical vehicle is growing stiff.


Questioner: In that case perhaps we should continue at a later time.


Ra: We shall agree. Therefore, unless you have a short question, we will take our leave.


Questioner: The only question I have is that I must assume since Leonard was here when you first made contact, [it'd] be as suitable for him to be here as Tom. Is this correct?


Ra: This is correct and completes the number of those at this time able to come who are suitable. Again, remember the instructions given for the preparation of the vibratory sound complex, Tom.

I am Ra. I leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Creator. Adonai."


As this session was ending Don asked as to Carla's condition as this session was the longest one that we had had with Ra up to this point. Ra said that Carla was still balanced but that her body was growing stiff, and this stiffness was always due to her being out of her body and unable to move it to make it more comfortable in the way of repositioning her arthritic hands and arms. Don realized this and suggested the ending of the session. Ra agreed with Don's decision and asked if Don might have a short question that he wanted to ask before Ra concluded the session.


In Sessions 3 and 5 Don had just begun to ask how to make Carla more comfortable at the end of those sessions. I believe that Ra asked Don if he had a short question at the end of this session as a hint that this would always be a good time for Don to ask how to make Carla more comfortable. Since this contact was a product of our free will Ra could not give any information that would abridge our free will without a direct question from us. However, they could give hints such as this one, but in this case, Don took the opportunity to ask a question about whether it would be OK for Leonard C. to attend another session since he was at the first session with Ra.


At the beginning of this session Don had asked Ra if Tom F. could attend one of our sessions with Ra. Ra said that was acceptable as long as Don explained to Tom the purpose of the appurtenances which sat upon the table at Carla's head. Ra wanted to be sure that Tom grasped the value of these items to Carla, especially, and to each of us as a reminder that a session with Ra was about to occur and that we needed to purify our thoughts and desires in a manner that focused our attention completely on seeking and serving the One Infinite Creator in these sessions. So in response to his last question to Ra, Ra confirmed that both Tom and Leonard were the last members of our public Sunday night meditation group that were acceptable to attend a session with Ra.


Dana got no sleep at all last night but seemed quite energized anyway when I came in to see her for the first time this morning. We had an early breakfast, and then she gave me an idea for a gift that I might want to give to a couple of friends of mine who have been very helpful while I have been here with Dana. We examined this potential gift on the internet and made plans to go to Walmart's tomorrow and see the gift in person.


A little later on we had an early lunch so that Dana would have some food in her tummy as I took her to a local salon where Dana got a manicure. While she was busy with that I ran a couple of errands to pick up groceries at Shop Rite and some dental supplies at the CVS drug store. In the latter part of the afternoon Dana consulted via telephone with a long-time friend who has been helping Dana with her diet and supplements for a number of years. I took a speed walk through Dana's neighborhood as I have just gotten started doing exercises for myself to keep my own body in decent shape. I have found it is easy to get out of my usual routines while here and have decided that physical exercise is really necessary for me to begin again for both mental and physical health.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 14


The Power Of Choice


I am of the principle of the consciousness of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.


Gaze at time. Gaze at the time that you have to spend within your next day. Gaze at the "talents," the riches, of hours and minutes that you hold now at the beginning of the day in your cupped palm. Gaze at hours to fill and spend in any way which delights your soul, your mind, and your heart and know the power of choice.


Gaze now at those things not held in the hand, those things held by others' hands and hearts, those things quite out of one's control. In spending the minted money of God's time, it is known by the buyer what is intended to be bought in terms of energy expended upon relationships and towards cooperation in work and planning, but it is not known how it shall be received.


Know that your spending plan of time shall not be judged in respect of those things which could not be controlled by the self. Rather, the spending of your precious time shall be adjudged according to the intentions for service.


Know, then, that the riches and consolation of time in the Holy Spirit of the living Christ may, together, move forward with each precious minute and hour so that one spends it in such a way as to magnify time and the wisdom and consolation of grace. May you see the plenitude of your power in Christ! And may you spend wisely, this day and every day.


We leave you in the grace which alone may contemplate true peace and selfless service, now and ever. Amen.


I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.




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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 6.21-.22:


"Questioner: The disc-shaped craft we call UFOs have... some have been said to come... possibly from the planet Venus. Would any of these be your craft?


Ra: I am Ra. We have used crystals for many purposes. The craft of which you speak have not been used by us in your space/time present memory complex. However, we have used crystals and the bell shape in the past of your illusion.


Questioner: How many years ago in the past did you use the bell-shaped craft to come here?


Ra: I am Ra. We visited your peoples eighteen thousand [18,000] of your years ago and did not land; again, eleven thousand [11,000] years ago."


