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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a bi-weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges share the highlights of their and Trisha Bean's collaborative work for L/L Research, along with sharing the daring exploits of a global network of volunteers. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

2021-05-03 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on May 3, 2021 9:15pm.  Category: BW Report


4/10 - 4/30


Podcast: Recorded another great Law of One Podcast, this time joined by Suzanna Miller, a pioneer in opening the doorways to spiritual evolution through ecstatic sexual energy, creator of the (retired) Blissrunner podcast. She joined us to talk about her journey of reconciling her career and the pursuit of her passion, along with her awakening to sacred sexuality and ecstatic energy. Check out the discussion in Episode 99 on our podcast page


Youtube: Continued on with the long march to session 106 for the Ra Contact Youtube project, working out some unique audio/transcript issues along the way:




  • Translators, working with and receiving their work:
  • One month of the Community Stewardship Circle: Though the project began in late October, the CSC (announced in the previous blogworthy entry) has been live for one month. We couldn't be happier with how well they've stepped up to the plate. They take their work seriously, they care for the well being of the forums, they want to do the highest and best job possible that navigates all the balances of free will (yes, these are explicitly discussed in decision-making), they all chip in, and they all blend energies really well in compassion and the light heart. We continued working in partnership with the CSC in redesigning aspects of the forums and planning for an upcoming meeting.
  • New website
    • New content: After submitting it to the board for review and approval, finalized the Yellow-Ray Page, along with building new content, tweaking, and finalizing the History & Origins section, a robust FAQ, and 80+ pieces of website copy text. Also synthesized a couple more rituals for the ritual database, and
    • Special glossary: Received from our brother, Sean, his outstanding work! Thanks to Trisha's efforts we had put together a glossary of a particular class of terms, but they were using conventional definitions and did not take into account what Ra said about those terms. Enter Sean whose supermind filled in those holes for us. Thank you, Sean! Spent a couple of rounds editing his work before bouncing back to him.
    • Other: Received gracious updates from Scott Mandelker on his work for incorporation into a directory of study groups. | Finally got a short bio from the one known as Trisha for her role's placement in the About Us section. | Worked with Daniel on several questions, from the various pages on the new site to photos for the Events page. Went through a decade and a half of event photos to find covers for each of the events listed on the website.
  • Coming Home / Homecoming: Despite an optimistic start, after further work with our Carebear cousins in Asheville, we all decided that the challenges of conducting a public event with dozens of people during a pandemic, even in a world where each is in theory availed the opportunity of a vaccine, is too much right now. So in unison we decided to hold off on attempting to host an event this year. Then we met at Jim's to discuss the same question with regard to the Homecoming Gathering. We were so torn. God we miss everyone. And despite the huge logistical challenge of converting a suburban home into a 40-person weekend venue, we are eager to host again. But for similar reasons we leaned toward erring on the side of caution, at least for one more year. Fingers crossed hard for 2022.
  • A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook: Juliane went straight to work whipping up some samples of audio for us, showing her skill in making audio sound corrections, as well as edits, adjustment to pacing, and overall volume and EQ mastering. After a few rounds of comparing samples, we found a final sound and she set to work.
  • Seeker Ministry: Continued our weekly rhythm of the three sometimes four of us responding to all manner of email and need to arrive at our doorstep, from "Where do I find this?" to "Can you help me with this problem?" to "What do you think of the Law of One as compared to this other system," to "The Law of One has changed my life and here is my story of discovery/awakening," to "I have been to the 17th density and what Ra could see was but child's play to my all-knowingness."
  • Siberian interview: Coordinated with Catherine, a woman in the new age community, who is interested in having a video interview with Jim, except with a translator go-between.
  • Nuts ‘n Bolts:
    • 990: Finalized the 990 with the CPA, sent it to the Board for their review and approval, and subsequently gave our CPA the green light to file! This was our second year with the new CPA and after a lot of elbow grease invested last year, this year was so much more streamlined. They are a dream relative to our former accountants (who are responsible for some hair loss on our heads), so our level of appreciation is quite strong.
    • Bookkeeping: Kept the financial universe in order.
    • One Center: Worked with our friends at the Chinese publishing firm in creating new reports.
  • Sharing the Confederation's Message:
    • Updated Facebook and Twitter with quotes and offerings, and updated Patreon with news and offerings.
    • Continued working on producing the Ra Contact YouTube Videos
    • Processed and shipped book orders
    • Continued digitizing the remaining batch of analog cassette tapes of the channelings, which is from the late 70s backward.
    • Worked with the new transcription circle to help expedite the flow. Currently a few channeling transcripts in the pipeline.
    • Worked on getting the One Center's Chinese translations into the translation section of the online store
  • Trisha's Role: Trisha's duties presently include but are not limited to: social media management (FB, Twitter, Patreon), seeker ministry (including replying to emails), producing all the Ra Contact YouTube videos, book orders (shipping, managing inventory, working with patrons), bookkeeping L/L's financials, digitizing and getting uploaded to the cloud the huge audio library of L/L's transcripts, running the Etsy store, assisting with event production (particularly leading the meal production), and other odds and ends that come up, not to mention volunteering to co-channel in our circle. | Audiobook editing had been on her desk too, she is responsible for both Ra Contact audiobooks, but now that that has been outsourced to the wonderful Juliane!, there is new room in her schedule. | In collaboration with Trish, we reviewed her role and collectively located areas for her to grow in service to the organization and its readership, including learning adobe's photoshop in order to launch an L/L Instagram, adobe's premier in order to bring video editing in house and develop our youtube page, and excel because we really need to up our game with spreadsheets. And when we design the paramters for making more of the audio from the vast transcript library available from the new website, Trish can take the lead on that. With more video editing skill, she can edit the Tilting at Windmill videos when they're delivered from our friend currently working on them, along with developing the online store more to get product pages for printed translations (not from our own inventory but to avail the foreign reader of their location). And down the road there are other avenues, including taking up publishing transcripts to the new website, participating in or leading the upcoming massive effort to index the transcript library with a new tagging system, lead up the prison ministry, and one project growing in our hearts: to research and curate wanderer stories. In other words, GO TRISHA!
  • Intermediate circles: The channeling intensives were begun four years ago in April, 2017 to teach new channels, including Trish, Kathy, Austin, and Gary. Beyond those weekends, the home team continued to meet once a month, then twice a month, to practice learning to channel. Those transcripts continued to be published to the practice channeling section of the website, we feeling that they weren't qualified to share space with the main Transcript Library which contains the records of more seasoned instruments, notably, Carla and Jim. So after several rounds of discussion, review of the existing channeling ability, and encouragement from friends (thank you especially to Fox and Terry), we have graduated our years-long effort of "practice channeling" to "intermediate circles." Beginning with the March 10th session, we are publishing the group's transcripts in the main Transcript Library. We wanted to differentiate them from the weekly public channelings (currently on pandemic hiatus), but for the life of us couldn't find a perfect solution. "Channeling circle" didn't work because there will eventually be a circle of instruments in the public channelings, and a "circle" could still constitute one instrument + support group. These are non-public sessions, so we tried exploring that angle, but "private" gave a misleading connotation. So we landed on "intermediate" to denote either to the periodicity of our meetings (which occur in between the public meditations) or the skill level of our ability (even though Jim is the senior channel in each of these sessions).
  • Two practice circles: And speaking of, we met twice during the period of this entry to channel Q'uo, once to a common group question (about the patterns of the incarnation) and once where each instrument channels to a few different questions. As always, this is a volunteer effort on our own time.



