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About me
Member: L/L Central
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Undisclosed
Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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The Blogworthy Report details the adventures, happenings, and work of L/L Central. On a weekly basis, Gary Bean and Austin Bridges supply a list of bullet points highlighting their collaborative work for L/L Research. Occasionally they may also offer a specific update, a personal reflection, or unconditional love.

You can access Jim McCarty’s daily “Camelot Journal” via the home page of Bring4th.

2020-01-21 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on January 21, 2020 4:15pm.  Category: BW Report


1/4 - 1/18

  • Transcript Library Archive Books: Received the final two volumes of The L/L Research Channeling Archive in mobi ebook format from Dale and Maria, officially completing their journey! Except that they have generously decided to just keep going, since the original 18-volume set only went up to 2008. Toward that end they are blazing the trail to get the remainder of the channeling archive up to 2020 in 3 more volumes, setting us up to bring the set up-to-date, expanding it from 18 to 21 volumes. Holy cow! Thank you SO MUCH, Dale and Maria!
  • Asheville: At the end of September we announced a bold new initiative to launch an L/L Research office in Asheville. Last weekend we (Austin, Trish, Gary) made a 3-day business visit to spend the weekend in intensive meetings with our Asheville friends (Jess, BJ, Aaron) to explore the twin subjects of opening the office and collaborating on creating a sacred gathering space called Temple of the Open Heart. They have led the way with great research, thought, and planning. Among our points of discussion and decisions, we explored:
    • Purpose and mission
    • Organizational structure of the temple from circles of governance to board to stewardship to operations, with emphasis on power-authority distribution and decision-making. Holacracy looking like a potential means of inspiration in this regard.
    • Goals and tasks moving forward
    • State and federal legalities
    • L/L Research's collaborative role in the organization
    • Use of the temple, models of gifting, funding, and expense
    • Living situation for Gary, Trish, and others in the anchor circle, along with what L/L needs for an office, renting vs. buying, building vs. existing, sharing space vs. autonomous space, etc.
    • Aaron devoting full-time energy. Aaron is a gifted design/builder, an architect by training, and is on the cusp of releasing his current business in order to devote himself full time to this project.
    • We also joined the Asheville Law of One Study Group's weekly study meeting, spent some quality time with Red (our main counterpart in building the Coming Home to a New Earth gatherings), participated in a 2-hour salon on the topic of patriarchy led by Karin and Kelli, and visited Maeikisala in a rehab center joined by her partner Benjamin. We expected to offer Mae comfort as she gradually recovers motor and cognitive functioning following her December stroke, but instead we were radiated in hew supernatural light as she sat upright in her bed and shared faith-filled understandings from beyond the veil (we were seriously inspired by this meeting).
  • Roadmap: And with the weekend behind us, we officially began in earnest the Roadmap to Asheville, beginning to systematically consider how an L/L operation would function there, most especially how Austin and Gary would work at a distance from one another. Roamap considerations include:
    • The shared L/L directory. Spent significant time researching options for a shared digital workspace for us once Gary makes the move to Asheville, both in terms of file sharing as well as project tracking, organization, and management. Found some good avenues for further research and exploration.
    • And other logistics like: banking, bookkeeping, paper files, tax filing, employees, phone system, q'uo channeling, practice channeling, office space, added staff, etc.
    • Much of our digital system, including emails and other online work, will fortunately be minimally affected by being in separate locations.
  • Tilting at Windmills Interview: Received a few new synthesized videos from Ken Wendt, our friend who filmed the interviews, bringing the first big step to about 75% done. Thank you, Ken!
  • Channeling circle: Joined Jim and Kathy for one of our two channeling circles in January to continue training a new generation.
  • 39 years: Celebrated the 39th anniversary of the Ra contact on Jan 15th!
  • Jochen meeting: Held a skype meeting with our friend and German translator, Jochen, who had a lot of insight to offer about the Asheville project (having lived in Ashrams and participated in international organizations). As he pioneered the licensing partnership with L/L Research (being authorized to translate and publish L/L work in German and French), we discussed future possibilities for an L/L licensing program that could help the material reach foreign-language readers in a way that is empowering to the translator/publisher, to the reader, and to L/L.
  • Coffee meeting: With all this going on (and more!), Austin and Gary needed an intensive one-on-one, which they were happy to do in a coffee shop for a solid four-hour meeting Friday afternoon, tackling topics like:
    • Updating our existing email system so that the contact address (which is presently shared) would be general and we would each have individual @llresearch email addresses for L/L business.
    • Using Otter transcription and catching up on the Rome seeker meeting, the Prague translator meeting, and the podcast we did on the topic of attention that was too poorly recorded for anything but transcription.
    • Updating Friday book shipping (when we're both working remotely) to transfer from Austin to Trisha's responsibility.
    • Updating an aspect of the prison ministry book shipping.
    • Exploring offers and ideas raised during the aforementioned meeting with Jochen.
    • Discussing all the many questions around the roadmap to Asheville, also aforementioned.
    • Talking about other items like translations, seeker email systems, the concept guide!.
    • Affirming a mutual sense of a need for an even more finely tuned mutual trust and open communication as we move toward working hundreds of miles apart. We have a shared understanding that our working friendship, built on a bedrock of mutual admiration and trust, is critical to L/L Research.
  • Concept Guide!: Gary's heart exploded in delight when, in the above-mentioned meeting, he learned that Austin was making forward moving on contributing his edits (the final thorough edits) to the book, sending Gary off on hours of weekend work processing said edits, he wanting to clear all these other bullet points from the radar in favor of spending every waking minute on the concept guide.
  • Worked with Tobey on questions of versions of the Ra Contact and translations on the .info website.
  • New L/L website: Connected Steve (webmaster of Bring4th) with Daniel (powerhouse web developer of L/L's new website) for the first time in order to facilitate the transfer of the Quote of the Day, The Camelot Journal, and The Blogworthy Report to the new site.
  • Law of One Overview video: Continued working with the hardworking Nadine and Thomas on processing the filming they did following Prague in October, 2019. Nadine hopes to have it ready for public consumption by March!
  • Chinese translations: Heard from the One Center in Taiwan that they will discontinue the Chinese-language What is Love? book as there was less of a market than they expected.
  • Hebrew translation: In an unusual journey for a translation, the Hebrew translation of the Ra Contact has reached its third translator. It began with Laurie who completed the first 16, then was passed to Jed as Lori stalled, and now has been passed to Ori as Jed is studying the Ra Contact books. Ori is a friend of Jochen's who possesses a keen intellect and sensitive heart. Thank you, Ori!
  • Hungarian translation: And received a couple new Hungarian transcripts from a Hungarian friend we made in Prague. Thank you, Bence!
  • Romanian translation 1: Published a revised Romanian Book 2 and a newly minted Book 3 thanks to the formatting Horia has already done to make them look quite neat and presentable. Thank you Horia!
  • Romanian translation 2: And afterward connected Horia with another Romanian translator who contacted us with interest to support the work, and then reached out to a third Romanian seeker who we also met in Prague to see if they could meet Horia's need for a third-party review.
  • Czech Translation: Made some decent headway into formatting the Czech translation of The Law of One Book 2, with the Indonesian translation right around the corner.
  • Law of One set: Worked with the publisher of the original books who is designing a boxed set with a brand new, outstanding-looking cover.
  • Moderating Facebook: Began to collectively design a set of guidelines when the occasional need arises to moderator L/L's Facebook.
  • New locals: Welcomed a couple new locals to the weekly public meditations.
  • Donors year-end: Did some Excel judo to create an effective mail merge list to generate thank you letters for Paypal donations for Jim to sign and send off to our very generous supporters.
  • Annual fundraiser report: And published an account and thank you (scroll to post below) for the 2019 for 2020 fundraiser conducted last month!
  • Yellow-Ray: Worked on a couple of payroll items, one being integrating the new health benefit system into the payroll system and working out the Quickbooks integration aspect, which seems to be working fine now. Also rounded up all of the documentation and paperwork for payroll taxes and reviewed them, ensuring all filings and payments were received by the necessary tax authorities (in our case, three: federal, state, and local). All seemed to be well except for a minor issue with the state and comes from a contradiction in the state's actual tax instruction for businesses. Attempted to work with the state tax department to resolve the riddle, to no avail yet. And continued work on determining how to manage L/L's first endowment.
  • The Usuals: Kept up with all the regular business, like processing PO box mail, performing the weekly and time-consuming bookkeeping, responding to various sorts of seeker email, ordering, receiving, and stocking more book and shipping supply stock, packing and shipping books, and all the various small things that pop up and keep us busy.