In these two questions Don asked Ra about the type of craft that they used to travel to Earth during their visits here. Ra said that they had not used the bell-shaped, crystal-powered craft in our recent past. But they said that these craft were used 18,000 years ago when they did not land, and also 11,000 years ago when they walked among the Egyptians to teach the Law of One in person. In 70.18 Don described the bell-shaped craft that George Adamski photographed and then asked Ra if his description of them was correct:


"Questioner: I'll ask this question to inform me a little bit about what you just stated. When you came to this planet in craft 18,000 and 11,000 years ago, these craft have been called, I believe, bell craft and were photographed by George Adamski. If I am correct these craft looked somewhat like a bell; they had portholes around the upper portions; and they had three hemispheres at 120° apart underneath. Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct."


In his over 30 years of investigating UFOs, Don got to know George Adamski as well as the other two Georges who were also UFO contactees from the 1950's: George Van Tassel, who built the Integratron located in the desert outside of Los Angeles, which was supposed to lengthen one's life; and George Hunt Williamson, whose channeling of Brother Philip of the Seven Rays is one of the most beautiful channelings I have heard and which is found at the very end of our MESSAGES FROM THE UFO cassette tape.


George Adamski was a very controversial figure back in the 1950's when he began photographing many different kinds of UFOs and gave lectures on the philosophy of the occupants. This is part of what Wikipedia had to say about him:


"'Flying Saucers Have Landed' claimed Nordic aliens from Venus and other planets in Earth's solar system routinely visited the Earth. According to the book, Orthon and other aliens were worried that nuclear bomb tests in the Earth's atmosphere would kill all life on Earth, spread radiation into space, and contaminate other planets.[28] Adamski claimed that Nordic aliens worshiped a "Creator of All", but that "we on Earth know very little about this Creator ... our understanding is shallow."[28]

In his 1955 book ‘Inside the Space Ships', Adamski claimed that Orthon arranged for him to be taken on a trip to see the Solar System, including the planet Venus, the location where Orthon said the late Mrs. Adamski had been reincarnated.[5][18] He claimed that in another voyage he met the 1,000-year-old "elder philosopher of the space people", who was called "the Master". Adamski said he and the Master discussed philosophy, religion, and the "Earth's place in the universe".[29] Adamski said he learned that he had been selected by Nordic aliens to bring their message of peace to Earth people, and that other humans throughout history had also served as their messengers, including Jesus Christ. Adamski further claimed that aliens were peacefully living on Earth, and that he had met with them in bars and restaurants in Southern California.[29]


Adamski's stories led other people to come forward with their own claims of contact and interplanetary travels with friendly "Space Brothers", including such figures as Howard MengerDaniel FryGeorge Van Tassel, and Truman Bethurum. The message of Adamski and his fellow contactees was one in which the other planets of Earth's solar system were all "inhabited by physically handsome, spiritually evolved beings who have moved beyond the problems of Earth people ... the reader of Inside the Space Ships enters a perfect world, the kind we can create here on Earth if we behave ourselves."[20] Through books, lectures, and conventions - particularly the annual Giant Rock UFO convention in California - the contactee movement would grow throughout the 1950s.[30] However, Adamski would remain the most prominent, and most influential, of the contactees.[4]




Dana's night was once again sleepless until the early morning hours. However, she needed to rise earlier than she would have preferred (9 am) in order to make her third acupuncture and massage therapy appointments at 10:40 this morning. We still are not sure what the effect on her body is of these treatments, but they feel like they have the potential to give her some relief from pain and to add some further physical energy.


After these appointments we stopped at the Asian Grocery Store to pick up some foods recommended by the acupuncturist. Then we were off to The Fountainbleau Diner where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Our next stop was the Green Acres Health Food Store where we bought some teas and two green drinks that are supposed to help clean Dana's body. Our last stop was to get Dana's little Fiat filled with gas. This turned out to be a very fruitful outing, and we both had a nap upon returning home. Hopefully, Dana's body will be strengthened by this kind of outing and not suffer any ill effects from being this active.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 13


The Invocation Of Love


I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.


Each day you go forth to run the straight race, to move in rhythmic grace through the workaday world. Each day you begin with highest hopes and many days spin themselves out like rainbows, a blessing to yourself and others, seemingly effortless, peaceful and beautiful.


Yet, we would ask you this day to remember that phrase, "Lift up thine eyes unto the hills. Whence cometh thy help? Thy help is in the name of the Lord." Perhaps this particular day there may be part of that grace of everyday life that seems heavy and less than pleasant. Lift up your eyes. Remember whence help truly comes. It is in the lifting of the viewpoint, in the invocation of love, unity, consolation and peace. Let this be a comfort unto you when it is needed, for that consolation lies all about each seeker, to be touched into lightly in the happy times and to be sought without worry and with sureness of everlasting safety in difficult moments.


