does taking psychiatric medication prevent harvest?
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RE: does taking psychiatric medication prevent harvest?
(08-03-2020, 05:12 PM)Wanderer Seven Wrote:  
(08-03-2020, 04:55 PM)Great Central Sun Wrote:  
(08-03-2020, 04:50 PM)Wanderer Seven Wrote:  I do not believe that taking these medications prevents harvest. It is a matter of achieving polarity not a matter of brain chemistry. Dedicate your self to the discipline of the personality. Don't be concerned about the harvest of other selves. All will make it in time. We are here to lighten the vibration and to assist but should not be overly concerned about other selves timeline for graduation.

Thank you. It is also important not to try to make it just yourself in lieu of others.
I read of one account where the person was breaking through and escaping and was like "see you suckers" or something,
and he was forced right back into the collective consensus.

Indeed, the separation of self from other selves is strong in 'see you suckers.' So we wanderers have already done the brave/foolish thing to endure the forgetting and come here in service to others. I see it as the balance of love and wisdom. We do want to help others achieve graduation, but ultimately each mind/body/spirit complex has to do their own inner work. All of us our one, with each other and with Ra and every other portion of the one infinite creator throughout the cosmos. I try to remember that. Ra told us that most who are positive who achieve the gateway don't depart but remain to share. What session was that?

I don't know but that is very encouraging.
I achieved the gateway and it is Nirvana and the urge to leave is pretty strong but I have a lover here so the urge to say is also equally strong.

Thank you for pointing out that positives can harvest themselves too. I will stay a long as needed, but I get the feeling I am in 4D already. A ET channeling confirmed that.
I didn't try to escape either.
I wandered from a 51% STS world, so it may have been pretty brave being slightly negative. I did it to bring positivity to their world when I eventually return.

Doubt everything. Find your own light. - Buddha
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