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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a bi-weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges share the highlights of their and Trisha Bean's collaborative work for L/L Research, along with sharing the daring exploits of a global network of volunteers. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

2020-11-02 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on November 2, 2020 5:15pm.  Category: BW Report


10/17 - 10/30


Youtube: Continued publishing the Ra Contact audio/transcript project to Youtube, a tag-team effort where Austin applies a light-touch of noise cleanup to the file (only enough to avoid altering the quality of the voices on the recording), sends them on to Trish who does the bulk of the work in the slow and tedious process of matching up the transcript with the audio, and sends them back to Austin for double-checking, exporting, and publishing to Youtube.

Law of One Podcast: And on our own podcast front, we met to record episode #94 of the Law of One Podcast, where we did an old-school episode of responding to multiple questions about various topics from different listeners. Then edited, mastered, and published it. In this episode we discussed:


- How can we maintain the experience of unity day to day?

- Ego and personality.

- How do we help people addicted to suffering?

- What is a kundalini experience?


Take a listen here:


Bring4th: Experienced a bit of a wakeup call in the forums of L/L Research's community website, The question was raised about whether the forums ought to be closed as they had, in the OP's perception, become detuned (and thus might adversely impact the mission of L/L Research). Reinforcing this conclusion, there was an evident lack of engagement/stewardship from L/L. On the former point, members disagreed. On the latter point, members agreed and felt more stewardship of some kind was needed. Though Garry (our friend from Australia who has been voluntarily moderating the forums for seven years) has kept his watchful eye on the forums, and though both he and Austin have sprung into action when an infringement on the guidelines was being made, there has been lack of active stewardship on our end.


This splash of cold water catalyzed an epiphany that opened the doors to an entirely new and needed pathway of evolution. The gist is this: the forums represent an online community that require greater investment from every regular member, but particularly from a circle of stewards tasked with the logistical and spiritual responsibility of both moderating and cultivating the forums. Almost 12 years since the website was born, we are finally realizing that we at the L/L center lack the resources of bandwidth to participate much in the latter. Such a circle of stewards needs to be community-sourced and community-run.


Thus was born an idea of a community moderator circle that would balance between autonomous agency and partnership with L/L Research to ensure alignment with L/L's mission. We had a long meeting with Garry (two r's) to talk the plan over. Then Gary (one r) launched this thread, and work got underway.


Part of the epiphany came by way of realizing that - despite high turnover, the discord that ripples through the forums now and then, the "solipsistic braggadocio" that makes its appearance here and there - there are many 8-11 year-old accounts that are still actively engaged. In the face of the aforementioned challenges and the limitations of online connecting, a core community has hung on! This is worth preserving and cultivating into harmonious, loving, and productive online community.


The essence of our goal is to empower the community to help aim the ship toward Carla's original seed vision of Bring4th as a placed designed to help bring 4th density. This could be fulfilled by being a friendly and safe home for weary wanderers while actively, consciously, collaboratively working to shine a steady healing light into this troubled and unstable world.