Personal sharing & Announcements:


When Fatiha finished the first ever Indonesian translation of the Ra Contact (the first ever anything of L/L's into Indonesian), she shared a snippet of the journey. Seekers pursuing the light, including and especially translators, invariably encounter resistance, often in the guise of life circumstance but also strictly mental or energetic. Either way, perhaps some will take courage from Fatiha in her faith and persistence:


Fatiha: Yes, yes, yes...Finally! Oh! I am submitting now the Vol.2 of the RC:TTLOO! Indeed, after such a long time!

I wonder if those hard times battling was a psychic greeting or it was just me having a hard catalyst and losing myself for some time... But Indeed, between tears, hope, fear, and desperation facing a super intense ongoing catalyst this year, I am very grateful to the One Infinite Creator who protected me and allowed me to finish this one. 

Your daily post on facebook and new videos has been one of the amazing companies and channel for my higher self to "talk" with me, thank you all for your amazing dedication to become a lighthouse for a little seeker like me.


2021-04-12 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on April 12, 2021 10:45pm.  Category: BW Report


3/20 - 4/9


Community Stewardship Circle: After much fun and productive effort, with many points of discussion, planning, writing, thinking, training, and emoticon'ing, the Community Stewardship Circle is officially live!


What that means is that Aion, Diana, Flofrog, Louisabell, Patrick, & Spaced will be actively fulling the roles of Bring4th's first ever stewards. Their twin and equal responsibilities are to uphold Bring4th's collective agreements (as articulated in the Guidelines and Principles), and to help to cultivate the energy and the tuning in L/L Research's online community. Toward that end they created a mission statement and principles document that you can read here.


In the months of supporting and witnessing their construction of their stewardship circle, and in helping to train them on the complex task of moderating a forums built upon a philosophy with a fundamental respect for free will, we came to appreciate this beautiful band of human beings. To a person, each has demonstrated significant care for the well-being of the forums, a high regard for our shared philosophy, a desire to collaboratively find solutions, a willingness to hear multiple viewpoints, and a capacity to operate in the open heart in a spirit of service to others. We believe in them fully. We are not only ready but excited to turn over the keys to them.


Flofrog, Diana, Louisabell, Aion, Patrick, and Spaced, (with special shout-out to Glow) thank for the months of effort. We look forward to supporting you and growing with you in your service to the community and L/L Research.


Garry Fung: As the pages turn in the story of Bring4th and a new chapter begins, we also say farewell to a core pillar of the community that saw Bring4th through several different phases: the one and only Bring4th_Plenum.


In July of 2013, one year and eight months after he first joined Bring4th, Plenum agreed to volunteer his time to moderate the forum chatroom (a function since retired). A few months later, in January of 2014, he stepped up once again and donned the mantle of forum moderator. Since that day he has offered his time, energy, attention, and heart to serving in one of L/L Research's most ongoing and important volunteer positions.


If you look at Plenum's posting history on the forums, you'll find a guy who consistently shares meaningful insight with heart, wisdom, and playfulness. He unwaveringly approached the duty/honor of moderating with the same exact spirit. With every issue brought to the mod table, whether large or small, Plenum graciously offered his due consideration and never failed to bring a unique piece of insight that always offered more light to the situation. And throughout those years he kept a studious watch over the forums, defending against waves of spambots, keeping subforums and threads organized and in the proper place, and helping members old and new as a real steward of the community.


Over those years, we've grown quite fond of this Australian fellow who offered himself so freely to this service. For several years in a row, he made the trip from the literal other side of the world to join us here in Louisville for our annual Homecoming gathering, and over that time he has become a true spiritual brother to us.


