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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a bi-weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges share the highlights of their and Trisha Bean's collaborative work for L/L Research, along with sharing the daring exploits of a global network of volunteers. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

2020-05-12 Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on May 18, 2020 9:04pm.  Category: BW Report

4/27 - 5/16

  • Jim McCarty Interview 1: Learned that Kevin Moore has published his youtube series "They Call us Channelers" that features Jim in an hour-long interview!
  • Jim McCarty Interview 2: Received an invitation for Jim to be interviewed on Youtuber Brian Scott's channel. Got him all set up and connected, and the interview has already gone live. Check it out here:
  • Law of One Boxed Set: For a few months now, we've been working intensively with the publisher of the Law of One books to produce an "anniversary" edition, hard cover, five-volume boxed set of the Law of One. The final versions went off to print this week, with the last round of intensive work finally coming to an end. For us, this included reviewing their OCR process to ensure the scan didn't produce errors, reviewing suggested edits from their copyeditor, helping to triple check the fine details throughout the manuscripts, reviewing and finalizing cover art, and helping to recreate the index with the new page numbers by using the old index, finding context clues on the listed pages, and matching them to the new text. It's been a journey! But we are done. Now we wait.
  • Ra Contact Volume 2 Audiobook: Trish is continuing her thorough triple-check of the audio, ensuring every minor detail was caught for the final production. In the meantime, the sessions that she has completed are being mastered and finalized for publication onto Audible.
  • Twitter 1: With a sincere heart of gratitude, said goodbye to Jeremy as he official retired his services from the L/L Twitter account. Jeremy has been generously manning the account for over four years now, ensuring that the Confederation message has been shared through that medium nearly every day of the year. He located his quotes largely through the process of a journey that only a few intrepid souls embark upon: to read every transcript from 1974 forward. This he did on his own autonomy, representing L/L Research well through the sharing of passages and responding with a welcoming, loving heart to those who messaged. Thank you so much, Jeremy.
  • Twitter 2: With big shoes to fill, we are examining the service in order to craft policy for the service's future use.
  • Youtube videos: Superstars Nadine and Thomas have completed editing and postproduction on the primary videos we shot while in Bavaria, mini-clips of us talking about various topics in the Law of One at an introductory level. Now that they're done, we messed around with the Youtube account to do a "dry run," learning how the end card editor works and finalizing the small details like title and description. They will start being published on Monday at a rate of two a week, every Monday and Thursday. Stay tuned on Youtube if you're interested:
  • New Website: The number of small details involved in transferring the content from the current archive website to the new archive website is mind-boggling. Luckily, web dev Daniel's mind cannot be boggled. He continues his steady march in ensuring that no single piece of content gets left behind, and we do our best to help investigate and locate the odd missing piece. Energies will turn to focus on the project in the next month as we inch closer to the finish line.
  • Adepts of the Legal Distortion: It's inspiring to interact with individuals who can navigate such an arcane and esoteric field like intellectual property law with such skill as well-trained lawyers. Continued working with a couple of fine individuals to get some things squared away in the yellow-ray world.
  • Online store payment system: It's less inspiring to spend hours picking apart the code for an online store payment module in an attempt to update it to the latest security standards of the credit card payment processor, only to throw hands up and (thankfully) discover that one can pay for a professionally coded upgrade to solve the problem. Now getting that upgrade to work with the various alterations and mods already made to the code...that's another task to be tackled soon.
  • Gathering changes and announcements: Working with the Asheville crew, we made a couple of sad announcements in regards to the two annual L/L Research gatherings: Coming Home in Asheville and Homecoming in Louisville. Homecoming will unfortunately be canceled due to the uncertain future surrounding the pandemic and public health. Coming Home was postponed to a new date in October, and we are holding out hope that it will be possible to keep that date.
  • Translations: Translation efforts continue strong, especially thanks to new Spanish translator Luisa. We received several transcripts from her that were subsequently formatted and published to the archive site:
  • Translators: Man, the translation efforts and offers have been ramping up, lately! If things progress, there could be four new translators on board(!) as we:
    • Discussed with Pawel the prospect of Polish translation.
    • Aysu for Turkish
    • Eugenie for Dutch
    • Viktor for Portuguese
    • Meysam for Farsi, and Hooman for the same
  • Other Audiobook project: Met with Shahla over the phone with some follow-up email discussion to talk about her private foundation's project to sponsor the creation of free audiobooks for a few authors in the field, including an audiobook for Dr. Scott Mandelker most excellent Universal Vision. (The book is a wonderful exploration and illumination of the Law of One books, if you haven't read it, perhaps the first of its kind.) We will help to show Scott the ropes, sharing with him what we've learned about audiobook recording, editing, and publication.
  • Bring4th: Thanked Garry for his stewardship of the Bring4th Forums, and provided some support on a question of updating part of the profile field.
  • KYAYBC: Do you know what that's an acronym for? You get one hint: It is a dictum Ra expressed in the Ra Contact books. Okay, one more hint: It is connected to the "discipline of the personality." Got it, right? No? Okay, it stands for Know Yourself, Accept Yourself, Becoming the Creator. Our longtime friend Tiffani coined that many years ago and has made it a central principle in her own seeking. And as a gift, Trish made it into a t-shirt on L/L's Etsy page:
  • Law of One audio: Worked with a holistic TV programmer who will include a snippet of audio from the Ra contact in a program about channeling. In our dialogue, they reported wanting to speed up the audio for the show. While we understood-because it is slow AF-we asked that the authenticity be preserved. To speed up the audio is to misrepresent what it is. It's slowness wasn't a technical glitch, but a necessary feature that represents the distance, incomprehensible to the third-density mind between third and sixth density entities.
  • Docuseries: Did some internal work on exploring the question of the project of the docuseries.
  • TOTOH: Met for a video meeting with the beauties of Asheville-Aaron, BJ, Jess-and undertook work in determining next steps.
  • ACG: Received some early and encouraging feedback about L/L's new book, the first in the Ra Contact Resource Series, A Concept Guide. It seems to be appreciated so far!
  • Quickbooks: A killer session undoing bank reconciliations all the way back to July, 2019! And then re-doing them to the end of April, 2020. Worked till 11:30pm.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen: Worked with Jochen on multiple fronts, including receiving his 2020 first quarter report of activity and book sales for the German and French operations; talked about expanding printing services into other languages; and some other yellow-ray details of our beautiful partnership. Below is a report of some of the highlights of activities of the German and French team, courtesy of Jochen:

Highlights from Jochen's First Quarter Report:

  • Jochen made friends with Ori T, who is a "Dr." in musical composition, with Israeli roots, living today (after years in the US) in C.. The "spark sprang across", and Ori began translating L/L materials into Hebrew.
  • The first French channeling collection Messages de la Confédération des Planètes au Service du Créateur Infini Unique: Méditations du samedi - année 2011 was published in January as a kindle e-book (, and in February as a softcover title including an index (  
  • Gary, Austin and Jochen had a great skype call in January, touching on various managerial topics and opening up new opportunities.
  • Jochen continued working at the "early stage" of L/L's channeling archive and completed the translations of the sessions from January  1974. A kindle collection of these appeared, and a good batch were finalized and uploaded to the L/L Archive.  
  • Also of more recent sessions in 2017 new German translations got ready and uploaded.  
  • Also in February Jochen had a first meeting with a consultancy that could help developing the publishing house. Due to the then upcoming crisis nothing more has yet come from that venue.
  • Misha continued with her study group and took up the work of studying and reviewing the glossary with the members, who are all new to the Ra material, and therefore experts for the job :-).  
  • Gerald completed his fist translation into German: the Prague Seeker gathering channeling from October 13, 2019 that he attended.
  • In March Jochen met with a longstanding Law of One friend Benny, who is a rescue pilot and had a service at that time near where Jochen is living. They had a great "Law of One" evening, sharing and discussing the current events in the light of the Confederation.
  • Eyal N, living in H, got in contact with the "Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag" at around the same time and since Eyal has been working for a number of years as graphic art designer and artist, Jochen and he immediately started working together on a project. And the project was ...
  • ... the new "study year" collection that Jochen could complete translating in March. "Who wants become enlightened?" is the translated title and the collection contains all of Q'uo sessions from September 2016 to May 2017. The kindle format was finalized and published (, the softcover version will follow soon. Eyal created the - astounding - cover and Jochen is very, very glad to have such a pro on board now :-D !
  • Misha continued her translation of "A Book of Days", with the French working title being "À chaque jour sa joie" (To Every Day Its Joy), to the month of June, and hence half of the book.

