2012-03-09 norral, ansell, Diana
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RE: 2012-03-09 norral, ansell, Diana
ha ha gary

u know what u dont realize what u sound like until u hear u voice on a recording lol. and there is most definitely that new york accent there lol.

the funny thing is when we were younger we lived in florida for about 2 years ( i was in the u.s.a.f.) after two years i started to have a southern accent mixed in with the new york accent lol. i wish i could have recorded that Big Grin. but what would be intersting gary actually is on one of the shows if we could hear u speak, hear jim speak hear the people who are associated with llresearch. it helps to fill in the picture. i know what u look like dear brother ( u are beautiful ) but it would be nice to hear your voice.

one idea for a show would be perhaps just to have a chew the fat session between all the people at llresearch on the air so that we could get a picture of the day to day stuff. i would find that fascinating and i believe many others would also

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