GLB's personal sharing:


We have a friend who lives in the UK but was born in Iran. You may understand her present concern. I asked if I could share the beautiful reflections she offered in a recent communication, with permission received:


Pupak: On the 3rd of January we woke up to the news of the activation of war plans on Iran initiated by the US. A frenzy of war talks unleashed. We should not get lost in the dead-end conversations and alleyways of war. What we need right now is to turn to one another, to seek out our spiritual qualities to accompany us while we rise to this evolutionary task asked of us. Our world is crying out to us to be healed. The healing of the world depends on the healing of ourselves, our willingness to accept our wholeness. I cannot be whole while I hold an image of an enemy outside myself. I am whole when I can accept and integrate the other, as weird and strange as they may be, as part of myself. This is our evolutionary work, catalyzed by the next level of urgency by the [bellicose policy makers on both sides of the conflict].


And then a ditty about intention that came to my awareness recently. A recurring emphasis in the Confederation philosophy is the importance of intention over result. It is the intention that counts, they assure us. The following two Q&As speak to the same:


83.7 Ra: I am Ra. It is true that the nature of time/space [in between incarnations] is such that a lifetime may be seen whole as a book or record, the pages studied, riffled through, and re-read. However, the value of review is that of the testing as opposed to the studying. At the testing, when the test is true, the distillations of all study are made clear.

During the process of study, which you may call the incarnation, regardless of an entity's awareness of the process taking place, the material is diffused and over-attention is almost inevitably placed upon detail.

The testing upon the cessation of the incarnative state is not that testing which involves the correct memorization of many details. This testing is, rather, the observing of self by self, often with aid as we have said. In this observation one sees the sum of all the detailed study: that being an attitude or complex of attitudes which bias the consciousness of the mind/body/spirit.


96.4 May we note that just as each entity strives in each moment to become more nearly one with the Creator but falls short, just so is physical spotlessness striven for but not achieved. In each case the purity of intention and thoroughness of manifestation are appreciated. The variance between the attempt and the goal is never noted and may be considered unimportant.


I imagine the moment of review in between the incarnations. The testing is not how perfectly did you love or serve? But rather, how strongly/purely/consistently did you intend to serve, to open the heart, to seek the light?


And, How thoroughly did you attempt to manifest and live that intention?


We are here to bias our consciousness; to seed and nurture vectors of desire within us. The above Q&As remind me that this process can be consciously harnessed, that I can set my intentions each day, refine and purify my desires, allowing intentions to carry me forward, shaping the intelligent universe around me, in so doing, fulfilling the work I am here to do.



Thank you: 2019 for 2020 Annual Fundraiser
Published by L/L Central on January 20, 2020 7:02pm.  Category: General



An annual fundraiser has been a necessity for L/L Research since its beginning. The process is as simple and non-pestering as we know how to make it. To conduct a fundraiser, we:

  • Snail mail a one-page fundraiser letter to all stateside addresses in our database
  • Email the same letter to all email addresses in our database (with apologies for redundancy for overlap between these two). And...
  • Post notices to the websites and social media

We don't suggest that anyone needs to donate, or that the fate of the world hangs in the balance. We just give a snapshot of work for the past year and request support from whomever is able and moved to do so.


Even with an endowment now in the works (set for its first distribution this year), the fundraiser is critical to L/L's operation. For instance, in 2018 the fundraiser constituted 64.5% of all donations received for the year, and 21% of all revenue received. In 2017, the fundraiser constituted 51.2% of the year's donations 28.6% of all revenue received. (2019 year-end report is not completed until February.)


