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This information is obtained from telepathic communication between the late Carol E. Crane, an aspect of RA, and her human incarnate husband, Dean Graves. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind. We are not affiliated with L & L Research, LLC.

DNA and Chakras
Published by Deangraves on May 18, 2012 9:09pm.  Category: New RA Material Channelin

Chakras and DNA

“Voice of God” Chakra

In most discussions and teachings of Chakras the eight Chakra system is offered which is a Hindu based understanding of the Chakras and how they work. Buddha, however, offered a system that illustrated eight Chakras within the body, or a nine Chakra system. This is actually a more accurate illustration of our “wheels of energy” within the body.


The location and characteristics of the traditional Hindu system are still in place, where they are usually illustrated, and, in fact, do “flavor” our experiences according to Hindu teachings. The additional Chakra is located at the mouth, between the Hindu 5th and 6th Chakra. It is golden in color and is called “The Voice of God”. This Chaka does not correspond by itself to an additional density but rather is actually part of the 6th density, causing an enlargement of the scope of the 6th density and essentially parceling it into two halves.


As is suggested by the name the Voice of God Chakra pertains to our perceptions of the One Infinite Creator and embodies all of the flavors of the other Chakras, excepting Indigo Ray, as these flavors pertain to the One Infinite Creator. For example, it embodies survival in relation to the Creator, Self Image in relation to the Creator, power in relation to the Creator, etc. This one Chakra embodies the primary perception we have of being separate from the Creator. In addition to unloading the distorted emotional baggage from all of our other Chakras in order to evolve, it is essential for us to do the same with the Voice of God Chakra.


Unloading the emotional baggage from this Chakra is a precursor to being able to fully experience Unity Consciousness now through the 6th Chakra, or more importantly in the 6th density. Resolution of the conditions of the Voice of God Chakra is the transitional goal of moving from 5th density to 6th density. 




I am not a biologist or a geneticist so if my unscientific use of terminology is incorrect, I apologize in advance, but the information that I receive uses these terms to illustrate the information being provided. Also, I’m sure that everyone understands that the DNA being referenced is not the physical manifestation of DNA that we see under a microscope, but is rather the spiritual blueprint that eventually manifests into physical form.


We have a total of 64 strands of DNA in our DNA structure. Historically science has identified only 20 of these strands being functional or “activated” and deemed the remaining 44 strands to be junk DNA, abandoned from our more primitive past. Actually the 44 dormant DNA strands have yet to be used and are what are being activated and will continue to be activated in coming evolutionary moves by us. On May 6th, 2011 the Universe globally activated two strands of our DNA bringing the minimum Human DNA activation level to 22.


The significance of this was huge. Because of interference with our DNA by the Orion Group during the second 3rd density mini-cycle of the second 3rd density major cycle on Zenoa, many years ago, we have been stuck in our evolutionary progress. Having had only 20 strands activated for approximately 750,000 years has kept us in a cycle of ignorance, self destruction, and slavery. We have been sufficiently functional to provide the Orion Group with what they needed, but have had insufficient capacity to move beyond the low levels of consciousness that have been characteristic of the various 3rd density experiences that we have repeated participated in. 


This has changed. As a result of the huge influx of wanderers incarnating into our experience the consciousness level has been averaged up to the highest level that it has ever been for us. This only reached a sufficient threshold to move us forard in the late 1990’s. Since the 1990’s, with the inflow of higher consciousness provided by the incarnating 4th density children who will be making earth their 4th density home, the collective consciousness of the planet has shown a dramatic increase. The presence of the wanderers and the children of 4th density have made it possible to induce the increased number of DNA strands activated from the top down, rather than the bottom up. The higher consciousnesses participating on earth have literally pulled the consciousness of the planet up by the boot straps.


