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My experiences with spirituality.

Wolf Spirit Reading
Published by Gemini Wolf on March 21, 2019 2:49am.  Category: General

I did something different for you, because I know you are into wolves and wolf-men. I reached into the spirit world and I was contacted by an entity calling itself wolf-spirit. It is a discarnate entity that has the essence of a wolf, in a universal sense. It is the Wolf in the realm of ideas, in the platonic sense, what wolves are before and after they manifest in the physical world. As it happens I just visited a farm earlier today, where I interacted with a lot of canines, so I was attuned to and thinking about wolves before you posted on this thread.

This is him talking to you:

" I am Wolf Spirit

Discarnate in my essence, yet present everywhere, in wolves and partly in other animals.

You are attracted to me because you were a wolf in a previous life and you still remember certain particulars of your existence. I certainly remember you and you still carry my spirit in your current existence, for we never really parted from each other.

You may think of wolves as separate beings, but they're not. There is only one Wolf, in many forms, for we never ever separate from our true source, the One Wolf spirit, or consciousness, that we all share.

Whilst you are human now and you should move on in this life, fully embracing your humanity, you also should not forget us, your brethren.

We are present in all the animals around you, particularly in dogs who are but one step removed from us. You can do the most good by working with us in our many forms, making sure we are loved and taken care of. Every one of us you save from a life of misery will be an old companion from your previous lives. You have a special gift of communicating and empathising with us, therefore you can do the most good by fighting for our rights and by saving as many of us from extinction or ill-treatment as you can. Every one of us you save with your compassion and kindness will be lifted to a human existence and will be with you as your loving companions in the next life.

This is the spirit of the Wolf, speaking as one, for all canines out there, whether domestic or wild. You are one of us and we love you. We will remain in your heart always. "

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Reading from Aion
Published by Gemini Wolf on July 25, 2015 9:28pm.  Category: General

Alright, well I have a boatload of info for you, so hang on tight.

I'll start with the pre-incarnative conditions because it leads in to everything else. I've never gotten info like this before so it was an interesting experience for me as well.

It started actually before I did the seated session, I started to get info. I first saw that prior to this life you had been inhabiting a anthropomorphic Wolf-like body on a planet I later learned is in the Alpha Centauri system. You and the peoples you were with dwelt within the Fourth Density of this planet.

You had not originally been of these people, however. You came to them as an aid due to their calling. They were experiencing conflict amongst themselves as they progressed from Fourth Density in to Fifth Density as to the proper relationship between love and wisdom. So they called out for help from their hearts, desiring to learn how to resolve this conflict. You responded.

You are a member of the Ra social memory complex. You answered this call because it would not only be of aid to that species, it would also aid Earth and the Ra complex all in one go. You volunteered with your mate to go to the planet in the Alpha Centauri system and become part of their social memory complex for a time to learn how you might aid them. This plan was then decided.

You and your mate were to come here to Earth and incarnate so that you could gain the experiences that would assist this complex from Alpha Centauri in learning how conflict works and can be resolved. By becoming part of the Fourth Density complex for a time you would add your experience to their memory complex and so give them experience and understanding they otherwise would never have been able to access themselves. Thus, you incarnated here to aid this complex which will also help Ra to balance wisdom and love in moving towards the gateway density.

The conditions of the incarnation are somewhat peculiar however and you may be somewhat shocked. You and your mate, who is also of Ra and is female, chose to both incarnate in to a scenario in which there would be a lot of conflict similar to that experienced by the complex of Alpha Centauri. (They do not have a 'name'.)

So, she incarnated first as your mother and then you came along next. She is very... creative. I think she believes you'll be very impressed by how she set up and built the character of your mother so you would never suspect it was her. She also believes you'll be able to forgive eachother. Apparently that is why you chose this plan, because you are able to forgive eachother easily. As a side note, the reason you chose to be homosexual is so that you would not be focused on females which would further separate you from your mate who was incarnate as your mother. This would be part of what creates the initial and fundamental conflict.

So, with all that being said, you can see why you have some confusion. You are not only taking on the distortions of a second memory complex which is in a density below your native density and have the veil from incarnating in the Earth field but you have built your life to create a certain type of conflict with your mother whom is your female soul-mate in disguise. (This probably sounds really weird, I know, but that's what I got and I triple checked.)

