Who doesn't meditate and why?
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RE: Who doesn't meditate and why?
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(05-24-2020, 08:23 PM)mayojojo Wrote:  Thanks guys, very interesting to hear about people’s journey of meditation.

So what do you guys think the difference between thinking, contemplation and meditation as discussed in the Law of One?

I learned to meditate in my teens, did so off and on without regularity for twenty years and thought I didn't need it, or I was already great at it. Then this year I decided to meditate daily since Hatonn kept saying how important it is. IME he is right. My life has only gotten better since I started daily meditation.

Now the second question quoted above. Thinking is our typical intellectual thought. Contemplation is an intuitive non-verbal thought. Meditation is the clearing of the mind or the focusing on one thing. Each has its place and there is overlap as well.

What is your style of meditation and as for contemplation what do you get into that state or is meditation contemplation for you

I mainly do qigong meditation in the school of Dr. Yan Xin. I also have experimented with some other systems. The contemplation sometimes happens during meditation but not usually. When contemplating you should have a subject or question and then you clear your mind of internal dialogue and let the ideas and concepts come to you about the subject.
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RE: Who doesn't meditate and why?
Look at this, this is a channel that shows enormous gathering of sahaja yoga practitioners.


I remember watching a video of a gathering in Russia I think it was in Moscow or Togliatti where they have hundreds of people on bleachers and they lit a bonfire so that everyone could meditate on it at once. Imagine the tremendous psi energy being focused in that place.

They call their groups collectives indicating their collective consciousness.
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