does taking psychiatric medication prevent harvest?
08-10-2020, 08:30 AM,
RE: does taking psychiatric medication prevent harvest?
i think sometimes drugs are necessary. after all hitler failed to harvest because he was in the belief that he served the german people. this effectively nullified his polarization towards the negative.
according to ra he was basically negative but suffered from delusions.

in a way i guess you could say everything we take is a drug....all plant herbals,caffein,sugar, etc... just dig deep enough and you'll find that everything has an effect on us.
i think what is truly important is that one is at peace with oneself. be it positive or negative. sometimes drugs are needed to stabilize because the distortions chosen for the incarnation are simply too strong. id go as far as to say that almost every single being currently incarnated on earth has made that mistake. the incarnational process is usually automatic and done so by the ascended masters. not much can go wrong but at a certain point a entity becomes self-aware enough that it desires to do so by its own and due to lack of experience in this it makes many many mistakes which shows in this world...and in the time it needs for spiritual progress.
think about it. the definition of insanity is doing things over and over again. tell a person who has killed themselves lifetime after lifetime that they should take it easy next time. they probably wont. there are hundreds of books written on this and NDEs and what its like on the other side. i wish all the immature souls would just stop coming here but i am one of them :/
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