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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a bi-weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges share the highlights of their and Trisha Bean's collaborative work for L/L Research, along with sharing the daring exploits of a global network of volunteers. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

2020.09.04 - Blogworthy Report - Part 2 of 2
Published by L/L Central on September 4, 2020 10:49pm.  Category: BW Report

Website difficulties are causing the blogworthy to need to be posted in smaller bites. This is part 2 of 2 for:


8/22 - 9/4

  • Tilting at Windmills: Received from Ken the FINAL videos! Commenced watching those to identify discrepencies, then processing those, then working some more with Ken. Maybe within a couple months we can begin releasing them.
  • Bring4th: Did a little work with Steve E. as he strives to launch an upgrade to the new site.
  • 990 work: A bullet point to interest no one, but a substantial amount of sweat, brain strain, and triumph. Dug more deeply into our 990 than has ever been performed, working closely with our new (and five star) CPA through email and phone to understand how L/L's finances are classified, organized, and communicated. Then continued reorganizing and refining to create a more accurate picture.
  • Translations: Received an offer to contribute to the Hebrew Ra Contact. Got in touch with Ori to see how the existing translation is going. He is busy as ever but still committed and slowly proceeding. And worked with the high spirited Mauro on the Italian Ra Contact, answering a variety of his questions, some of which prompt our own investigation.
  • The Tarot According to Ra: Received from Joseph Dartez his first rough draft of the book of that name. Very exciting - this has been ten years in the works for him as he has developed and deepened his understanding, if Ra will allow us the use of that misnomer. Looking like 270 some pages right now, with significantly more yet for Joseph to write. Recevied his editing parameters and dug slightly into discussions of publishing.
  • Foreign-language contract: Moved closer to the finish line with Jochen in crystallizing a new contract whereby Jochen will be empowered to print and publish foreign-language editions of certain L/L works.
  • Social Media & Videos & Audiobook: Updated L/L's Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon with quotes, uploads, news, etc. Refined L/L's policy for social media sharing a bit further. || Continued creating the Ra Contact YouTube series. || and continued editing sections from Chapters 2 and 3 of A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
  • Bits of Things: Assisting Jim relay his communication as the teacher of the Basic Principles of the Law of One Course with IMU. Lot more activity these days. || After months of work, a legal question of copyright that hash bearing on an important portion of L/L's work is reaching its conclusion this week. || Put together a group gift to thank our dear dear friend MISHA for 13 years of volunteer translation, TEN books, and many moments of friendship. || Dug into some research about polytheism vs. pantheism in reference to Ra's description of the religious format of ancient Egypt. || Had a great update phone call from Jess Mund re Temple of the Heart ongoings in Asheville. Worked with Aaron of the AVL LOO study group on zoom tech questions and received updates about the development of their community house. || Trained Trish for the penultimate time on quickbooks. One more week then she's solo! || Processed and shipped book orders from L/L's online store
  • Homecoming Gathering 2020: Would have commenced right now! Literally as this blogworthy entry is published, a circle of 40 people would have been meeting to share their hearts in seeking and service. The pandemic canceled the event for the first time in, we can't remember when. A sad note for us, as we love the event, the energy, and the beautiful people who join the circle, many of them year after year. But many more years await us! Trisha said that she "...reminisced about previous Labor Day weekends spent as acting house-mom at Homecomings and wished I was cooking for all of those beautiful people."


**Laura McD, we love you. Prayers and prayers and prayers and prayers and prayers.**

2020-08-26 - Blogworthy Report - Part 1
Published by L/L Central on August 27, 2020 2:17pm.  Category: BW Report


Part 1 of 3 (Bring4th is experiencing some difficulties which caused this post to be delayed and posted in three parts.)


