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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a bi-weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges share the highlights of their and Trisha Bean's collaborative work for L/L Research, along with sharing the daring exploits of a global network of volunteers. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

2021-07-23 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on July 24, 2021 12:07am.  Category: BW Report

6/19 - 7/23


New Intermediate Channeling Circle transcripts: As we've kept up our regular meetings to channel every other week, and the transcription team has gotten into the groove, we have four new transcripts to share with the world:


Ra Contact Unified Index: When we published The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, we created a slim companion booklet called The Unified Index. It contains a comprehensive catalogue of around 590 terms found in the Law of One. It is uniquely designed to enable an in-depth study of this inexhaustible material. 

We are pleased to announce that Tobey Wheelock has integrated the Unified Index into his Each and every Q&A is now hyperlinked to its place in the material. Check it out here!


Youtube: The project to combine the Ra contact audio with text in video format continues on. Primarily a project of archival importance, there are still a number of viewers who seem to listen to and appreciate each new session as it is published. As painstakingly slow as the audio is, listening to it in real time is not the most effecient way to study the material, but for the student interested in an immersive contact with the experience of the contact, it offers a unique opportunity.




  • New website: Things are looking bright for the new site! Right now we are at the very onset of morning when the night's darkness begins to give way to the faint, advancing light of a sun that hasn't yet peaked over the horizon. We conducted and celebrated a big milestone by:
    • Launching beta test: After Daniel installed a feedback widget on the site, we put together a plan, drafted an invite, and pinged a list of beta users! A pre-unveiling of the new site! The feedback that came in was so affirming and encouraging, with many things identified in need of either correction, improvement, or further consideration. Subsequently issued a google forms to collect more intensive feedback. Thank you everyone who participated! And a special thanks to the one known as Ian,'s original creator and webmaster, who took some time to share his feedback - it was extra special hearing from him on the eve of the new site. The website he built has held on for ~25 years.
    • Meeting with Daniel: Met with Daniel to process all the feedback received via email, widget, and google forms, making decisions about what, when, and whether to implement. There was lots of valuable insight from everyone. Then reviewed the website as a whole and planned for the month-long home stretch.
    • Content additions: There was a point a few months ago where Daniel collected all content from the old archive site to build the new site. Since that time, all updates to the old site have not made it onto the new site, with 60+ individual items and updates accumulating during that period. So now that we're in the homestretch, we've started whittling away at that long list, learning more about the publishing process on Statamic as we go.
    • Ra Contact resources: Finalized a couple remaining resources, including working with Diana F. on the illustrations for the "Healing & Initiation Machine." Thank you, Diana! And putting together a rough draft of a directory of community-generated resources and places of study for the new site.
  • Languages & Peeps: While our translators are still hard at work, we've entered a phase where we will pause publishing new translations to the old archive site and instead only add them to the new site, in order to cut down on workload and redundancy as we approach the launch of the new site. But Horia managed to squeak a few in before the cutoff!
    • Romanian - Horia: Thank you, Horia!
      November 1, 1987 - Sunday Meditation in Romanian
      - January 13, 1991 - Sunday Meditation in Romanian
      - January 6, 1991 - Sunday Meditation in Romanian
    • Italian - Gianluca: Just when the search-and-rescue teams were about to give up, he emerged! Gianluca is alive! We made one final attempt after over a year of outreach to get him back on the line. We were wondering if he would want to transfer the many-liked but completely dormant Italian FB page to the present Italian translator, Mauro. Gianluca came through with flying colors! He transferred ownership of the page, relinquishing all translation involvement right now due to life commitments, and gave us a synopsis of the odyssey of his past year plus, which includes a baby. Thank you and congrats to you and Inla!  
    • Italian - Mauro: As if having recently finished the Italian RC was not enough, we received from Mauro the Italian Law of One books. And if that were not enough, with Gianluca's support, Mauro re-launched the Italian Facebook page. And if that were not enough, we began some preliminary exploration on the topic of licensing partnership for the Italian language. This entity is a fountain of good energy. Thank you, Mauro!
    • German - K: Over several rounds, dialogued with K., and worked with Jochen, on the novel and interesting question of whether to accept machine-assisted translations for the Transcript Library. After consideration, we determined not to support machine-assisted translation at this time. We consider the messages of the Confederation to be sacred. Not in being "better than" other sources of insight, just to say that it is clear that the Ra Contact and the messages of the Confederation constitute a primary source of inspiration and information of and about the Creator for many human seekers. Thus we feel that the transcripts are best served when firstly appreciated and honored by the living intelligence of a human being from start to finish. Indeed, from Jochen's and Misha's lifelong, professional perspectives, the transcripts are "incomparably better" when performed by a human, particularly as the Confederation's message is replete with very unique jargon and English idioms.
  • Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag: Multiple rounds of working with Jochen, first in just enjoying with him his journey to Berlin and the unfolding likelihood of his relocation there and the launch of a German-language center there for the Confederation philosophy! In over six years of working with Jochen, this is the happiest we've seen him. | Also learned that he is working with a Turkish translator on the prospect of a Turkish RC. | And held a long video meeting just today to discuss the possibility of Jochen designing a manual and program for future prospective foreign-language licensees, for which he could serve as a consultant. We've given him the green light to go ahead and build the how to manual. Thank you, Jochen!
  • Transcription Crew: Two of the original four found that life pulled them in directions that did not support their volunteer service. So, we reached out to the remaining two to ask if they would be okay tackling with one channeling session per month. Fortunately they said yes, and did not require begging or pleading. Thank you, Suzanna and Wen!
  • Light/Lines Newsletter: We issued the Summer 2021 edition of the Light/Lines Newsletter, containing some brief L/L updates and a channeling session examining Ra's statement, "Things come not to those positively oriented, but through such beings." Check out the newsletter on our newsletter archive page, or sign up to receive newsletters on our subscription page.
  • Gatherings Newsletter: We also issued a brief Gatherings Newsletter, giving updates on the channeling meditations, new website, the Community Stewardship Circle, and a new homeschooling initiative from our friends at the Temple of the Open Heart. Though upon writing this blogworthy, we're just realizing it is not in a form accessible via browser. Oops! You can sign up for future editions on our subscription page.
  • Bring4th and the CSC: Worked with the CSC to revise and refine the guidelines related to health, mental health, and diet, putting the changes into effect. They're small changed that probably won't affect discussion much, but they will hopefully reinforce the desire to approach these topics with respect when discussing them on the forums. You can read the announcement here.
  • Seeker Ministry: Though not quantified, it feels like seeker email is gradually growing. Focusing our attention with the intention to be of some help, the three of us may each spend up to half a day or more each week replying to the various emails that arrive from around the world with questions, insights, confusions, and stories.
  • Archetypes Android app: We have been communicating with a talented and motivated mobile app developer, Josh, who has been working on creating a mobile app to help with the study of the archetypes. We've been working with him to give small points of feedback and guidance, and the project is coming together nicely. You can check it out on his website.
  • AWH Audiobook Updates: Received word from Julianne that her computer woes may soon be over and the work to edit the AWH audiobook can resume.
  • Archetypes workbook handout: Worked with Joseph Dartez to support the updating of the archetypes workbook he created for a 2014 gathering that we will be sharing in our Archetypes & Tarot resources on the Ra Contact page of the new site.
  • Jim interview with Olga: Got Jim set up with Olga to conduct his first interview using a translator go-between! She hailed from Siberia and from what we can tell of the Russian pages, seems something of a new age lightworker in those parts.
  • Sharing the Confederation's Message:
    • Created proposal for extending L/L Research's social media presence to include its first official Instagram account
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
    • Processed and shipped book orders to recipients around the world!
    • Continued digitizing channeling tapes
  • Catalyst: Issues of interpersonal friction, organizational politics, and public relations will always be present in any organization or business. With an organization like L/L Research doing spiritual work and service, these issues will always carry a different kind of flavor, since the very foundation of the organization is centered on spiritual principles. We've had some difficulties bubble up in this arena lately, asking for our attention in both official and personal capacities. The Law of One offers a framework for meeting these issues that can be both stabilizing and challenging, asking us to approach such challenges with open hearts of love. The main challenge with this is that vague notions of love and acceptance can be incredibly difficult to put into word and action when a situation is mired in deeply tangled interpersonal and organizational energies. The complexity of even small portions of our third-density experience can be astounding and baffling sometimes. Though we may stumble, sometimes gloriously, we always attempt to bring our focus to the heart when meeting these types of challenges. Whether there is healing or not, whether the practical needs of the issue are met successfully or not, catalyst is always generated. And we do our best to recognize that this catalyst like this is not simply a challenge to overcome, but an essential ingredient for our spiritual growth as individuals and as an organization. "Fun" is not a hallmark of these types of experiences, but they are ultimately a boon upon our path, even if they don't seem that way at the time.
  • Smatterings: Began collecting and editing photos of Jim's garden for a potential photo album. | Created individual PDFs of all the terms from Adept - Will in A Concept Guide.
  • Nuts ‘n Bolts
    • European Union shipping: In quite unfortunate news, the EU has decided to enforce some pretty strict VAT regulations for shipments coming into EU countries from international sources, which would include shipments from our online store. The new regulations are unfortunately too much overhead and complication for us to implement into our processes, so we have had to cease shipping to the EU completely. We placed proper notice in the associated places on the Online Store and directed seekers to the UK or DE Amazon sites.
    • Stereo system: The stereo system at Jim's house, used primarily for tuning during the channeling circles, decided to retire its service to our circle. So a new one was sought out and installed, with much improved sound quality, and potential for utilizing a Bluetooth upgrade.
    • CPA: Worked with the CPA on an annual survey required of NPOs.
  • Intermediate Channeling circles: Held a couple channeling circles. However, due to recent catalyst, we repurposed the second channeling circle into a silent meditation, and we doubled the length of the opening round robin in order to process and share together. We found it was quite helpful in coming together and releasing some energies. (As always, these channeling are on our personal time.)