As tends to happen, the dynamic dance of life flows and changes. With the launch of the new Community Stewardship Circle, Plenum has shared with us that he feels that it is time for him to set down this duty and allow for the natural progression of energies to take place. We accept his retirement with immense gratitude and awe at his selfless service.


Garry, thank you for everything. We are honored by your light, and hold you in our hearts. Wishing you all the best in whatever comes next!


Practice channeling transcript: Thanks to Suzanna, the first transcript from our new transcriber team was completed! Followed by our editing, formatting, and publishing to the website. Thank you Suzanna! March 10, 2021 - Practice Channeling Circle


Podcast: We got a couple more podcasts on the books, the first one recorded earlier this week with special guest Doug Scott. Doug is a mental health professional and theologian. He joined us to discuss the fascinating developmental model called Spiral Dynamics and explore how it correlates to the Law of One. You can read his work at, and listen to the episode on our podcast page, Episode 98.



  • Working with translators
    • German: Jochen also sent a new version of Voices of the Confederation with some corrections, and we got that published to the site, and we finalized terms to present to new volunteer translators for German and French editions. And we received a new offer from one Bianca and engaged in the beginning stages of relationship building and setting terms. Thank you, Bianca!
    • Polish: Pawel continues steady work on the Polish translation of The Ra Contact, and was ready to translate the index, so with the new, easy translator index that Mauro and Jochen helped develop, we got him set up. Also helped him out with some fonts.
    • Arabic: And helped out B. with some great questions as he continues his translation of the Arabic version of The Ra Contact. One of the most interesting and engaging things for us to do is discuss questions with translators regarding interpretations of the material. Ra used such unique language that is confusing even for English speakers, and it is interesting to see what specifically grabs a translator's attention. It's almost always illuminating to consider questions from this cross-cultural perspective.
    • Hungarian: Discussed some specific and publishing details with Laszlo regarding the Hungarian translation.
    • Italian: Responded to the ever sunny Mauro regarding questions about the Italian translation.
    • Urdu: Though not an active project yet, received a sweet video made by Syed after receiving his RC books. He hopes one day to help support a translation into his native language.
    • Chinese: And received from the One Center the semi-annual royalty report on the Chinese AWH, Secrets, and What is Love, with some dialogue between.
  • Confederation mp3s!: Over the course of some years, Gary then Austin transferred the massive cassette database of the Transcript Library over to CD in real time to help preserve them. Trish has been taking those CD's and importing them directly to mp3 on a hard drive and cloud and has finished where Gary and Austin last left off, all the way back to 1978! Now time to get the rest of the analog cassettes over to digital, but this time directly from cassette to mp3, no CD in the middle.
  • New Website:
    • Translations: Previously we reported that Daniel had finished getting translations sorted on the new website, which wasn't 100% true. He had finished a significant part of the process, but as always, there are lots of odds and ends to tie up. Included in this were some questions to sort out regarding the Chinese language translations, which opened up a new project of working with Sean to get the backlog of Chinese translated transcripts sorted and hopefully make them available on the new website.
    • Website text copy: Every piece of text on the website needed reviewed, edited, and proofed by two pairs of eyes. And so it was done!
    • Other pieces: 99.8% finished on finalizing the FAQ, the financial page, the History & Origins page, and the RC page.
  • Audiobook Contractor: Looking upon the backlog of audiobooks, and with Trish's time and energy being pulled in other directions, we decided it would be best to seek out a contractor to finish up this tedious and specialized work. And as happens so often when a need arises in L/L Research, synchronicity aided the process and an audio professional happened to cross our path as we were about to begin the search. Upon seeing her portfolio and enthusiasm, it seemed a natural fit. So after some research and development of workflow and instructions, and a fantastic meeting over Zoom, Juliane has begun the journey of editing audiobooks, starting with where Trish left off on A Wanderer's Handbook. Welcome aboard, Juliane!
  • Coming Home to a New Earth planning: Our mindset has still been rather anchored in the necessary precautions around the pandemic, so we hadn't returned this year to our annual collaboration with our Asheville friends for the Coming Home gathering. Thanks to a spark from Zachary, the ball was put into motion and discussion began with a new idea for a limited gathering designed to balance with the limitations of our present circumstances, but still be in-person event. In support of Jess Mund who is spearheading on their end, put together a comprehensive five-page document mapping out all the questions that a producer must answer in building an event. Quite a useful blueprint actually that offers us yet another way we institutionalize our memory and learned experience.
    • And simultaneously, tentatively began some internal discussion in consideration of L/L's Homecoming in Louisville this year.
  • Sharing the Confederation's message: Continued the uninterrupted work of updating L/L's Twitter and Facebook with quotes designed to offer some illumination and inspiration to others lives, and continued sharing L/L-centric news on our Patreon.
  • Seeker Ministry: Continued the weekly project of processing, considering, feeling, listening and responding to emails sent by seekers around the world who find light in L/L's work, learning as much as we share.
  • Nuts & Bolts:
    • Dug into refining L/L's 990 with our CPA. Last year was our first year with them and involved a TON of work getting set up and learning how the 990 is formed in a way the previous CPA never helped with. Thanks to all that work, this year is so much more streamlined, but still not without some elbow grease.
    • Did the usual regular tasks, like went to the PO box to retrieve snail mail and made corrections to the archive website, etc. etc.
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online store.
    • Completed a few weeks' worth of bookkeeping for the organization
    • Had a follow-up with our IP attorneys about a copyright project initiated last year. Seems that the US Copyright Office has been in a state of disarray due to the pandemic.
  • Tilting at Windmills Video: Received some audio samples from Ken that he helped to clean up from the amateur video and conducted a project overview. He's aiming to be finished by mid-May, at which time he'll turn it over to us.
  • Practice Channeling Circle: And on personal time, met for a channeling circle on March 31. It was a group question that focused on why Ra said that things come not to but through positively oriented entities.