Personal sharing

Gary: I had been burning the candle at both ends in the endless work on the new book, A Concept Guide, while keeping up with the normal L/L operation as best I could. So I scheduled a needed week off to coincide with the publication of the new book in order to celebrate the book's birth and to get some rest. The universe had another plan for my time, though. It felt that I should instead be inundated with rounds of catalyst of sorrow, confusion, and the heartbreak that calls one to renewed inward journeying in seeking of that peace which passeth understanding.


During this time off, and due to the difficulties, I was able to inhabit what is a very foreign space to me: time alone without L/L or other human expectations or conversations. The music, news, and TV intentionally silenced. The only sounds those of my peaceful neighborhood, including the birds, the kids, and the lawnmowers. Me countering the life I spend sitting in front of a computer by working outdoors in the yard, often in the sun, often with the windows opened as we are visited with a relatively cool spring this year. Being able to use my body in constructive ways outdoors without the pressure of an external schedule offered some very wonderful highs among very not so wonderful lows.


Ultimately the inner work combined with the strange but much desired outer environment of non-busyness and reduced stimulation merged to yield a fruitful period of spiritual growth, with much more yet to come.


And for a final bullet point, I wasn't present for some of the work mentioned above. So upon getting back into the swing of things, feeling a bit disoriented from the foreign space I had just visited, I had a long catch-up call with Austin on L/L and personal fronts. I thanked Austin greatly for being a many-armed Hindu deity keeping the L/L ship moving forward.


2020-04-26 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on May 12, 2020 9:32pm.  Category: BW Report


04/11 - 04/26


This Blogworthy is a bit late to the party. Gary had a family emergency that required him to be away from the office. He is back in action now, so we jubilantly start the update by announcing that, on April 22nd, we published

The Ra Contact Resource Series - A Concept Guide


Also during this time period, we also:

  • Translators: Welcomed the high-spirited, Luisa N., into the fold! Translating for Spanish, she shared a wonderful experience she had at an Eckhart Tolle event. Then got, new. Getting Ahmad for Arabic and Robin for Dutch set up; we'll see if they follow through. And then confirmed that Donatas will definitely be translating the RC into Lithuanian! He wrote: "I feel very excited to be able to work with you and to be a part of the effort to spread the teachings of Law of One. They have changed my life and I hope to help many more to open up to this immense stream of Love and Light, unity, joy and understanding. With every paragraph I translate I feel a deeper connection and understanding of the material."
  • Publisher project: And continuing on with the ongoing project with the publisher, did a thorough review of the manuscript for Book V of the Law of One, parsing out suggested edits and OCR artifacts. Also reviewed their next versions of the fully formatted and laid out PDFs for Books I-III.
  • Audiobook: As Trish continues on her steady march through the final steps of audiobook editing for The Ra Contact Volume 2, we set Jim up with the various bits that would need re-recorded. After that, some were handed off to Trish while Austin began the process of mastering finished files and integrating some of the bits he re-recorded into the audio, bringing us ever closer to the finish line.
  • A Concept Guide: Spent a goodly chunk of time chasing the ever-moving goal post of finishing the full publication of the Concept Guide, which primarily involved fine-tweaking the layout in Microsoft Word (because we are masochists), parsing out the differences between the print version and PDF version, and whipping up the Kindle version, which is itself an intensive and time-consuming process. Each step involves lots of problem-solving to bend the various sorts of software to our will.
    - Also created the page for the book on the archive website, and got it all ready on Amazon, and published notices on our social media, websites, and through our newsletter. And got an Author Central page set up for GB, for the two books now credited to his name: TAW and ACG.
    - Also shipped copies to those who contributed to the book or have offered other volunteer service to L/L.
    - And many many thanks to Aaron Maret for the expert and rapid help with cover art design and interior layout support. Such a gift, that one.
  • Seeker Email: As usual, we were blessed with a plethora of seeker email, ranging from wanderer stories, guidance-seeking, philosophical and spiritual questions, or just general sharing of energies. Responding to these is always an honor/duty and blessing, giving us insight into the rich and fascinating variety that the Creator has achieved in manifesting this illusion we call life on Planet Earth.
  • Coming Home 2020: The team - including Red, BJ, Karin, Aaron, Ionsul - issued a poll to the attendees to see if they would prefer that the event be rescheduled for October now, or that we wait a few weeks to see if mayybbe we might just be able to still hold it in June as originally intended. Everyone was overwhelmingly in favor of waiting to see if June might work, so we have decided to wait until May 8 to make a final determination about whether to hold the event. And even accepted new registrations - surprising in the time of COVID.
  • Bolts 'n nuts: Got all our stuff over to the CPA for our annual filing; did further work with attorneys on a publishing question; performed the bookkeeping; completed our annual filing with the secretary of state filing; and, thank Jesus, resolved a quickbooks issue that has haunted Gary's psyche for some months thanks to support from our new CPA.
  • Twitter: Reached out to the man behind the curtain at L/L's Twitter account, Jeremy Weiland, with questions about his messaging policy. Thanks to Jeremy via Twitter and Trisha via Facebook for consistently sharing Confederation quotes with the readership.
  • Temple of the Open Heart: Had a video meeting with our Asheville counterparts then an extensive one-on-one with the incredible edible BJ Harden Jones.
  • TAW Footage: Finalized editing protocols with Ken, to be turned over to Trish as soon as she is done with Volume 2 of the RC.
  • Nadine and Thomas: Continued some of the final rounds of working with the skilled and funny dynamic duo for the law of one youtube videos that they filmed of us in Bavaria last September.
  • Podcast with Tiffani: Invited our old friend Tiffani to join a podcast to talk about her journey of knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and becoming the Creator.


2020-04-11 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on April 11, 2020 6:34pm.  Category: BW Report


3/21 - 4/10


This report covers three weeks. Working on the final stages of L/L's new book, A Concept Guide, created a backlog of everything else. It consumed so much time, in fact, that it's a surprise we got anything else done. Here's a look, beginning with:

  • A CONCEPT GUIDE! So many flipping details that if fully inventoried would lead rapidly to coma. Highlights include: Building a brand new entry for the Mind Complex, refining various aspects of the text, fine tuning the back cover text, working with Diana on her Note to the Reader, settling on a title, copyright page, authorship, and tons of work on interior layout. Many thanks to the illustrious BJ Harden Jones for editing and thoughts about the title, and especially to Aaron Maret for his samurai interior layout support. || Uploaded the book to Kindle Direct Publishing, got it approved, and ORDERED FIRST PROOFS, which literally arrive 10 minutes before publishing this report! Probably need one more round of proofs.
  • New website: Upon Daniel's coattails we continue to soar towards full completion of the new website. We worked with him on various things, including providing different materials and files (like the most expansive ever Ra contact photo gallery), investigating various oddities of the archive site and missing files, spending a few hours internally reviewing his latest design updates, and meeting with him via Zoom for a great update on the next steps. Ever closer!
  • Law of One Podcast: Met (from a distance) and recorded two different podcasts-one with Gary and Austin and one with Jim and Austin-to discuss the spiritual perspective of the global catalyst called pandemic that is on the forefront of everyone's mind. Listen here, episodes 87 and 88:
  • Light/Lines Spring 2020: Using the Q'uo channeling Jim selected for the spring edition, composed and edited the notes to readers, formatted into both PDF form and HTML for email. And then this round involved some juggling two different email services to get the right email list and send it out. You can read it here:
  • Bring4th Mod Stuff: Various moderator issues continue to arise on Bring4th, and Garry F. continue his diligent attention towards the community, helping us to prevent spam, guard against errant energies, and do our best to keep things running smoothly.
  • Channeling Archives Volume 19: Dale and Maria continued their steady march forward into new territory, creating an ebook version of the L/L Research Channeling Archives Volume 19, moving beyond what has been printed in the physical volumes. Thanks Dale and Maria! Published their work to the archive site:
  • Garry Fung's Sydney Law of One Gathering: Received report that Garry is continuing his tour of holding small Law of one gatherings in the southern hemisphere. Five gathered in Sydney on March 14 where they gave presentations ("The Power of Seeking", "Is Compassion an Option," "Why is Consciousness so unmalleable" Or is it?") and held discussions (How has the Law of One affected your life? What is the best way to learn from Catalyst? What is inner seeking/outer seeking? Where does service call you?). And Garry reports: "It was very much a tight-knit group, and the forging of strong bonds. It ended up being a long but fruitful day in the end." He reports that a few of the attendees have since become a tight-knit group. Go Garry!
  • Social Media and Audiobook: Trish keeps L/L's Facebook reliably stocked with inspiring Confederation messages, trying to tailor them to the this moment of anxiety and isolation. As she finishes up the work on the 106 sessions, got Jim set up for re-recording some of the material in a remade basement studio which he will commence this week.
  • Four weeks of bookkeeping: Did that in one go till 11pm on Friday as part of the backlog.
  • Attorneys: Actually delighted to be working intensively with attorneys on a couple of projects. Professional help that actually comes through is energizing! Worked on film rights questions for Roger's docuseries, and an ongoing publishing rights question that is reaching culmination.
  • Temple of the Open Heart: Worked with our Asheville friends-Jess, BJ, and Aaron-on the question of installation of a "temple keeper" along with related questions of internal governance.
  • Laura M: Received the final three Q'uo channelings from sizzling Laura. Continued working out editing procedures, learning about her New Mexican adventures and life during the pandemic, and edited one of the transcripts.
  • Nuts & Bolts: Jumped through multiple hoops fixing a PayPal issue, put in some grease on financial questions, and... joyfully discovered and began working with a new CPA!
