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Spiritual seeking between L/L Research and our friends in prison.

April 20, 2008
Published by Prison Ministry on April 28, 2011 6:23pm.  Category: Bill Ackerman

            Dear Lorena,


            Its is always good to hear form you.  You inspire me with your energy and kind thoughts.

            What a great service it will be for you to be a channel!  I think that channeling questions for the LOOP newsletter will enhance your service toward it and keep it unique compared to other channeled information.

            I’ve enclosed my first submission of “Wandering Thoughts.”  I had fun writing it and really appreciate the opportunity for expression.

            It amazes me how we all work together even though we are miles apart and have never physically seen each other.  When service needs to be done, we can count on the One Infinite Creator to bless us with the love/light needed to perform it no matter what our circumstances may be.

            How I long to be released from this 3rd density illusion.  There is so much going on spiritually but I feel bondaged by the wraps of many entities who believe that what they see is real.  Yes, I am here to do service, but such a sorrowful one!  I shed tears every day when I should be rejoicing in love/light.

            My sister, Patti, is a surviving cancer patient.  Upon release I will stay with her until my next service is presented to me.  We definitely knew each other in a previous lifetime which is why I chose the family I did to incarnate with.  She isn’t awakened as we are but her illness is acting as a catalyst to her newfound awareness of faith.

            They opened up the recreation yard for spring/summer recreation.  I love going outside and feeling the sun and walking on the grass.  It makes me feel closer to the Creator.  Besides walking I enjoy playing volleyball.

            Carla and Jim sent me pictures of the gardens of L/L Research a few years back.  It is such a lovely place.  It is a place that all Wanderers would love to be, rejoicing together in the beauty/love/light of the One Infinite Creator.

            I am reviewing your previous letters to me to see if there is any uncovered material.  You said your meditation practices are your own.  I can relate to that.  I rarely sit in a formal position.  My best meditation times are during my yoga practice.  Do you practice yoga?  I can imagine that a nice meditation moment for you is having Reiko napping in your arms while you sit quietly in the sunshine.

            When you were pregnant with Reiko, her soul spoke to you and shared with you a place that the two of you lived together in a past life.  Can you share with me more of this “desert life” with her and any other visions you may have had?

            Have you begun the process of posting our letters on the L/L Research website?  When you do I will leave it to your discretion as to what to edit.

            You asked me about psychic greeting and how do I “sift out the greetings from just plain old catalyst?”  I believe all greetings are of a catalytic nature.  Are we not here to learn lessons?  I have a book of quotes form the Ra (Law of one books).  This one sums it up:  “We always relate to the pain of new catalyst by relating to the other person as bringer of catalyst.  In doing so we forget that the other is ourself.”  I try to remember that whoever is bringing me catalyst is doing so in love.  That is a hard concept to swallow but the catalyst is being offered by the Creator.  If I do not greet it with love it will be presented to me over and over again until I do.  Here is a poem I wrote October, 1988:

Time present, time past

Live experiences amass.

Different directions/same lessons

Such is life’s dance.


Catalytic pain in human existence losing the battle of rebellious resistance

Awakening at a cornerstone of universal insight

Redirected toward infinite love and unified light.


            Well, that’s it for now.  Enjoy watching life bloom and say “Hi” to everyone for me.


            In love and light,


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