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About me
Member: Bring4th_Steve
Location: Gainesville, Virginia, US
Gender: Male
Interests: My main interests are humor and striving to make decisions and actions that lead to a life of unconditional Love.

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I'm going to see how much I can turn this into a visual scrapbook of all things I come across that interest me.  Feel free to comment!

New Blogging Upgrades & Fixes
Published by Bring4th_Steve on May 29, 2012 3:38pm.  Category: General

I thought I would take a quick moment to give an overview of what had recently been done to the Blogging system, so that Bring4th members could see how the changes will hopefully make their blogging lives a little more interesting and rewarding!


The problems that were recently addressed have to do mostly with the comments section.  At this time, Bring4th has nearly 500 comments in the comments database supporting the individual blog posts that are contributed by the Bring4th community.  Up until now, when a comment was made on behalf of a member's blog post, no notifications were ever issued to the blog author.  This has been an unfortunate feature omission, because it reduces the chance of continued dialogue since the blog author may or may not ever realize that someone posted a comment.


Well, that has since changed.  Over this past weekend, I was able to develop some additional notification options for the blogging system, which was custom-designed for Bring4th back in 2008. 

The upgrades will now:


1. Allow a Bring4th blog author to toggle whether e-mail notifications are sent for each new blog response.

2. Allow a Bring4th member to directly reply to anyone's comment within a blog post. The Bring4th member who is being addressed in the comments section will receive an e-mail notification that their comment was read and responded to.

3. Timestamp each comment so that everyone can see the "freshness factor" of each comment, and to avoid accidentally responding to the previously ambiguous comments, which may have matured to have become a few years old!


These new features should significantly improve the usefulness of the blog comments, as well as the timeliness by which continued dialogue might ensue.


In addition to these improvements, I fixed up a couple of problem spots with the user system.  As it turns out, we upgraded the forum software multiple times over the past couple of years.  With each upgrade, I somehow have overwritten customizations that permitted new members to engage their personal blog space and begin publishing.  Yikes! Sorry, about that!


To remedy the situation, we now run a script on a schedule that synchronizes all of the user permissions between the various moving parts of Bring4th, despite which system becomes upgraded or replaced in the future.  This now clears the way for new members of Bring4th so they can more easily commence with any publishing intentions.


If anyone has any comments or suggestions for Bring4th, please let me know! Keep in mind that we have limited control over forum features, as the forum is a massive set of applications designed by another organization.  But if certain features are desired, we could at least look to see if any plug-ins are available to accommodate the requested feature.


Above all, please respond to this blog post if you run into any site errors!  Theoretically, I'll now receive your comments within moments of you submitting them. :-)



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January 11th Dream Recall
Published by Bring4th_Steve on January 12, 2010 4:11pm.  Category: My Dream Log

Wow, it's been a while since my last dream recall, even though I know I've had a ton of great ones.  I just need to be a little bit more thorough in getting those dreams onto Bring4th!


Anyway, I had a really great dream last night that I consider to be a milestone in my growth, and I want to make sure I record it.

As a quick preface, I've recently been making more of an attempt to ask the infinite Creator (Logos), God of the universe (sub-Logos), my Higher Self, and Gaia to help me renew myself as a person, to help me release myself of some lower vibration attachments that are said (in various channeled works) to keep one from moving forward spiritually; namely, anger, dishonesty, and lust.  Thankfully, I am by no means in the extreme of any part of those personality characteristics. But I clearly see them in myself during times of challenge or "weakness", and I have been wanting to find a way of ridding myself of these characteristics so that I can focus more on living in Love and its derivitive qualities.

Well, last night I had a great dream... I was NUKED! As in, bombed! The scene was such that I was visiting a household owned by unknown people. I could not relate to anything in the scene--location, objects, time, or people. Imagine going to a location you've never been before, walk into the random home of two vindictive and angry people, and you can now relate to the position I was in. So there was this husband and wife in the house who were extremely negative in the dream. I assume they owned the place.  There was some kind of conversation that took place between me and the couple, but their comments and general disposition towards me were always nasty and mean-spirited. At one point the woman threatened me, and picked up a telephone while dialing some numbers. She then demanded that "the bomb" be dropped!  Within moments, the entire scene was irradiated, including myself.  (Why they irradiated themselves as well, I have no idea!)

