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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a bi-weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges share the highlights of their and Trisha Bean's collaborative work for L/L Research, along with sharing the daring exploits of a global network of volunteers. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

2021-02-28 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on February 28, 2021 6:53pm.  Category: BW Report


2/13 - 2/26


Law of One Podcast: We had the honor of connecting with BJ Harden Jones and Aaron Maret, founding members of the Asheville Law of One Study Group, dear friends, and generally cool people to discuss how the Law of One can relate to other spiritual systems, methods, or philosophies. In this case, we trained our focus on a subject that BJ had long studied and become a proficient practitioner of, The Work of Byron Katie. It was an illuminating and informative discussion. You can check it out on our podcast page, episode #97 -


Youtube: The project to pair the audio of the Ra contact with text in video format continues, with two more sessions being published to Youtube:


  • New website: Daniel's amazing work continues on pace with the new website, and we are doing our best to turn our efforts towards supporting him, getting him what he needs, and giving attention to the pieces of the website that need our direct attention. This includes various things like:
    • Sending Daniel the Word documents for Ra Contact translations so he can potentially generate individual transcripts for the site
    • Generating new, high quality versions of the translated book covers so that there are consistent and quality images for launch
    • Preparing documents and text to be included on a new "Yellow Ray Details" page (organizational and financial info and the like); etc.
    • Working toward completion of the Ra Contact page which will include a host of resources, some never published. The remaining piece is a glossary of "Entities & Places" in the Law of One, made possible with lots of excellent help from Trisha.
    • Continuing to create and assemble content for the "History & Origins" page, including never-before-published content.
    • Coordinated with Daniel about design consideration.
  • Community Stewardship Circle: The other big project in the works, the Community Stewardship Circle had set a tentative launch date to fly solo in their operation for March 1. It seems unlikely they and we will hit exactly that mark, but much work was undergone on their end, and much on ours, including working to define and self-delegate the various roles to fulfill the various duties and services of the circle; articulate the dynamics, boundaries, responsibilities, and expectations of L/L and the CSC in their working relationship; determining the processes of protocols and decision-making, etc. Many many thanks to the superteam of Louise, Diana, Flo, Tanner, Patrick, Glow, and Spaced
  • Annual General Meeting: Produced a full and comprehensive year-end financial report for the organization to insert as one piece toward creating an agenda for the annual general meeting of the Board of Directors. Held a most productive meeting looking back at the year that was and looking forward to new projects while asking ourselves how we can meet the growing needs of the organization. 
  • Audiobook: While Trish continues her steady work on editing the audiobook of A Wanderer's Handbook, we've come to the conclusion that we're ready for some more help in that area. Some time was spent researching various audio editing services, gathering information and quotes, trying to account for the unique necessities of this particular project. An initial proposal for a contract was put together to put out to the community soon.
  • Working with Translators
    • Arabic: Continued working with B to get the Arabic script/font sorted out for his work in translating The Ra Contact into a language that uses quite a beautiful script.
    • Russian: After a lapse long enough we assumed that he had discontinued his service, a surprise Russian transcript arrived from Anton. Thank you!
    • Dutch: One might reasonably conclude that there is a curse against the Dutch Law of One. It was the first language ever to be translated. A Dutch Book 1 was gifted to Carla and Jim in the late 80s. Subsequently thereafter it was lost to history until it resurfaced several years ago not on our own shelves by a Dutch seeker who came upon a home printed copy in the Netherlands. However, it was riddled with errors and omissions, we learned. It was thus in an unpublishable state.

      A couple points of hope appeared over the years but nothing manifested until Eugenie showed up last year. We hit it off really well and she moved forward with a heart full of service, but she ran into the logistical stumbling blocks of daily life and found her progress mostly halted. It just so happened that around the same time a new Dutch translator appeared who had connected with Jochen and was ready to take up the work. So after careful communication, the Dutch RC was transferred from Eugenie to the new translator, with the road looking wide open. Then this week we learned that the new translator ran into her own life difficulties and had to bow out. Thus over three decades later, the Dutch translation remains unpublished.
  • Law of One Publisher: Had a meeting with the publisher of the original books regarding foreign-language publications of those books. Subsequently put together new protocols and communicated them, and had a video meeting with one of the translators on related questions.
  • Sharing the Confederation's message and L/L's work
    • Updated Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon with quotes, uploads, news, etc.
    • Worked on creating the Ra Contact YouTube videos
    • Worked on editing A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore
    • Helped relay communication to IMU students for their teacher, Mr. McCarty, while communicating with IMU about a bug in the system.
    • All three of us responded to a variety of seeker emails. Questions about the material, questions about life path, reflections and feedback, philosophical ponderings.
  • Nuts 'n Bolts
    • Bitcoin: While we're not fully set up to receive payments for our online store via Bitcoin, we did get set up to receive direct Bitcoin payments thanks to one individual's generous offer to donate some. And according to some Bitcoin enthusiasts, all we have to do now is sit back and ride the BTC value to the moon.
    • Payroll service and tax: The changes and mix-up of the state payroll tax and our payroll services have mostly been working out, but there is still some close monitoring to do to ensure the autopilot is on the correct course.
    • Created royalty reports and issued payment
    • Completed a couple weeks of L/L's bookkeeping



Personal sharing & Announcements:


Our friend Laura is in hospice. She gradually moves closer to crossing the threshold that takes one out of the incarnation and into the greater state of being. Without going into her medical details, it is an unimaginably painful situation, not unlike those Carla knew, but like Carla, the light of her dignity, integrity, beauty, and serenity shines through so strongly. When the body is failing and her focus consumed sometimes with making it the next 60 seconds, she emanates peace and resiliency, an acceptance of the process, and humor. OMG she cracks us up.


