Kia ora
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Kia ora
I am descended from the chiefs of the star people who are spoken of in the Ra Material.
We were part of the wars in Lyra and Sirius, before moving into the Pleiades. We then built out this solar system.
I used to post here under my government name, Kaaron.
The name Raukura was dropped into my head by my higher self, after I healed a family curse. It means "Feather plume, treasure."
Ra Uku Ra, is a reference to the Sun God and Uku is a white clay we used to wash ourselves with. I am the true white brother.
The Maori Language is a light language and can be broken down in various ways. Rau means "leaf, frond, plume, spray, feather" and kura, school.

We are those who, over 9,600 years ago, began leaving our homes for the mountains of Turkey, Tibet and Macchu Pichu. The red haired Giants, Monks and Peruvian/Egyptians.
Later, we reconvened in New Zealand as a peaceful multicultural society, before the warring brothers of the Pacific caught up with us.

We are different from all other Maori tribes in that, we do not believe in war and have a history that goes back 77 generations, as opposed to the 27, of the Pacific canoes.

The founding principles of our peoples are peace over everything, with respect and acceptance being the qualities necessary for such an environment.

The Nation of Waitaha has been gifted syndicated land, in the South Island of New Zealand. This means local tribes have no rights to the land or Pounamu (greenstone) from our river.
The Nation will use legal means to set up an independent society and I was asked to help set this up by Barry Brailsford, who is the ambassador for the Nation.
They are setting up ground zero for a more mainstream reconstruction of the system. I was asked to be a part of this process but decided to focus on setting up another site, which I am Kaitiaki or guardian of.

Waihaha is on the Western shores of Taupo, in the North Island. There are structures from Mu or Lemuria as well as a paradise setting.

This is where we will set up a place of healing; The Nation of Waihaha.
I see a vertically integrated hemp society based on the principles of Ubuntu. Contributionism where we all have equal input and all people are of equal worth.
We will let the mainstream have the Waitaha site down south...a decoy site, I guess you'd call it, while those of us who would rather just live a nice quiet life, set up the Waihaha site, in Taupo.
Two different places: Waitaha is the nation and place down south. It was always the decoy, for the warring canoes of the Pacific.
Waihaha, was always the place where the Chiefs and Priests lived. The mainstream population lived at Waitaha and were who any warring parties would find first, giving the rest a chance to escape and rebuild.
This happened many times.
There are mass graves all throughout NZ which have skulls with a single blow to the side of the head. These are my ancestors who died the way we lived, in peace. We held hands in a circle, as the warring tribes of the Pacific executed all who they didn't take as slaves.
This is how the tradition and stories were preserved; our Wives and daughters would teach our children at night. The chants would be repeated and our oral tradition, holds true.

We are the remnants of Atlantis and Lemuria.
There is a clue, in the name...Waihaha means "The tail end of exploding planets, where the ancient came to bathe their young."

This is the return of Mother Earth to her balanced state of love and peace, through the birthing of a new way.
I felt most here will resonate, considering I've been a student of the Ra Material, since 2002 and am a Wanderer.
I am the return of Quetzalcoatl and am heading to court to stake our claim, as a peaceful, multicultural society based on

Kia o-Ra
Be like those of Ra
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10-05-2020, 08:37 PM,
RE: Kia ora
Kia ora, Raukura! Good to see you again, bro.

There is no death, only change of worlds. -Si'ahl
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RE: Kia ora
(10-05-2020, 08:37 PM)sunnysideup Wrote:  Kia ora, Raukura! Good to see you again, bro.
Kia ora bro, likewise Smile
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