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Seeking other-selves in search of meaning.   Wondering if I could be a Wanderer.    The Law of One just blows my mind.

The Elite
Published by Jeannie on December 8, 2010 9:11pm.  Category: General

I guess I'm still trying to deal with not being acceptable to be included in David Wilcock's Forum.  I thought that hey, they have to be careful about people who are vulgar and negative, and maybe some people might want to solicit sex or who knows what but I didn't think I would be excluded from joining their forum.   Maybe I'm not intelligent enough?   I was joking to myself, that maybe they have a secret handshake, or password.  Maybe they should encrypt Ra's messages lest the inferior beings think they are part of the advanced, evoluted race of humans.

      I thought Ra was against elitism.   That he wanted to love everyone?????   Is this just a joke or what?  Was I the only one that believed this???   wondering to myself.   I guess I'm hurt more than I thought.   jeannie

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Published by Jeannie on December 6, 2010 3:05am.  Category: General

I was rejected by the discussion group at Divine Cosmos.   I feel kind of sad about that.   Anyway,  I don't have a fast computer, nor any money,  and I'm disabled.   That about says it.

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Looking for Meaning in Life
Published by Jeannie on December 1, 2010 4:21am.  Category: General

                          I'm not sure what I'm looking for in this site.   Maybe just another person who is searching too.    I'm impressed by the Law of One readings.   They are fantastic.   We are all one and serving others seems to me to be a worthy goal.   Probably the only thing that would really give my life meaning.   I struggle with a disability.   I have many friends but they would not believe in extraterrestrials or channeling.  Does anyone out there fear the 'harvest'.  Either I fear that I would not qualify for such a leap, or is harvesting anything like eating me up?  

           Maybe that's silly.  Altruism can't be anything bad or wrong.   I'm very impressed by David Wilcock who is on Divinecosmos and I've tried to read his scientific writings.   I think they are rather above my level of comprehension.   Also, in the Law of One readings they seem to center around pyramids and their healing qualities.   That also is rather above my level.    However, I find myself fascinated by these theories and more.    My friends are laughing about my interest in ETs and the idea that 2012 is any special year.    I love my friends.  They are all religious as am I.   I've been trying to find a purpose for my life.   I'm divorced, my children are all grown and have gone.   I still feel myself to be a child.  Like somewhere must be my place. 

             honestly if anyone has a good idea or a good guess of what my direction should be then please tell me.    I am lost in the Law of Confusion.   loveya all,  peace  and truth jean

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