  • Translator Index: The "Index 500" (as we internally dubbed it, as it had over 500 entries) is a massive and comprehensive index of terms and their corresponding Q&As that was very uniquely formatted for the Ra Contact Volumes 1 and 2. That formatting was a complicated and tedious feat that is not easy to alter or replicate. That presents a problem for translators who want to translate the index to include in their respective translated version, since the act of both translating the terms and rearranging them for alphabetical order will alter it drastically and unravel the formatting work completely. After discussing with Jochen how he approached the topic, the idea to create a separate translator index with simpler formatting that can easily be translated and rearranged (yet isn't as neat, readable, or compact), was born. So taking the unformatted master copy of the Index 500, a new and simplified Translator Index was born. Then the subsequent task of splitting it for Volumes 1 and 2 was (halfway) done, and delivered unto Mauro to include in the coming Italian translation.
  • New website: After Daniel delivered the keys to the new CMS system for the website a couple weeks ago, continued to test out the system and learn all of the intricacies and quirks of our CMS. Unfortunately, our friend Daniel experienced a bit of a setback due to a computer malfunction, but we'll hopefully be back in full steam ahead soon.
  • Translations: Per usual, the amazing translators continue their great efforts to make the material available to seekers all around the world.
  • Garry's Adelaide report: Received word from our dear friend, Garry, that he, in working with Kyall K, completed his fourth small Law of One gathering in Adelaide, Australia! He describes how the group became an "extremely cohesive" whole as he shone a light on each participant with loving words and on each segment of the diverse schedule with enthusiasm for the gift that each gave the circle.
  • Archive site: As usual, lots of little maintenance tasks needing performed for the archive site which usually wouldn't merit the grandeur of its own bullet point, but we also added a note in the 2020 Transcript Library that points readers to the practice channeling circles, since that is where our ongoing channeling is. While at it, also gave a redesign to the practice channeling circle page to make navigation more efficient:
  • Practice Channelings: And about those, the whole group-Jim, Kathy, Trish, Austin, Gary-has been in dialogue about whether and how to meet in a time when the pandemic is again surging and our governor is recommending tightened restrictions. To some of this is fear-based to consider life adjustments. For us, three of the five of us are in vulnerable categories due either to age or a compromised immune system, so we are trying to err on the side of caution. But the service of channeling calls to our hearts, especially in a time when a contemporary line may be more desired than ever.
  • Jim interview: Got Jim set up to record a video podcast for Youtube with a fellow named Rafa. It should be published to listen to in the near future. Stay tuned!
  • Sharing the Confederation's message and L/L's work
    • A listener tipped us off to the ability to add our podcast to Spotify, who seems to be making an entry into the podcast sharing realm. Got us added. You can add us to your Spotify list here:
    • Updated Twitter Facebook with quotes and Patreon with L/L uploads, news, etc.
    • Worked on the Ra Contact YouTube videos
    • Worked on AWH audiobook
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore
    • Worked with a theosophical group for setting up an zoom presentation in December
    • Worked with a special guest for an upcoming podcast in December
    • Worked with the One Center (Taiwanese publisher of three of our books) on what to do with their remaining stock of two books that won't be renewed (What is Love and Secrets of the UFO), while getting AWH renewed and signed onto an ebook version!
  • Seeker Email: Processed a couple weeks worth of interesting and heartfelt email from around the globe.
  • Coming Home survey: After our successful online workshop at the beginning of the month, we sent out a survey to the participants to share their reflections and get an idea for whether or not they would likely attend a similar event in the future.
  • Nuts and Bolts:
    • Got Steve set up with access to a Creative Cloud subscription to help him with all of his webmastery and Bring4th related tasks.
    • After successfully getting set up with a great mass email service utilizing our Amazon email servers, we were able to completely close all accounts for older email services.
    • Tumblr from Bring4th
    • Completed QuickBooks bookkeeping for 10.17-10.29
    • Began work with CPA on questions regarding certain impact of the endowment on L/L


Personal Sharing


Gary: This 3-min video called "A New View of the Moon" added delight to my consciousness:


In the video, people are going about their day, their minds likely preoccupied with the circling concerns or their present conversations. For a moment they are stopped in the experience of awe and wonder made available simply by the sight of their local celestial neighbor in greater detail and clarity. I have to wonder if the magnitudes greater awe and love we feel for the Law of One operates similarly when Ra pulls back to the curtains to reveal the grandest, most sophisticated and profound view of the cosmos and spiritual evolution.


* * *


We at L/L Research do our best to support those who are called to bring the Confederation material into their native language for the benefit of interested spiritual seekers. In dialogue with Mauro, a volunteer translator working on the Italian Ra Contact, we received the following reply that was so moving we asked if we could share it with others. He kindly allowed us to. Thank you, Mauro, and thank you ALL translators who help this message of unity to reach every corner of our planet. <3


GB: I am amazed that you haven't quit the project after having to navigate this minutia. It probably feels maddening to translate all these details when an infinite treasure of spiritual wisdom awaits in Sessions 1-106. Thank you for your persistence.