The importance of the DNA activation is essential to our progress. The 64 strands of DNA are sectioned by Chakra with 8 strands being allocated to each Chakra. The first 8 strands facilitate the 1st Chakra characteristics, AKA red ray energy. The next 8 strands facilitate the 2nd Chakra characteristics, AKA orange ray energy. Until recently we have only had 20 stands activated so we only had an additional 4 strands to move us into the middle of the 3rd Chakra, AKA yellow ray energy.  However, with two more strands activated on May 6th, 2012 we have moved up within the 3rd Chakra characteristics and on December 21st, 2011, we will have moved up two more strands and be at the peak of the 3rd Chakra consciousness. We will be on the brink of the Love and Compassion of the 4th Chakra with total minimum of 24 strands of DNA activated. Things are changing quickly.


Things change once again on August 7th, 2013 when the final two strands of DNA will be activated that will push us collectively into the green ray energy of the 4th Chakra/density. These sudden changes will probably be very unsettling for most people and, no doubt, a serious source of irritation for those negatively polarized, but the intensity doesn’t stop there.


August 6, 2013 will be the last opportunity for any and all 3rd density participants to polarize in this earthly 3rd density experience!


August 6th, 2013 is it. After that date the DNA of everyone who has polarized will be in 4th Chakra/density range. After that date the focus will be on making the transition from 3rd density to 4th density. Healing the earth will be of a primary concern. Educating the children of who they are and what their role in the new earth is will be paramount. Little or no effort will be made to provide catalyst for those undecided to decide which road to take.


Those remaining un-polarized on August 6th will not benefit from the final increase in DNA activation on August 7th. Don’t be alarmed. Nothing Armageddon like is planned that I have been advised of. 3rd density not polarized will continue with their current lifetime but will go to the next 3rd density experience with a fully activated 3rd density DNA system and should do very well in the 1st mini-cycle of the experience.


The balance of the population will be 4th Chakra (Love and Compassion) capable without the limitations of restricted DNA activation. Your guestimations of what that will be like are as good as mine, but I do suspect a significant change in the functioning of the planet.


“May you live in interesting times.” Chinese Proverb

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The Shift: Part Two
Published by Deangraves on May 15, 2012 5:54pm.  Category: New RA Material Channelin

This information is obtained from telepathic communication between the late Carol E. Crane, an aspect of RA, and her human incarnate husband, Dean Graves. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind. We are not affiliated with L & l Research, LLC. For information on the original RA Material, please go to Follow all of our “The New RA Material” posts on our web site at


The Shift: Part Two.


Prior to incarnation of every person (both wanderer and muggle) now incarnate and animals, a unique energy system was included in our energy make up. This unique energy addition consists of a vortex of energy within the lower three Chakras with the widest part of the vortex being located in the yellow ray energy center and the most narrow end, the most intense portion, located in the red ray energy. The purpose of this vortex is to serve as a balancing element/catalyst of the accumulated negative energy that we have created over our path through evolution.


This vortex of energy was activated from the day we were born, but was less intense than it is now. It serves as a stimulus of stored or blocked emotional energy within these Chakras so that we may recognize the obstruction and work to liberate ourselves from these distortions. As suggested by the fact that this energy vortex is most intensely centered in the red ray energy center, we have and/or will have more intense awareness of survival issues, but not exclusively. Stored emotional energy is never one dimensional and will stimulate stored emotional energy is the other lower threes energy centers as well as potentially in green (broken heartedness and sorrow) and blue (distrust and excessive responsibility) ray centers. 


One of the most significant aspects of the consciousness shift that we experienced on May 6th and which we will repeatedly experience again in coming months is the increased energizing of this energy vortex. Many of you may not have observed any change at all, but remember that this is an energy/metaphysical occurrence and is designed to stimulate incremental increases in catalyst within each individual on the planet. What you may/will experience is an increased awareness of emotional blockages within your energy system which may manifest in more intense recognition of lower Chakra emotions.


In addition to the increased stimulation of this stored energy is the increased life force energy (consciousness) to deal with these distortions. Such capabilities as greater discipline of personality, greater awareness, and increased strength of character have also begun within us. Again, for most people these changes may not be noticed because of a lack of sensitivity to what is going on internally or a lack of developed ability to observe the self, or that they have been diligently working already to clear these energy/emotional blockages.