We are so grateful to report that the 2019 for 2020 fundraiser (conducted from Nov 27 - Dec 31, 2019) raised $28,180 from a total of 288 donations. What a blessing!


This sum total is about on par for what the fundraiser generates each year. When the new website launches, we will have a page with more information about L/L's financials for anyone interested.


And in the meantime, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to L/L Research's annual fundraiser!

Thank you for whatever month and whatever year you contributed.

Thank you for whatever level of contribution you make, whether through volunteer service or other form of energetic support.

Whether or not you know about L/L Research and the Law of One, thank you to those who see beyond the illusion to the love which created all things.


And thank you to everyone who sends a note of love and gratitude this way. If we could run the organization off of thank you notes alone, we'd have offices on every continent. :)


With love/light,
Gary L. Bean - Director, L/L Research


PS: Here are the short notes that accompanied donations during the fundraiser. We love every word. Thank you, all. : )

  • Richard Z: Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the work you guys do. I hope to contact you guys soon, but I also seem to drown in daily activities. Much love and light to you all
  • Robert B: Thank you for all you do to assist in The Awakening! Love always!
  • Barbara B: With love to you all at L/L. Jim I think of you often, and of Carla.
  • Joel W: Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for your dedicated service over many years.
  • Stephen M: Great to know you are still there swinging away! Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year.
  • Joseph H: Many blessings to you my brothers and sisters may the love and the light of the infinite creator continue to spread among the souls of our planet and universe. Love and peace, Joe.
  • S4S LLC: Thanks you so much for your service to the One Infinite Creator.
  • Cosmin N: God bless!
  • Reese P: Don't spend it wisely
  • Orion K: Thank you for all you do!!! Btw, I'm sure the Law of One is singularly (pardon the pun) responsible for my new abundance to be able to contribute! Love, Orion
  • Victor S: I love you all - I hope to see you all again next year.
  • Gary W: Wish I could donate more, but I just got laid off. Your work has been a beacon of hope for me throughout the years. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do to keep the flame alive, and growing!
  • Don P: Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for all you guys have done for the world! You have helped a deeply asleep person awaken! What greater gift could you give to this world! Peace and love to you all, Don Patch
  • Qiuzhao D: I just found the law of one three month ago when I pursued the Edgar cayce's stuff (more than 13 years, a lot of documents), but I feel that one is not enough for me, it can not answer why we are existing. I studied physics for my PHD (specified electromagnetism), but strict science just make me feel desperate to understand the meaning of life (it does not matter for us to exist or not to exist). All current religions did not have a reasonable answer to it too for me. I am spiritual but not religious, then I found the law of one, it is just for me, everything in the book completely make sense to me. I hope I could find it early. Many thanks for your effort/pursuing.
  • Frederick E: Glad to be able to help
  • David C: I know it's not very much, but thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart. Your work has really helped me since I've become aware of you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thinking of you always!
  • Goshen K: Thank you for y'all do!! So much love, Goshen :)
  • Rob B: Jim, Gary, and Austin, I don't think it's possible for me to express the full depth of my gratitude and love for you guys in words, but I want you to know that your work has buoyed me through the most emotionally difficult time of my life over this last year. The Law of One, shared through the resources you've created for all of us, has changed my life for the better in ways and to a degree that I never could have expected. Sending Love and Light in your direction, always.
  • Andrew N: Thank you!
  • Cory H: Sending you love and light, my friends
  • John E: Thank you!
  • Nia: Thank you so much for everything you are doing, and please have a Love and Light-filled festive season and enjoy all the beautiful little and not-so-little things happening at this special time of year. Love and Light, and peace and joy to all sentient beings, Nía
  • Chris K: Thanks for all you continue to do, Jim and everyone!
    Nadia P: Thank you for the amazing work you do and have done: we so need to remember...
  • Jose V: These books have changed my life - thank you!
  • Sandra K: Thank you for the inspiration. I read several transcripts a week to stay grounded!
  • Vladimir S: Thank you
  • Knut S: Keep it up, I'm so Glad I found you Guys. Love & Light
  • CV: thank you for all you do!
  • Sam W: Thanks for all you do, friends!! Love, Sam
  • Guenter A: Thanks for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with all of us! Jow/G A U
  • Maleta Y: Bless you, Thank you!
  • Steve H: I feel so much gratitude and love for you, Carla, and Don that I am unable to express it. Thank you so very much.
  • Ariadne W: Highly appreciate your services
  • Yanko Y: You guys are the best. Thank you for keeping all this information available and keeping the site going. I personally benefited from the law of one. I love you with all my hart.
  • Arjun C: Thank you for your service 🙏
  • Teresa E: Thanks to the work and vision of you all, here and now only beyond, my entire world and life vision has changed. I only wish it could be 1000X more, as that hasn't manifested yet, I'll just add my loving energy to all others coming together in your support. I thank you in the light and love of our Infinite Creator!
  • Christine B: Thank you to make this all possible!
  • Michael M: Thank you, Jim and everyone, for your continuing work in bringing Light and Love to our planet. It is much needed and appreciated.
  • Christopher H: Thank you for all you do in service of all in service of the One.
  • Steve E: Looking forward to a fruitful expansion of L/L in 2020. Happy New Year!
  • Kirill G: Thank you for your tireless work of service!
  • Joe P: Your list of "freebies" looks might tasty-I can't wait to get a computer to partake of ALL the enlightenment and "gifts" on your list. I haven't had a computer for 7 years (self-imposed). It's about time. Peace and joy to you this time of year.
  • Richard J: Thank you for all you have taught me through the "Law of One." I have loved all I have learned. Thank you all!
  • Jamie & Perry L: Thank you! My husband and are grateful to have discovered the LOO. Thank you for continuing to keep it available. Love and Light.
  • Theodore K: Dear Jim, Gary, Austin, or whoever might read this letter, Enclosed is a contribution of $50 for L/L Research. I have already given this year but want to participate in your fundraising season, and to express my continued gratitude for all you have done. I hope you have happy holidays, and a new year that is fulfilling to each of you at L/L Research in every way. With best wishes.