Mauro: Should I quit??? Naaaay! I don't think so!


I only took a little pause now, because of earthly, pretty intense, businesses, but I'm really looking forward to continue this amazing work.


I have to tell you, in these very dark times (only for those who have not eyes to see the light within), sitting at my desk and isolating myself in order to do this work is like entering a magic bubble where space and time run different, where air is only filled of love and light and where I do really enter some kind of meditating state of consciousness and feel a little closer to the One Infinite Creator. Sometimes (like now, by the way) I really break down in tears.


How could I even think about quitting all of this?!?!? I'd rather stay in that bubble more and more, possibly bringing in all the people I can!




Once again, thank you very much, guys, for allowing me to accomplish this work, which I feel it is one of the most important in my life.


I love you more than my words can say.


Thank you

Thank you

Thank you


I shared this with dear Kirilina, the Bulgarian translator, who echoed the sentiment saying "I miss the time I translate the transcripts because they always take me to another dimension where I feel at home."


2020-10-19 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on October 19, 2020 6:22pm.  Category: BW Report


9/20 - 10/16


New website:
Superstar Daniel took another leap forward in production of the new website, delivering us access to the unique CMS system that will be used to manage the massive amount of content contained on the archive site using his vision of upgraded organization and utilizing new technology. Spent a lot of time learning the ropes of how the new, highly sophisticated website will be managed. We will be able to publish with such ease. (Versus our present arcane methods.) Excitement and relief grows with every step towards the new site.


Ra Contact Youtube:
Continued on with the publishing of the Ra Contact audio paired with the transcript for Youtube, thanks to the continued efforts of Trisha:

Practice Channeling Sessions:
On September 15th, we were able to gather for the first time since the pandemic began to hold a practice channeling circle. It was just our small circle, socially distanced and wearing masks, but it worked. We met again on October 14th, with plans to meet twice a month. The first transcript was transcribed thanks to Laura, edited, and published here:


Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering-ONLINE:

Due to you know what (rhymes with movid), the sold-out June Coming Home event was at first rescheduled for October in hopes that we could safely hold it then. But when it was clear that October was a no go, we jumped off the cliff! We experimented with a format new to us and our Asheville friends: an online version. 25 of the original 55 people registered signed up. And our dear friends BJ Harden Jones and Karin Petersen of the Asheville tribe joined forces with us (Gary, Trish, Austin) to create the event. We thought it'd be not much work, but that was wrong. Multiple meetings, design, attendee communication, testing a new video service, holding four separate one-hour troubleshooting sessions prior to the event, financials, troubleshooting technical issues during the event, etc.


And... WE FLEW! L/L held its first ever online gathering Oct 9-10, 2020. It was shorter than our in-person gatherings, and there were the ever-present limitations of connecting over video, but energy still flowed, connections were still made, open space offerings were still given, and intimacy in a safe and supportive container was still engendered. We had two full round robins, two days of open space offerings, heartshares in small groups, a Q&A with Jim, moments of meditation, and sense that we were together.


Thanks to our hardworking collaborators, BJ and Karin of TOTOH (Temple of the Open Heart), and to the awesomeness of Discord (a video meeting platform), the door has been opened for L/L to hold future online events. As we regularly receive interest in attending online events from seekers around the world unable to attend in-person events, this will be a much needed and likely appreciated service.