8/9 - 8/21


The 21-part "Law of One Overview" series is officially complete! So many thanks to everyone who participated, including-Misha, Jochen, Vojta, Karin, Matthew, Trisha-and a special huge hug of gratitude to Nadine and her support, Thomas. Love to all. : )

And the intensive-to-make YouTube videos merging the text of the Ra Contact with the original audio recording continues:


  • Translation: Published a new Spanish transcript translation from Luisa. Thank you, Luisa! December 14th, 2019 Saturday Meditation:
  • Abke interview: Jim was recently interviewed by Aaron Abke, a counselor and YouTube content creator who focuses on spiritual seeking and self-development, with frequent exploration of the Law of One philosophy. Thanks to Aaron for his work and for a great interview! And thanks to T. Bing for the transcript.
  • Print on Demand: Our current service for print-on-demand books for our own inventory of the Ra Contact, recently changed their printing processes (without informing us), resulting in Ra Contact books that are nearly a quarter inch thicker than previously. That seems like a small amount, until the entire cover art is offset by that much and appears off-center, particularly on the spine. That resulted in a spine larger than the original cover art skillfully created by Aaron Maret. Instead of reaching to him for aid, we took the opportunity to dive into Adobe InDesign to figure out how to alter the cover art to fit the new specs. Something as simple as changing the cover art size by a small amount can be pretty un-intuitive, but we found success and ordered some new proofs from the printer to see how they look. Feeling a bit stuck between two services, each with pros/cons, neither ideal.
  • New website: Held a nearly all-day long meeting internally to review and annotate developments on the new website, then for a couple hours the next day to meet the man behind the curtain himself, Daniel, to share ideas, make revisions, and forecast the workload. Looking right now like at least another four months. But oh man oh man, or woman, the site has come light years! It's flipping amazing. His depth of consideration for the smallest detail and his desire to have everything archived appropriately is astounding. We think Ian ('s original creator and 17-year webmaster until 2012), would be highly impressed.
  • Daniel support: We kept up with some various tasks to aid his efforts, including things like comparing an old backup of the archive site with the current site to identify various transcripts stolen by internet gremlins over the past 5 years, creating PDFs for transcripts missing them, acquiring discounts for software licenses, etc.


2020-08-26 - Blogworthy Report - Part 2
Published by L/L Central on August 27, 2020 2:16pm.  Category: BW Report


Part 2 of 3 (Bring4th is experiencing some difficulties which caused this post to be delayed and posted in three parts.)


8/9 - 8/21

  • German-American: Held a half-day long meeting with the one known as Jochen to explore the project whereby Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag would be able to print other foreign-language editions, along with exploring a variety of other exciting ideas and projects in the L/LR-DGDEV relationship.
  • French A Book of Days: After Misha finished her exquisite translation, and Jochen finished formatting, created a French cover art for the book. Now available in print here
  • Podcast: Met to record Episode #93. Hosted by Jim, we explored questions of polarity and how they apply to the world of business and organization. To be published soon!
  • Coming Home to a New Earth gathering: Had dialogue with the production team-Red, BJ, Aaron, Ionsul, Karin-about the October event. It seems impossible that it will be held in person, so we put together a survey to gauge interest in a scaled-down, online version.
  • Tilting at Windmills vides: Received two new videos from Ken W. and worked out a process for the coming editing project (thank you, Ken!), and continued comparing the video against the book text for discrepancies and determining what to do with those discrepancies.99% of the video matches the text, but in some cases, names or off-camera conversation or technical issues were omitted.
  • Ra Contact YouTube work: Also reviewed, processed, and scheduled several more Ra Contact Audio/Transcript videos completed by Trish to be published in the next few weeks, as well as processed a few more audio files for her to use, applying some light noise reduction and removing random gaps and artifacts.
  • 990 project: Lost a portion of the soul spent understanding the intricacies of the 990 (our annual filed form with the tax authorities), working with our wonderful CPA, and investigating a question of royalties, with more work to come.
  • Others and others: Calculated and sent Tobey his semi-annual royalties for the Ra Contact books, retrieved PO box mail, made archive site corrections, responded to a couple weeks' worth of various seeker emails, assisted students of the IMU course, worked with the LOO publisher on the upcoming boxed set, continued editing AWH audiobook, continued training Trish in bookkeeping, and processed and shipped book orders, and shared the Confederation material across our platforms.
  • Caturday: And, made the first Saturday + cats = "Caturday" post on L/L's recently fully launched Patreon:


2020-08-26 - Blogworthy Report - Part 3
Published by L/L Central on August 27, 2020 2:15pm.  Category: BW Report


Part 3 of 3 (Bring4th is experiencing some difficulties which caused this post to be delayed and posted in three parts.)