In a recent communication she shared the following. I found it inspirational for the state of mind it points to. I asked and received permission to share it.


Laura: Daily I am blessed with moments of peace and well-being. These moments also enable me to KNOW I am being supported and loved by spiritual family friends and guides soon to be reunited with. Can't articulate it in language or compare it to any other 3-D experience. 


It is a place though where you KNOW all is well in the truest sense of the concept and there are no mistakes and nothing to fear. Whomever I'm with at the time  (or are in my thoughts) all i want to do is give them 100% of my attention, listen without interjecting, give them all of the space. It's the deepest sense of well-being and ground to let go of any personal narrative to fit MY illusion. I can be the ocean rather than a drop of seawater. It even occurred to think about maybe this was kind of what it was like before the veil: such happy, shiny, contented, secure in the deepest sense of unconditional love.

2021-02-16 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on February 17, 2021 2:18am.  Category: BW Report


1/30 - 2/12


YouTube: Continued on with the publication pipeline of The Ra Contact text/audio project for Youtube:

Practice channelings: Thanks to the transcription services of Laura, got the two most recent practice channeling transcripts transcribed, edited, formatted, and published to the archive website:

10 Years of Basic Principles of the Law of One: This February marked the tenth anniversary of Carla's class "Basic Principles of the Law of One." In 2011, Carla was approached by the then start-up, IMU (International Metaphysical University) asking if she would like to be an instructor. She loved the idea and with our support she created a course that mapped to her book Living the Law of One 101. Each of the course's 12 segments corresponded to a chapter in the book. Each segment included reading a chapter, listening to an audio track from Carla, taking a multiple choice quiz, and writing an essay in response to a question about one's self related to that chapter. After Carla passed in 2015, Jim took up the instructor role, making him an instructor longer than Carla was at this point. He has a good time replying to the essays and supporting seekers in their journey.



  • Translations:
    • Serbian - Alex continues his great progress in translating the conscious channeling library into Serbian, along with continuing to help us get the various Serbian aspects of the translation pages set up and perfected. January 20, 2005, Serbian translation. -
    • Italian - Enjoyed another great email from Mauro and responded to various questions about the material.
    • Russian - Heard from Serge, who is doing a small review and revision of the Russian Ra Contact text, and had some questions about it.
    • German - Discussed with Jochen the process of cover creation and the general publishing pipeline, specifically concerning his new translation of Voices of the Confederation, and began to explore a way to potentially improve our shared processes and work more closely together.
    • Arabic - After finishing the first ten sessions of the Ra Contact in Arabic, Bilal worked with us to clear up some of the concepts in the text, along with ensuring that the Arabic script and fonts would work for our publication.
  • Donor/Volunteer TY: Published our annual thank you list to Bring4th for Volunteers and Donors in 2020. Thank you so so so much everyone who contributed time, talent, treasure, and energy!
  • Bring4th and CSC: The Community Stewardship Circle has entered a transitional phase, where their forum-based super powers have been activated and they are now able to "practice" the real-life act of stewarding and moderating the forums, with guidance. And serendipitously, the forum energies have been offering some great opportunities to work and act as a team addressing a variety of forum issues, from interpersonal difficulty to regular organization and administrative tasks.
  • New archive site: Work and focus continue to be put towards the manifestation of the coming new archive site, certainly one of the most exciting things on our plates right now. In these past couple of weeks, we:
    • Had a meeting with Daniel for Round 9 feedback and go over the system developed to include translations on the new site, gain more understanding of the CSM platform we'll be using, and get a refresh of the roadmap for the remaining work. Daniel continues to astound.
    • Created a large system to track all of the small fragments of text around the site, in order to review, edit, compose, or approve the 100 or so fragments scattered throughout the entire site.
    • Continued piecing together new pages, including a fairly comprehensive page for the Ra Contact, a History & Origin page, and a "yellow-ray page" that will give insight into the organizational and financial details of L/L Research; along with the side projects those page create, like building a worldwide study group directory, expanded glossary pages, an updated L/L Research timeline, a 30-some page transcript of a conversation with the person who introduced Don Elkins to the Brown Notebook, etc.
    • Along with a productive conversation with Jim about how to represent him in the About Us section, as Jim refuses the honor of being grouped with Carla and Don under the heading "Founder." The ears remained def to the unassailable supporting points made. : )
  • Mission/Vision meeting: Held an intensive internal meeting to take both a high-level and thorough look at L/L Research to assess our services, the allocation of our energies, things that could be improved or changed, etc. And got the Board of Directors AGM scheduled.
  • Archive site fixes:  As typical, there are plenty of small corrections or additions to continuously make to the archive site. Some examples from this round: thanks to a notice from Terry, fixed a small error in the Voices of the Confederation PDF; thanks to Jochen, made an update to the way German translations appear on the main page and fixed a couple of errors on the Library page; thanks to Alex, added a Serbian link to the main page; and more in that vein.
  • Sharing the Confederation's message and L/L's work
    • Updated Twitter, Facebook, and Patreonwith quotes, uploads, news, etc.
    • Worked on creating the Ra Contact YouTube videos
    • Worked on editing A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore
    • Responded to a great variety of seeker emails, all three of us in the service now. Trish has such heart and spiritual insight to offer this ministry to seekers.
  • Nuts 'n Bolts:
    • Began laying the groundwork for a new plan to accelerate the rate of audiobook editing and publishing.
    • Payroll service and taxes: Remained on the task of pestering our payroll service to verify and/or correct some aspects of our yearly filing, along with getting them set up with changes implemented by the Dept of Revenue, and taking some of the tax filing tasks into our own hands while they play catch up. (You can probably imagine that the covid situation, and all of the complicated tax aspects that go along with it, have caused a huge workload on payroll services this year.)
    • Completed the bookkeeping and keeping the financial universe in order
    • Researched and created a process for addressing missing book orders shipped via USPS
    • Processed donations and created thank you letters for L/L's 2020 snail-mail donors and built a new system for issuing thank-you notes.