  • Translations: Thanks to the amazing and noble efforts of several volunteer translators, this happened:
  • Fall Light/Lines: Got the Fall edition of Light/Lines collected, formatted, and published to the website and emailed to all the subscribers. Check it out here:
  • TOtOH: Our friends at the Temple of the Open Heart, steadily moving forward in the formative stages of their temple organization (of which the Law of One plays a central role), applied for some funding for Holacracy training, a revolutionary system of organizational management that reflects what seem to be 4th density ideals in organizations. It's so radically different from how we typically conceive of management that formal training is highly recommended, so with blessings from the board, we were happy to offer support in their endeavors to bring 4th density into reality through this temple.
  • Tilting at Windmills: Continue receiving good word from Ken W. on his progress to process our edits, along with settling on a format for overlaying quotes that Trish will apply when he's finished.
  • Nuts & Bolts:
    Took care of all of those little things that constantly pop up, like bugs in the online store, broken links, typos, corrections, etc.
    - Completed several rounds of intensive bookkeeping, with Trish now flying solo! She also solved something that had plagued Gary for years: what to do on a disbursement cycle when refunds exceed money earned that day. (The payment processor eats the money received they issues the remaining balance to fulfill the refund.) A hair-pulling moment in quickbooks world that Trisha ingeniously solved.
    - Processed and shipped book orders.
    - Received from the One Center (a Taiwanese publisher) the semi-annual report-royalties on the few Chinese-language books they publish.
  • The Regs:
    Shared the Confederation via Facebook and Twitter, and L/L updates via Patreon.
    - Continued work on the Ra Contact YouTube project, and continue turning up tiny discrepancies between audio and the relistened text, none of which render change to the meaning. Continue getting those over to Tobey.
    - Began new practice of collecting notes of gratitude from seekers on social media comments to be shared with L/L team.
    - Responded to a variety of heartfelt and inquisitive emails from seekers around the world. Received one extra interesting message from Bato who shared a page of geometric symbols he had received as a cosmic download. And dialogued with Diana F., our friend who contributed illustration to the ACG book, learning that she is embarking on an effort to create illustrations of concepts in the Ra Contact. If you have any ideas, let us know and we'll relay to Diana.
  • Compilation of other news:
    - Now receiving regular reports from Steve E. on his work on Bring4th, which in this season includes upgrading the forums, and fixing a couple issues for us. Thank you, Steve!
    - Joined Jim for the second channeling circle of the new season. In this one we channeled from Q'uo a story about a wanderer, though it didn't much take on a narrative quality.
    - Reached out to new person to join us as a guest on an upcoming podcast episode.
    - Due to a technical glitch with our email system, Gary was required to download all the inbox and sent email from the contact@ll address from end of February to beginning of October. This is not an address used for commercial purposes, generally, so most of it is seekers, translators, volunteers, etc. 7,741 emails in total!
  • Six years with Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag: Celebrated the six-year anniversary since DGDEV was officially formed, this being the German publishing house led by Jochen Blumenthal and, for the French arm, partnered with Misha Deschreider. Six years later Jochen is still just as on fire as he was when he launched the effort, and Misha remains L/L's indomitable-most translator. Love you guys. Thank you.




Personal Sharing from G. Bean:


Cosmic Christ: Our friend Doug Scott, a student of both the mystical Christ and the Law of One, has for some years been publishing essays of his study and questing via his website. He's created several commentary essays about the Law of One that offer fresh insight from a unique vantage point: I enjoy everything I read of Doug's. You can find his other deep dives from an expansive mind and open heart on the website as well.


A Very Human Mission: Among those in attendance at the online Coming Home event was Joel Weddington, a physician who's turned his heart to writing Law of One-based fiction. He gave an open space offering to share with his the outline of his book, A Very Human Mission. It tells the story of a wanderer born on Earth in the 20th century that, so far as I could tell, masterfully blends the metaphysics of the Law of One with the human experience in all its terrible challenges and glory. I'm eager to hear the audiobook when it's released!


2020-09-19 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on September 19, 2020 8:39pm.  Category: BW Report


9/5 – 9/19


Q'uo Channeling Resumes

After an extra-long hiatus due to the onset of a global pandemic, Q'uo is back on the line! Our local channeling circle-Jim, Austin, Kathy, Gary, Trish-worked out how best to meet, what format and periodicity, whether to open it up to a public circle, etc. We settled on two times per month. In the first session of each month, we will channel around the circle to a common question. In the second session, we will each take turns replying to smaller individual questions.

