The Community Stewardship Circle is Online
03-31-2021, 09:10 PM,
The Community Stewardship Circle is Online
After much fun and productive effort, with many points of discussion, planning, writing, thinking, training, and emoticon’ing, we are happy to announce that the Community Stewardship Circle (first publicized here) is officially live!
What that means is that Aion, Diana, Flofrog, Louisabell, Patrick, & Spaced will be actively fulling the roles of Bring4th’s first ever stewards. Their twin and equal responsibilities are to uphold Bring4th’s collective agreements (as articulated in the Guidelines and Principles), and to help to cultivate the energy and the tuning in L/L Research’s online community. To learn more about how they intend to carry out their service, you can read the mission statement and principles document that they created here.
In the months of supporting and witnessing their construction of their stewardship circle, and in helping to train them on the complex task of moderating a forums built upon a philosophy with a fundamental respect for free will, we came to appreciate this beautiful band of human beings. To a person, each has demonstrated significant care for the well-being of the forums, a high regard for our shared philosophy, a desire to collaboratively find solutions, a willingness to hear multiple viewpoints, and a capacity to operate in the open heart in a spirit of service to others.

We believe in them fully. We are not only ready but excited to turn over the keys to them.

Flofrog, Diana, Louisabell, Aion, Patrick, and Spaced, (with special shout-out to Glow) thank for the months of effort. We look forward to supporting you and growing with you in your service to the community and L/L Research.

So without further ado… do please register all your complaints with the circle! Ha. We mean, please lend them your support in co-creating and bringing 4th love and understanding.

With love/light,
Gary and Austin

Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but love unexplained is clearer. - Rumi
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