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It is my intent to share most of the great events that I experienced since the beggining of my study of the law of one in 1987.

I welcome any and all querie's by serious seekers ,it may help trigger my memorie's (as I am getting a bit older ) and I wish to share all the great events that I have experienced to this day;0)

a new adventure every day since 1987
Published by Rakinjon on March 24, 2010 10:29am.  Category: General

Coolthe light shines brightest when surrounded by darkness,with a heavy heart I started reading and studying the law of one ,looking for answers within for the first time and finding inspiring  light casting answers that open my heart to all that is ;0)

I will share as much as I can remember from 1987 to now ,in the order of events as I began all out

follow my heart journey into the unknown,intensive dream work and study of the book of changes as I was reading one session per day in the law of one (yess quite a work load ) .

I must begin by humbly thanking Carla, Jim , don am my mum (marie Collette collin, who passed on afew years ago) for the great gift of light (the ra material and the law of one ) .

TWAZ all I needed to begin the most awsome adventure of my life .

my inner journey and to this day still overwhelming with surprizing events and non stop discoverys


Love&light allway's

by rakinjon ;0)

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