And as much as we would love to resume the public aspect of the channelings, it is still highly inadvisable to cram a bunch of people together in a room with shared recycled air, so it will be just us for the time being. 

If you should have a question for Q'uo, please feel free to send one to the contact address

Ra Contact YouTube

The long-term project to sync the original audio of the Ra contact with the text transcript continues. Up to Session 32!

Law of One Roundtable hosted by Aaron Abke


We were honored to join Aaron Abke on his YouTube channel for a Law of One roundtable discussion. Aaron moderated the conversation as we explored topics ranging from reincarnation, harvest, thought-forms, the movement toward fourth density, and how to get perfect hair every time. Check out the discussion!

Aaron Abke is a devoted spiritual seeker, student of the mysteries, counselor, and YouTube content creator who, as his About page says, "helps people free their mind, empower their heart, and expand their consciousness." Many thanks to Aaron for his work and an energizing conversation!

Law of One Boxed Set


We received from the publisher of the original Law of One books an advanced copy of the first ever hardcover boxed set. They did a fantastic job on the books. The quality of the pages, the printing, the hardcovers, the new artwork, and, finally, a box to hold all five volumes. They are making the books available for pre-order at



  • Coming Home to a New Earth...Online: Continued work to build L/L's first ever online gathering. Met with the production team-including us three + BJ and Karin of Asheville-to build and crystallize the schedule, develop a means of facilitating open space in a video environment, and invite attendees to communicate their offerings in a shared doc. [Note: this is not a public event at this time. If this experiment proves successful, we can explore future online gatherings.] 
  • Digital Transcript Library: As you likely know, L/L has a vast archive of text in its Transcript Library. Nearly all that text originated on recorded audio, all of it on cassette tape. Years ago we began a project to transfer the cassette to CDs. Now we are embarking on a new project to get all that audio onto mp3, the goal being to one day make more of it available for streaming. So we worked out all the details for creating and storing a huge library of audio and Trish got right to work!
  • Dutch: Made the acquaintance of a new Dutch translator who was in love with the material and eager to offer his services. After establishing terms and getting to know him, he got right to work and returned to L/L its first ever Dutch transcript. Thank you, and pleasure to meet you, Lucas!
  • Polish: Helped Pawel out with interpreting some Ra contact passages and transforming them into a foreign-language-understanding-distortion. Also got Pawel Sessions 27 - 56 and began laying out a roadmap for the rest of a Polish Ra Contact Vol 1.
  • Spanish: Received from Luisa a new Spanish transcript. Thank you, Luisa!
  • Translations: Formatted and published five whole German transcripts thanks to the industrious Jochen:
  • Adobe InDesign: Continued the journey of learning the ropes of Adobe InDesign to level-up our publishing ability, using Tilting at Windmills as a practice piece. 
  • Translating RC Index: Had successful multiple rounds of brainstorming to figure out how to create an Index that is easily translatable since the current Ra Contact Index would require a massively inordinate amount of rearranging and formatting. During the discussion, serendipity delivered the solution via Jochen just happening to reach out to email us with his version of the Index. Thank you, Jochen!
  • Foreign printing: And speaking of Jochen, broke open the champagne bottle by finalizing the template that will empower him to work with future translators to print specific books in a particular language in partnership with said translator and L/L Research!
  • A Book of Days YouTube: Brainstormed on a longterm project to publish Jim's narration of Carla's A Book of Days to youtube.
  • Tilting at Windmills Video: Finished processing the discrepancies that Trish identified between video and text, got it all organized, communicated, and shipped over to Ken Wendt (our friend and videographer who originally filmed the shindig) for his processing. Really exciting. We continue our progress to get these videos published to youtube.
  • Laura Rocks: For many reasons, but also because she proactively volunteered to fill Aaron T.'s transcriber shoes for all Q'uo sessions. Laura has resumed her role with the latest Q'uo channeling. Got her set up and also had the privilege of enjoying a phone call with her. The gratitude is stacked even higher from our end because she offers her service laden with great medical challenge. Thank you and healing vibes Laura.