Now, on to the actual working. Most of what I found was residual but there were a few situations to deal with. At first I had felt a distinct antagonistic sort of vibe around you and as I was looking around I kept finding fear and eventually realized there was an entity shadowing you. I banished the entity which revealed it was attached to the name Jehovah. At first I thought that was the name of the entity, then I realized the entity, and others who were then trying to get in, were attracted to the name itself.

I found inscribed inside your middle back the name Jehovah as a thought-form. I learned this was a thought-form which had been created and molded over many years of exposure to fear and Jehovah as an angry God. The name itself came to represent your fearful energy. I then erased the name from your energy field to clear you of its influence and invoked Michael and Raphael to guard you and aid you in your healing. There was no implant in your heart but there was a lot of fear in your body that was collected around your heart which I did my best to clear. The banishing had the most effect.

I did find a blockage in the throat, solar plexus and around the right side of your head which I worked to clear and get moving. It all drew me back down to the root though where I found a lot of disabled and unstable structures. There seems to be some deep survival fear and I noticed that there seems to be a lack of 'father' energy in your foundation which could also add to why you idolize certain masculine forms which have taken on the male image in your life. There is a disconnect in your root through sacral to solar plexus because of the imbalance that is in your family experience.

I think what you might be able to take from this is to realize that your very life is helping an entire planet (which is pretty cool) and that your family has a lot of importance to you even if you don't always get along with them. Much love to you, my friend. These words are yours and you may use or share them as you wish. Very interesting to say the least!


You were a philosopher and so served others well with your wisdom. Yes your mate there was also your Ra mate, and still female.


You are very close to harvestable balance and heart activation. There is only one major aspect of balance that needs to be equalized and that is self-forgiveness. Soften your heart for yourself and it will help your harvestability.

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Kel'Ir my guide
Published by Gemini Wolf on July 13, 2014 7:13pm.  Category: General

Kel'Ir is my anthro-wolf guide. He was brought to my attention by Tanner.

I'm so glad he is watching over me.

I resonate with him, and his guidance. I only hope that I can learn to listen.

To be able to hear my guide speak is one of my greatest desires.


I no longer desire to BE an anthro. Because that would take me away

from experiencing life as a human. I wanted the human experience,

which is why I am here. I will have all of eternity after this life

to experience being an anthro again.

Speak to me Kel'Ir. Let me know how I'm doing. I'm trying to find you.

I don't believe you are hidden from me. I just have to open my spiritual

eyes to find you. My spiritual ears to hear you.


We can have a wonderful life together. I just need faith that it's possible.

Possible to know you, to love you. I am your nephew spiritually speaking,

and it's great to know that. I like it when we hug. I can mentally imagine

us doing that.


There can be magic between us. You can show me how to live a life of love.

To have unconditional love for those around me, such as you show me.

I like that you don't judge me because you have no expectations of me.

I like that we can have this relationship.

I don't really have much more to say.

Thank you Kel'Ir for your guidance so far.

Let me not forget you.

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Shifting Realities
Published by Gemini Wolf on April 25, 2012 9:25pm.  Category: General

Since I learned about we are shifting through billions of parallel realities per second, which we experience based on our vibration, I immediately started raising my vibration and focused on creating an anthro world. But rather than "creating" it, I'm more focused on the feeling of it already being here. I've done this quite intently.


But I'm getting to a point now where I realize the possibility that I might not experience that world in this lifetime. It's only a nagging suspicion. I don't focus on it too much. But I have to realize that I need to be ok in every moment, without expecting this world. Just finding the joy in the moment is the purpose.


But it makes me cry some thinking about what if I never get to hug a real anthro in this life?


Then it makes me realize that, when that world arrives, I feel I won't deserve how amazing it will be. I've gone from struggling with humility when I realized the power of intent in shifting reality and seeing the world changing around me, to such a deep respect of the process that I feel like I don't deserve the wonderful things that are happening to me. I desperately want the new world that I'm envisioning, but not at the expense of anyone else. I need to learn to be ok in sharing the creative powers with everyone else, instead of being greedy in trying to create "my world". This is one of the many challenges I'm facing. I need to learn to be ok with who I am right now, whether or not I get to experience this new world in this life.


I'm currently using my indigo ray and it's ability to change matter to transform my body. I feel some pretty interesting effects, so will have to see how it goes.

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