Personal sharing & Announcements:


Asheville Law of One Study Group: Trish and I (Gary) were on a weekend, dog-centric camping trip in Nantahala National Forest of western North Carolina a few weeks ago. Our two pups were stars. As we were 1.5 hours west of Asheville, and as it was a Sunday, the time for their weekly Law of One study group meeting, we made the journey and surprised the study group. It so happened that this week they began on the Kundalini section of A Concept Guide.  (They integrate ACG into every fourth week of their meetings.) It was great to study with them in person and share energies!


Love to our dear friend Steve E. who recently said goodbye to his 96-year old grandmother. After receiving all her family for her birthday in the New England area, she passed while everyone was on their way home. One wonders if she held out long enough to see her family one more time. And love to everyone affected by the terrible flooding in Belgium and Germany.


And a message we shared from our friends in the recent Gatherings Newsletter from our friends in Asheville:


Starseed Homeschooling


The Law of One community in Asheville has birthed a micro-homeschool collective called Starseeds which has been a great success for over a year now. It is a spiritual education for children grounded in the Law of One principles. We are expanding and starting a Teen program (ages 13-18) this coming fall, which will be based here in our village. Who doesn't wish they were introduced into this culture when they were a teenager?


One of our village members, Karin Petersen, has been exploring boarding a few students in her home to offer them housing to attend our teen program. It would be a cultural immersion into our village life. The Law of One community here, built upon the principles of the positive polarity, has a small village of 5 homes in the Swannanoa River valley outside of Asheville, NC. We share meals and gather regularly. We have woods to roam, gardens to soak up, a river to swim, and 4 children who already live here, 2 of whom are teenagers.


