Bring4th Poetry
04-16-2021, 01:14 PM,
Bring4th Poetry
I was inspired to start this thread because of something LeafieGreens posted:

(04-16-2021, 12:59 PM)LeafieGreens Wrote:  I have also learned that I can write the most beautiful poetry when I am in the throes of depression and darkness. And in fact, turning that despair into creative energy transmutes it and literally heals the world.

So I invite everyone here to share the poetry they have written. I will add one of my own to kick off this anthology of poetry from Bring4th members.


Droplet in an ocean
Drifting toward light
Dancing among the corals
Engulfed in shadow worlds

I drift and sway on waves
Of complexities
Spinning memories of
Endless unfoldings
Seeking warmth
On shifting sands of time

And then
You enfold me
In your quiet longing
Your eyes drink my light
Your hands cover
My wounds
Your tears become my skin

You rain inside me
Close, soft
Your body the ancient light
That heals distance
Between the stars

We are one
The ocean, you, me
The galaxy, the universe
We flow into each other
Sorrow washed away
On gentle currents

Boundless love
Deeper than
The ocean we drift in
Swaying, dancing
On waves of
Endless unfoldings
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RE: Bring4th Poetry
Hey, darling, do you know, what,
Came to my mind, when I saw you,
Lovely lilacs, foxy burrows,
And your mind, oh so thorough

Let us lounge, by the lonely lochs,
Swinging, silent, crippled bird songs,
Leave, the tidy, luscious greens,
I seem to be, calling back to me

Lifting quiet bells of snow,
In the realm of the willow
Gripping fables, passing by me,
Sparkling, gleaming, so it seems,

Hey, my darling, I wish to,
Sing a song, just for you,
And when I come back my way,
I really, just have to say

Hey, my darling, you are so wild,
With your hair, and your smile,
And though these things will be gone one day,
I really, just have to say

I see a fractal,
ripple in the sun,
Hey, my love, how are you?
are you having fun?

I think the coast is clear,
there's nothing left to fear,
come and hold my hand,
I'll guide you to the land

Sitting in the sun,
we are having fun,
come on over here,
let me touch your hair

Hello my old friend,
you've been here all along,
I'm so glad I found you,
let me a sing song,
a song for you to dance to,
a song for you to feel,
a song that reminds you,
your suffering is real
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RE: Bring4th Poetry
They had left the window opened since the night was so hot.
The moon, which was full, had risen.
It fell on the small black table and on a section of the wood floor.
From its reflection the whole room was lit. In the shadow,
the white sheet, which covered the bed, made a wide pale grey beach.
He turned towards her. She was silently asleep, away as usual.
She lay down three quarters on her stomach, the shoulder blades
sticking out and the pale sheet was sliding down the narrow and dark back.
He would have grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him,
but he didn’t want to wake her up.

He got up. He quietly slipped into his pair of old linen pants,
and got out of the room. He went down the stairs and out to the garden.
It was pretty light. He went through the catalpas grove.
His naked feet were treading on the grass then the pebbles,
before reaching the raspberry hedge.
He picked up a few raspberries then stepped over the wire fence,
and entered the hay field which swayed a bit in the breeze.
The soil was cool, soft, supple, sandy.
He worked his way to the middle of the field and looked around.
The light from the moon washed a little over everything.
The two poplars were having a tremendous time.
One couldn’t hear anything, neither toad nor cricket.
All that heartily slept under the diaphanous glow.
He sat down into the track he had made, and then stretched out on his back.
Some hay stems were biting his bare back.
Above him he could see the hay swaying, and one or two stars
that the stems fleetingly hid with the breeze.
Little by little his body dug itself heavy into the loose ground.
He stayed this way for a long time.
Then he slept for ten minutes, woke up, and stood up.
He went back slowly the way he came. Back in his room,
before going to bed, he went to the window,
but one couldn’t see the path he had made in the hay.
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RE: Bring4th Poetry
This is a poem I've already posted before and also keep in my profile, but it was brought to my attention that it making use of old english doesn't make it very easy to read for people who haven't got accustomed with it.

So I'll use this opportunity to share a regular english version of it, although I quite like the other version.

O' sons and daughters of old
You, who saw ages of gold
Heirs of chaos and order
You, who fought for their borders

Have you forgotten your ways?
You, who has shaped modern days
Have you forgotten your light?
You, who saw so many sights

O' children of past ages
You, who wrote many pages
Great in wisdom and glory
You, whose light shines so brightly


Seek all of the hidden keys
That unlock each of your seals
Seek all of the scattered words
That of thoughts you become Lord

Seek and seek again my friends
That again you may ascend
Seek to know and understand
That this is but a dreamland

Seek within to see and feel
That somewhere you've always been
Seek within to see and know
The dance began long ago

While the destination is great and all, it's really about the journey. Enjoy each step, other-self.
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04-17-2021, 04:36 PM,
RE: Bring4th Poetry
sooo beautiful everybody..... thank you all for sharing
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04-17-2021, 04:55 PM,
RE: Bring4th Poetry
Beautiful Minyatur...
And same to you Silly and Diana, wonderful to read Heart
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04-17-2021, 06:03 PM,
RE: Bring4th Poetry
I stood outside in the rain last night.
I had wanted to glimpse the shining full moon.

I closed my eyes and felt the rain on my cheeks.
I noticed the business-like drone of nearby frogs,
The kind chirping of crickets.
The rain in the grass.

I can hear the constant whoosh of cars on the nearby highway,
A diesel truck engine idling two blocks over,
That metallic chug-ug-ugging steadily.

Awareness shifts back and forth
Two completely different worlds
I hear them both.
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RE: Bring4th Poetry
I had written this one a long time ago in 2008, and sent it to myself. I just recently I found it in my email. While the rhymes are simple, it captured how I felt and the essence of my dog Gus. It was mostly just for me, but maybe you guys will find it endearing perhaps.

I had a dog named Gus
But now he's up above.
And although he was just a dog he taught me about love.

He had brown floppy ears,
A white star on his chest,
But the soft short fur ontop his head really was the best.

From work I'd come home stressed,
He'd wait there by the door.
In the window up his head would pop - peeking from the floor.

He'd always cheer me up,
At lunch he'd show me toys.
I'd always take the time at noon to play and pet "da boys!"

And even though I'm sad
That he has gone away.
His life was full of fun and love, he lived for every day.

I send his bright soul on
Swiftly up to heaven.
Without the pains my doggie had at the age of 11.

I know he's happy now
Up with angels maybe.
Before they try to start their songs he'll make them see his baby.

Find peace my Gusty boy.
Down here we'll be ok.
I am grateful for the time we had that's all I had to say.
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04-18-2021, 08:28 PM,
RE: Bring4th Poetry
Just whipped this one up Tongue

Crafting the wicked tentacles of the figure's silhouette
Little Abby grabbed her pack
and left in a hurry
The mountain air swooped through the window
and caressed her face
so that she knew

The willows in the old bark tree
laughing along the side
The girl quickly wept through the trees
into the secluded meadow of sun rays
and butterflies,
"Love the lilies"
she thought,
"and the colors they make"

In the cold
there was nothing but dark
The studded sky left nothing to long for
mouths agape, the little ones
wrapped themselves up with blankets
and waited for the calling

Creeping through the night sky
twirling ribbons of light through the dark
the flys danced gracefully
there was nothing left to assume by now

and the fruits were strewn on trees
ready to be picked
and the night sky remained ever studded
while the day crept in
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