Personal sharing & Announcements:


April 1 Anniversary: We joined Jim in marking the completion of six full years since Carla Rueckert-McCarty left behind her body to move into the more light-filled realms. Jim wrote in his Camelot Journal: "Today is the sixth anniversary of Carla's passing into larger life. It seems to me that at least ten or fifteen years have gone by since that day. I would guess the reason for this is because I still miss her so much, and time kind of slows down when it comes to thinking of her. Of course, I know that time is an illusion, and one day we will be together again, and all the time we have been apart will seem as only the twinkling of an eye."


Prayers for: Cal, our dear friend Suzanna's son, who had a successful surgery to resolve severe scoliosis with a titanium rod. And to our dear friend Terry and his countrymen/women. Terry is a resident of an island nation across from which is a menacing power with territorial aims.


And a reflection from the Greek translator of the RC, Vasilis: "My spiritual exploration started in my research on conspiracy theories. While watching a public lecture [from a certain personality], The Gnostic concept of the ''Source'' came up. According to the Gnostic tradition, everything originates from this domain of infinite stillness, depicted in the centre of a Gnostic drawing as a black circle. At that moment, something clicked in me. I somehow resonated with that. My 100% strictly intellectual brain and my materialistic programming were in for a bumpy ride, thankfully.

It was then that my journey tumbling down the rabbit hole of spirituality began. Alan Watts, Quantum Physics, Ancient Greek Philosophers, Eastern Mysticism and Astral Projection research, led to my awakening. At the age of 17, I got it! I finally got it! We are all one pure infinite consciousness experiencing itself forever and ever. I started laughing uncontrollably totally blissed out. Tears of unbelievable joy were pouring like crazy. I felt the interconnectedness that binds all things. I would give anything to relive this experience! May every human feel this kind of awe, at least once in their lifetime."

"If I had to choose one of the following two things. Either all the money in the world or the knowledge from these books, I would pick the latter, no joking, period."


2021-03-19 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on March 20, 2021 12:54am.  Category: BW Report


2/27 - 3/19


Youtube: While our Youtube is an underutilized resource, we are thankfully able to post regularly thanks to the Ra Contact Audio/Text Video project. Work continues steadily on the long-term project, but at this pace, we should be done well before the end of the year!

Transcription Team: You may have noticed that L/L Research has a decent amount of channeled text available in its library. Well it so happens that Confederation sources do not type their transmissions into the written word, convenient though that would be for us. Instead human instruments speak them aloud. Thus it is that the transcriber provides a vital link between these sources of spiritual insight and their text manifestations for spiritual seekers around the world.


Over the years, L/L has generally relied upon a single volunteer transcriber (though various projects have involved the help of multiple transcribers). Writing this without consulting with Jim, our memory begins around 2003 when Gary was that primary volunteer transcriber for several years. He thinks he was followed by Aaron T., who held that torch for some years herself, before passing it to Laura M.


The need again arose for an L/L transcriber, so, tapping the volunteer list for the first time in a while, we put out the call. The wave of support that bounced back was so inspiring! Seekers were sufficiently grateful for L/L's work that they wanted to give back and participate. So we innovated a whole new design. Instead of one transcriber, we'd have a team of four (who were very hard to choose from the abundance of fantastic offers we received). Then built a new system using (which creates an AI-generated text transcript) and trello (which is an amazing tool for multi-party collaborative projects) to streamline, track, and coordinate the whole process.


And as of this report it is up and running! Many advanced thanks to Suzanna, Tracy, Wen, and Indi, L/L Research's new transcription team!



