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Time of preparation and learning to forgive is essential for any real growth to occur. These words are offered to all our young people who have taught  me so many lessons during these past 15 years.

Published by Tekpatzin on January 30, 2010 5:15pm.  Category: General

Greetings and Peace,


Just a quick intro.


Been doing youth mentoring/guidance with urban and suburban youth for the last 15 years. This work led me to work with many indigenous groups on the reservations, in Mexico and South America.


I am  a recovered addict (drugs and alcohol) and have been led to work with plant medicines and rites of passage work.


I carried so much anger against everyone and everything that now..... at this stage of my life (finally) I am learning some very powerful and simple facts about why I am here at this time and what are some of the keys of life. I started a blog at the beginning of this year and will continue until 2012.


I hope to share more as time permits.


My dad (Korean War Vet and pilot) was the one that initially introduced me to the works of Don and Carla and I had the chance to visit Carla back in 2003.


Hello Carla!!


We are all related,


Peace, blessings and One Love.





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