We leave you in peace and love, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.










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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The Ra quote today comes from 6.19:


"Questioner: [Is it] possible to estimate what percentage of [the] present population will inhabit the fourth-density planet?


Ra: The harvesting is not yet, thus, estimation is meaningless."


In the previous questions before this question Ra mentioned that within 30 years from this session (1981) that the Earth would be fourth density. With this in mind Don asked Ra about what percentage of Earth's population would inhabit the Earth at that point. Ra replied that the harvest was not yet complete so that any estimations would have no meaning. In 20.27 Ra gave the normal progression of the harvesting process on most third-density planets over the three major cycles:


"It is, however, more toward the median or mean, shall we say, of third-density developments throughout the one infinite universe that there be a small harvest after the first cycle; the remainder having significantly polarized, the second cycle having a much larger harvest; the remainder being even more significantly polarized, the third cycle culminating the process and the harvest being completed."


So Don asked Ra how many were harvested at the end of the first 25,000 year major cycle:


"Questioner: Going back to the start of this 75,000-year period, there was the harvesting 25,000 years after the start, which would make it 50,000 years ago, I would assume. Can you tell me how many were harvested from our planet at that time?


Ra: I am Ra. The harvest was none."


Then In 22.10 Don asked Ra how many of Earth's population were harvested in the second master cycle of 25,000 years:


"Questioner: Approximately how many were harvestable out of the total number?


Ra: I am Ra. There were approximately one hundred fifty [150] entities harvestable."


In 13.23 Ra said that most of Earth's population will need to repeat the third density:


"The fourth density is, as we have said, as regularized in its approach as the striking of a clock upon the hour. The space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of a different vibrational configuration. This causes the planetary sphere to be able to be molded by these new distortions. However, the thought-forms of your people during this transition period are such that the mind/body/spirit complexes of both individual and societies are scattered throughout the spectrum instead of becoming able to grasp the needle, shall we say, and point the compass in one direction.

Thus, the entry into the vibration of love, sometimes called by your people the vibration of understanding, is not effective with the present societal complex. Thus, the harvest shall be such that many will repeat the third-density cycle. The energies of your Wanderers, your teachers, and your adepts at this time are all bent upon increasing the harvest. However, there are few to harvest."


In 6.13 Ra mentioned how many of Earth's population have already failed to make the fourth-density harvest on their home planets and have come to Earth to try again:


"The population of your planet contains many various groups harvested from other second-dimension and cycled third-dimension spheres. You are not all one race or background of beginning. The experience you share is unique to this time/space continuum."


In 20.17 Ra gave the principle which governs why the majority of Earth's population will probably need to repeat the third density:


"Questioner: I'm assuming at the start of one of these cycles there could have been either a positive polarization that would generally occur over the 25 [thousand] years or a negative polarization. Is the reason for the negative polarization and the shortening of the cycle the influx of entities from Mars who had already polarized somewhat negatively?


Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. There was not a strong negative polarization due to this influx. The lessening of the life span was due primarily to the lack of the building up of positive orientation. When there is no progress those conditions which grant progress are gradually lost. This is one of the difficulties of remaining unpolarized. The chances, shall we say, of progress become steadily less."


Now with all of this information of a small harvest and lots of repeating of the third density in mind, we should not forget the wildcard possibility that Ra mentioned in 65.12:


"We may note at this point while you ponder the possibility/probability vortices that although you have many, many items which cause distress and thus offer seeking and service opportunities, there is always one container in that store of peace, love, light, and joy. This vortex may be very small, but to turn one's back upon it is to forget the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Could your planet polarize towards harmony in one fine, strong moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends. It is not probable; but it is ever possible."


Last night I read some of the Law of One to Dana just as she was getting ready to turn out her light and try for sleep. I'm not sure if she would have gone to sleep without my reading, but I was happy to see that after I had finished reading the session that she was asleep. She got almost six hours of sleep at the regular time and then was awake for a hour or so until she fell asleep again. This was a good thing! And it made me think that maybe we can get her back into the normal sleep pattern so that she can be awake more during the day and do her exercises, finish paying bills and filing documents, doing other projects, and make trips downstairs that will also help to strengthen her body. And maybe we can get her to Kentucky.