8/9 - 8/21

  • Bring4th update: And speaking of websites, Steve E. pulled a miracle out of his... his hat, that's where he pulled it from... in a major upgrade to Bring4th. Though still in the works, we have seen it with our own eyes: a forum that is FINALLY mobile-friendly! Praise be!
  • Paper file archaeology: Spent an afternoon delving deep into the ancient technology known as paper files to (unsuccessfully) locate some important certificates for some important ongoing projects.
  • Creative narrative project: Worked on brainstorming and formulating ideas for the ongoing narrative project in preparation for an upcoming meeting with Zak, feeling the creative potential flowing through the project, then held an internal meeting to talk shop.
  • Cartouches: Did some research into the meaning of the cartouches that appear on the front of the blue Law of One books, attempting to verify their historical significance in comparison to the most updated historical information.


2020-08-08 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on August 8, 2020 9:23pm.  Category: BW Report


7/25 - 8/8


Ra Contact Youtube Sessions


On the road to Session 106, two more in the hole:


Law of One Overview Videos


Three more to go (featuring the translators Misha, Jochen, and Vojta) and the series is complete!


Law of One Podcast


For Episode 92, we joined together with special guest Aaron Maret to discuss what Ra calls the "sinkhole of indifference"---the term for the chronically unpolarized. Check it out here:



  • Misha's tenth book! Misha is a translation powerhouse who never ceases to amaze us with her incredible productivity. She delivered to us another fully translated book, and after some formatting, cover art creation, and website preparation, it was ready to publish. Hard even for us to believe that this is her TENTH full book for L/L Research. Tenth! All contributed as a freely given gift of her heart. Thank you Misha for the French A Book of Days! Minutes later, she requested to start on L/L's newest book, A Concept Guide...
  • Translations: The amazing translators have been hard at work, and several translations were published these past couple weeks, including:
  • Upgrading Bring4th: Worked with Bring4th's webmaster and creator, Steve E., on a project to upgrade the site with a brand new version of the forums that will finally be completely mobile-friendly! May even be finished by the next report.
  • New Bring4th: Also discussed with Steve the new incarnation of Bring4th following the launch of the new website for We're coalescing around a plan to pare Bring4th down to the forums + store only, and migrate everything else useful over to
  • Jim interview: Jim had an interview with Aaron Abke, a Youtube with a relatively large following and high-quality videos. So we ensured he was set up with the right video and sound equipment. The interview should be published soon.
  • Law of One Books I and V updates: In the process of working with the LOO publisher to create a new boxed set, some potential improvements were found for our online manuscripts for the Law of One Books I and V. Got those squared away and published to the archive site.
  • Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering: Dove into rounds of discussion with our Asheville partners about the planned (and amazingly still 100% full) event in North Carolina this October. We'll wait until the end of August to make the final decision. In the meantime, we're working out a plan for holding an online version in the event the physical one is canceled.
  • Patreon: Officially kicked off using Patreon with this post. In it, we describe L/L's policy for using the platform, which will not include putting privileged content behind a paywall, but which will include sharing organization-centric updates. Including this Blogworthy Report. Then commenced sharing.
  • Nuts 'n Bolts:
    • Annual filing! Received our first 990 back from the new CPA. After thorough scanning, came up with about 40 questions. Joined a long zoom meeting with the CPA who patiently and kindly worked through every question. Night and day this CPA from the former. A sizeable project to come to fine-tune this, but once we do, future years will go smoothly.
    • Cloud storage: Finalized the primary back-up/syncing and then dove into another multi-hundred GB project to use google drive. Work continues.
    • Book order processing and shipping: Continued shipping orders, responding to customer needs, performed a full inventory while making a pick-up from Jim's as the book supply shifts to our remote location, sorted 120 RC books that arrived from Lulu with many in some state of damage rendered during shipping.
    • Bookkeeping: Trish/Gary (trainee/trainer) put in another long round of training the Bing on the books. This was the crunch day of the monthly cycle of bookkeeping, but Trish is picking up quickly! Albeit exhausted by the end.
    • Archive site: As work on the new site continues, maintenance on the old site still remains a priority. Typically, every week there are some typos, minor mistakes, new footnotes, or missing content to be corrected.
  • Media Project meeting: Joined Jim in meeting over the webs with Zak K. to discuss the fate of the project to seed a fictional series drawing on Law of One concepts. The author of the series treatment had become too overloaded in his own life and relinquished continuation of the project. The project continues onward, this time with more creative freedom.
  • Foreign publishers: Worked with Susanna at Stazione Celeste to extend the Italian AWH after conclusion of ten years of the original contract. And received the semi-annual report from the Taiwanese One Center which publishes a few of L/L's books in Chinese.
  • Relistened Version edit: In Trisha's process of producing the Ra Contact YouTube videos, she discovered an error in the Reslistened Version! A tiny one that renders no change to meaning, but an exceedingly rare circumstance given how thoroughly Tobey & volunteers scoured the audio.
  • Tilting at Windmills video: Continued processing Trisha's meticulous notes to find all discrepancies between the book text and the video. Still more miles to go.
  • Occupy the Veil: Thanks to our friend Red Amsellem's coinage and Trisha's production, a new offering: These shirts and this sticker. Also, worked on issues with the Etsy storefront.
  • AWH Audiobook: Edited Chapter 2 of A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
  • A collection of things: Processed rounds of new seeker email, including receiving great news that our Chinese friend Sean has received his doctorate! And now has a new position researching and teaching psychology. GO SEAN! || Put together and shared our group photos, including finding a fantastic new profile pic of bearded Jim. || Updated Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon with Confederation material quotes, news, videos, etc. || Prepared another batch of 10 Ra Contact audio files for Trish. And finalized policy on unique instances of book vs. video footnotes for the project.




German/French Publishing Houses: As a licensing partner, Jochen shares with L/L Research quarterly sales + activity reports for the German and French publishing houses. Many thanks to his hard work, Misha's, and various supporting volunteers for another quarter! Here are some of the highlights of the past few months from Jochen and team:

  • Jochen continued renovation works in his flat and more or less completed the office room for Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag.
  • A review of "Extraterrestrial Communication" was completed.
  • The idea of printing in other languages than German and French, as long as no license partner or publisher in a given language appears, has been discussed and developed by Gary, Austin and Jochen.
  • The consultancy process that was initiated in February brought a first report, that is mainly an inventory of the status quo as we know it. More tangible results are to be expected with the second and last part of this process in quarter 3.
  • Austin and Jochen shared a good skype call, discussing many detailed information, and Gary, Austin and Jochen had lively email exchanges about more information and details of our cooperative work.
  • Misha translated the session of September 25, 2010 - the last missing session for another French yearly compilation of L/L channelings, which will then appear soon!
  • Misha and Jochen supplied some more missing information for the amazing movie project of Nadine Konzack and Thomas Dopfer which came to its completion in this quarter. Since then, I heard, the YouTube servers are steaming ;-).
  • Misha continued diligently with "A book of days" and managed to complete it up to the month of November.
  • Jochen finalized a few more pages of German and French publications for L/L's online store.


Personal sharing:


Global Catalyst: And to close this report, an inspiring thought plucked from the email of our dear friend Sean H.:


The ongoing conflicts between our governments seem to be escalating and worrisome after the epidemic outbreak. In this global catalyst, hope more and more people will awaken to the reality of love and the unity of all beings, not being deceived by propaganda of separation.


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