  • Seeker ministry: As usual, in inbox overflows with emails of all types. Among some of the most meaningful are the stories, anecdotes, thoughts, questions, gratitude, requests for aid, and all sorts of various communications from seekers all over the world. We are in the incredible position to not only have the honor and duty of helping those who reach out to us with some question or need, but to hear the amazing stories and learn about the journeys of seekers from all walks of life. We respond to every email with as much attentiveness as possible within the constraints of our energy and time. It can be a significant task that is constantly with us, but it is an amazing source of connection to our central mission and those seekers who are drawn to this material.
  • New Website: The Amazing Daniel (honestly and sincerely we cannot overdo the superlatives for that one) continues his steady march forward, accomplishing what may be the last major task on his plate (if he just ignores the seemingly infinite pile of smaller tasks on all of his plate), he managed to get all the translations incorporated into the new database. HOORAY! Much more complex than it would seem with so many unique puzzles to unpuzzle. | We have also turned own attention to chewing through the many tasks required of us before launch, including:
    • Content Management System: Worked with Daniel to learn the ropes of our CMS, test out the markdown parser, find small holes and bugs, and work out all the kinks of the process of editing and publishing stuff to the new site.
    • Front-of-House Website Text: Scattered across every page and section of the new site (around 80 or so places) are snippets or fragments of informational text, most small, some large. These all need reviewed, edited and re-reviewed, then actually implemented on the new site. No small undertaking, we organized all that text on Trello and began editing and filling in those pieces in earnest. The project will take a few weeks.
    • Yellow-Ray Page: Created a new kind of page for the new site that gives the legal and financial details about our small organization, like the non-profit details, information about finances, and devising a new way to proactively share our IRS 990 filings with those interested in the mundane side of running a spiritual non-profit organization.
    • Gatherings/Workshops Page: Homecoming and other gathering materials have not been updated on the old site in some time, so this opportunity was used to learn about publishing unique, non-transcript materials to specific pages on the new site. Some hiccups were found along the way that need sorted out, but the gatherings materials will launch on the new site completely updated.
    • Ra Contact Page: Finished assembling, curating, and building new content for this page, including information of the tarot, rituals in the Law of one, pyramids, new illustrations, a directory of study groups, invitation to translate, new glossaries. And speaking of the final one, with Trisha's ace support, we created an "Entities and Places" in the Law of One. But then realizing that everything is defined conventionally, and with little reference to what Ra (often uniquely) had to say on these points, we enlisted one of the strongest scholars we know, Sean, to see if he might be able to bring it home. To our good fortune, he said yes. These among other pieces.
    • History & Origins Page: Finished assembling existing and building new content for this page, including updating an L/L Research timeline that ended for the 2015 publication of Tilting at Windmills, writing pieces for Don's notebook, literary critique, the silver flecks, the appurtenances, and editing the transcript of a conversation we enjoyed almost ten years ago with the man, then still living, who introduced Don to the Confederation channeling in 1961.
    • FAQ: Wrote the first draft for an 88-question FAQ!
  • Community Stewardship Circle: And speaking of teams, the transcription team isn't the only one launching. We work with and in support of the incredible efforts of the Community Stewardship Circle of L/L's online community at Bring4th. We had a tentative aim for a March 1 launch, but there proved to be a good deal of work yet, so the progress continues as policies are built for roles and role delegation, group decision-making, communication, new moderator procedures, the framework of the relationship between L/L and the CSC, mission and principles documents, among other things. The group also weather its first challenge and came out on the other side on their feet and moving forward. So many thanks to the stellar efforts of Louise, Diana, Patrick, Flo, Aion, Spaced, and Glow!
  • Translated transcripts: And thanks to some very hard working translators (Jochen, Marlena, and Anton), a good number of transcripts were able to be published to the archive site (after applying the proper formatting on our end):
  • Other translation work:
    • German:
      - Also worked with our wonderful and amazing partner, Jochen, on a few more of his industrious endeavors. He came up with a new way to punctuate the German Ra Contact cover to be more accurate to the language, so new covers were made and generated for the three translations; and he sent along updated versions of both the German Ra Contact Volume 2 and French Secrets of the UFO, both then published to the archive website.
      - And we had the pleasure of meeting Ivy, a new volunteer for his and Misha's operation who will manage the French social media of the publishing house.
      - And we received a German translation offer from one Jan, and after going through the initial protocols, we connected him with Jochen.
      - And we worked on developing new volunteer translator protocols with Jochen.
      - And we discussed the recent book that Jochen published in German, Matthias Galke's  "Intelligent Infinity" which, as you might have guessed, draws heavily on the Law of One. They are in need of an English editor for an English edition. So if you happen to have editing and translation ability and would like to support the effort, they have some compensation to offer as it is an intensive task.
    • Indonesian: In another example of consistently great work, Fatiha was able to return the list of translated terms that Mauro developed to expedite the translation of the massive Index. Using those terms, we were able to create an almost complete and formatted Index for the Indonesian translation of the Ra Contact! But being the first of its kind, in a process of discovery, a need for a bit more translating work was discovered. Thankfully, Fatiha very graciously agreed to continue the great work.
    • Polish: As published above, received Marlena's first batch of three translations. She is beginning to get into the groove. Thank you, Marlena!
    • Spanish: Also in a first, received Esther's first batch of six Spanish translations. Thank you, Esther!
    • Portuguese: In what is certifiable, objective, indisputable a synchronicity : ), two Brazilian seekers converged on L/L Research at the same time, one with a desire to offer a skillset, the other in need of that skillset, neither knowing each other. The former was, Edgard, an old volunteer of L/L's who was our chief volunteer editor before we taught ourselves how to self-publish and built our own operation. He re-emerged after years of no communication and wrote asking about editing and formatting a Portuguese Ra Contact. The same week, a fellow we had been in contact with last year, Pedro, to talk about translation, and with whom various email miscommunications transpired, surprised us with a (very poorly formatted) Portuguese Ra Contact! Nature took its course from there as we spoke with both parties about the other and, following their affirmative replies, initiated the connection about the same moment as publishing this report.
    • Hungarian: Received from Laszlo, the longstanding Hungarian translator, a carefully revised Hungarian translation of Book 1 that also included an RC Index! With detailed subsequent dialogue about where to go next.
    • Romanian: Discussed the scope and usefulness of different projects with Horia, including his own exploration of the Ra Contact Audio/Text Video in Romanian, that you can see here.
    • Chinese: Brought to a close the well-meaning efforts of Terry's friend, Carol, to proactively locate a publisher for the Chinese Ra Contact. Thank you, Carol!
    • Dutch: And received another point of hope for the poor Dutch translation waiting decades to see the light. An offer arrived, kicking the translator processes into gear. No reply yet! We shall see.
  • Bring4th maintenance: Worked with Steve (who worked with Bring4th's webhost) through multiple rounds to understand and solve some odd occurrences on Bring4th, including extended crashes and irregular connection issues for some users. Thankfully, solutions seem relatively forthcoming and should be easy to implement.
  • Audiobook project: Continued work on how to outsource the audiobook editing of the backlog of Jim-narrated audiobooks in the L/L library. And in the meantime, continued editing the audiobook for A Wanderer's Handbook.
  • Nuts 'n Bolts:
    • PO Box: Made the usual trips retrieve mail from the PO Box. For an amusing few days, we were thrust into an Mandela Effect style situation where we thought the PO Box ZIP code was different from what we had thought all along, thanks to an old filing mistake and lack of knowledge of the postal system. Order was restored with a simple and embarrassing question to the mail clerk, who informed us of a difference between residential and PO Box zip codes.
    • Form 990: The 990 is the form that NPOs must file with the IRS at the end of each year. Still loving our new CPA, they gave us a checklist (CPAs do that?). Assembled and created all the needed info for L/L's annual filing and got it shipped off!
    • Computer: The real workhorse and unsung champion of L/L Research, the present one that Gary is using, probably six years old or so at this point, began to crash. A search was begun and a new incarnation was ordered.
    • Payroll Taxes: For those following this saga at the edge of your seats, you'll be excited to learn that is has come to an exciting and satisfying climax, with our service successfully changing our filing status and method, and making the proper filings and payments via the proper state systems. It has been a wild ride. For those who want a sequel, don't worry - there's always more tax code red tape to keep us all entertained.
    • Bookkeeping: Completed the weeks' worth of bookkeeping solving puzzles along the way and keeping the financial universe in order.
  • Sharing the Confederation's message and L/L's work
    • Collected, curated, and posted quotes, uploads, news, etc., for L/L's Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon.
    • Worked on The Ra Contact YouTube videos
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore
  • Law of One Publisher: Worked with the publisher on a couple questions, including our mission-centric stipulations for foreign publishers interested in the work (like keeping the work available for free as a pdf), and reviewing their revised and great-looking covers that will carry their new imprint.
  • Carla's Letter Tapes: In the Carla's Niche section of the archive website is a stash of Carla's "letter tapes." They are the transcripts of the communications that Carla sent to seekers in the late 80s/early 90s when she was almost entirely bed bound. A new batch emerged. Began the process of getting the cassettes over to mp3 for eventual transcription.
  • Practice channeling: Outside of our L/L'ian duties, got together for another practice channeling circle, hopefully published in the next couple of weeks.