Personal sharing & Announcements:


Received Jochen's glowing report for the fourth quarter of 2020. Following are some extracted highlights from his and Misha's work leading the German and French printing operations.

  • In October Jochen completed the Unified Index of the Ra Contact as a free PDF version for the L/L library and as a softcover available here.
  • Noémie joined the translator team and offers her various language capacities to help promote the Confederation in Dutch.
  • The principal work necessary to publish Matthias Galke's first volume "Intelligent Infinity" (in German) of his series "The Law of One and the Evolution of Consciousness" was done by Jochen and Matthias proofreading and refining the document. Eyal N's started developing draft designs for the cover art.
  • Jochen expanded the EPUB library of the "Tolino" (reader) network with two more older German titles of the "Initiation series" Master Teacher Jesus and Service of Love, and the collective volume True Words. Here are some links to several platforms offering these titles:
  • In October Misha moved into her new apartment in a more peaceful rural area, and once established she took up again the work of translating A Concept Guide for the Ra Contact series. 
  • In November Misha and Jochen shared a great zoom call and exchanged the latest news and visionary spirit, and that good opportunity was repeated at the year's ending.
  • In December Jochen and Misha completed another volume of yearly transcript collections, that of the Saturday meditations 2010. Firstly as Kindle e-book, and the softcover version containing an index will be a project of the upcoming quarter.

Gary: Also, joyfully rediscovered where Jim lived during his six-year stint on the land in central Kentucky, that which he gave up to move in with Carla and Don on Dec 23, 1980, 23 days before Session 1.


And we combined our hearts into one big glowing fire to send strength, support, and light to our friend, Laura.

2021-02-01 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on February 1, 2021 6:57pm.  Category: BW Report

1/9 - 1/29


Community Stewardship Circle: Announced the development and planned launch of the Community Stewardship Circle! In short, it is a novel approach designed to empower the bring4th community to exercise self-stewardship in partnership with L/L Research through a community-sourced and community-run circle of stewards. We have been working closely with a stewardship circle of seven lovely beings, spanning three different countries, ages ranging 30s-60s, and 4/7ths female, all longtime veterans of the forums. Their twin and equal responsibilities will include ensuring that the collective agreement to adhere to the guidelines is honored, and serving as loving cultivators and stewards of Bring4th's online communit

The essence of our goal is to empower the community to help aim the ship toward Carla's original seed vision of Bring4th as a place designed to help bring 4th density. This may be fulfilled by being a friendly and safe home for wanderers both weary and ready to learn what the forum community has to teach, which is not merely information or textual study, but how to show up for each other, hold space for one another, and care for each other.

Our greatest gratitude to the first circle of seven undertaking this big job: Aion | Diana | Flofrog | Glow | Louisabell | Patrick | Spaced.


Ra Contact YT:: Continued on with the grand project of creating a text and audio experience from the original Law of One recordings, where Austin cleans up the audio a bit, then Trish meticulously creates a slide-by-slide presentation of the text overlaid with the audio, then Austin reviews, exports, and publishes them to Youtube.
The Ra Contact - Original audio recording - Session 51
The Ra Contact - Original audio recording - Session 52


January 15, 2021: Celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Ra Contact! We collected posts made to facebook  and bring4th (links to each in the previous hyperlinked text), and email to share with the surviving member of the original daring trio who, 40 years ago, received a surprise contact whose contents would eventually change the lives of many. If you're reading this, you are probably one of them.