Now comes the demonstration of the real purpose of “light workers” in that the mitigation of these lower energy emotions is accomplished through the integration of green ray energy with the energy stimulated within the lower three energy centers. Higher vibrational energy will always integrate the lower energy. This will put an increasing demand upon those able to offer green ray energy to those stuck in red, orange, or yellow ray energy, or simply those experiencing increases in these lower energies.


Whether identified as inconveniences by the Confederation, nodes of chaos by the Hathors, or some other positively channeled source, it is prognosticated by numerous sources that inconveniences will intensify upon the planet and significant alterations in electromagnetic energy, polarity, and geographic stability will occur over the next two years. This is anticipated also to manifest in challenges and changes to traditional hierarchical structures of our society, greatly adding to the intensification of the stored restricting emotional energy within each of our lower energy systems.


Dealing with these increases in emotional energy awareness and release, in addition to the simple integration of lower energy vibration with higher energy vibration referenced above, can be accomplished through meditation, especially the meditative/mindfulness practice of the Tonglen, and a variety of Emotion Processing (AKA “Energy Psychology”) methods. Becoming aware of what you are personally experiencing and learning to integrate the polarities of your internal energy system is the best way to offer service to others as we progress through this wonderful period of galactic history. 

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The Shift.
Published by Deangraves on May 7, 2012 3:15pm.  Category: New RA Material Channelin

This information is obtained from telepathic communication between the late Carol E. Crane, an aspect of RA, and her human incarnate husband, Dean Graves. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind. We are not affiliated with L & l Research, LLC. For information on the original RA Material, please go to Follow all of our “The New RA Material” posts on our web site at

The Shift.

On Sunday, May 6, 2012 the population of earth experienced a wonderful gift. At 6:27 AM (C.D.T.) we received the activation of two strands of DNA. This was a metaphysical event and won’t manifest into the physical for several months. However, it is available to us now.

This is the first of three such gifts. The second gift (two more stands of DNA activation) will occur on December 21, 2012, and the third installment of this gift will occur on August 7, 2013. The purpose of the gift is to provide us with catalyst for awakening. No awakening or automatic increase in abilities is anticipated. As with all experience it is incumbent upon us to individually do the work to receive the benefit. This is an increase in capacity to do work.

The addition of two strands of DNA activation was felt by a large percentage of the population, most negatively by those more fragile, such as the elderly and infirmed. The children of 4th density that are here in transitional bodies will probably feel it least because they already have 32 strands of DNA activated, more than we who are finishing the 3rd density experience. For most of us, the activation of two more stands brings the total active to 22. By the time the gift is fully delivered it will bring the total to 26.

The energy change can, and is being felt. How it is being experienced is unique to the individual and how sensitive to energy (and aware) that the individual is. It may be felt as a surge of energy, or as a feeling of fatigue or lethargy. It may be felt by a tightness in the sixth and seventh Chakra area. It may be felt as confusion, frustration, or anger. The point is it is being felt and exacerbating existing conditions.

What you do with this gift is up to you. You may use it to further awaken and polarize or ignore it and continue on with your previous behavior. The next installment will make it more difficult to maintain the status quo. Beginning to work in earnest towards self discovery will make the future installments much more productive for you personally and make them easier to incorporate into your beingness.


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... and so it continues.
Published by Deangraves on April 29, 2012 11:38pm.  Category: New RA Material Channelin

This information is obtained from telepathic communication between the late Carol E. Crane, an aspect of RA, and her human incarnate husband, Dean Graves. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind. We are not affiliated with L & l Research, LLC. For information on the original RA Material, please go to Follow all of our “The New RA Material” posts on our web site at


…and so it continues.