Our purpose is social harmony and raising children in love and light. We have deep commitments to work through conflict, track impact on each other, and do repair. We are learning and growing and making our share of mistakes, and striving nonetheless to move towards a social memory complex.


We want to share our riches, which is our culture. Living with others who are committed to being service to other is magical. Even better, practicing the tools to harmonize is a privilege. 


Do you have any fellow Law of One family who are blessed with teenagers who may be interested in a spiritual education?

Would you be willing to put out the word to your Law of One community and help us find these teenagers who call to us? 


If so, please contact for more info. And check out our website,


Our hearts warm as we think of each of you. We hope you are nurtured and steeped in the love and light of the Creator!


2021-06-18 Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on June 24, 2021 10:03pm.  Category: BW Report

6/5 – 6/18


Youtube: Listening to Ra's words as spoken so faintly through Carla immerses one in the energy of the contact. At least for those who find a feeling of home in Ra's messages, it can be a meaningful if not sacred experience. The steady march continues to pair the original audio with the text and make it freely available via YouTube. Two more sessions are up:

Chinese language: The One Center in Taiwan translated and published A Wanderer's Handbook several years ago, and then per the publishing agreement, recently sent us their PDFs to publish to the archive site for free, for all Chinese-speaking wanderers to read. And then thanks to Sean's help in translating the archive site page, we were able to share the free PDF with the world. Thank you One Center and Sean!

  • New website:
    • Daniel will stay on! Daniel has gifted L/L Research nearly two years of volunteer effort to build, from the ground up, coding and databasing and all, the new As we near the site's launch, and learning that Daniel would be seeking new incomed work out in the world, we officially propositioned him, asking if he would stay on the team post-launch as L/L's new primary webmaster.

      Daniel brings a very broad and modern skillset, what might be called a "full stack" developer who can work proficiently on all aspects of the website, from the back end to the front end, complicated server management, coding, design, etc. He also has a master's degree, so he brings a significant level of education to the job. And he has been incredibly professional in his approach to the website so far. In fact, he's been a pleasure to work with the whole way. Daniel is a very gentle, reserved, and a compassionate person. We haven't experienced a single moment of friction between us.

      And thanks be, Daniel accepted! It feels wonderful to use this increase in funds toward the mission! And thanks to the board for approving of the update to the annual budget.
    • Website text: On a website that has so many different sections and hosts such a large collection of content, there are inevitably many, many small pieces of text descriptors, pointers, directions, explanations, etc. - lovingly called blurbs. Each one needs edited, proofed, and updated to the actual website, and with the new CMS platform, there are several different ways to go about this. Some are also hardcoded into the website, requiring Daniel to change the text manually. He has also had to guide us as we learn the ins and outs of how Statamic is utilized. It has been a long process of getting all of that text drafted, proofed, and published. But we are essentially done! Only a few minor pieces left that rely on updates to other aspects of the website before they can be finalized.
    • Search function: For the student of the Law of One and other L/L material, a decent search function to scan the transcripts for keywords is an invaluable tool, and something that has never really existed on the old archive site. It will thankfully be a key function of the new website. Daniel has been hard at work searching for good search engine services, testing them and figuring out how to implement it in the most useful way.
    • Beta testing: Got our first beta tester! Our friend Aaron Maret, architect by training, gave the site a once over and offered his feedback. We then put together the invitation and list for the upcoming beta testing period, to take place during the next blogworthy cycle. The goosebumps are growin.
    • RC Resource: Pyramid diagrams: Continued working with the artist extraordinaire, Diana F., on the illustrations for one of the new resources we'll be offering on the Ra Contact page. Another final couple tweaks and it will be finished. Thank you, Diana!
    • Archetypes: Received from Joseph a preface to a workbook that he created for a 2014 workshop he led and designed about the archetypes. Though his study and understanding have evolved considerably since that time, it is still an excellent study tool for the archetypes, and a decent stand-in until he completes his multi-year project to write a comprehensive book called The Tarot According to Ra.
    • Organizing Resources: Put some thought into refining the design of the resources being offered on the Ra Contact page, creating new categories and gathering new items to offer.
    • While not technically related to the new website, Daniel did give us a heads up about the domain being available for sale, so we snagged it and set it up to redirect to the official page.
  • Bring4th: Dialogued with Steve E. on some Bring4th questions. After solving the mystery of the errors preventing the upgrades, he's on the downhill track toward officially rolling out an upgraded Bring4th. He thinks that by early July, users might be able to enjoy an updated and improved Bring4th! (Including a site that is mobile friendly for the first time.)
  • Copyright office: Worked with out amazing IP attorneys to continue settling an issue with the copyright office, which has apparently been in much disarray from the pandemic, but it looks like things are finally looking clear for everything to be settled.
  • Payroll: Had some puzzling mysteries to resolve regarding paying international contractors via our payroll service and the tax implications of such. Thankfully, the IRS offers incredibly clear and not-at-all-confusing guidance for that kind of issue. (He wrote sarcastically.)
  • Working with Translators:
    • Vietnamese: Transferred the Vietnamese-language rights to Brand Skybooks for a five-year term! And many thanks to them, they agreed to send us back a PDF of the book to publish to our website to stay true to our mission to make the material available in all languages.
    • Romanian: Dialogued with Horia and received from him KPF and Mobi files of the Romanian Ra Contact. Thank you, Horia!
    • Russian: Dialogued with Catherine about the Russian Living the Law of One 101. She reports that she's just a couple chapters away.
    • Serbian: Made our first connection with Sheyla, a lovely and humorous soul with a colorful life path who wants to help get L/L's material into Serbian. Thank Connected her with Alex (another Serbian translator) and Jochen (for potential collaboration on the existing Serbian RC text).
    • Italian: Received some updates from Mauro on the Italian RC, dialogued with him moving onto Book V of the LOO, and talked about his interest in launching an Italian FB page. Which prompted a final outreach to the MIA Gianluca, which returned a surprise reply! Gianluca reported some major life changes since we've heard from him, including a baby, a marriage, and moving out of country. He is happy about Mauro's efforts and will transfer over the existing, very large and very dormant Italian FB page.
    • German: We've been in dialogue with Jochen about wonderful, transformative events in his life, including a likely move to Berlin where he and a couple other seekers have dreams of regular public meetings, group study, rural garden support for an urban center, renting an office that can double as a space for public programs, a "public shop," and otherwise setting up a center for spiritual seekers in Germany. It all sounds so rich with potential!
  • Seeker Ministry: Every week we get a wide variety of messages from seekers all around the world. These are predominantly from seekers who are reaching out with questions about the material, looking for guidance or advice, wanting to share their experience or story, hoping to find some kind of connection, or simply offering gratitude. It is a constant honor and joy to respond to every email that we receive.
  • Sharing the Confederation's Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos.
    • Processed and shipped book orders to recipients around the world!
    • Continued digitizing channeling tapes
  • Nuts ‘n Bolts:
    • Completed the weekly bookkeeping x2 and held the balance of the financial universe in order
    • Harmoniously worked out a royalties question with the publisher of the LOO books.
    • Performed the usual maintenance and corrections to the archive website.
  • Smattering of Others
    • Helped to get Jim set up with an interviewer in Siberia who would use conduct the interview using a translator for both parties. | Continued learning photoshop to launch an L/L-run Instagram account.
  • Intermediate channeling circles: met on 6/9. As always, this is a volunteer effort on our own time. The group question in this circle was about how the infant "contains the universe."