  • Translations, completed: As always, the amazing translators have been hard at work to offer the Confederation's message to the different cultures of the world. For us, this involves a number of ways we support the translators and publish their work, from answering questions about various passages that are tricky to interpret or translate, to creating covers, formatting, typesetting, preparing pages to host them, and generally getting the translations suitable to publish on the website. In this round of Blogworthy:
  • Translators, working with:
    • Dialogued with the eagled eyed Terry Hsu about audiobooks and printings of Chinese-language editions, and through him, made contact with another Chinese-language reader who works for a publisher in order to begin exploration.
    • After some dialogue with a Farsi-speaking (Persian) seeker interested in launching youtube videos based on the Law of One, some neural pathways were first connected in the brain and then manifested outward to connect three different lives. Issued separate emails to Pupak, Meysam, and Julien asking each if they'd be interested in connecting with one another. After affirmative replies were received, we delighted in seeing their positivity at making connections. Our sense of is is that the magic of the Creaotor in general, and specifically the space through which fourth density manifests, is the space between people when hearts connect.
  • Stewardship Circle
    • Had our first video meeting with the CSC! Tanner was the only one we had met previously when he attended a Homecoming several years back but everyone else was new to our eyes. We were all pretty stoked meeting one another as the CSC explored some foundational questions and sought feedback from us.
    • Drafted and circulated the announcement draft among the circle then went official and published news to the Bring4th Forums. (See note at the top.)
    • Otherwise continued lots of work internally and with the circle, from designing a phased roll-out for the circle, planning and preparing, constructing a pre-flight checklist of everything needing accomplished before they fly solo, and helping to train the CSC.
    • Dove into work on updating guidelines around discussion of politics in the forums (an especially tumultuous topic the past several years, as you may imagine), shuffling some forums, users on moderated status, and getting the place spruced up for the new team.
    • And meanwhile Garry Fung has been steady on the watch as ever, serving what will be his upcoming final month in an over seven-year stint.
  • Light/Lines Newsletter: 156th Edition: The quarterly newsletter went out, with an inspiring Q'uo transcript accompanied by a Note to the Readers, with some small updates on L/L Research's work - Issue #156 - Winter Edition. Printed, prepared, and shipped the paper version.
  • Old Archive Site: Still chugging right along, the old archive site still needs various updates, fixes, and special attention from time to time. Like an old reliable ship, upkeep is always necessary.
  • New Dare we say it? Could it be that the prophecies are true? Whispers on the wind carry rumors that the mythological "new website" has been seen on the horizon. Skeptics may scoff, but the hopeful among us may be rewarded yet. We've (sorta) learned our lesson in giving time-tables, making predictions, or generally getting hyped about something "coming soon." But at the least, we can say that the pace is quickening and extra focus is being given, as Amazing Daniel the Generous continues his steady pace in building what is shaping up to be...well, you'll have to wait and see. There is still much to do, but it certainly feels like we're entering what could be a home stretch. But, keep in mind, it's the home stretch of a project that has been in the works for more than a year (in this iteration, anyways).
    • Had a video meeting with Daniel for Round 8 of feedback, then subsequently met internally for a Round 9 review. While Daniel incorporates feedback and continues his long march of web development, we began focusing on creating:
    • The Ra Contact Page that will host a lot of resources we've long been eager to share, lots of development on various components of that page
    • Updating and building a Directory of Study Groups that involved reaching out to the existing study groups. Including dialogue with the Asheville group who updated their "Starter Kit" for study groups.
    • Worked on our "Yellow Ray Page" which is our page to transparently share the financials of the organization.
    • And laid out a plan for Events Page, History and Origins Page, and a comprehensive FAQ
  • Bring4th: Dialoguing with Steve who's put in a few all-nighters working on updating Bring4th. He hit a dead-end wall thanks to an untraceable error, so for the first time in 12 years of his devoted webmaster service, he accepted our encouragement to get professional help and is contracting out a problem solver. Feel free to send some love to the big guy. Here's a snippet of an email we received at 5:30am: "Guys, I'm pretty deflated right now... I stayed up all night (it's now 5:30am) and I got through a handful of upgrade issues, which I was so psyched about!  Then I did one final import of the database, and I get what you see here: [error message screenshot] Something" in the old data is not playing nicely with the newer database layout, and to go through almost 100 tables to figure out where the error might be is next to impossible."
  • New Shirt: Diana F., One of the CSC members, mentioned making a meme out of the phrase "Catalyst Happens." Thanks to her inspiration and Trisha's work, L/L added a new shirt to its roster.
  • Law of One publisher: Met over the phone with the publisher of the original books to follow-up on a mailed notice containing a definitive resolution of a copyright question about the original books. Also thanked them for the bang-up job that they did on the first ever hardcover boxed set of the original books. And subsequently put together solid stipulations for foreign-language rights to the Law of One designed to help ensure the accuracy and integrity of the translation.
  • Nuts and Bolts
    • Put together for Jim to sign all of the year-end donation letters and then emailed the non-snail mail versions.
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore
    • Scheduling a podcast for Jim and one of our own Law of One Podcasts with our upcoming guest, BJ
    • Completed bookkeeping for two weeks
    • Fundraiser guide. We have left various guides and notes for ourselves over the years to aid in the yearly preparation, but as we landed on what is likely a (very nearly) finalized process this past year, those guides needed updated, so we created a master guide to navigate all of the different steps and processes.
    • Payroll and Taxes: While the aspects of service and spirituality are cool and all, the absolute best part of serving in this position are tedious numbers and tax regulations. Absolutely invigorating! So it's clearly just a huge thrill for us to be untangling a bit of a mess created by our payroll service, and hounding them to fix the problem. And dealing with other various aspects of our the most convoluted aspects of our yellow-ray social complex - tax regulations. Also, issued 1099s.
  • Sharing the Confederation's message and L/L's work
    • Updated Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon quotes, uploads, news, etc.
    • Worked on TRC YouTube videos
    • Worked on A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
    • Digitizing project
  • German Intelligent Infinity: Received a machine-translation of Matthias Galke's ambitious book, Intelligent Infinity (Intelligente Unendlichkeit). Read through the Table of Contents and the Intro. Based on the Law of One material, Matthias synthesizes an impressive breadth of his lifetime study into the nature of reality using various inputs and tools. Incredible in scope and, even from a DeepL translation, exceedingly well written. It is available in German only at the moment. You can find Intelligente Unendlichkeit here.
  • Video Tilting at Windmills: Received an update and questions from Ken in his work to edit specified instances here and there in the videos.
  • Call to discuss conspiracies: That sounds salacious. : ) Met with a dear friend to share perceptions of concern around the rise of conspirituality-the increasing intersection between conspiracy/fear-based thinking and spirituality, and the real-world impacts that is causing.
  • Channeling Practice Circle: As one of our volunteer contributions to L/L, met at Jim's for another practice circle, for the first time meeting in the daylight hours of the late morning instead of our usual early evening. Both that and the previous session will be on the website shortly.  
  • Seeker Email: Responded to a great variety of interesting, heartfelt, and insightful rounds of email from seekers around the world. And updated a guide of principles and parameters to replying to share with Trish as part of her training to begin replying to seeker emails of gratitude and story sharing.