Personal sharing & Announcements:


Said goodbye to our friend Laura as she passed gracefully through the doorway and moved into her true home-the realms of love, light, and unity. As Austin wrote to Laura's husband in our group email dialogue:


"When she first reached out to volunteer for the prison ministry service years ago, I knew the kind of person she was by her very first email. She said she was a victim's advocate, which is already an incredibly admirable position, but then she also wanted to volunteer to correspond with incarcerated seekers to aid them in their journey. The completeness of that desire for service is incredible. To have such an intimate knowledge of the darker side of human expression by caring for victims, and then turning and saying you want to also serve the ones who commit violence! She said in that first email that she understood fully that abusers were very often victims themselves. It really takes a strong heart full of light to take in such a complete picture, and extend it in a true desire to serve all."


When Aaron T. retired her transcription service , Laura went on in earnest to fill in her big shoes by becoming L/L's transcriber. This she did faithfully beginning just before the pandemic, and when channeling resume some months later, she stuck with it until her cancer returned, and even then she insisted on volunteering until she was physically unable.


But we stayed in contact and through her hospice period, her light glowed so brightly that it reminded us strongly of the last time we had seen that sort of brilliance as Carla Rueckert made her own transition. We all felt her inspiration. As Jim said:


"Sometimes it takes the impending loss of a loved one to remind us what is really important is finding the love in every moment and sharing it freely with everyone we meet. Laura is such a good example of being able to do that while knowing that her time is limited. Actually, that is true for all of us as we never know how long it will be until we, too, will be knocking on heaven's door. Laura is giving each of us a good chance to consider how to look at our life and our friends and family. We are all teaching and learning from each other, and the concept of leaving the body puts so much into perspective."


Sensitive, compassionate, wickedly witty, devoted, altruistic, and seeking spiritually until the end, thank you for the great honor of sharing some of the path with us, Laura. We shall see you again. <3


2021-02-28 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on February 28, 2021 6:53pm.  Category: BW Report


2/13 - 2/26


Law of One Podcast: We had the honor of connecting with BJ Harden Jones and Aaron Maret, founding members of the Asheville Law of One Study Group, dear friends, and generally cool people to discuss how the Law of One can relate to other spiritual systems, methods, or philosophies. In this case, we trained our focus on a subject that BJ had long studied and become a proficient practitioner of, The Work of Byron Katie. It was an illuminating and informative discussion. You can check it out on our podcast page, episode #97 -


Youtube: The project to pair the audio of the Ra contact with text in video format continues, with two more sessions being published to Youtube:


  • New website: Daniel's amazing work continues on pace with the new website, and we are doing our best to turn our efforts towards supporting him, getting him what he needs, and giving attention to the pieces of the website that need our direct attention. This includes various things like:
    • Sending Daniel the Word documents for Ra Contact translations so he can potentially generate individual transcripts for the site
    • Generating new, high quality versions of the translated book covers so that there are consistent and quality images for launch
    • Preparing documents and text to be included on a new "Yellow Ray Details" page (organizational and financial info and the like); etc.
    • Working toward completion of the Ra Contact page which will include a host of resources, some never published. The remaining piece is a glossary of "Entities & Places" in the Law of One, made possible with lots of excellent help from Trisha.
    • Continuing to create and assemble content for the "History & Origins" page, including never-before-published content.
    • Coordinated with Daniel about design consideration.
  • Community Stewardship Circle: The other big project in the works, the Community Stewardship Circle had set a tentative launch date to fly solo in their operation for March 1. It seems unlikely they and we will hit exactly that mark, but much work was undergone on their end, and much on ours, including working to define and self-delegate the various roles to fulfill the various duties and services of the circle; articulate the dynamics, boundaries, responsibilities, and expectations of L/L and the CSC in their working relationship; determining the processes of protocols and decision-making, etc. Many many thanks to the superteam of Louise, Diana, Flo, Tanner, Patrick, Glow, and Spaced
  • Annual General Meeting: Produced a full and comprehensive year-end financial report for the organization to insert as one piece toward creating an agenda for the annual general meeting of the Board of Directors. Held a most productive meeting looking back at the year that was and looking forward to new projects while asking ourselves how we can meet the growing needs of the organization. 
  • Audiobook: While Trish continues her steady work on editing the audiobook of A Wanderer's Handbook, we've come to the conclusion that we're ready for some more help in that area. Some time was spent researching various audio editing services, gathering information and quotes, trying to account for the unique necessities of this particular project. An initial proposal for a contract was put together to put out to the community soon.
  • Working with Translators
    • Arabic: Continued working with B to get the Arabic script/font sorted out for his work in translating The Ra Contact into a language that uses quite a beautiful script.
    • Russian: After a lapse long enough we assumed that he had discontinued his service, a surprise Russian transcript arrived from Anton. Thank you!
    • Dutch: One might reasonably conclude that there is a curse against the Dutch Law of One. It was the first language ever to be translated. A Dutch Book 1 was gifted to Carla and Jim in the late 80s. Subsequently thereafter it was lost to history until it resurfaced several years ago not on our own shelves by a Dutch seeker who came upon a home printed copy in the Netherlands. However, it was riddled with errors and omissions, we learned. It was thus in an unpublishable state.

      A couple points of hope appeared over the years but nothing manifested until Eugenie showed up last year. We hit it off really well and she moved forward with a heart full of service, but she ran into the logistical stumbling blocks of daily life and found her progress mostly halted. It just so happened that around the same time a new Dutch translator appeared who had connected with Jochen and was ready to take up the work. So after careful communication, the Dutch RC was transferred from Eugenie to the new translator, with the road looking wide open. Then this week we learned that the new translator ran into her own life difficulties and had to bow out. Thus over three decades later, the Dutch translation remains unpublished.
  • Law of One Publisher: Had a meeting with the publisher of the original books regarding foreign-language publications of those books. Subsequently put together new protocols and communicated them, and had a video meeting with one of the translators on related questions.
  • Sharing the Confederation's message and L/L's work
    • Updated Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon with quotes, uploads, news, etc.
    • Worked on creating the Ra Contact YouTube videos
    • Worked on editing A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore
    • Helped relay communication to IMU students for their teacher, Mr. McCarty, while communicating with IMU about a bug in the system.
    • All three of us responded to a variety of seeker emails. Questions about the material, questions about life path, reflections and feedback, philosophical ponderings.
  • Nuts 'n Bolts
    • Bitcoin: While we're not fully set up to receive payments for our online store via Bitcoin, we did get set up to receive direct Bitcoin payments thanks to one individual's generous offer to donate some. And according to some Bitcoin enthusiasts, all we have to do now is sit back and ride the BTC value to the moon.
    • Payroll service and tax: The changes and mix-up of the state payroll tax and our payroll services have mostly been working out, but there is still some close monitoring to do to ensure the autopilot is on the correct course.
    • Created royalty reports and issued payment
    • Completed a couple weeks of L/L's bookkeeping



Personal sharing & Announcements:


Our friend Laura is in hospice. She gradually moves closer to crossing the threshold that takes one out of the incarnation and into the greater state of being. Without going into her medical details, it is an unimaginably painful situation, not unlike those Carla knew, but like Carla, the light of her dignity, integrity, beauty, and serenity shines through so strongly. When the body is failing and her focus consumed sometimes with making it the next 60 seconds, she emanates peace and resiliency, an acceptance of the process, and humor. OMG she cracks us up.


In a recent communication she shared the following. I found it inspirational for the state of mind it points to. I asked and received permission to share it.


Laura: Daily I am blessed with moments of peace and well-being. These moments also enable me to KNOW I am being supported and loved by spiritual family friends and guides soon to be reunited with. Can't articulate it in language or compare it to any other 3-D experience. 


It is a place though where you KNOW all is well in the truest sense of the concept and there are no mistakes and nothing to fear. Whomever I'm with at the time  (or are in my thoughts) all i want to do is give them 100% of my attention, listen without interjecting, give them all of the space. It's the deepest sense of well-being and ground to let go of any personal narrative to fit MY illusion. I can be the ocean rather than a drop of seawater. It even occurred to think about maybe this was kind of what it was like before the veil: such happy, shiny, contented, secure in the deepest sense of unconditional love.

2021-02-16 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on February 17, 2021 2:18am.  Category: BW Report


1/30 - 2/12


YouTube: Continued on with the publication pipeline of The Ra Contact text/audio project for Youtube:

Practice channelings: Thanks to the transcription services of Laura, got the two most recent practice channeling transcripts transcribed, edited, formatted, and published to the archive website:

10 Years of Basic Principles of the Law of One: This February marked the tenth anniversary of Carla's class "Basic Principles of the Law of One." In 2011, Carla was approached by the then start-up, IMU (International Metaphysical University) asking if she would like to be an instructor. She loved the idea and with our support she created a course that mapped to her book Living the Law of One 101. Each of the course's 12 segments corresponded to a chapter in the book. Each segment included reading a chapter, listening to an audio track from Carla, taking a multiple choice quiz, and writing an essay in response to a question about one's self related to that chapter. After Carla passed in 2015, Jim took up the instructor role, making him an instructor longer than Carla was at this point. He has a good time replying to the essays and supporting seekers in their journey.