2020-01-03 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on January 4, 2020 12:12am.  Category: BW Report

12/29 - 1/3

  • Q'uo Transcripts: Received two transcripts from Aaron T., (thank you, Aaron!) then edited, formatted, and published them to the archive site:
    • December 7, 2019:
      Saturday Meditation:
    • December 11, 2019 - Practice Channeling Circle:
  • Website New: Did another round of review of the web development team's work, then met for a video call to talk shop for a couple hours with the team. So impressed! So excited! A couple hundred thank you's to Daniel, Christian, and Ross. It could just be a couple months away!
  • Australia Garry: And in the birth of one new thing, we may be saying goodbye to another thing. Worked with the starlight Garry F. on the possibility of letting go of one of Bring4th's features, laying the groundwork for a re-envisioning of that branch of L/L's service. Worked with Mr. Plenum to address an ongoing Bring4th moderator issue. Thank you Garry!
  • Bulgarian: Received from Kilirina Sessions 28 - 29 in Bulgarian. Thank you, Kirilina!
  • Hebrew: Received an offer to translate to Hebrew and explained the ropes of translating and gave us a snapshot on where the existing Hebrew translation stands. We'll see what comes next.
  • Bavarian Video: Continued working to find appropriate Confederation quotes for Nadine and Thomas for the Law of One Overview video, that seems to be making some great progress. Annnd got together all of their pictures requested by Nadine, including getting a great shot of Jim meditating after Dan D. had climbed into his lap, and getting what is apparently the first photos of us (Gary and Austin) in the office, as none could be located.
  • Annual Fundraiser: Processed the last of the year's fundraiser donations from the PO box, which includes generating thank-you notes for Jim to sign and sending them off to each PO box donor. And concluded L/L's annual fundraiser! Thank you EVERYONE who contributed. We'll make an individual post for the fundraiser.
  • Work work: Climbed Mt. Bookkeeping, processed and shipped book orders around the world, and replied to the ever interesting seeker email, made some tweaks and updates to the archive site, such as updating the copyright date at the turn of the new year.
  • And this hum drum of an item: Received word from our shipping service that shipments to Brazil now require us to provide a tax ID number for the recipient. Tried to find any convenient way to either require this info to be collected from Brazilians, or simply disable Brazil as a valid destination in the online store. Searched far and wide for solutions, without success. Began working towards a quite tedious solution. [It's not all sixth density enlightenment at L/L.]


