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Published by Divinemother on September 16, 2010 11:21pm.  Category: General

My name is Lee DiMauro; I am an enlightened human being who has a passion for life. My whole life I knew I was destined to teach and help others. As a child my passion for life was so great that I spent much of my time in the woods being with nature. I would sit under the trees and talked to them. I would ask the trees questions like... What would this planet be like if everyone loved and honored each other? Then I would close my eyes and wait for the voices, visions and answers to appear in my head.

As I grew into an adult my passion for life became depleted to the point of death. On my deathbed I realized I still had much to live for and asked God for help. I closed my eyes to die and a voice starting speaking to me in my head. It was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. It was the voice of divine love and peace. It told me that it was not time for me to leave because I had great things yet to do and to discover.

I did recover from my illness and during my recovery I tried many times to communicate with this loving voice that I had heard. I was determined I would hear this voice again. It was this determination that set me on my path of meditation and self-discovery. Through meditation I experienced realities never thought possible. I became very creative and learned about alternative methods of healing. I mastered everything I learned. I knew what my destiny (path) was. It was to help others heal their lives and the way I was to do this was to heal my life. One of the methods I learned is called the Transformational Breath. During the breath training the loving voice that I heard during my illness, returned.

I knew that this was the voice of Spirit. It said to me it was the voice of the Divine Mother Energies. It was explained that the Divine Mother Energies was a collective consciousness. It's the feminine energies of ALL THAT IS. It is the energy of love, abundant living and balance.  I was asked to help anchor this energy on Earth. I happily agreed! My life began to change after that. My passion for life returned. I meditated and tuned in every day and channeled the words of the Divine Mother Energies. I wrote down all I heard and experienced.  I discovered what gifts I had to share with humanity and that my consciousness vibrated at a higher vibration then most people I knew at that time.

I began to learn all about the *NEW AGE* movement and how wonderful it worked. I also realized that a lot of it was old stuff. I was taught new ways of healing myself and others. I was shown how to void karma, release traumas and how to let go of the dramas in life. I began channeling the Divine Mother Energies for others. I found this was not easy. Divine Mother only speaks the truth and at that time most people were not ready to hear or face their truths. It was suggested I start teaching others how to get their own answers and how to heal themselves. I started teaching meditation, not the kind that quiets the mind... it's a meditation that listens to the mind and tunes into the body to get its answers.

Divine Mother Energies) worked with me diligently.... my conscious level gained much wisdom and knowledge throughout the years. I learned about my stellar heritage and other multi-dimensional aspects of myself… especially my relationship with the ECs (extra celestials). My meditations took me places that were so awestruck that I could not put words to. There are no words or feelings to describe where I went, what I saw and what I experienced. I realized that I was a divine infinite being having a human experience and during these experiences my greatest gift is the journey of my life and the love of the divine spirit that lives within all of us. I now know that my path is to love, to serve and to bring joy and balance to humanity and to see the Divine (spirit in action) in everyone.

I was also taught many things about co-creation. I was taught that what I thought and gave emotion to, became my reality. I began catching my thoughts and changing them to thoughts of love, kindness and compassion. It was not easy but I kept at it. As I practiced co-creating my own reality I created a life of freedom, a life of joy and a life of abundant living. The joy of living my life the way I choose, the abundance I receive when helping others, and the freedom I feel when speaking my truth with integrity.

 I have now developed my intuitive abilities and I am assisting others in their development and self-discovery. I have private business my home that I call Therapy for the Soul... it's my JOB (joy of being). I share with others some tools that can assist them in experiencing a greater truth, love, joy, abundant living and balance in their lives.

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