In the latter part of the morning I made an errand run to CVS to see if I could pick up a variety of items, one of them a small sewing kit so that Dana can make some repairs on a few items of her clothing. When I returned, I noticed that Dana had fallen asleep again, and when I gently asked if she wanted to sleep or get up, she said that she needed the sleep. She awoke about an hour later to great pain in her head and back, nausea, throwing up, and two more gasping attacks where her body was frantically seeking oxygen. So both extremes of her experience colored our day, each in its own way.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 12


All That Is Needed Is Given


I am the spirit of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.


Passionately does this instrument pray at this time to be of service to others. For all who would wish to be of service, we would recommend that passion be turned into surety; that hope be filled with faith.


For whence indeed cometh help? Is it not written in the Psalter that help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth? Cannot this great principle of creation, which created all that there is, create those channels of help which are needed at the time that they are needed and not before?


You who have walked the pilgrim's path have surely noted that all that is needed is given in its time and all that is not given is that which is not needed for the learning and flowering of that individual soul.


Rest back into the strength and the passion that created all and trust yourselves, you who seek to serve, as adequate channels needing only to be open when help is requested. So you shall serve and infinity flow through you. Worry not that your supply may fail.


We leave you in peace, love and trust, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:



We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.







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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The quote from Ra today comes from 6.15:


"Questioner: What is the length, in our years, of one of these cycles currently?


Ra: One major cycle is approximately twenty-five thousand [25,000] of your years. There are three cycles of this nature during which those who have progressed may be harvested. At the end of three major cycles, that is, approximately between seventy-five and seventy-six thousand [75-76,000] of your years, all are harvested regardless of their progress, for during that time the planet itself has moved through the useful part of that dimension and begins to cease being useful for the lower levels of vibration within that density."


In the previous question Ra gave us information about how the cycles of evolution allow entities to balance distortions and, thereby, grow spiritually within the third-density experience. So Don asked Ra how long these cycles were as measured by our years. Ra said that there were three major cycles of 25,000 years each that composed the master cycle of about 75,000 years at which time all entities are harvested as the planet itself will also have moved through the third-density experience.


Here we come again to that concept that I was discussing the other day where Ra strongly suggests in this question and answer that when the fourth-density graduation occurs that the planet itself will move out of the third density and that the third density vibrations will no longer be active. However, in 63.8 Ra seems to say that the third density will become only temporarily inactive:


"As the green-ray cycle or the density of love and understanding begins to take shape the yellow-ray plane or Earth which you now enjoy in your dance will cease to be inhabited for some period of your space/time as the space/time necessary for fourth-density entities to learn their ability to shield their density from that of third is learned. After this period there will come a time when third density may again cycle on the yellow-ray sphere."


In this information Ra seems to suggest that once the new fourth-density population learns how to shield itself from being seen by third-density entities that the third-density could once again be activated. When the fourth-density entities are able to maintain their invisibility to third-density entities, then the third-density entities will not have their free will infringed upon by the obvious presence of higher density entities thus giving the third-density entities a strong reason to take definitive action to pursue a spiritual path that could also take them to higher densities. For the third-density entities to have total free will regarding how to spend their lives they must be able to choose such a spiritual path only by the strength of their own inner beliefs and not any outside proof of the necessity of such a path being pursued.


Dana spent her night in the usual wakeful fashion and awoke from her early morning sleep period ready to take on a busy day. After breakfast she took a bath, and we headed out for her second massage therapy session and her second acupuncture session. She has determined that the combination of the first acupuncture session combined with her use of the protocell supplement might be responsible for energizing her body to the point of not sleeping its normal amount.


After the acupuncture session we went to an Asian food store and picked up some items that the accupuncturist had suggested to help clear some of the mucous out of Dana's lungs. These trips out seemed to drain Dana of her energy, and she spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping. This is a hard cycle to break, but we need to get more exercises going to get her body stronger one way or another.



From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 11


Calming The Storms Of Change


I am the spirit of the living Jesus, incorporate in the mystery of love and the principle of the consciousness of love. I greet you in the essence of divine love.


It is not known how many shall be blown by the winds of change this day. What is well known to those who seek the spirit of truth and love is that the winds of change are favorable, however stiff the gale may seem to be.


For those who have the consciousness of love and the deep inner knowledge of peace, those storms of the life experience are calmed without great conscious effort by the remembrance of that inner peace and the turning to faith in the ultimate harmony and propriety of the Creator's plan.


Yes, each of you has an agenda. That agenda may be stable for a large portion of your life experience. Or you and the Creator together may have molded a life experience of much service and also much change.


Let there be in your mind less and less difference between the status quo and that which is untried and perhaps seen to be lesser, for the soul which flows with the changes of circumstance, discovering in each circumstance the peace and love therein, is free in the service of the Father through the grace of Jesus Christ.


May you be filled with peace, both now and evermore. Amen.