G. Bean personal sharing:


Found some reading time recently (yes!). I am loving Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic. Following is a page from that book for you who are seeking to find what the veil hid from your conscious mind:


"So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?


Look, I don't know what's hidden within you. I have no way of knowing such a thing. You yourself may barely know, although I suspect you've caught glimpses. I don't know your capacities, your aspirations, your longings, your secret talents. "But surely something wonderful is sheltered inside you. I say this with all confidence, because I happen to believe we are all walking repositories of buried treasure.


I believe this is one of the oldest and most generous tricks the universe plays on us human beings, both for its own amusement and for ours: The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to uncover those jewels-that's creative living. The courage to go on that hunt in the first place-that's what separates a mundane existence from a more enchanted one.


The often surprising results of that hunt-that's what I call Big Magic."


Later in the book I got a good chuckle out of this one:


"It called to mind the British physicist Sir Arthur Eddington's memorable explanation of how the universe works: ‘Something unknown is doing we don't know what.'"


And as mentioned, a pic of Jim meditating with Dan D. Lion in his lap. Jim is in the living room sitting in the same seat he's occupied for decades. Carla's spot was always to his left. And, look at that beard!




2019-12-28 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on December 28, 2019 6:52pm.  Category: BW Report


12/16 - 12/28

  • Translations: Thanks to our amazing translators, got a batch of translated channeling transcripts formatted and published to the archive site:
  • Channeling Circle: Also received a transcript for the November 13th channeling circle from Aaron, edited, formatted, and published it:
  • New website work! Sweet Jesus is feels good to say that there is amazing progress underway. Held an internal meeting to make extensive review of the proposed layout of the new site, recording a volume of changes and suggestions. Relayed everything to the web dev team and worked to schedule a big pow wow to discuss the new site.
  • Other current-website work: Worked with Jochen to make some extensive corrections to the German archive of the channeling library, making their appearance more congruent with the German language. Also, as is usual, made some tiny corrections and adjustments to various parts of the archive site.
  • Prison Ministry: Continued working with our Prison Ministry volunteers to work through a bit of a backlog of Prison Ministry mail that accumulated during the trip to Europe, which is larger than expected. There seems to be something driving increased interest among incarcerated seekers.
  • Light/Lines: Formatted and published the PDF version of the Winter Light/Lines edition, then wrestled with MailChimp to get the email version all set up, formatted, and sent. A frustrating process that spawned a more intent search for another email newsletter solution.
  • Audiobook: Reviewed more of Jade and Kile's edits of the audiobook manuscript to send along to Trish, who is getting ever closer to the elusive end of the long process of editing the audio.
  • Regular bustle: As per usual, there are many emails to respond to (typically from seekers reaching out), many book orders to fill (especially during the holiday season), random things to process and take care of (like payroll, donations, etc.), and bookkeeeping.
  • Asheville meeting: Held the bi-weekly meeting with the Anchor Circle in Asheville to share ongoing plans for the Temple of the Open Heart. They are making great headway in incorporation, building a website, investigating organizational structures, and so forth.
  • Law of One books: Worked with the publisher of the original volumes on their project to launch a boxed set with new cover art.
  • Aaron Turner: is keeping pace with the higher volume of transcripts leaving L/L nowadays: 4 Saturday Q'uo channelings and two channeling circles per month. Edited four of the transcripts that she returned. So many thanks, Aaron!
  • Concept Guide Cover Art: Worked with another brilliant but other-gendered Aaron, this one Aaron Maret, on refinements to Julie's artwork for the cover art. May have reached the finish line. Thank you, Aaron!
  • Budget 2020: Added up the hours in building from scratch a new system to construct a budget for the upcoming year. Put together the finest L/L has ever seen and met with the Board for review and approval and subsequent adjustment.
  • Melbourne: Heard back from our friend Garry Fung that the first Australian Law of One meetup was a great success! Garry put together a multi-faceted day-long program that mirrored elements of L/L's annual Homecoming, with emphasis on personal sharing. We've never seen Garry so energized, actually. It was uplifting for us to see him take to the skies with such strength. The seekers attracted to this meeting seemed to enjoy their time together immensely, and Garry is hoping to hold the space for another sometime in 2020. This effort is needed, and we are very grateful to our friend for taking the lead in holding the light for wanderers in need of shared seeking.
  • Farsi translation: Received our first outreach for a Farsi translation of the Ra Contact! And in looking up Farsi, learned that "Farsi" is the endonym for the language: the internal name for a place, group of people, language, etc. Whereas "Persian" is the exonym of the language: the external name for a place, group of people, etc.
  • Romanian translation: Received from Horia P. a Book III in Romanian. Thank you, Horia!
  • Serbian translation: And followed up on a thread that died over the summer about an existing Serbian translation that needs review. Know any Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian Law of One readers? Send them this way.
  • Channeling circle 2: Met with Jim to conduct another training channeling circle as we build and develop our muscles.
  • Food poisoning: Also, Austin got knocked out hard by what was either really bad food poisoning or a really bad stomach bug. Either way, really bad.
  • Prayers to Roger: The documentarian we are working with on a potential Law of One docuseries has suffered a couple losses of loved ones recently. We share prayers of light with Roger, and invite a moment for anyone of the open heart to similarly do so.