Personal sharing & Announcements:

  • We at L/L Research would like to share with you the creative, interesting, and often illuminating things that readers are doing in direct connection with the Law of One. Today that includes The Gift of Spiritual Books Project by our friends at the Baycross Foundation. The mission of the project is to make audiobooks of important spiritual works available for free. As their Soundcloud page says:

    "The Gift of Spiritual Books Project is a treasury of Love and Truth, offered freely to those who seek and find. With great gratitude to the authors, narrators, and supporters who generously contributed their time, talents and treasures to illuminating those who have ears to hear, May You Have Every Good Blessing!"

    We are happy to announce that they have just launched with four freely available audiobook recordings they helped to produce, two of which are directly related to the Law of One:

    - Dr. Scott Mandelker's "Universal Vision"
    - Joel Weddington's "A Very Human Mission"

    Please know that the opinions and interpretations in the above works are those of its creators and do not necessarily reflect any official view of L/L Research. And enjoy!

  • Received the catalyzing news that our friend, Laura, she who began volunteering for the prison ministry service in 2016, then took up the transcription of L/L channelings in early 2020 when Aaron retired her service, is moving into hospice on her journey to the doorway. To Laura, we send you all of our love in admiration for everything you are, including in the courage and serenity you demonstrate as move toward the light. We love you.


2021-01-13 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on January 14, 2021 1:40am.  Category: BW Report


This is one of the longest lapses for a blogworthy report. This was due to a loss in Gary's family, about which he opens up in the blog post below this one.


11/14 - 1/8


Law of One 40th Anniversary Boxed Set: The publisher of the original Law of One books, Schiffer Publishing, created a beautiful boxed set, rendering the original books in hardback for the first time. Announcement here. We ordered our first sets and added them to the store. Worked with the publisher on assisting their efforts to offer a signed copy in a giveaway.


Youtube: Trish continued her steady march forward in creating the unique Ra contact audio/text videos for Youtube, up to Session 50:


Practice channeling circles: Thanks to Laura's transcription, we also got two new practice channeling transcripts formatted and published to the archive site. Thank you Laura!


Law of One Podcast: We connected to record a great podcast episode on an often-misunderstood topic, psychic greeting. Check out the Law of One Podcast Episode #96.


