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Rainbow  RE: Submitting Questions for "In the Now - Q&A with Carla L. Rueckert"
My question relates to the purpose/destiny of the human soul energetic.

Is the soul a creation of our universal Logos as an experiment in potential or is it a creation of our Eternal Father (Cause of all causes)?

Was soul designed to potentially progress so as to eventually exist as an independent energetic, i.e. as an intelligence no longer dependent upon its indwelling Divine Presence as the source of its life?

When we commune, human soul to spirit, with the Divine Presence within us, are we "knowing" a literal holographic spark of the One Divine Being or are we in contact with a more refined energetic of our own multi-dimensional soul-beingness?......I believe this is similar to a question Jane Roberts (author of the Seth books) was exploring just prior to her passing.

Thanks Carla to you and your associated spiritual family for the "purity" of the service provided over long years.[/size][/font]
may "The One Love" comfort, sustain, and inspire you.
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