Personal sharing & Announcements:


- On personal time, joined with Jim to make a group visit to see our dear friend Fox! Enjoyed a meal consisting of veggies straight from her bountiful garden as we ate outdoors underneath the willow tree in a very peaceful, very quiet rural setting. Visiting her and her husband out in the countryside, I think we're reminding of what paradise can taste like on Earth when one lives in harmony and love with the land (and is able to tune out the news...).

2021-06-04 Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on June 4, 2021 6:19pm.  Category: BW Report


5/22 - 6/4


Youtube: The Ra Contact audio/text project continues its steady march to 106. Audio is cleaned slightly, then matched with the corresponding text before being published to Youtube. It feels as though the end might be on the horizon! (Still months away.)


Italian: Italian superstar Mauro delivered to us another incredible gift - Volume 2 of The Ra Contact in Italian! Thanks to him, the entire material is now available for Italian-speaking seekers to read. He also continued helping out to create and refine the archive site page to host it. Thank you Mauro!

Romanian: Horia has also been hard at work revising the Romanian translations of the Ra Contact, and delivered to us a second revision of Volume 1 and a first revision of Volume 2, which have been published to the archive site. Thank you Horia!




  • New website: The primary focus of these past weeks, and probably for the next few weeks, was work on the new website. Daniel continues to weave his web-dev magic to create a spectacular new archive site, incorporating new content and feedback with consistent skill and good spirit. The many various tasks worked on these past weeks were:
    • Site reviw: Performed our final and tenth systematic overview of the new website in an uninterrupted marathon 6.5 hr session, followed by a three-hour meeting with Daniel the next day to communicate all of our feedback and revisions, plan the next steps; and then spent late Friday night getting all that feedback into Trello cards for Daniel's processing. Daniel began his work around Nov, 2019. At over a year and a half, the sight of the finish line nears.
    • Website text: With access to the "back end" platform back in our hands, all of the various fragments of text that appear all over the site were available for us to edit again. After finalizing the text some weeks ago, the entire list of fragments was parsed, some being incorporated onto the site easily, some requiring some investigation of the software, and some requiring another check-in with Daniel about how to edit them. Also, a general exploration of this software continued as Daniel has essentially designed a completely unique system from the ground up, built upon this platform that allows a static site to be built from a git repository of information - the git containing essentially all transcripts, text, snippets, fragments, etc.
    • Beta testing: Began structuring for upcoming beta testing and reached out to our friend and design and builder Aaron Maret to see if he'd be interested in a design review.
    • Feedback widget: Testing out a feedback widget for when the beta testers have access, to give them an easy way to submit feedback.
    • Photo Galleries: Exploring the various ways to use watermarks on the various types of photos that will be available on the site.
    • RC Resource Glossary: Enjoyed collaboration across the ocean with our Chinese friend Sean on the development of two new glossaries of the site. Many thanks to Sean and Trisha.
    • RC Resource Pyramid: Enjoyed somewhat more local collaboration with Diana F. for some photoshop work on a resource on the pyramids we created for the new site.
  • Bring4th:
    • Upgrade: Received word from Bring4th's webmaster, Steve, that after 2.5 days of making incremental upgrades to the forum software, he had broken through the error barrier and succeeded! This barrier had been plaguing efforts for a long time. Dialogued on the next steps for the upgrade and a mobile-friendly site.
    • Forum Policy: In collaboration with the CSC, launched a policy change in the forums to discourage focus on politics and conspiracy in a reinvestment and refocus of the forums to align more with the mission of L/L Research.
  • Working with Translators: It seems like not a day goes by that we don't have another large translation to share with the world. On top of publishing the translations offered to us by volunteers, we also are continuously helping them to grasp certain concepts in a way that can be translated to new languages, solve various riddles and puzzles that come up while translating, and generally offer support and resources as they undertake the grand service of translation.
    • Hindi - Received an offer for translating L/L's material into Hindi! Set out to establishing relationship and terms. Previous Hindi offers have not come to fruition, we'll cross the fingers for this one.
    • Farsi - After several rounds of dialogue with K. on his idea for a documentary and translating the L/L library, connected him with the existing Farsi translator working on the Ra Contact, M. for potential collaboration.
    • Russian - In the process of connecting facilitating an interview for Jim with a Russian teacher, learned that one Catherine is nearing completion of Living the Law of One 101 in Russian. Set up some initial but retroactive terms with her. Thank you, Catherine!
    • German - Received offer and went through the ropes with Karsten and then connected him with Jochen. Thank you, Karsten!
    • Serbian - Received an offer and set up terms with Sheyla for Serbian translation of L/L's material. Thank you, Sheyla!
    • Italian - Received Ra Contact refinements from Mauro and dialogued on prospects of an Italian Facebook and future collaboration. Made a final outreach to our friend and MIA former Italian translator to see if was still interested.
    • Romanian - Received from Horia a revision to the Romanian Ra Contact. Thank you, Horia!
    • Vietnamese - Not just a translator but a Vietnamese publishing house, our first ever contact with that language, has gained the rights to publish Living the Law of One 101 in Vietnam.
  • Seeker Ministry: As a team, responded to a couple weeks' worth of lovely emails from seekers around in the world in support of their journeys.
  • A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook: After sorting out the initial sound issues, Juliane delivered her first completed chapter from the AWH audiobook for us to review. Progress is now steadily underway. Thank you Juliane!
  • Bring4th and the CSC: In the last Blogworthy we mentioned an announcement about a change to Bring4th regarding the politics subforum and political discussion on Bring4th. It caused a bit of a splash and there were a range of reactions to the news. We did our best to engage with members' concerns and give insight into the motivation behind the decision. The official closure and policy went into effect today. Huge thanks to the community and the CSC team for engaging in some passionate discussion.
  • Spotify: Did some research on getting the Law of One Podcast onto the Spotify platform, scouring the internet with questions looking for answers that don't seem to exist.
  • Sharing the Confederation's Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos, including locating a couple new discrepencies.
    • Processed and shipped book orders to recipients around the world!
    • Continued digitizing channeling tapes
    • Many thanks to Sean H's help, got the page uploaded to the online store for the Chinese-language editions
  • Nuts ‘n Bolts:
    • Our copyright attorney reached out with an update on the progress of a process we're going through with the Copyright Office, seeking some clarification that we were happy to offer, and happy that there are professionals who understand the shadowing quagmire of copyright law that we can trust and rely on. 
    • Completed the weekly bookkeeping x2
  • Smattering of Others
    • Received word from our dear friend Terry that his Law of One study group has gone online. | With a few small tweaks remaining, got Jim's, Don's, and Carla's Amazon pages online. | Held a years-long overdue catch-up call with Scott Mandelker.
  • Intermediate channeling circles: met on 5/27. As always, this is a volunteer effort on our own time. The group question in this circle was about how we seek unity when immersed in a world that holds conflicting and mutually unintelligible truths.