  • Meet at Jim's: Made a group visit to Jim's from our remote stations to, among other things, get some papers sign that completes the copyright issue we've alluded to previously. Not at liberty to go dive into it but rest assured it points to an empowered future for L/L Research and the Law of One readership.
  • Gatherings Newsletter: Created and shipped the latest "Gatherings Newsletter." Among the announcements shared, we gave the WORLD (the small numbers of people subscribed) its first glimpse of L/L's new website! If interested, you can subscribe here.
  • Bring4th's Webmaster: Had a phone meeting with Steve E. about the progress to update Bring4th and new systems of collaboration between us.
  • Seeker Email: Responded to a couple week's worth of wonderful email from Law of One readers around the world. Notes of gratitude, notes of pain, notes of question, and notes of story sharing.
  • Light/Lines Newsletter: With Jim's selection for the next quarter of the best of L/L channeling, got most of the newsletter put together for shipping next week.
  • Friends of L/L Research: Added another entry to our "Friends of L/L Research" section on the online store - Joel Weddington's book A Very Human Mission. He has created a fictional tale about wanderer's mission on Earth:
  • Social Media | Audiobook | L/L store | T-shirts: Updated L/l's Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon with quotes, uploads, news, etc. | Continued editing AWH audiobook. | Processed and shipped book orders. | Began troubleshooting issues with our merchandise printer, Printful, who seems to be having syncing issues with the Etsy storefront.
  • 100,000: We keep an ongoing tally of the lifetime number of Law of One books sold. After receiving the latest semi-annual sales report from the Law of One publisher, the number of Book 1's rose to over 91,000. (There are some gaps in the record, so there may be more.) Add to that number the RC Vol 1 printed and audiobook sold, and that means that over 100,000 people have received the first 26 sessions. Add to that the unknown quantity of free PDFs and visits to, and it becomes clear that Ra has made a dent in the collective consciousness, planting seeds that will fully sprout and flower in a coming generation.
  • Bookkeeping! After completing her final week of training, Trish made her first solo flight this week! Also the first time Gary hasn't done the books in eight years. A new paradigm begins. :)
  • 990: Put in more time on L/L's 990 than the past ten years combined. But for the better. Joyfully finalized it this week and gave the go ahead to submit it. Now a project to record everything learned because it will be out of the brain by next year.
  • Webguy address: Discovered an oversight in the management of the email address used for reporting website and digital issues, and uncovered a few months' worth of emails accumulated. So took care of that backlog, which included various reports of bugs and whatnot, including an issue with the language tag on the Law of One Epubs that was fixed.

Personal sharings


Gary: I had the pleasure of a phone call with a PhD Law of One enthusiast who's been transformed by the material, as many of us are, and has interest in supporting the organization. He spoke to how receptive people are about this material in his immediate and extended circles. He's somehow been able to communicate the material over the barriers that are usually stumbling blocks for most. (Like the material's source and it's other strange trappings.) He is also an African American and we spoke about how that community seems underrepresented in the readership. In his experience, he feels that there is a great appetite for information like the Law of One in that community. Without zealotry, it is his heart's desire to help translate these principles to others who may benefit.


We also talked about being "in the closet" with one's appreciation and study of the Law of One. He said something that landed profoundly with me, that if people can put bigotry and racism so openly on display, why not love for the Law of One?




I also enjoyed a call with the one known as Zachary, a somewhat local friend of ours, meditation regular, and longtime reader of the Law of One. Zachary seems to be able to get into those higher chakras with relative ease, not merely by virtue of birth but also by disciplined work in consciousness. When I told him about my new and growing discipline with breathwork, he became palpably excited and shared a good deal about his years of working with Kriya Yoga, saying that he felt breathwork was the "rocketship" to self-realization.