  • 2020 L/L Events: Worked with Red, BJ, Karin, Aaron, and Ionsul-the team for the Coming Home to a New Earth Gathering-to explore the question of whether to hold out for a June gathering or reschedule now. || Began discussion with the Czech team-Vojta, Romi, Radim, Bara-about whether they still want to hold an October Prague event. And considered our own Louisville Homecoming this year.
  • Docuseries: Produced for Roger a full inventory of material and people that could be used for the docuseries, along with advancing the work on the film rights questions. Also this good news:
    • Roger met with Doug virtually recently and reports: "Doug and I have made some incredible headway on the 1st draft outline of the film, honing in on the narrative arch in relationship to concept groupings, and personal milestones in the L/L narrative. I will be focusing in on other areas like art direction concepts, production script, interview questions, etc. "
  • Law of One Overview: Received from Thomas and Nadine the latest batch of videos. Thank you, guys! Just some final pieces awaiting their approval before we publish.
  • Original Law of One books: Continued a fairly substantial project with the publisher of the original books in their efforts to create a boxed set.
  • Tilting at Windmills Interview Footage: Received from Ken Wend the final files following merging of two camera streams. Thank you, Ken! Now to develop a protocol for editing to transfer to Trish.
  • Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues: Received word from Barbara Brodsky of the possibility of buying the rights to this book from North Atlantic Publishing and self-publishing the title. Looked into prospect.
  • L/L Pandemic Office: Migrated the L/L office from its usual place at Jim's as we are working "remotely." We are using this as a dress rehearsal for what it will be like to work at a distance once an L/L office is opened in Asheville. Enjoyed being able to see Jim and catch up while there as well.
  • Seeker Email: Caught up on three weeks worth of wonderful emails. There has been an uptick since the pandemic set in. Some highlights include:
    • This awesome video of the energy centers from its creator, Jon F. It seems like once in a blue moon does a person pop up with three distinct qualities: 1) an insightful relationship and understanding of the Law of One, grasping the truly amazing underlying cosmology and its relevance to the rest of the material, 2) the ability to communicate this understanding clearly, and 3) the creative skill to package those first two into a compelling package of media.
    • Heard from THREE new translators, including two new languages! Donatas for Lithuanian, Ahmad for Arabic, and Luisa for Spanish. Fingers crossed.
    • And heard from an old translator of one of our books that they have since found Jesus, the one true way, (good for them) but that our material is the devil (bad for us).
  • Translations: And our translators continue on with their amazing work bringing the Confederation's words to new corners of the world. Plenty of new material published to the archive site these last weeks:
  • Czech translation of the Law of One Book 2 - Thank you Czech team!
  • Hebrew translations: That's right, Hebrew! After some troubleshooting how to display the language properly on the website, we have the first appearance of a language that Ra says has "power before time and space and represent configurations of light which built all that there is." Thank you Ori!
    November 23, 2019 - Saturday Meditation
  • German translations: Thanks to both Jochen and Gerald, we have another treasure trove of German translations to share:
    January 27, 1974 - Sunday Meditation
    January 26, 1974 - Saturday Meditation
    January 25 (2), 1974 - Friday Meditation
    January 25 (1), 1974 - Friday Meditation
    January 17, 1974 - Wednesday Meditation
    May 20, 2017 - Saturday Meditation
    May 6, 2017 - Saturday Meditation
    April 30, 2017 - Saturday Meditation
    April 15, 2017 - Saturday Meditation
    April 1, 2017 - Saturday Meditation
    October 13, 2019 - Law of One Seeker Gathering - Prague
  • Hungarian Translation: And thanks to Bence, a new Hungarian translation!
    March 28, 1976 - Saturday Meditation