Personal sharing & Announcements:


- We put together a few videos of us reflecting on our recently passed friend and L/L volunteer, Laura, for her memorial service at her husband's request. We unfortunately couldn't be there in person but it was an honor to speak to the light that was evident in her.


- Sending love to one of the transcription team, Wen, as she and her family had to say goodbye to their furry canine companion, Stewie, this past weekend.


- Wishing our friend and Law of One reader, Kyle, his family, and their partnered family, as they take a big leap of faith in uprooting from Canada to relocate to Costa Rica.


- And in working with Sean, he shared a dream that his Law of One-reading partner April had about Carla. April gave permission to share it:


As recorded by April : A Letter from Carla Rueckert

In a secret place, someone wants to send me a letter. When delivering the letter, he said that it was Carla who wrote to me. Carla's signature was written on the cover. The man added that Don had also read the letter, but he was not familiar with the content of the letter. The man asked me to quickly open the letter and read it. It had two sides and was written like a poem.

On the front side, it was written as below: "There are two houses in everyone's heart, the outer house and the inner house. You want the outer house to be strong, beautiful and perfect, but the outer house given to you by the Creator is dilapidated and crumbling, with no roof and only a few wall bricks. You can even tear down the outer house easily if you want. However, this is the configuration and gift given to you by the Creator."

It was written on the back of the letter: "Your inner house is very strong, made of concrete and has a small window, and all you have to do is to build another door so that you can get in and out of the inner house of your heart at will. "

At the end of the poem, it was written: "Inadvertently, you will be surprised to find a small umbrella (which the archangel gave you) perhaps when you encounter confusion, and then you just need to open it gently." 


It's interesting that a few days ago, she found her dream was echoed by a passage by Q'uo.  


2021-05-21 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on May 22, 2021 10:36pm.  Category: General


5/1 - 5/21


Translations: Some periods of history are marked by certain types of progress, whether organizational, social, spiritual, technological, etc. Future historians, looking back upon this era of L/L Research (because of course they'll be studying L/L Research for some reason), will label this era the Translation Age. Each Blogworthy brings more and more amazing progress in translating Confederation material, and this time we have some incredibly exciting announcements:

  • Italian Ra Contact! Mauro has been hard at work preparing the Italian translation, refining, editing, and ensuring that it is as polished as it can be for Italian-speaking seekers. He's also the one who, months ago, pioneered a new way for translators to translate and organize the index easily, and so the fruits of his genius are now manifest in Italian. Thank you Mauro!
    The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One Volume 1 and the Unified Index
  • Polish Ra Contact! Another dedicated translator who has invested incredible time and energy into the effort, Pawel, has delivered the Ra Contact in Polish (also utilizing Mauro's index method for the Volume 1 index). And just like that, the material becomes available for an entire culture and country. Thank you Pawel!
    The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One Volume 1

Intermediate Channeling Circles: After some encouragement from friends and internal discussion, we made the decision to change the label of our Practice Channeling Circles to Intermediate Channeling Circles, both an indication of their regularity (in normal times, taking place in between normal public channelings) and the progress of the students (not quite novices, not quite seasoned). With this change, they are now being published in the main channeling archive instead, and we are now caught up with transcripts. And thanks to the new team of volunteer transcribers-Suzanna, Wen, Indi-we have a few more new transcripts to share with the world!