1983 Session: Published a brand-new 37-year-old Hatonn channeling thanks to Trisha. (See "Channeling mp3s" below.)



  • Translations published: Translators remain hard at work bringing the Confederation's message to all corners of the world. The most notable big accomplishment: Fatiha finished the Indonesian translation of The Ra Contact Volume 2, thus completing the Ra Contact in Indonesian! (Which then went through the process of typesetting, formatting, and publishing). Thank you Fathia!
  • Working with translators:
    • Dutch RC - Continued dialogue with Eugenie, the translator aspiring to render Ra into Dutch. After a long span, her pure-hearted intentions were being thwarted by life's demanding nature. Coincidentally, a new Dutch translator interested in the RC, Naomie, made contact with us, then with Jochen, lead of the German publishing house. So Eugenie respectfully released this project to shift her efforts to L/L transcripts or smaller books. Then we initiated the process with Naomie, and dialogued with two other dutch translators, Joost and Lucas, who expressed interest in supporting the effort.
    • Greek RC - And it looks like Ra may be making their way into the language that gifted us the term "Logos," that being, Greek. Got Vasilis all set up for a project he is eager and, by the skill of his communication, eminently capable of undertaking.
    • Polish Transcripts - Received contact from Marlena who, likewise, has a strong mind, a strong heart, and a strong desire to translate transcripts into Polish, which she has officially commenced.
    • Romanian RC - Work with Horia to get the Romanian page all cleaned up and squared away for his recently finished Romanian translations.
    • Chinese RC - Received questions from Terry about a Chinese seeker interested in sharing audio of L/L's channeled work.
    • Urdu RC - Had several rounds of dialogue with Syed, a seeker in Pakistan who is interested in finding native speakers to help bring Ra into Urdu.
    • Czech RC - Fielded some questions from Vojta, lead for the Czech translation team with whom L/L has an official licensing relationship, about copyright questions around the RC.
    • Also - worked with Mauro for the Italian RC, B. for the Arabic RC, and Alex for Serbian Transcripts.
  • Community Stewardship Circle: Continued working with the stewardship circle-in-training. Put together a comprehensive manual with step by step instructions and illustrations describing how to use the moderator features of the Bring4th forums. Invited the final two participants on, bringing the circle to seven. Created a space for multiparty dialogue on the variety of questions to tackle. Dialogued and showed the ropes of various procedures. And otherwise continued to get excited. Planned to meet with the group the week following Jan 8, and announce the circle to the forums. [And though seldom reported here, worked with Garry Fung in the normal run-of-the-mill weekly moderator duties.]
  • New Archive Site: Thanks be to Daniel, blessed is his name, watched all of his explanatory videos on the new site, then went through every nook and cranny and recorded all of our design feedback to help organize and share L/L's work with the readership. Scheduled our eighth round of feedback with Daniel for the week following Jan 8.
  • Fundraiser: Since the last Blogworthy, the fundraiser envelopes were finished being stuffed thanks to Trish's hard work, and then delivered to the USPS business mail center and made their way out to thousands of seekers. Then, with no small effort of working out email mailing lists, the email campaign was sent out. Though we took a different approach of offering a message of love and hope instead of asking directly for money, the generosity of the L/L readership continued to amaze this year as we were blessed with support both financial and spiritual. It officially closed on Dec 31, having raised an incredible 38 thousand. Thank you everyone who contributed. And a big shout out to Craig, Kyle, Beatriz, Julie, Morris, Mark, Shahla, Sharon, Jeff, and Zhang.
  • Minnesota Theosophical Society: On December 14, Jim and Austin joined the Minnesota Theosophical Society via Zoom to offer a presentation on the Law of One and take some Q&A. It was a great meeting with people new to the material and interested in learning more. They presented for an hour and responded to Q&As afterward.
  • Channeling mp3s: Continued a many-year'd project to get the large library of past channeling from cassette to digital. It was all transferred to CD years back and is now being imported into mp3. Over the hump of the project, and Trish discovered some transcripts online that said "inaudible" but in fact had audio. Began working to get those transcribed. Also discovered transcripts missing their audio, and some audio sessions missing their transcripts.
  • Sharing the Confederation's message and L/L's work
    • Updated Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon with quotes, uploads, news, etc.
    • Continued creating the Ra Contact YouTube videos (linking the text with the original audio)
    • Worked on A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
  • Nuts & Bolts
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore
    • Completed seven weeks' worth of bookkeeping, including year-end things
    • Worked with (hounded down and then grilled) the CPA to finally resolve a nagging question about the endowment's impact on our classification, learning that L/L should likely not need to become a private foundation due to potential gains from the investment.
    • Put together an annual budget and held a budget meeting, fine-tuned and approved the budget with the Board.
    • Updated the Christmas address database for Jim to ship out his/LL's Christmas cards, along with assisting Jim with accepting invites from podcasters and in other tech questions.
    • Performed end of year book inventory, switched out annual files, made fixes to the archive site, and as ever, took care of the tech issues that arise.
    • On the less joyful side of our work, the yellow-ray dimension, being an official registered employer brings flurries of intense paperwork needed to stay compliant and make sure our good friends at the IRS are happy. Many tax codes were read, numbers were reviewed, checked, changed, compensated, and updated for the coming year. All ongoing, no less, thanks to mistakes made on the payroll service's part.
  • Practice Circle: Though not part of our L/L duties and undertaken on our own time as volunteers, met for a practice channeling circle.
  • Tilting at Windmills Video: Received update from Ken that he has resumed work on his part of the edits. Hopefully not long before it's turned back over to us.


