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Member: Logos924
Location: New Orleans, LA
Gender: Male
Interests: Joyfully seeking the infinite Creator

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My blog is a collection of thoughts on the meaning of my dreams and my waking life.

What is the Negative Path?
Published by Logos924 on August 27, 2009 7:58pm.  Category: General

The Negative Path is that which does not offer acceptance and love to all.

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Leaves of Glory
Published by Logos924 on July 29, 2009 4:42pm.  Category: General

Turn off the tv and watch the trees

tell their story.

They sway and sing with the help of

the wind and glory.

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First Day of Summer Classes
Published by Logos924 on June 4, 2009 6:16pm.  Category: General

Today's my first day of summer classes at UNO.  I'm taking a Psychology Research class which I just got out of.  I'm postitive that this class is going to go perfectly this semester.  It's a sunny day, and the warm temperature feels just right at 82 degrees Farenheight.  I'm about to enjoy lunch with a few friends, and I hope you share the gratitude with me of this beautiful day!

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Wandering with a purpose
Published by Logos924 on April 16, 2009 8:39pm.  Category: General

For the past month or so I've been getting several recurring dream symbols.  Some of these symbols show up about five times a week in my dreams.  Others only show up about once or twice every two weeks to a month.  Some of the symbols that my dreams are themed around are usually a grocery store, bus stop, pick up truck, and a bed (usually outdoors).


Now my first dream last night took place with me at my current university during the day near the main bus stop on campus.  There were between 5-8 lines of people waiting for their busses to arrive.  Each line must have had nearly 40 people all single-filed.  Every line was different from each other most notably by the colors of the t-shirts that the people were wearing.  One line's t-shirts were orange while the other lines were wearing either green, royal blue or something else.  I was walking by this huge group of people and realized that I didn't want to follow the crowd in where ever they were going.  I wanted to search for something less common.  I kept walking near the Performing Arts Center where all of sudden, a white pick-up truck parks right next to me in nice, bright and green grass.


I believe the message of my next dream, which I'll explain in a bit, ties in with the previous one.  This dream begins with me leaving my house at night to go pick up my great uncle from the airport.  While on my way to the airport, I stopped at a convenience store looking for something, who knows what!  There was a restaurant portion in the back of the store but the food looked terrible.  I walked back to the other side where it looked like a common convenience store at a gas station.  I looked and looked, but couldn't find anything in the store that interested me.  Finally, I settled for a bag of cookies that looked barely edible.  I paid for the cookies while the man behind me was dressed in a U.S. Navy uniform holding a case of drinks.  That's where the dream ended.


What I find interesting about the convenience store dream is that two years ago, before I started dream journaling, I called a psychic who has a weekly radio show every Saturday evening.  I asked her what symbols she saw that showed which aspects of my life that I needed to work on.  The image that she saw for me was of someone walking around with an empty basket looking for things to put in it.  She figured that it had something to do with relationships, particularly me needing more of them in my life.  During this time in my life, about once a month I would dream of walking into a grocery store looking for something to buy, occasionally pasta (which is commonly interpreted as being entangled in a relationship).  About four months ago I finally made the connection with what she had seen about baskets and me looking for something to buy at a grocery store in my dreams.  I then realized that there really was something that I was looking for that was missing from my life.  Even after I made this connection, the basket/store dream continued to show up in my dreams several times a month.


Today, while staring off into space, the a-ha moment struck me.  I believe my Higher Self is continuing to push these dreams into my consciousness, because I was missing a clear and well-defined goal for my life.  I  am now starting to gain a better understanding of my own personal need to figure out what I ultimately want to do in life and what I want from it.  I surely don't want to follow the well-beaten path of going with the crowd and little direction over my own life.  Nor do the old things of the material world hold my interest like they used to before I awakened.  I would not be content in using my creativity and limited free will to go in that direction.


In my first blog, I mentioned a dream where I was told by my supposed parents to write down my dreams before our family left the house.  Last week I had another dream where I was lying in my bed outside, across the Street from the Performing Arts Center at my university (Note: I'm a psychology major and have never taken a class in the Performing Arts Center).  In this dream, I was talking to a person who was trying to motivate me to figure out what I'm good at or want to do in life.  I mentioned to the person that people have always told me that I have an amazing imagination, and they like my writing.  That dream has been bouncing in my head ever since then and has lit a greater fire to use for my searching.  I am deeply grateful to the Bring 4th staff and Carla for setting up a place for us wanderers who seek the road less traveled and keep their eyes focused on the light of the Creator.  My deepest thanks goes to you, the reader of these words.

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Published by Logos924 on April 14, 2009 6:33pm.  Category: General

Hi everyone!


I've been visiting/lurking around the forums and the live chat with Carla and the gang for some time now, and all of a sudden got the itch to start writing on here.


A little bit about myself might be in order first.  My name is Greg, I'm 22 years old and a senior in college at the University of New Orleans.  I really began to throw myself into "metaphysical" studies about 2 summers ago right after I fractured my ankle and had nothing to do for the summer since I was a skateboarding enthusiast haha.  Eventually I came around to finding and studying the Law of One along with Carla's other channeling work.  I've been keeping a dream journal on my computer since February of last year, and what I've learned about myself since then never ceases to amaze me.


What brought me to write on here today was this overwhelming feeling to start putting myself "out there" in the sense of just sharing whatever's on my mind.  Today I want to share a dream that I recalled this morning.  I'll keep it short and sweet, besides I can't remember too many details from it anyway hehe. 


The dream took place with me in a house with a huge family of probably about 10 siblings altogether.  I wasn't necessarily sure if I was a part of this family in the dream since I had never seen so many of the siblings before whose ages ranged from about 6-23 years old.  Anyway, the parents told us we were about to go on a trip, but before we were to leave we all had to write down our dreams.  This was a piece of cake for me, but what was funny was that I had remembered another dream that I had in real life from the night before.  That's what I wrote down on the piece of the paper with the supplies we were issued from the parents.  Next thing I know, I'm in the backseat of the car with all of the other siblings and I had so much to write about my dreams that my pen would run out of ink, but it would automatically fill itself back up with ink.  That's where the dream ended.


As you might be able to tell, I hope to start following the guidance of this dream by sharing whatever I have to offer with my new family here.  I hope you enjoy this blessed day.

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