Youtube: The audio/text multimedia project continues apace, with Trish also finding a handful of minor corrections in what might be called a sort of re-re-relistening project. Perhaps some day this audio will be so thoroughly examined that no anomalies remain save for the anomaly of a sixth-density social memory complex communicating to and through a humble group of humans.


  • Working with Translators
    • Romanian: Horia continues his own hot streak of translation by delivering two more transcripts for publication in Romanian. Thank you Horia!
      - February 8, 2020 - Saturday Meditation
      - December 28, 1975 - Sunday Meditation
    • Serbian: Alex also continues his efforts to share light with the Serbian-speaking world, delivering another channeling transcript. Thank you Alex!
      - February 6, 2005 - Sunday Meditation
    • Chinese - Thanks to Sean's prompting, we reached out to the One Center in Taiwan who print several of L/L's books in Chinese. Asked them about receiving a PDF of the Chinse AWH for publication to L/L's website in support of our mission to keep the material freely available. They were prompt and generous in getting the pdfs to us! A Chinese AWH will be on the website shortly.
    • German/French - Received from Jochen the first quarter report (the activities to which are shared below) for 2021 for the German and French operations. Thank you, Jochen, Misha, and every other German and French volunteer involved in the effort! Also, met for a few hours with the inestimable Misha and Jochen over video for a catch up and a discussion of our partnership L/L's vision for the future.
    • Polish - Responded to some questions from Pawel, relayed Vol 2 material (in addition to receiving RC1 as described above).
    • Italian1 - Dialogued with Mauro, making some tweaks, answering some questions (in addition to receiving RC1 as described above).
    • Italian2 - Worked with Susanna of Stazione Celeste to extend their Italian-rights to AWH for another period and to receive their annual report
    • Hungarian - Bounced back and forth with Laszlo to refine questions around the Hungarian translation and received from him updated version of the Hungarian Law of One.
    • Farsi - Communicated with two independent efforts, one underway, one aspiring to be, to translate L/L's material into Farsi.
  • A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook: Juliane continued on with her efforts of editing and mastering the AWH audiobook, continuing to work with us to work out the last few quirks and anomalies of the audio to land on a final professional sound.
  • Bring4th and the CSC: The Bring4th Community Stewardship Circle, now operating at full capacity, has already been presented with plenty of opportunity for discussion and stewardship. Among other things, this includes the fleshing out of a new policy regarding political discussion on the forums and the elimination of a politics-focused subforum. We met with them over Zoom to catch up and talk out the various aspects of this proposed change, and after refining the new policy over continued discussion, the official announcement has been made, and getting a general check-in on how the circle is going for them. This is a decision that has been in the works since before the CSC was formed, and has been mulled over for a long time. Changing policy that increases limitations on discussion is always a difficult prospect to approach, but we're confident in the intention behind this decision and hopeful that it will be beneficial to the forum environment. In case you're a Bring4th denizen who is interested in this kind of thing, you can find the announcement here.
  • New website: After delivering a large batch of new content to Daniel for the new website, he got to work incorporating it into the new website, as well as continuing to refine the design and feel of the website as a whole, making it feel as though it is moving ever closer to crystallization. We had the opportunity to share the site with our dear translators Misha and Jochen, and were truly uplifted by their excited and positive reaction to seeing it. We seriously can't wait to share this new site with the world. We also worked with Daniel to sort out some odds and ends, answer some questions, and test some things out to make sure everything was working smoothly.
  • New Glossary & Pyramid Stuff:  Worked with our dear friend Sean H. on a new glossary of entities and places in the Law of One. He synthesized and distilled a ton of Ra. Thank you so much, Sean! And refined a distillation of pyramid info for the new website, needing some graphic help which we pinged Diana F. about to receive her affirmative reply. Thank you, Diana!
  • Sharing Other Seekers' Work:
    • Living Love & Light Youtube Channel: Speaking of Youtube, several months ago an eager seeker reached out seeking permission to utilize the conscious channeling library material in a unique way, creating audio renditions of transcripts for easy listening (a bit like an audiobook). After granting a unique copyright exception for him, he ran with the idea and has since been publishing one new transcript every day, recently crossing the 200th transcript mark. The production quality is excellent, and it's a great way of receiving the Confederations message. You can check out his Youtube channel here.
    • Law of One/ Ra Materialet fortolket: A Danish seeker, Sidsel Jess, reached out to gain our permission to launch a podcast where they focus on the Law of One in Danish. Her first six episodes are online and well done!
  • Sharing the Confederation's Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with Confederations quotes, and updated Patreon with L/L news and offerings.
    • Continuing working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos
    • Processed and shipped book orders to recipients around the world!
    • Continued digitizing channeling tapes
    • Worked on getting pages in the online store for Chinese-language editions
  • Smattering of others: Confirmed details of the Orange co. LOO study group for our sudy group directory through some emails with its facilitator, Chase. | Related a couple new discovers of discrepancy between audio and text to TW so that he can update his site, including determine the "inaudible" portion of 73.3, which is Don saying "to disseminate" | Finally finished the author pages on for Jim and Don, completing the trio! | Began research into Photoshop training and viewing tutorials.
  • Amazon printing in Australia: We got news from Amazon that the print-on-demand service that allows us to successfully sell printed books via Amazon without needing to maintain stock or manage product is now available in Australia. Given the cost of international shipping from the USA, this program is often a more affordable option for international customers wishing to purchase the books. And Australian shipping happens to be the most expensive (understandable, given it's literally the other side of the world). So after reviewing the differences in printing cost, royalties, etc., we're happy to say that Australian customers now have an affordable channel for getting their hands on printed versions of our books (that, of course, are already offered freely online.
  • Intermediate channeling circles: met on 4/28 and 5/12. As always, this is a volunteer effort on our own time.



Personal sharing & Announcements:


As mentioned, Ra appeared this month in Polish and Italian! Below, some reflections from the two translators about their experience:


Mauro - Italian: "I completed a full, thorough review of the whole book, including Index, Glossary, Relistening Report, and of course the Notes About Tranlation as well. I have to tell you, when I finished translating the Epilogue, emotions for the job done mixed with Don's, Carla's and Jim's story ending made me cry a river!"