Following his counsel, I will take a plunge into kriya once I complete my current course. As a stepping stone to pranayama, I am practicing the Wim Hof Method every morning, often in the very early hours. I'm on week five and the benefits are incredible and visible. Check it out if interested:


Zachary has together a youtube channel where he shares his passion for astrology. He recently published a video about the Law of One available here.




Congratulations to our friends Nadine and Thomas for their new baby! Welcome to the world, Noah!

2020.09.04 - Blogworthy Report - Part 1 of 2
Published by L/L Central on September 4, 2020 10:51pm.  Category: BW Report

Website difficulties necessitate that the blogworthy be broken up into smaller bits. This is part 1 of 2 for:


8/22 - 9/4




  • Law of One Podcast Episode #93:Edited and published the most recent episode of the Law of One Podcast, in which we discuss the differences between the two polarities, and how they appear in our lives and in society. Check it out here:

Ra Contact Videos: The Law of One Overview series has completed, but the Ra Contact audio/transcript videos are still going strong:

Gaia Visualization:

  • Jim recently penned an inspiring visualization to help seekers focus their love and light on healing our troubled planet. So we recorded it him narrating it, put it over a meditative backing track, and published it to Youtube:



  • The Poetry of Carla L. Rueckert on Kindle: Discovered some time ago that there were a few minor titles missing from Kindle or Amazon print-on-demand. So The Poetry of Carla was formatted, prepared, and submitted to Kindle for review, and should be live on Amazon soon.
  • Donor thank-you page: Set up a thank-you page for Paypal to send donors to once they finish their donation so that we can thank them for their incredible generosity.
  • The Tree of Alchemy: A Galactic Fairy Tale: Set up a "Friends of" page for the creation of a friend, an artistic and interesting examination of the Tree of Life and its numerous correlations to other spiritual systems, including sacred geometry, astrology, and the system of chakras. Check it out here:
  • Print-on-demand woes: Continued on a journey of resolving some print-on-demand issues that arose with our last order of The Ra Contact book stock. The cosmetic issue arising from new printing methods was successfully resolved, but in the process it was discovered that those same methods came with a massive price increase. So alternatives were explored and (hopefully) a workable solution presented itself.
  • New website: Statamic, piece of web publishing software essential to the new website design, recently released their latest and greatest version after being in beta. So we acquired a non-profit discount and purchased a full license for the wizard Daniel to magically weave it into the new archive site.
  • Cartouches: Some time ago, we realized that there were some slight misconceptions about the meanings of the cartouches on the cover of the Law of One books. While relatively unimportant information, it is a frequent question among readers. So effort was undertaken to discover the true meaning and origins of the cartouches. Since there is no "reverse cartouche search" function on Google, it required a bit of searching and research, revealing interesting information about the culture of ancient Egypt. Enough evidence and information was gathered and organized to land on a final conclusion of the meaning of the cartouches, which will be drafted into a clear document to include on the new website. In short, the cartouches are, from left to right: Smenkhara; Akhenaten's "prenomen," Neferkheperure-waenre; Nefertiti; Akhenaten.
  • Q&A number bookmarks for The Ra Contact: Italian translator Mauro inadvertently stumbled upon a method of linking to individual Q&A numbers for the Ra Contact book PDFs, making it easy for readers to navigate the material by Q&A. So the method was adapted to the English versions and the PDFs were updated on the archive site.
  • Online store translation pages: Jochen sent along more translated copy to create pages for various translations in our online store, so there are now three new pages:
  • Adobe InDesign: For formatting and typesetting books, we have historically used Word 2010, and have stretched that program to the extent of its capabilities. With Microsoft announcing the end of support for 2010, and the newer versions of word being inadequate to maintain the books (or so we thought), the prospect of finally tackling the industry standard of book typesetting software, Adobe InDesign, became urgent. Thankfully, the it turned out that Microsoft fixed a previous issue with the newer versions of Word, so the switch isn't as urgent, but the timing is still right to continue with the impulse and add Adobe InDesign to our wheelhouse. So efforts have begun to learn the software in and out to format future and publish books, and convert current books so that we can finally be free of Word - a program not really designed for typesetting and formatting entire books.
  • Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering: Processing the results from the survey sent to the attendees, officially did the deed and canceled the in-person event. L/L's first fully canceled event! A mass of refunds to issue and various communications to make. But, for those already registered, a smaller production team of BJ/Karin/Trish/Austin/Gary decided to offer a scaled-down online version for those who might not be totally zoom fatigued. Turns out just short of half of the event signed up! Began designing the two-day event with multiple circles.