Personal sharing & Announcements:

  • Our dear friend, BJ Harden Jones, a leader in the Asheville Law of One Study Group and TOTOH (Temple of the Open Heart) is a long time student and teacher of Byron Katie's "The Work." She has launched a fantastic-looking year-long course called "Abiding":
  • At the request of our friend Doug Scott, our other friend, Joseph Dartez, authored Ra On Being Queer, an article that tackles the challenging-to-interpret Q&As on homosexuality.
  • Our friend Ionsul Ferrin shared this call to her heart that looked very worthwhile: "This is a project that really has my heart. Laurie Lazar was bringing Authentic Relating connection practices to inmates before quarantine measures made it so that the incarcerated can't have anyone (volunteers, clergy, or friends and family) visit them. So she and her team have created AR Workbooks to bring at least some amount of connection and hope into prisons. Please consider donating and sharing this link. Thank you and much love!"


My Sister, Noelle
Published by L/L Central on January 13, 2021 2:23am.  Category: Personal


Gary: This is an unusually personal entry for me.


When my inner alarm clock activated at 18 years old, awakening my spiritual seeking, and when I discovered the Law of One the following year, setting me on the journey I still walk today, my little sister, Noelle, seven years younger than me, was the one who could understand. Over the years she listened very non-judgmentally to me drone on about densities and wanderers, asking questions, being supportive, and sharing with me her spiritual aspirations. She would even later attend an L/L Homecoming in 2011 and make friends of my friends. I was was more bonded with her than my other siblings, Tessa and Adam. I felt that she was likely a wanderer, that we had a connection that transcended this lifetime.


When I moved away from home to live with Carla and Jim to pursue my own lights in 2003 - a perplexing departure from the perspective of those in my birth world - Noelle was heartbroken, but unlike the others she somehow understood. She and I remained close in the following years, adventuring together, introducing her to the Smokies, going on roadtrips, etc. We both planned and expected that Noelle would live near me in the not distant future. To this day I have a kitchen table, a microwave, and other home affects in my garage that I've held with the thought that Noelle could use them when she moves, such was the inevitability in my mind. It was just a matter of when it would happen.


But that project kept getting delayed. She struggled in difficult relationships and, unbeknownst to me, she struggled with an addiction to prescription pills. We drifted the past few years, not in heart but in preoccupation with our own lives and sources of catalyst.


I had had some awareness a few years back that both she and my other sister used. But by that point it was framed mostly in the past tense. There had been some turbulence in our family, but there was little outer drama - no rehabs, interventions, major disputes, separations, etc.


Then this year, news emerged that Noelle was using again. We all tried to talk with her, to offer support, but she gave us the illusion that everything was under control, that she was turning a corner, that she knew what she was doing, and that she was just too "embarrassed" to really talk about it. She kept up appearances and held down her job. But, her financial records coupled with later anecdotal information triangulated between her partner and my sister Tessa would reveal the devastating depths that she kept hidden from us.


In terms of the addiction itself, she never binged and she carefully controlled her amounts. But one horrible night, Noelle got hold of a fake pill. For various market-driven reasons, suppliers will mimic a Percocet pill with another, more cheaply and readily available drug called Fentanyl, which also happens to be more dangerous. Noelle unknowingly got a fentanyl pill, and her boyfriend, a soulmate she had known since high school, found her in their living room without a heart rate.


This was Saturday morning at 9am, two days after Thanksgiving and three days before her 33rd birthday. Just a few hours prior at 6am she had been messaging my siblings, me, and our spouses in her usual sunny and positive mood; her final message was about getting my mom a Christmas present. One plays the game with the minutes between six and nine a.m. in the torment of what might have happened had her boyfriend gone into the living room earlier, had Noelle used later, and so on.


Noelle's passing devastated my family. The pain compounded due to having no foreknowledge of what was coming. So sudden and unexpected, none had opportunity to say goodbye, to hold her, to be with her, to clarify our hearts. Then the layer of what ifs and could--we-have-done-something-differently... so many turns of cirumstance... questions that may never stop haunting my mom. I would have moved heaven and earth if I had known.


My mom is a strong, well-armored person, having endured a good deal of hardship in her single-pointed mission to raise her four kids. She lived for and through us. Her core identity, a mother. She and Noelle stayed very close. Many nights my mom stayed up for hours chatting with her "Welly," looking forward to the multiple visits Noelle would make to spend with her after my mom moved out west.


My dad, a much simpler person, adored Noelle. However, after a stroke and the onset of dementia, only in his mid-60s, he comprehends the loss and he cries, but the cards reshuffle and he's off in another loop of memory. Nearly every time I talk with him on the phone, he reads to me a poem from a card next a picture he has of her. Noelle had been helping to care for him in his now dependent state.


Her partner, a mutually acknowledged soulmate who lived right down the street from us growing up, they having met in high school and reconnected two years ago, had wanted to marry her and have kids, but the instability and the non-transparency of the addiction proved an insurmountable stumbling block for both of tehm. He has been launched into something of wilderness following the loss.