And a couple personal notes:


- During this period, we reached five years since Carla passed. It is one of those milestones that tests one's sense of time, seeming both like it was a lifetime ago and just yesterday. L/L has grown so much since Carla was with us. How I wish she was here to see it. How I wish we could just have more conversation.


All that growth is in following a trajectory of building on her lifetime of prodigious work. Her gifts will extend far, far beyond her incarnation. We love you and miss you, Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty. <3


- And a big huge personal thank you to an overseas friend, Jeffrey, who proactively sent us one of the most singular gifts we've ever received. Thank you, Jeffrey. : )



2020-03-21 - Blogworthy Report (pandemic arrived)
Published by L/L Central on March 21, 2020 1:21pm.  Category: BW Report

3/7 - 3/20

  • Translations: Made a big effort to catch up on a backlog of translation work.
    • Worked with Ori to solve a big riddle on how to publish Hebrew text to the archive site - tricky because Hebrew is read right to left and is written in a word processor in a unique way. But Ori thankfully cracked the code and we're just one final review away from publishing our first translations in Hebrew. Yay Ori!
    • Received Gerald's first German translation of the channeling at the Seeker Gathering in Prague. Also worked with him to aid his translation efforts by offering audio of the channeling sessions he is translating to help him be as accurate as possible. He also caught some mistakes in the English version of the Prague channeling. Yay Gerald!
  • Hungarian: Worked with Bence to set up pages to host his first four Hungarian translations. Yay Bence!
  • Russian: Received five Russian translations of channeling transcripts from Anastasia, then formatted and published them to the archive website. Yay Anastasia!
  • German: Received four German translations of channeling transcripts from Jochen, then formatted and published them to the archive website. Yay Jochen!
  • Concept Guide:
    • Two weekends ago spent the entire weekend incorporating an accumulation of new Ra passages and thoughts. Austin spent a few days editing. Gary spent a few hours processing. And added another much shorter round of inclusions and just about completed the text!
    • Sunk in lots of time making all the various pieces consistent, then hours designing a book layout and building all the style sets and meeting to go over the layout. Then shipping off to Aaron Maret to see if he has any ideas for refinement. (He gave some very helpful ideas for the Ra Contact interior.)
    • Contacted Diana Fisher and Sabine Buchanan, two of the artist contributors, to check in on how they would prefer to be attributed. Received their wonderful replies.
    • Worked with Diana Roy on edits to the back cover text, receiving her note to the reader, and incorporating her suggested disclaimer into the work.
    • And Austin commenced implementing formatting to the text!
  • Archive website: Made a few corrections, changes, and updates to the archive website as its sun is setting and a new dawn approaches in the form of a new and improved website. This included publishing a public statement about the interpretation and use of the Law of One material:
  • New website: As Daniel's march continues steadily forward in getting the new website past the finish line, provided him with some requested files, clarifications, and worked to keep pace with his progress. Thank you Daniel! And coordinated with Tobey about the searchable Ra Contact database slated for the new site, seeking his availability to potentially share with Daniel his wisdom gained over the years in running should Daniel have need.
  • Book 4: Continued work on a special project with the Law of One publisher, receiving some art and interior files to review and offer feedback, as well as a manuscript of Book 4 to completely review and accept/reject various copy edits and changes. Not a small task!
  • Temple of the Open Heart: Continued dialog and work with the crew in Asheville in laying the groundwork for a working relationship toward our shared project. Reviewed an application they sent along for requesting tax-exempt status from the IRS and sent notes/feedback along to them. Also began collaboration on a Vision Document, and shared our experiences and attempts to be of service during the pandemic.
  • Social Media and Audiobook: Trish keeps L/L's Facebook reliably stocked with inspiring Confederation messages, trying to tailor them to the this moment of anxiety and isolation. And she is a breath away from reaching session 106 of the audiobook! Will need to get Jim back into the recording studio soon to re-record a few sections.
  • Docuseries:
    • Had a phone meeting with the attorneys to discuss questions of the collaboration agreement and moving forward
    • Worked with Roger on questions of the same and on inventorying what he needs for the series.
  • Board Special Meeting: Met (before the pandemic kicked in) to vote on a looming publishing question and whether or not to move forward with said docuseries. Support was unanimous for both (the latter pending more feedback from attorneys).
  • Yellow Ray Stuff: Worked with Morris on tax documents for the endowment and continuing investigation into its effect on the non-profit. And did one week of bookkeeping, skipping the other due to too much other work including work on the new book.
  • Nadine and Thomas: Continued work with our Munchen friends on some of the final pieces for the Law of One Overview youtube series.
  • Bookkeeping and seeker email
  • Affected by the pandemic so far:

    • Working remotely: Thursday, March 12 was the day that it really tipped for us that a new chapter in world history was commencing. The following day began our own practice of social distancing. We've been working remotely since, relatively silo'd in our homes.
    • Public channelings & Channeling Circles: As you may have read in Jim's "Camelot Journal," Jim (wisely) suspsended weekly public meditations for the time being, and we have decided to put our semi-monthly practice channeling circles on hold.
    • Coming Home and Homecoming Gatherings: We updated attendees of the almost full Coming Home to a New Earth gathering this June that our intention was to hold the event, but that would monitor the situation, take all necessary health precautions, and cancel the event with full refund to everyone if need be. That was written last week. The news seems to indicate more and more that this pandemic will not be subsiding anytime soon, so it seems likely that the event will be canceled. : ( Our Homecoming Gathering, however, is not scheduled till the beginning of September. Normally we would have opened public registration by now, but we will revisit the question in a month.
    • Daniel to Coming Home: To say thanks for the outrageous quantity and quality of volunteer effort Daniel is donating to build the new website, we were going to fly him out to the event and spend some days together in Asheville. On the cusp of purchasing his tickets, the travel bans began to go into effect.
    • Forgiveness and Karma podcast: We had slated a podcast hosted by Jim on that topic, and had a special guest lined up, but had to postpone.
    • Book shipping: For the time being, we have closed the store to all book shipping and are directing readers to either the free PDF downloads or to Amazon to order printed books.
    • Docuseries: Roger had initially hoped to begin shooting film by late April, but that seems extremely unlikely at this point.
    • Law of One Overview: We should have been publishing the video shot in Germany last October, and edited by the tireless Nadine and Thomas, but as Germany is similarly practicing social distancing to flatten the curve, Nadine's efforts have been marshaled to facilitate creating online video content, totally consuming all the volunteer energy she had for the Law of One Overivew.
    • Vojta and Romi: Our two dear Czech friends had separate flights booked and paid for to the States in April and May. We had been so looking forward to visits from each of them that are now canceled.
  • Prayers for Doug: Our friend, Doug Scott, a Law of One scholar who is contributing to the docuseries in partnership with Roger, had to say goodbye to his mom recently as he and his family gathered with her in hospice through a long and difficult period. Prayers to Doug and his family.
  • Prayers for Gianluca: After months of radio silence from Gianluca, our friend and Italian translator in Rome, we finally received word. The magnitude of catalyst in his life is extraordinary. A few months ago his fiancee's parents' home was destroyed by an earthquake. And now he, as a final-year med student, is on the front lines working in hospitals doing non-stop 12 hour days. They are both with little sleep and worked to the max in a country presently being devastated by the virus.