[continue to next part below]


2020.09.04 - Blogworthy Report - Part 2 of 2
Published by L/L Central on September 4, 2020 10:49pm.  Category: BW Report

Website difficulties are causing the blogworthy to need to be posted in smaller bites. This is part 2 of 2 for:


8/22 - 9/4

  • Tilting at Windmills: Received from Ken the FINAL videos! Commenced watching those to identify discrepencies, then processing those, then working some more with Ken. Maybe within a couple months we can begin releasing them.
  • Bring4th: Did a little work with Steve E. as he strives to launch an upgrade to the new site.
  • 990 work: A bullet point to interest no one, but a substantial amount of sweat, brain strain, and triumph. Dug more deeply into our 990 than has ever been performed, working closely with our new (and five star) CPA through email and phone to understand how L/L's finances are classified, organized, and communicated. Then continued reorganizing and refining to create a more accurate picture.
  • Translations: Received an offer to contribute to the Hebrew Ra Contact. Got in touch with Ori to see how the existing translation is going. He is busy as ever but still committed and slowly proceeding. And worked with the high spirited Mauro on the Italian Ra Contact, answering a variety of his questions, some of which prompt our own investigation.
  • The Tarot According to Ra: Received from Joseph Dartez his first rough draft of the book of that name. Very exciting - this has been ten years in the works for him as he has developed and deepened his understanding, if Ra will allow us the use of that misnomer. Looking like 270 some pages right now, with significantly more yet for Joseph to write. Recevied his editing parameters and dug slightly into discussions of publishing.
  • Foreign-language contract: Moved closer to the finish line with Jochen in crystallizing a new contract whereby Jochen will be empowered to print and publish foreign-language editions of certain L/L works.
  • Social Media & Videos & Audiobook: Updated L/L's Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon with quotes, uploads, news, etc. Refined L/L's policy for social media sharing a bit further. || Continued creating the Ra Contact YouTube series. || and continued editing sections from Chapters 2 and 3 of A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
  • Bits of Things: Assisting Jim relay his communication as the teacher of the Basic Principles of the Law of One Course with IMU. Lot more activity these days. || After months of work, a legal question of copyright that hash bearing on an important portion of L/L's work is reaching its conclusion this week. || Put together a group gift to thank our dear dear friend MISHA for 13 years of volunteer translation, TEN books, and many moments of friendship. || Dug into some research about polytheism vs. pantheism in reference to Ra's description of the religious format of ancient Egypt. || Had a great update phone call from Jess Mund re Temple of the Heart ongoings in Asheville. Worked with Aaron of the AVL LOO study group on zoom tech questions and received updates about the development of their community house. || Trained Trish for the penultimate time on quickbooks. One more week then she's solo! || Processed and shipped book orders from L/L's online store
  • Homecoming Gathering 2020: Would have commenced right now! Literally as this blogworthy entry is published, a circle of 40 people would have been meeting to share their hearts in seeking and service. The pandemic canceled the event for the first time in, we can't remember when. A sad note for us, as we love the event, the energy, and the beautiful people who join the circle, many of them year after year. But many more years await us! Trisha said that she "...reminisced about previous Labor Day weekends spent as acting house-mom at Homecomings and wished I was cooking for all of those beautiful people."


**Laura McD, we love you. Prayers and prayers and prayers and prayers and prayers.**

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