Being duly cautioned about the offering of what some people may consider prophetic information, I tenuously offer the following:


As previously discussed in earlier posts, we are on an 18 day electromagnetic cycle, in addition to all of the other cycles we are on (biorhythm, astrological, etc.). Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday should have been the peak three days of the cycle and for me it was not. In fact, they felt very much like low energy days. As it turns out, they were.


The cycle has changed as a result of changes in our Sun. The Sun is in the process of splitting its poles so that we will soon have two north poles and two corresponding south poles in the Sun. From what I can discern from interpreting the NASA information, but more importantly information reported from the Japanese space agency, this is in fact happening and anticipated to complete the split in May, 2012. It is apparently not unique for this to happen and records reflect that this does happen every 11 years, but this is occurring way too soon.


It is also unusual because it is occurring soon after the conclusion of the 3rd density cycle and there is a “mini” cosmic alignment occurring on May 6th, the projected date for the split completion. The moon too is on the short cycle of its orbit around the earth making it the closest point of the cycle and causing expectations for the moon to appear as much as 14% larger than normal. These are the known physical anomalies occurring regarding this event that published science knows about.


Metaphysically Carol has advised me that May 6th will be the time of a spiritual awakening. This will occur by the changes in the electromagnetic energies emanating from the Sun and result in the activation of two additional stands of DNA in all humans on earth. This is the first of three such activations, the next being December 21st, 2012, and the next August 7th, 2013. These dates are evenly spaced and all share the occurrence of a cosmic alignment, December 12st having the most significant alignment. 


The veil is being lessened. The May 6th occurrence is anticipated to be noticeable and will be most felt by those nearing awakening. The December 21st occurrence will be felt by everyone. The third occurrence will be significant and is to shake even the most reticent to awaken.


As disclosed in previous posts the 3rd density DNA activation number is 20 strands. The number of DNA activation strands in 4th density is 34. We aren’t going to 4th density yet, but catalyst is being provided to shake the tree, so to say, and aid us to polarize one away or the other.


Carol has not offered a picture of what earth will look like with these events taking place, however I asked about increased confusion, fear, and bellicosity. She didn’t deny that these are very real possibilities and so I take that as confirmation of these conditions possibly happening. If all that you believed was true and the basis for your life work was suddenly challenged, you had no immediate alternative to replace it, and you had not tools to calm your runaway emotions wouldn’t you expect aberrant behavior?


If none of this ever happens, then we all can have a good laugh. However, if it does happen then we can be aware and be prepared. Carol has never offered any information like this before, so it is unusual enough to warrant awareness if nothing else. If your DNA is already activated with more strands than 22, then you probably won’t feel very much on May 6th. But, for those who are not so configured, you probably will feel the change.


The offering of love, compassion, understanding, and guidance to those in unconsciousness is always the right response.


So, we will soon see.


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Meditation to channel Intelligent Infinity
Published by Deangraves on April 25, 2012 6:53pm.  Category: New RA Material Channelin

This information is obtained from telepathic communication between the late Carol E. Crane, an aspect of RA, and her human incarnate husband, Dean Graves. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind. We are not affiliated with L & l Research, LLC. For information on the original RA Material, please go to Follow all of our “The New RA Material” posts on our web site at

Channeling Intelligent Infinity: Part One

As RA explains in the original material, a variety of opportunities open for us when we begin to channel intelligent infinity (II) in addition to our own elevation of consciousness. Among the opportunities included are healing (both for ourselves and for others), the ability to manifest, clear channel communication with our higher self, and the ability to leave incarnation at our determination.

Maybe even more importantly, if one is polarized service to others, is the ability to flow II into the collective consciousness of the population. As we have disclosed in previous post, Wanderers are already flowing II into the collective consciousness, but most Wanderers that I am familiar with are as burdened with baggage as Muggles (non-Wanderers going through the 3rd Density experience) and need a significant  tune up. The following meditation is designed to do just that.

The following meditation was given to Carol, prior to her transition, by her higher self. The subsequent sections (to be posted) on directing II for healing and manifestation and directing the flow of II into one’s torus to heal and reverse time have been provided by RA from the aspect of my higher self. I have been able to instruct several people in these meditations with all very positive responses.