    Gianluca writes: "I hope Americans will not underestimate the social impact of this disease (since unfortunately is coming to you too). ICU ward are filled very quickly and economic and social activity is almost paralyzed."

    The church wedding they had planned together this June is likely canceled, and the spiritual wedding that we had all exuberantly discussed to take places in the States this summer, in what they hoped would be their first visit, is no more. He reports they are feeling exhausted and a bit lost, but their relationship and bond is as strong as ever.

    All our heartfelt love to Gianluca and Inla, these two angels of service to others currently in the trenches. The light is with you. We love you.


Personal sharing:


Our dear friend Fox sent us a poem by a mystical Christian monk named Richard Hendrick. It is an inspired and much-needed message from the heart. I shared it on L/L's Facebook where it rapidly became the most reacted to and shared post ever. As of this writing, 742 positive reactions, 589 shares and many comments. And whether from our page or people who shared the post, Facebook reports it reaching over 44 thousand people. The outpouring of love that flowed in the comments is very inspiring:


And the following day, I asked how people were doing. The comments that came in were also filled with beautiful, uplifting, inspiring thought (minus a couple conspiratorial gripes about the powers that be):


Learning to minister to others, to hold the light, to share our love with others, to check in on each other, and to keep the flame of hope burning brightly is needed now more than ever. I hope that we all hear the great call for service ringing from our local circles and every corner of our planet. I hope that each of us rises to meet the need with all the strength in our beings, consciously remembering why it is we are here at this time.


We are in it now.


I won't opine further here except to note what many who have made the Choice can feel at this unique juncture: As heartbreaking and hard and difficult as this is and will continue to be, not in any of our lifetimes have we been at the brink of such profound opportunity for humanity's initiation and transformation. The old models stand every chance of such disruption that the way may be opened larger than it ever has for the birth of a new Earth. May each be guided safely through this portal.


And if there is anything that we at L/L Research can do to serve your needs, please let us know.


With love/light, Gary

Published by L/L Central on March 16, 2020 9:46pm.  Category: General

A poem from a Christian monk named Brother Hendrick.




Yes there is fear.
Yes there is isolation.
Yes there is panic buying.
Yes there is sickness.
Yes there is even death.
They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise
You can hear the birds again.
They say that after just a few weeks of quiet
The sky is no longer thick with fumes
But blue and grey and clear.
They say that in the streets of Assisi
People are singing to each other
across the empty squares,
keeping their windows open
so that those who are alone
may hear the sounds of family around them.
They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland
Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.
Today a young woman I know
is busy spreading fliers with her number
through the neighbourhood
So that the elders may have someone to call on.
Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples
are preparing to welcome
and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary
All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting
All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way
All over the world people are waking up to a new reality
To how big we really are.
To how little control we really have.
To what really matters.
To Love.
So we pray and we remember that
Yes there is fear.
But there does not have to be hate.
Yes there is isolation.
But there does not have to be loneliness.
Yes there is panic buying.
But there does not have to be meanness.
Yes there is sickness.
But there does not have to be disease of the soul
Yes there is even death.
But there can always be a rebirth of love.
Wake to the choices you make as to how to live now.
Today, breathe.
Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic
The birds are singing again
The sky is clearing,
Spring is coming,
And we are always encompassed by Love.
Open the windows of your soul
And though you may not be able
to touch across the empty square,


Richard Hendrick, March 13th 2020

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