I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:



We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.




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I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 6.11-.12:


"Questioner: How did they come here?


Ra: They came through the process of harvest and were incarnated through the processes of incarnation from your higher spheres within this density.


Questioner: How long ago did this happen in our years?


Ra: I am having difficulty communicating with this instrument. We must deepen her state.

This occurred approximately five hundred thousand [500,000] of your years ago."


In the question before these two questions Don asked Ra if there were people such as now live on our Earth on any other planets in our solar system. Ra answered by referring to the entities from Maldek for the first time in these sessions. Ra said that the Maldek entities had destroyed their planet and needed to come to Earth to continue their third-density study of the Law of Love, since Earth was the only planet in our solar system at that time able to offer this third-density experience.


In these two questions Don asked how these entities from Maldek came to Earth and when this transfer occurred. Ra said they were brought by being harvested from Maldek and came to Earth through the process of incarnation from the inner planes of Earth. In 10.1 Ra gave a detailed description of the transfer of the Maldek population to Earth:


"Questioner: I think it would clarify things for us to go back to the time just before the transfer of souls from Maldek; see how the Law of One operated with respect to this transfer and why this was necessary. What happened to Maldek- or the people on Maldek to cause them to lose their planet? How long ago did this occur?


Ra: I am Ra. The peoples of Maldek had a civilization somewhat similar to that of the societal complex known to you as Atlantis in that it gained much technological information and used it without care for the preservation of their sphere following to a majority extent the complex of thought, ideas, and actions which you may associate with your so-called negative polarity or the service to self. This was, however, for the most part, couched in a sincere belief/thought structure which seemed to the perception of the mind/body complexes of this sphere to be positive and of service to others. The devastation that wracked their biosphere and caused its disintegration resulted from what you call war.

The escalation went to the furthest extent of the technology this social complex had at its disposal in the space/time present of the then time. This time was approximately seven oh five, oh oh oh, seven hundred and five thousand [705,000] of your years ago. The cycles had begun much, much earlier upon this sphere due to its relative ability to support the first-dimensional life forms at an earlier point in the space/time continuum of your solar system. These entities were so traumatized by this occurrence that they were in what you may call a social complex knot or tangle of fear. Some of your time passed. No one could reach them. No beings could aid them.

Approximately six hundred thousand [600,000] of your years ago the then-existing members of the Confederation were able to deploy a social memory complex and untie the knot of fear. The entities were then able to recall that they were conscious. This awareness brought them to the point upon what you would call the lower astral planes where they could be nurtured until each mind/body/spirit complex was able finally to be healed of this trauma to the extent that each entity was able to examine the distortions it had experienced in the previous life/illusion complex.

After this experience of learn/teaching, the group decision was to place upon itself a type of what you may call karma alleviation. For this purpose, they came into incarnation within your planetary sphere in what were not acceptable human forms. This then they have been experiencing until the distortions of destruction are replaced by distortions towards the desire for a less distorted vision of service to others. Since this was the conscious decision of the great majority of those beings in the Maldek experience, the transition to this planet began approximately five hundred thousand [500,000] of your years ago and the type of body complex available at that time was used.


It should be noted that in 21.5 this 500,000 year figure, denoting the beginning of the transfer of the Maldek entities to Earth, is given as 200,000 years. I would tend to go with this later figure because Don was attempting in 21.5 to clear up some discrepancies in this and other dates having to do with the Maldek entities and their transfer to Earth.


Dana and I went to bed about an hour early last night, which turned out to be a good idea since Daylight Savings Time began at 2 am this morning. That means that we lost an hour, so our early bed time got us right in rhythm with the new time. It also got Dana about three hours of sleep right away so that her time of being awake in the night was reduced by that much, and she was able to get another couple of hours of sleep in the early morning hours.


After breakfast Dana took a bath and then got back on her paying of bills and filing of statements project. She pretty much got this project done, and also wrapped a present for a good friend. We pretty much used this Sabbath Day of Rest to actually rest. It was fun to just hang out and chat about whatever came into our minds.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


March 10


Sunrise Comes To All


I am of Jesus the Christ, the spirit of the full consciousness of love. I greet you in that love.


Upon the highest mountain and the lowest valley alike lie tiny forms of life awaiting warmth from the rising sun. For though one blade of grass may be low and the other high, yet both await the same thing.


It matters not the seeker's relative position within this world of mundane qualities and conditions, for all souls need and shall receive the warmth of the great inner sun of every soul's day, the warmth and the light of love.


Know that sunrise comes to all who dwell in inner peace, awaiting confidently the dawning of peace and understanding in every troubled night of the soul. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.





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