Channeling Intelligent Energy Meditation:

Begin your meditation by breathing yourself into a meditative state of awareness (AKA taking control of your mind).

Once you have reached this state of awareness, visualize your eighth Chakra. This will appear as a white light approximately 2 to 3 inches above your head. Focus on this until you can make it as bright as you can. When it is bright, visualize a stream of energy arising from the eight Chakra all the way to the central sun. This can be the center of the Universe, or fifty feet above your head. The distance doesn’t matter.

When I visualize the central sun, I visualize a cornucopia with the inside of the horn brilliantly illuminated with glowing golden light.

Now visualize this stream of energy returning from the central sun to about a foot in front of the eighth Chakra. Here it makes a 90 degree angel and flows directly into your eighth chakra. As you observe (and/or feel) this occurring, the eighth Chakra will significantly intensify in brightness.

Visualize a new stream of energy emerging from the top of the eighth Chakra and returning to the central sun. Again, the energy is returned, this time to in front of your seventh Chakra. Here it makes a 90 degree turn and begins to flow into your seventh Chakra. As the energy flows and you hold your attention on this energy flowing into the seventh Chakra, it begins to slowly begin to spin and increase in brightness. As you continue to focus your attention on this energy flowing into the Chakra, it will spin faster and faster and begin to be illuminated even more so. 

Holding your vision on each of the Chakras, getting it to spin and balance should take about 20 to 30 seconds.

Now visualize an energy stream moving upwards from the seventh Chakra to the eighth Chakra where it pauses briefly to add energy to the eighth Chakra and then proceeds upwards to the central sun again. Once again a returning stream of energy descends from the central sun and makes a 90 degree turn in front of your sixth Chakra. Here it does the same as before, entering your sixth Chakra causing it to begin to spin slowly, and building speed and intensity as you continue to focus your attention on this energy.

Once it is spinning as much as you believe it can, then visualize a returning stream of energy project out of the top of the sixth Chakra into the seventh. Here it pauses briefly to re-energize the seventh Chakra and proceeds upwards to the eight chakra where it pauses again. After re-energizing the eighth, the energy stream returns to the central sun.

Repeat this exercise for all the remaining Chakras. It is important that you allow time for the energy to spin the Chakra adequately. You do this by holding your attention on that Chakra until you are satisfied with the results. It is also important on the return trip of the energy stream to allow the energy to flow into each chakra above until you can feel and increase in energy at each subsequent Chakra.

After you have completed this portion of the exercise (through the first Chakra), return the energy stream (by going upwards through each Chakra) to the central sun.

Now, while the Chakras continue to be energized and the energy stream rests with the central sun, ask Gaia (Mother Earth) if you may share this energy with her. Once you feel you have an answer (it will always be yes since it is positive energy), bring the energy stream back from the central sun through your eighth Chakra to the seventh. Have it pause here for a moment to turn violet in color, then send it down to your heart Chakra to add a green color (I visualize this as violet on one side and green on the other), then sending this colorful stream of energy down through the remaining Chakras into the Earth. Visualize it descending all the way to the center of the Earth.

I visualize the center of the Earth as a large cavern and when the energy enters it, it explodes to illuminate the entire cavern in hues of green and violet light. Feel the energy as it flows through you and to the center of the Earth.

Hold the image of this as long as you can. Your body may begin to shake or tremble, especially in your third and forth Chakra. That is just your Chakras that are out of balance getting in balance. Continue to hold this vision and feel this energy as long as you can. Push yourself to hold it longer each time.

You should then visualize this energy arising from the center of the Earth through the Earth itself, radiating in all directions to the surface of the entire Earth. Then visualize it moving into, and through, each and every person on Earth. Hold this vision for as long as you can.

Once you have finished, you may ask that you be permitted hold this energy and continue to channel love and light through you to all beings that suffer and continue to be unconscious.

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