But the beauty of what happened was that there was no fear at any given point. And there was no destruction of anything physical.  In fact, it was like a non-event, where I was watching a nuclear explosion on television, and being completely disattached and objective. In the dream I looked out the window and knew I was being nuked, and that I had taken on a TON of radiation, but I couldn't relate to it, and I didn't feel any effects from the fallout.  Moments later, a helicopter with about eight or so super long antennae pointing out from the front of the cockpit came to do measurement readings of the environment.  It hovered for some preliminary readings, and then nearly landed in front of me as I started walking away from the scene.  As I was walking by unphased, I saw the young kid inside who was flying the chopper. He had this look on his face as if he didn't want to look at me directly, but knew I was the target and reason for the bombing, and was kind of watching me as if he knew he shouldn't be, out of the corner of his eye.  I also got the impression he found it odd that I was simply walking away with no apparent side effects.

I am now remembering that a child was with me the whole time, but I don't know who it was. I feel like it was a small son or daughter, but they were there for the ride and only played a bit-part.
The lesson from this dream became very apparent... My request to transform myself started taking place!  I consider a nuclear explosion the most drastic and complete form of obliteration known to man.  So to have that directed at my very being by intention must mean that I (my ego/old ways) was destroyed!  Or at least transformed in some way. Nevertheless, the symbology couldn't be more obvious.

Thank you, infinite Creator, God of the universe, Higher Self, and Gaia, for answering my call and helping me to live my life more and more out of love.

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Calling all Crystal People!
Published by Bring4th_Steve on January 5, 2009 8:42pm.  Category: Crystal Talk


All, welcome to my first Crystal Talk blog entry.  I wish I had music to cue up--this feels like the start of a late-late-late-late night talk show. You know, the kind that just graduated off of Cable Access at 4:30am, and is now getting the highly coveted hot spot at 3:30am.

The purpose of this blog is to talk about crystals, and their methods of use.  This is not designed to be a blog for basic chit chat about how pretty they are or how your newest crystal has nested phantoms.  This is about discussing the properties of crystals, their functional purpose, and instructions and teachings on how to best clean, charge, program, manifest, and discharge them.

Keep in mind, this is an area that will only survive with your involvement!  As you might have seen by now, you are able to comment on blogs, much like you are able to reply to forum messages on Bring4th.   So if you are into crystals and feel you have some experience in this area, I'd love to start getting a group of people together to talk about them.


The first topic has to do with using crystals.  Has anyone here used crystals for any (white magic or love-based) purposes, such as healing, channeling, chakra balancing, or astral travelling? I think I'd like to start there, so we can form a small interest group and get to know each other.


Please add a comment below introducing yourself and give us a few examples of what you use crystals for.


Remember, your participation is needed, or else I'm going to end up talking to myself a LOT. Laughing

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Do you test yourself?
Published by Bring4th_Steve on January 2, 2009 4:22pm.  Category: General

How often do you look at the events that make up your day?  Do you spend a few minutes every morning or evening reflecting on each gift and experience that went into the making of your day?


bringthexchangemoneyjpg.jpgI tend to analyze things as they happen, mentally ditching anything that seems trivial, and musing at the synchronicities or feelings of joy that sometimes pop into my day.  One of the experiences that I tend to wrestle with the most is one where I suspect my higher-self is testing me.  I feel this specifically when I pass a panhandler, a homeless person, or someone who seems less fortunate than I am (which is a huge judgment in itself, by the way!  I have learned that there are many seemingly "less fortunate" people who live more in joy from day-to-day than I could ever hope to attain!).


Nonetheless, I have conditioned myself since childhood to resist or avoid giving out the little money that I had to those who asked for donations.  Dodging those childhood bullets didn't last for long, as I soon found out working in Washington DC.  These days, I'm actually more surprised to "not" be solicited by a panderer than I am to encounter one.


So why is it that I have such a hard time giving away the one dollar that has no chance of camping out in my wallet, anyway? And why do I feel like I don't trust the guy who claims he is saving up his change for a meal, instead of spending it on a nip of vodka that will keep him warm for an hour during these cold winter days? Should I not care whether the story is convincing or not?


Have any of you had these types of conditioned responses, or even continue to have them now? Have you thought about why you feel like this? Or have you moved into a state of compassion and trust, no matter how each situation presents itself?