My brother Adam, and his wife Lori like a sister to Noell, lived close to Noelle the past couple years. They feel her absence intensely. The oldest of their two kids, Logan, a three-and-a-half year old blond-headed ball of energy and smiles would run excitedly to the window when Aunt Noelle would pull up, and still asks about her at night. Noelle adored both my brother's and my sister's kids and always had a blast playing with them. It pains us all that Logan probably won't remember his aunt as he grows.


My sister, Tessa, was due with her second child eight weeks from the day of Noelle's death. Tess had already decided to name her upcoming baby girl Brynn Noelle, and she had asked her baby's namesake to be the godmother. Noelle exploded with gratitude and tears. Noelle was already head over heels in love with Colton, Tessa's four-year old. Tess, who has been out West with my mom for a couple years, was chomping at the bit to move back to Ohio, eager to have Noelle be a daily part of her kids' lives.


My sisters were each other's best friends. They fought fiercely but loved each other intensely. My parents always said that they had Adam and me all over again but as girls. But unlike my brother and I, they played so much more together. And whereas Adam and I were absorbed in our video games, those two used their imagination inventing games and scenarios.


I love my family, and on top of my own grief, my heart breaks for their unique pain in losing that which cannot be retreived or replaced from the incarnate standpoint. Fortunately, they are strong in the open heart. We've been of mutual support to one another in a process that has brought us together in shared pain and immense loss.


Noelle was a very, very bright light. She was so awesome. She laughed at everything. Laughter was one of her ways of expressing love. It brightened everyone's mood, made people feel accepted. She loved everyone. She was so much more colorful than my dry personality. She never wasted an opportunity to dance like a goof, no matter who was watching. And so flipping creative too. She had poetry and artistry in her. I was blown away seeing the small glimpses that she would let express themselves. I always encouraged her to nurture and give those creative impulses space to grow, but she denied and buried her gifts underneath the intractable certainty that she wasn't worthy. She had dreams and hopes, of travel, of service, and most strongly, of motherhood. She would have made a beautiful mother. She treated her cats like her kids as it was. But there was always something in the way of her dreams. It is now clear in retrospect that she never fully faced or communicated her demons.


Noelle was in a lot of pain that stretched back years, but she didn't open up to us about it. She not infrequently ghosted us. And it gave me a lot of opportunity in the weeks following her death to drown in the depths of regret and remorse that I wasn't there to help her when she most needed it. I've never so yearned for a time machine, not just to rescue her from that moment, but to go back to childhood itself and do it all over. I don't want memories with my peer group, I want more memories with my sisters.


I didn't know. I know that an addict has to want help, but I nevertheless was saddled with the doubt that had I known more, had I invested more... instead there is the catalyst of the terrible sorrow that comes from becoming acutely, chokingly aware of all the missed opportunities for connection, opportunities that can never be gotten back in this life.


Though the light is becoming more apparent than the darkness, 41 years of life have not in all their sum produced tears in quantity as those that began when I received that horrible phone call. If you reading this take anything with you, let it be to reach out to your loved one and not let time slip from your hands.


Death is so final, thwarting the one thing the heart cries out for by slicing down an irreversible, impenetrable barrier. It then presents two stark choices: resistance and the consequent increase in pain, if not insanity; or acceptance, surrender, and the opening to the pathway to healing.


The result of intelligent planning and sensing maybe, I had begun reading the book Journey of Souls just a couple months prior. It was my first foray into attempting to understand the processes and experiences of life between life. Having firsthand accounts of death and the hereafter proved to be a light when the darkness encroached. As has a reading with a local intuitive who, in my subjective heart, was able to connect with Noelle's soul on the other side and relay information that was illuminating, clarifying, and healing, particularly as it highlighted a pathway of preincarnational planning at work. As has the bulwark of the Law of One in the knowledge that all is well, that there are no mistakes, and that nothing is lost. But the human side of me that is woven together with the threads of story, memory, emotion...


I have the big view. I know I will see her wandering soul again. I know I have traveled with Noelle in one capacity or another many times before and will many times again. But it sucks, this departure. We had no time to say goodbye, to tell her how eternally...


I love you Noelle. I will see you again, my dear sweet sister. And when at the doorway, I will go gladly.



Noelle with Eeyore


My brother Adam, sisters Tessa and Noelle, and in front of me, our dad


On our way to a kayaking adventure


At Trisha's and my wedding, the DJ didn't have Noelle's name to announce as the wedding party entered the reception. So she fist bumped her bouquet in the air chanting her own name, then did her funny weird dance on the dance floor


Breaking it down later that night. (If noticed, a sticker of Trish and me on her arm.)


In the wedding's procession.


Noelle reading a Q'uo quote at the ceremony that Trish and I wrote


Noelle and Tessa in our family's stylish Chevy Astro Van


The girls with dad




Noelle busting up with our nephew Logan


A concert I took Noelle to, she was lost in her groove


We're on the Ohio River to watch fireworks. Cropped out are Austin and Ken


One of her visits to Louisville


The four siblings


Me with my grown-up sister


Me with my new baby sister


Noelle and Tessa in flight, best friends from the beginning


My mother chose the name Noelle because she was born on December 1st. She arrived near Christmas and departed around the same time 33 years later, a gift to us all


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