  • Translations:
    • Serbian - Alex continues his great progress in translating the conscious channeling library into Serbian, along with continuing to help us get the various Serbian aspects of the translation pages set up and perfected. January 20, 2005, Serbian translation. -
    • Italian - Enjoyed another great email from Mauro and responded to various questions about the material.
    • Russian - Heard from Serge, who is doing a small review and revision of the Russian Ra Contact text, and had some questions about it.
    • German - Discussed with Jochen the process of cover creation and the general publishing pipeline, specifically concerning his new translation of Voices of the Confederation, and began to explore a way to potentially improve our shared processes and work more closely together.
    • Arabic - After finishing the first ten sessions of the Ra Contact in Arabic, Bilal worked with us to clear up some of the concepts in the text, along with ensuring that the Arabic script and fonts would work for our publication.
  • Donor/Volunteer TY: Published our annual thank you list to Bring4th for Volunteers and Donors in 2020. Thank you so so so much everyone who contributed time, talent, treasure, and energy!
  • Bring4th and CSC: The Community Stewardship Circle has entered a transitional phase, where their forum-based super powers have been activated and they are now able to "practice" the real-life act of stewarding and moderating the forums, with guidance. And serendipitously, the forum energies have been offering some great opportunities to work and act as a team addressing a variety of forum issues, from interpersonal difficulty to regular organization and administrative tasks.
  • New archive site: Work and focus continue to be put towards the manifestation of the coming new archive site, certainly one of the most exciting things on our plates right now. In these past couple of weeks, we:
    • Had a meeting with Daniel for Round 9 feedback and go over the system developed to include translations on the new site, gain more understanding of the CSM platform we'll be using, and get a refresh of the roadmap for the remaining work. Daniel continues to astound.
    • Created a large system to track all of the small fragments of text around the site, in order to review, edit, compose, or approve the 100 or so fragments scattered throughout the entire site.
    • Continued piecing together new pages, including a fairly comprehensive page for the Ra Contact, a History & Origin page, and a "yellow-ray page" that will give insight into the organizational and financial details of L/L Research; along with the side projects those page create, like building a worldwide study group directory, expanded glossary pages, an updated L/L Research timeline, a 30-some page transcript of a conversation with the person who introduced Don Elkins to the Brown Notebook, etc.
    • Along with a productive conversation with Jim about how to represent him in the About Us section, as Jim refuses the honor of being grouped with Carla and Don under the heading "Founder." The ears remained def to the unassailable supporting points made. : )
  • Mission/Vision meeting: Held an intensive internal meeting to take both a high-level and thorough look at L/L Research to assess our services, the allocation of our energies, things that could be improved or changed, etc. And got the Board of Directors AGM scheduled.
  • Archive site fixes:  As typical, there are plenty of small corrections or additions to continuously make to the archive site. Some examples from this round: thanks to a notice from Terry, fixed a small error in the Voices of the Confederation PDF; thanks to Jochen, made an update to the way German translations appear on the main page and fixed a couple of errors on the Library page; thanks to Alex, added a Serbian link to the main page; and more in that vein.
  • Sharing the Confederation's message and L/L's work
    • Updated Twitter, Facebook, and Patreonwith quotes, uploads, news, etc.
    • Worked on creating the Ra Contact YouTube videos
    • Worked on editing A Wanderer's Handbook audiobook
    • Processed and shipped orders from the online bookstore
    • Responded to a great variety of seeker emails, all three of us in the service now. Trish has such heart and spiritual insight to offer this ministry to seekers.
  • Nuts 'n Bolts:
    • Began laying the groundwork for a new plan to accelerate the rate of audiobook editing and publishing.
    • Payroll service and taxes: Remained on the task of pestering our payroll service to verify and/or correct some aspects of our yearly filing, along with getting them set up with changes implemented by the Dept of Revenue, and taking some of the tax filing tasks into our own hands while they play catch up. (You can probably imagine that the covid situation, and all of the complicated tax aspects that go along with it, have caused a huge workload on payroll services this year.)
    • Completed the bookkeeping and keeping the financial universe in order
    • Researched and created a process for addressing missing book orders shipped via USPS
    • Processed donations and created thank you letters for L/L's 2020 snail-mail donors and built a new system for issuing thank-you notes.


Personal sharing & Announcements:


Received Jochen's glowing report for the fourth quarter of 2020. Following are some extracted highlights from his and Misha's work leading the German and French printing operations.

  • In October Jochen completed the Unified Index of the Ra Contact as a free PDF version for the L/L library and as a softcover available here.
  • Noémie joined the translator team and offers her various language capacities to help promote the Confederation in Dutch.
  • The principal work necessary to publish Matthias Galke's first volume "Intelligent Infinity" (in German) of his series "The Law of One and the Evolution of Consciousness" was done by Jochen and Matthias proofreading and refining the document. Eyal N's started developing draft designs for the cover art.
  • Jochen expanded the EPUB library of the "Tolino" (reader) network with two more older German titles of the "Initiation series" Master Teacher Jesus and Service of Love, and the collective volume True Words. Here are some links to several platforms offering these titles:
  • In October Misha moved into her new apartment in a more peaceful rural area, and once established she took up again the work of translating A Concept Guide for the Ra Contact series. 
  • In November Misha and Jochen shared a great zoom call and exchanged the latest news and visionary spirit, and that good opportunity was repeated at the year's ending.
  • In December Jochen and Misha completed another volume of yearly transcript collections, that of the Saturday meditations 2010. Firstly as Kindle e-book, and the softcover version containing an index will be a project of the upcoming quarter.

Gary: Also, joyfully rediscovered where Jim lived during his six-year stint on the land in central Kentucky, that which he gave up to move in with Carla and Don on Dec 23, 1980, 23 days before Session 1.


And we combined our hearts into one big glowing fire to send strength, support, and light to our friend, Laura.

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