It was only after I began thinking about my conflicted feelings of wanting to hold onto my money that I realized there's no point in doing so.  Especially the more that I encountered the concept of "you only get what you give," and "what you give, you get in return, seven-fold." I then realized that I've been reading these words in different contexts throughout my life.  I can remember reading it in the Bible, and I remember reading it in some Wiccan material.  I heard it again while studying for a Reiki Master certificate, and it even reached me through that cheezy tune by The New Radicals, called... You guessed it! "You Get What You Give".




As I started to put the pieces together, the concept of "giving to get" started to take hold in my life.  I decided to try giving away what I had, within a reasonble limit, of course. And so it began.  If I bought a banana for myself at the hot dog stand, I bought two and gave one to someone should the opportunity likely arise.  When I ventured outside for lunch, I often reached into my wallet ahead of time just to have a dollar on hand instead of launching into the bad habit of patting myself down in front of someone in need, saying "Nope! Sorry, no change..."


After forcing myself to do this for a few months, I started to feel good about it!  I even found myself hinting to my colleagues after a panhandling encounter that it's so important to give in order to get back.  But wait... All this giving.. Was I really getting back?  I don't know, really, and it almost didn't seem to matter to me anymore.  More importantly, I soon learned how to enjoy giving, and found a small joy in making someone else happy by satisfying their request for help, despite whatever facade might be draped over the request. To me, I felt comfort in making the action, to answering the call.


It's a very interesting feeling to be put on the spot and asked to give of yourself, especially when you don't have a lot, either. But I believe that's for a reason--catalyst to help me really feel the pinch, to see if I can still find joy in what most people in my shoes would register as pain.  So I am thankful for every opportunity, and am now a little more receptive to encountering those moments where I'm being tested to take the higher road or to give of myself when the asker may be in a better financial position than I am!


Find those moments that hurt you or challenge your old crusty thinking, and see if you can dig out some joy somewhere in that new moment of change. It really has an impact!

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December 30 Dream Recall
Published by Bring4th_Steve on December 30, 2008 6:17pm.  Category: My Dream Log

I remembered one dream this morning.  It was at my aunt's house, which is a place I found myself having many dreams throughout my childhood and adulthood. But today's dream was a little more unusual compared to the others.  It seemed as though it took place before her house was even built.  There were two younger people with me that felt like they were colleagues or even friends.  They were there specifically to assist with the project at hand, which was to see how far we could dig down into the foundation of this house. A lot of the foundation was already dug out.  It seemed to go down about 20 feet. I didn't get the impression that we had done any of the digging thus far. The scene was peaceful, and it took place a night with some bluish ambient light, as if it came from the moon.


The interesting part of this dream, to me, is that as I inspected the bottom of the foundation, it didn't seem to stop 20 feet down. The harder I looked, the further down I realized the foundation was. By the time I finished concentrating at finding the bottom of the foundation, I was looking down 200 ft below me!  So I found myself laying on my chest at the edge of this foundation cavity, looking -far- down at my colleages as we tried to bark information back and forth.  For some reason we were interested in finding out if the drains worked.  At the bottom of the foundation, there was a drainage grating and a polished stainless-steel drain (that you might find on the wall of a bathtub to handle any water that has risen too high).


I asked the guys to test the drain, to which they opened some kind of faucet or water main, and showed that the water, which flooded around them (up to their ankles) was indeed leaving through the drain system.  The water seemed to immediately dissapear, and I asked if they could check the perimeter of the foundation to see if they could dig down any further.  But as they tested the perimeter with their shovels, they kept hitting a white cakey substrate that seemed too hard for a shovel to dig through. As if it were some kind of salt bed or something.


It was at that time that I had some internal thoughts.  For one, I questioned why a foundation was 200 feet below me.  I thought about the work that must of had to go into digging such a hole, and how was it even possible the construction workers ran pipes underneath this foundation in any reasonable way.   As I was thinking about the height between the bottom of the foundation and myself, and looking over at the guys 200 feet below, I began to get nervous about the height, even though I was laying on solid ground.  I then rolled away from the excavation, trying to snap myself out of the fear.  When I felt like I was rolling on normal earth and the temporary feeling dissapated, I crawled back over to see how the guys were doing with the digging.


That's when I woke up.


The only dream fragment that I can't place within that dream was a sequence where I saw a spiral staircase leading down to the bottom of this foundation.  I'm not sure if that's what the guys used to get down there, or if the staircase was a solution to getting down there at a later time.  It was a tight helix-like staircase, but there was enough headroom between the twists so even a tall guy like me could comfortably descend the stairs.

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