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Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
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Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges supply a list of bullet points highlighting their collaborative work for L/L Research. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

You can access Jim McCarty’s daily “Camelot Journal” via the home page of Bring4th.

2019-07-07 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on August 19, 2019 11:03pm.  Category: BW Report
  • Double-reviewed, finalized, and published Session 7 of the Ra contact audio Youtube project:
  • Joined 14 other attendees of the Coming Home event for a two-hour post-gathering integration call over Zoom. It was the first time ever doing something like that following an event and it worked out splendidly. We shared a meditation together, broke out into small groups to reflect on the event and share our experience since, and then returned to the larger group to identify common themes.
  • Figured out how to transfer cassettes directly to mp3 on the computer and got some letter tapes from Carla to Dana over to Aaron T. for transcription. And speaking of, sent a big happy birthday to Aaron!
  • Did multiple nuts and bolts like processing and shipping book orders, responding to some seeker emails, (Trish) sharing via social media and making blazing progress on the audiobook, processing PO box mail and prison ministry letters, doing some light bookkeeping.
  • For the upcoming Homecoming Gathering, collected the final submissions for presentation-offerings and then created and issued a survey to all attendees. IN the survey we ask each to indicate a non-committal interest in attending or participating in various offerings. Using this data, we hope for the first time to create simultaneous offerings, those with larger interest in the main circle, those with lighter interest in the living room. Also processed cancellations and new registrations.
  • In the translation dimension, multiple piecese of news, including that Nihal is translating AWH into Turkish (thank you, Nihal!); Jochen's friend discovered complete Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian (all the same basic language) of Books I and 2 online!, Jochen reaching out to the friend to see if they would bring it up to RC standards (thank you Jochen and friend!); and we received a surprise Book 2 in Romanian from Horia P. (thank you, Horia!).
  • In the Board of Directors dimension, we welcomed Beatriz into the fold, setting her up with a new member package courtesy of Fox's ideas, did an assessment on where our present projects stand, finalized and voted on mission and vision statements, got one of our members staged to begin work updating by-laws, made a first draft of a coming announcement, and did some financial stuff.
  • Worked with Ken W. on the Tilting at Windmills interviews in the project to publish those online.
  • Received a very thorough and compellidng proposal from Jade, each paragraph subduing all resistance. : )
  • Continued working on some plans for home care while on the Europe trip and learned that we will finally meet the great Pupak in person, as she will be attending the event! Seats still open:
  • Gary: Heaven oh heaven, resumed work on the Concept Guide! Finished my penultimate volley on the series of terms from Adept - Will and reached out to Diana about her indispensable, extraordinary, game-changing work. Now awaiting Diana's final volley. Then finished the adjunct piece about Kundalini and staged it for Austin's desk, the final editing eyes before publication. There is a small chance that the book could be in print, or at least free PDF, by the Prague event.
  • Austin: The big project this week was implementing all of the various corrections, changes, edits, and updates to the Ra Contact books for its "second printing," as we decided to do a year from the release last June. After discussing changes with Jim and Gary, there are a total of four version to update (print manuscript, PDF, ebook, and Excel database), two volumes for each. The most complicated being the ebook version, it took a couple days to get the kinks worked out. Even untangled some messes from the initial release and made some aesthetic corrections Amazon has been bugging us about in the Kindle version. After completing the changes in all of the versions, submitted them to Amazon and Lulu for review.

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2019-06-28 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on August 19, 2019 11:02pm.  Category: BW Report
  • Reviewed, finalized, and published Session 6 of our Ra Contact Youtube series:
  • Edited and published Episode 84 of the In the Now podcast in which we talk about "the eternal now" - (Fitting as it will be the final episode under the title "In the Now." We are changing the title for the next episode.)
  • Received the final PDF transcript of the season from Tomas and published it to the archive site. This will be the third season of channeling that Tomas has completed in creating formatted Word documents that can then be published to the archive site as PDFs. Thank you for the service, Tomas!
  • Continued getting the Prison Ministry caught up, working with Sam and the new volunteer on sending out letters and solving some mysteries.
  • Did some regular correction and maintenance to the archive site.
  • Met with Jim to record a brand new episode of the podcast, the first under the new title. The new title happened to coincide with the arrival of new equipment as well. We sound better than ever. But make no more sense than we did before.
  • Did the weekly bookkeeping, and replying to seeker email, and processing and shipping book order.
  • Worked with BJ and Karin to prepare for a post-Coming Home integration call this weekend over the net.
  • Trish shared the Confederation vis social media and continued editing the audiobook.
  • Got Nihal set up to translate a Turkish version of A Wanderer's Handbook. His heart is dedicated to service and like many who resonate with the Law of One, he was profoundly transformed by this material. Thank you, Nihal!
  • Completed/continued a smatter of tasks, including receiving the Italian AWH annual report, connecting with Roger and Doug about their pitch for a docuseries, setting up a project with Aaron T. to transcribe what may be the final batch of Carla's leter tapes, worked with the Board on an investment question, welcomed a new student to the Basic Principles of the Law of One course, worked with Fox in her effort to transfer the secretary role to a new board member, got some photos to Tomas for a Law of One powerpoint presentation he is making, and made plans for home needs for our L/L event in Europe.
  • Austin: The big project that took most of mytime this week was overhauling our cybersecurity through various means, including implementing new password protocols and setting up two-factor authentication. A weight feels like it has been lifted as these new systems provide both protection and contingency preparation.
  • Gary: That reminds me. I was reading a blog post for a small, locally owned shop in Louisville selling textiles. In her post, the owner wrote: "I'm hoping to do a lot more actual designing this year, rather than spending so much of my time working on shipping and logistics issues. It's so funny and has happened to so many creatives I know- you start a business doing what you love, and then don't get to do that thing most of the time because the actual running of the business takes all your time. So it will be a joy to get back to the colors and textures and patterns..."

    True of the L/L operation too. Though ever fulfilling, the creative passions often have to take a back seat to the logistical operations. Fortunately, much of those logistics intersect with some of the best people on the planet.

Note: For older Blogworthy Report entries, please visit The Camelot Journal which contains entries going back to 2011. This blog was launched on August 19, 2019, and preloaded with four entries previously published to the Camelot Journal.

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