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Member: Renee Martine
Location: Anchorage, KY
Gender: Female

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Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog! My blog is dedicated to networking with like minded folk, make some new friends and explore awareness with this group.


Currently I work in Internet Media Marketing: social networking, seo, and media integration. I also have my own radio show that is geared towards sharing the vast information on this planet, including of course the Law of One information. I hope you will tune into a show sometime at BlueEdgeRadio -


You can also find more about me at my website -


In Love & Light,


Valentines Day—Everyday!
Published by Renee Martine on February 14, 2011 2:45pm.  Category: General

Unity, Love, Compassion

On this day of love, I am reminded that love is powerful,

outreaching, and inspiring.


On my meditation today, I was shown puzzle pieces of my life. Each piece represented a piece of history and current events in my life. Each part of the piece was significant to the other pieces surrounding it. When a piece fell into place, unity and gratitude for the connection was hugely amplified. The smooth sides of each odd shape, was a border, a stream of coincidences and synchronicity binding and nestling to it’s connection. As I watched The pieces being snapped into place, the whole was exposed, giving my eyes a squint of the greater meaning of the whole. The excitement of watching the puzzle cometo life, and express it’s true essence was considerably massive in it’s scale, as thewhole and all of the pieces that create the whole were absolute, unmeasurable,and without prejudice. As I pull away into an aerial view, I am remindedthat while each piece is representing each moment of my life; connecting, and sometimes not connecting, this puzzle is profoundlyunique to life, unity, love and all whom encompass each pieceof the puzzle of life.

Happy Valentines to all.

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Secrets of the UFO
Published by Renee Martine on January 24, 2011 2:09pm.  Category: Video
Law of One enthusiasts! We have dusted off this great gem of a video from the archives and have brought it to you for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

Secrets of the UFO Prt 1

Secrets of the UFO Prt 2

Secrets of the UFO Prt 3

Secrets of the UFO Prt 4

Secrets of the UFO Prt 5


In love & light,




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L/L Research Videos!
Published by Renee Martine on January 17, 2011 9:13pm.  Category: General

Hello friends!


I wanted to share a link to L/L's YouTube account (if you don't already have it), as well as some other related SNS (social networking sites). I have been posting vidoes of all shapes and sizes, topics and just for fun stuff. It has been such a privelage to become such a important part of this group and man have I been having some fun with it.


Now that the new year is here, I will be getting much more videos out to you all. Great things will become in 2011! Can't wait for tomorrow to get here! :)



     Social Networking Sites

     • L/L Research YouTube   

     • Facebook

     • Twitter

     • BookBuzzer

     • Tumblr (Blog)

     • Vimeo

     • Viddler

More to come!


In love & light,



Social Media Manager

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In the Now Q&A w/Carla L. Rueckert
Published by Renee Martine on January 16, 2011 9:34pm.  Category: Events

I hope you will join Carla every Friday night: 9pm EST



Listen to internet radio with Carla L Rueckert on Blog Talk Radio


In the Now Q&A w/Carla L. Rueckert


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A Petition for Carla to; Coast to Coast AM w/George Noory
Published by Renee Martine on January 16, 2011 9:10pm.  Category: Petition

Hey there friends.

I've been working on getting Carla on George Noory's show for a few months now. I haven't made a whole lot of headway, as I'm sure they get a lot of requests.

If you would like to help me out by sending an email and or if you are a C2C Insider, you can submit a form. I will list the info below for you to do so.

Also, If you could also include my email address, so they have someone to contact here at L/L, that would be great guys!:

C2C Insider Email Form

George Noory's email

Much love & light to you all!

Renée Martine
L/L Research Social Media Manager

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