I feel a strong urge to make this material availabe asap. The world, and my country, do really need it now. I am also starting to think that I will soon have to go out of my isolation and reach new people more alike, it's time to give birth to this social memory complex."


Pawel - Polish: "This project is as much fun as a Wanderer can get in today's world :)

Personally, it serves to me as a form of getting new knowledge, auto-therapy, expanding of consciousness and even a form of meditation believe it or not. It also gives me a tremendous amount of hope and purpose on daily basis.


I can feel that big changes to the world are just around the corner and that changes will force many people to redefine their beliefs. I don't know for sure what the future holds but I do know that the Law of One material is the greatest base to build upon new ideas, concepts or even societal interactions."


And in this spirit of changes coming, M., the Farsi translator wrote:


M. - Farsi: The rise of interest in these kinds of materials does not surprise me. After all, we are experiencing one of the darkest eras in the history of the country. Many might feel lost since they have abandoned the traditional spiritual and religious belief systems and do not feel comfortable with Western ideologies (except perhaps for the New Age philosophy). Having a self-satisfying perspective on the big questions of who we are and what we are doing here has gotten increasingly challenging. There must have been a lot of callings from [this region and nearby] in general. I wish for us volunteers to be successful on our chosen missions.


And B., the Arabic translator, shared with us the good news his wife and his first child, a daughter! His email and picture literally made me (Gary) cry. Congratulations to B. and his wife!!


B. - Arabic: It is, indeed, such a magical and wonderful moment. When I held Y., my daughter, for the first time, I felt like she is not just a part of me, but she is me living her own journey. Part of did not want to have kids at the beginning because I did not want them to suffer the way I did, especially that they would be born during this difficult and strait period of time. However, after I met her, I see this as being a reason for another soul to experience this density, and use its catalysts to grow and transcend. So I will accept this honor/duty to be of service to this pure and complete soul, giving her all the love and guidance that she needs throughout her journey. I pray to God that He provides me with enough strength, love, and wisdom to nurture this beautiful entity and be there for her. I have attached a photo that my mother-in-law took of me holding my daughter for the first time, and my wife standing in front of me after she handed her to me.


And then from our longtime friends, Jochen, Misha, and the volunteers they work with, some of the activity highlights in the first quarter of 2021:


Maison d'édition La Loi Une Report Quarter 1 / Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag Report Quarter 1

  • The publication of the German Ra Contact as a hardcover had to be stopped some time ago because the provider ceased his cooperation with the printer company. Recently the hardcover production (in small numbers) was taken up into offer again and hence Jochen designed a new edition.
  • Intelligente Unendlichkeit, the first volume of the Matthias Galke's series entitled (in English) "The Law of One and the Evolution of Consciousness" got ready. L/L kindly displays it in the online store:
    Please note: We have also been preparing an English version and are looking for help with reviewing it. Please see the online store page in case you'd be interested to help out.
  • Stimmen des Bündnisses (Voices of the Confederation) was completed and published, as PDF, Kindle, Tolino EPUB and Softcover.
  • A collection of the total month of Channeling in February 1974 was completed and published, and Jochen provided the whole batch of these sessions to the L/L transcript library.
  • Lots of blogging was done, and book distribution kept going on at a quite high level.
  • By the end of March Jan, living in Spain, joined Jochen in German translations and took up continuing the early sessions in L/L's library.


2021-05-03 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on May 3, 2021 9:15pm.  Category: BW Report


4/10 - 4/30


Podcast: Recorded another great Law of One Podcast, this time joined by Suzanna Miller, a pioneer in opening the doorways to spiritual evolution through ecstatic sexual energy, creator of the (retired) Blissrunner podcast. She joined us to talk about her journey of reconciling her career and the pursuit of her passion, along with her awakening to sacred sexuality and ecstatic energy. Check out the discussion in Episode 99 on our podcast page


Youtube: Continued on with the long march to session 106 for the Ra Contact Youtube project, working out some unique audio/transcript issues along the way:




  • Translators, working with and receiving their work:
  • One month of the Community Stewardship Circle: Though the project began in late October, the CSC (announced in the previous blogworthy entry) has been live for one month. We couldn't be happier with how well they've stepped up to the plate. They take their work seriously, they care for the well being of the forums, they want to do the highest and best job possible that navigates all the balances of free will (yes, these are explicitly discussed in decision-making), they all chip in, and they all blend energies really well in compassion and the light heart. We continued working in partnership with the CSC in redesigning aspects of the forums and planning for an upcoming meeting.
  • New website
    • New content: After submitting it to the board for review and approval, finalized the Yellow-Ray Page, along with building new content, tweaking, and finalizing the History & Origins section, a robust FAQ, and 80+ pieces of website copy text. Also synthesized a couple more rituals for the ritual database, and
    • Special glossary: Received from our brother, Sean, his outstanding work! Thanks to Trisha's efforts we had put together a glossary of a particular class of terms, but they were using conventional definitions and did not take into account what Ra said about those terms. Enter Sean whose supermind filled in those holes for us. Thank you, Sean! Spent a couple of rounds editing his work before bouncing back to him.
    • Other: Received gracious updates from Scott Mandelker on his work for incorporation into a directory of study groups. | Finally got a short bio from the one known as Trisha for her role's placement in the About Us section. | Worked with Daniel on several questions, from the various pages on the new site to photos for the Events page. Went through a decade and a half of event photos to find covers for each of the events listed on the website.
  • Coming Home / Homecoming: Despite an optimistic start, after further work with our Carebear cousins in Asheville, we all decided that the challenges of conducting a public event with dozens of people during a pandemic, even in a world where each is in theory availed the opportunity of a vaccine, is too much right now. So in unison we decided to hold off on attempting to host an event this year. Then we met at Jim's to discuss the same question with regard to the Homecoming Gathering. We were so torn. God we miss everyone. And despite the huge logistical challenge of converting a suburban home into a 40-person weekend venue, we are eager to host again. But for similar reasons we leaned toward erring on the side of caution, at least for one more year. Fingers crossed hard for 2022.
  • A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook: Juliane went straight to work whipping up some samples of audio for us, showing her skill in making audio sound corrections, as well as edits, adjustment to pacing, and overall volume and EQ mastering. After a few rounds of comparing samples, we found a final sound and she set to work.
  • Seeker Ministry: Continued our weekly rhythm of the three sometimes four of us responding to all manner of email and need to arrive at our doorstep, from "Where do I find this?" to "Can you help me with this problem?" to "What do you think of the Law of One as compared to this other system," to "The Law of One has changed my life and here is my story of discovery/awakening," to "I have been to the 17th density and what Ra could see was but child's play to my all-knowingness."
  • Siberian interview: Coordinated with Catherine, a woman in the new age community, who is interested in having a video interview with Jim, except with a translator go-between.
  • Nuts ‘n Bolts:
    • 990: Finalized the 990 with the CPA, sent it to the Board for their review and approval, and subsequently gave our CPA the green light to file! This was our second year with the new CPA and after a lot of elbow grease invested last year, this year was so much more streamlined. They are a dream relative to our former accountants (who are responsible for some hair loss on our heads), so our level of appreciation is quite strong.
    • Bookkeeping: Kept the financial universe in order.
    • One Center: Worked with our friends at the Chinese publishing firm in creating new reports.
  • Sharing the Confederation's Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with quotes and offerings, and updated Patreon with news and offerings.
    • Continued working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos
    • Processed and shipped book orders
    • Continued digitizing the remaining batch of analog cassette tapes of the channelings, which is from the late 70s backward.
    • Worked with the new transcription circle to help expedite the flow. Currently a few channeling transcripts in the pipeline.
    • Worked on getting the One Center's Chinese translations into the translation section of the online store
  • Trisha's Role: Trisha's duties presently include but are not limited to: social media management (FB, Twitter, Patreon), seeker ministry (including replying to emails), producing all the Ra Contact YouTube videos, book orders (shipping, managing inventory, working with patrons), bookkeeping L/L's financials, digitizing and getting uploaded to the cloud the huge audio library of L/L's transcripts, running the Etsy store, assisting with event production (particularly leading the meal production), and other odds and ends that come up, not to mention volunteering to co-channel in our circle. | Audiobook editing had been on her desk too, she is responsible for both Ra Contact audiobooks, but now that that has been outsourced to the wonderful Juliane!, there is new room in her schedule. | In collaboration with Trish, we reviewed her role and collectively located areas for her to grow in service to the organization and its readership, including learning adobe's photoshop in order to launch an L/L Instagram, adobe's premier in order to bring video editing in house and develop our youtube page, and excel because we really need to up our game with spreadsheets. And when we design the paramters for making more of the audio from the vast transcript library available from the new website, Trish can take the lead on that. With more video editing skill, she can edit the Tilting at Windmill videos when they're delivered from our friend currently working on them, along with developing the online store more to get product pages for printed translations (not from our own inventory but to avail the foreign reader of their location). And down the road there are other avenues, including taking up publishing transcripts to the new website, participating in or leading the upcoming massive effort to index the transcript library with a new tagging system, lead up the prison ministry, and one project growing in our hearts: to research and curate wanderer stories. In other words, GO TRISHA!
  • Intermediate circles: The channeling intensives were begun four years ago in April, 2017 to teach new channels, including Trish, Kathy, Austin, and Gary. Beyond those weekends, the home team continued to meet once a month, then twice a month, to practice learning to channel. Those transcripts continued to be published to the practice channeling section of the website, we feeling that they weren't qualified to share space with the main Transcript Library which contains the records of more seasoned instruments, notably, Carla and Jim. So after several rounds of discussion, review of the existing channeling ability, and encouragement from friends (thank you especially to Fox and Terry), we have graduated our years-long effort of "practice channeling" to "intermediate circles." Beginning with the March 10th session, we are publishing the group's transcripts in the main Transcript Library. We wanted to differentiate them from the weekly public channelings (currently on pandemic hiatus), but for the life of us couldn't find a perfect solution. "Channeling circle" didn't work because there will eventually be a circle of instruments in the public channelings, and a "circle" could still constitute one instrument + support group. These are non-public sessions, so we tried exploring that angle, but "private" gave a misleading connotation. So we landed on "intermediate" to denote either to the periodicity of our meetings (which occur in between the public meditations) or the skill level of our ability (even though Jim is the senior channel in each of these sessions).
  • Two practice circles: And speaking of, we met twice during the period of this entry to channel Q'uo, once to a common group question (about the patterns of the incarnation) and once where each instrument channels to a few different questions. As always, this is a volunteer effort on our own time.



Personal sharing & Announcements:


When Fatiha finished the first ever Indonesian translation of the Ra Contact (the first ever anything of L/L's into Indonesian), she shared a snippet of the journey. Seekers pursuing the light, including and especially translators, invariably encounter resistance, often in the guise of life circumstance but also strictly mental or energetic. Either way, perhaps some will take courage from Fatiha in her faith and persistence:


Fatiha: Yes, yes, yes...Finally! Oh! I am submitting now the Vol.2 of the RC:TTLOO! Indeed, after such a long time!

I wonder if those hard times battling was a psychic greeting or it was just me having a hard catalyst and losing myself for some time... But Indeed, between tears, hope, fear, and desperation facing a super intense ongoing catalyst this year, I am very grateful to the One Infinite Creator who protected me and allowed me to finish this one. 

Your daily post on facebook and new videos has been one of the amazing companies and channel for my higher self to "talk" with me, thank you all for your amazing dedication to become a lighthouse for a little seeker like me.


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