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My blog is dedicated to seridipitous experience appearing into form as coincidence and the compounding effect it has on certitude, albeit, passing certitude. You might call this the blue printing effect to the future now. -A sure moment of focus from the past.

Hint of Passing
Published by Mirico on November 30, 2012 2:06pm.  Category: Death-physical

I was in the Meijer and unexpectedly encountered my big sister. The store is in the city where she lives. I was surprised and greated her warmly - from several isles away.

Her reply was curt, something about too busy shopping to stop and talk. I said "see you later" and went on my way.


It was unusual for my loving sister not to chat me up whenever I saw her out and about. The strangeness factor was present. That day was the last time I saw her alive.


Looking back, I think she had been hiding her medical demise for at least a year from me and all she knew .  She loved everyone selflessly, and lived the Law of One without every knowing of the RA Material.


Within three weeks, as I recall, she transcended and her physical body was at the university as a donation.

Whenever coincidence converges a light is shown on the recipient and into his/her world.


I Love You JUNE!  See you in my dreams.


A family gathering convened to celebrate and commune the joys of being loved by June.

The next week was Thanksgiving 2012...

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