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Light the Darkness
Published by Regina on August 31, 2010 6:21pm.  Category: General


Light the Darkness

As I travel through lands of beauty
I am suddenly surrounded by darkness all ‘round
I observe the darkness
I am aware of the fear, anger, frustration & pain
But I am only an observer
A vapor
The emotion of the darkness passes through me
I do not take it as mine own
I call on Love Light from God to fill me
Fill me completely and shine forth from me
Love Light embraces the darkness
Covering it in Love
Covering it in Light
I Am the Love
I Am the Light
Filled completely
Radiating God
Shining Love on the darkness
Love Light embraces the darkness
Fear is no more
Anger is gone
Frustration falls away
And pain is powerless
Beauty returns in new Light
Beauty beyond description of mere mortal words
God is Love
And Love is All

~*~ Namaste

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