2019-12-15 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on December 15, 2019 8:25pm.  Category: BW Report

12/8 - 12/15

  • Q'uo Transcripts: Got caught up on the backlog of transcripts awaiting publishing to the archive site. After receiving them from Aaron T. (Thank you Aaron!), edited, formatted, and published them:
  • Law of One Alps Video Then: Wrote an account of our time in Bavarian Germany following the Prague event. A group of 11 worked together to film material for a Law of One video. Scroll down to the next post or go directly there.
  • Law of One Alps Video Now: Worked on reviewing and collecting Confederation quotes for Nadine and Thomas to use in their production of the interview video we filmed during our time in the Alps.
  • Nuts & Bolts: Made some various small corrections to the archive site, published a PDF from Tomas (thank you Tomas!), etc. Caught up on Prison Ministry mail. Sent out an unusual number of book requests and catalog letters and forwarded some correspondence on to the volunteers. Responded to a variety of seeker email. Shared the Confederation via social media (thanks, Trish!). (And thanks, Jeremy, to his ever diligent efforts at Twitter.) Performed the weekly bookkeeping.
  • RC Audiobook Vol 2: Continued with the process of reviewing Jade and Kile's notes on the Ra Contact Volume 2 audiobook transcript and sending the finalized transcript to Trish for her to use in editing. We're nearing the end!
  • Transcript Library e-book: Continued working with Dale and Maria, who are converting the conscious channeling archive into ebook format. Received Volumes 8-16 and published them to the website, then did some preparation for them to continue past Volume 18 and convert the all transcripts up to 2020.
  • Time management: After weeks of being dragged down by failing software vital to time and task management, Austin was finally able to migrate the system to a new configuration, hopefully streamlining some things.
  • New Website: Met in office to thoroughly review the layout/organization aspects of the design for the new website. (SO freakin exciting!) Then spent a nice chunk of Sunday getting all our notes communicated into the mock-up PDFs for sending to Daniel and the web development team for an upcoming meeting.
  • Fictional series: Had a great meeting with Zak and Sam to share notes and discuss the most recent developments in the very exciting media project.
  • Meeting with Jim: Met with Jim a couple times to review the week of L/L business and to discuss a speaking invitation.
  • IMU: Worked with Robin at IMU (International Metaphysical University) on some tweaks to the L/L class, and to welcome a new student.
  • Learned from TW that he has added Czech to the website, and gotten the Ra Contact text uploaded. Congratulations, Tobey! Dialogued on adding more languages, the RC Index, and affiliate links.

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