Farewell, I am going to go to colonize the Moon. 8th Density
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Farewell, I am going to go to colonize the Moon. 8th Density
This is mostly satire
As a scryer and neighbor in service of the royal Palace of the Shalivahana dynasty in India in a prior lifetime, reincarnating far away from a Hindu household proved to be challenging and disorienting. Adi Shakti had been known in the same aeon, and lived concurrently in that long past era alongside this same entity. Luckily, the energy in his mind was enhanced by the documents of Edgar Cayce, a legendary psychic author and lord of Egypt in a previous Aeon.

As so many entities of the Western world that once belonged to the 6th density social memory complex chose to incarnate in more developed nations out of Egypt, this vital link proved to be a key to showing humanity the 14 densities of Sahaja Yoga in the western world, as the 14 pieces of Osiris illustrate the same idea but had been lost over many hundreds of years due to invasions and religious upheaval/conquest. It was only through art could the link be restored. However, only at a very gradual rate.

This vibratory connection to the Akashic record almost completely memorized by Edgar Cayce allowed many souls of the 6th Density social memory complex to link up to the mind of the Primal Naga Kanya~~his name Verdelion~~who was named after the love he had shown from an early age for the pure and wealth-enhancing energies of the green tourmaline jewels of the Sri Lankan Turmali [Sinhalese tourmaline] mines

Convincing humans we are not 3rd density, nor fourth density, not 6th density, or even only 7th or 10th...is going to be a pain. I'm not upset, just wondering how long it'll take people to recognize before enough of them to understand for it to effect real change on our chaotic and suffering planet.
Like it's easy you can even convince most people that we are any sort of density to begin with...Just go tell your mayor at the next town hall that an Egyptian social memory complex told you the way we run things in town town is wrong! There's no enough L/L and vibratory balance

In fact no, we are 14 density beings. None are truly inaccessible to people. Hindus of Sahaja Yoga, and very few of the deepest circle of the Osiris religion knew. It is why his legend details him being cut in to 14 pieces but being reintegrated with a larger understanding of the cosmos.

I feel like just going to the moon and creating a base for those in agreement! We will colonize it, and evolve on a platform of an 8th density object therefore elevating our spiritual evolution at a much accelerated rate.]

On the moon, things are a lot more chill and the static from people..egh I never got along with most of them anyway, unless you're on the right vibration I'm not going to allow anyone to be on my space shuttle.
Someone in the audience raises hand in protest

I SAID YOU MUST Consistently *eyes serious* ACHIEVE SAMADHI, or you're NOT allowed ON board MY SPACE SHUTTLE!
Slowly lowers hand in discontent of the idea of having to practice candle flame cleansing on a daily basis. *sigh*

You can go back to Earth and be shaped by the vibratory frequency of 3rd and 4th density planets all you want. Ra told us to graduate. That's why he eventually moved on to Sun and why only an extremely tiny percentile of people think that he is Venus...they listened to what some disincarnate Egyptians said based on some books in the 80s! You can just go back to Earth or be left behind during the coronavirus apocalypse [satire] if you want to be a 3rd or 4th density for Eternity. Ok bye. I am going to leave pretty soon because I am obsessed with being the first one to cross the finish line toward 14th density.

9th Sunlight DENSITY [9X9 81ST OCTAVE L.A.S.E.R. technology, [9x9= 810,000 year old impact of Asian tektite coincides with rediscovery of the negative vibratory energy of this meteor. The reverberating negative energy of an extinction-level event coincides with coronavirus emerging in the same period of 2019] Ruby (māṇikyaṃ) for Surya (taraṇeḥ) (Sun), [Ra moved on to become an Egyptian Sun deity rather than at Venus)

8th Moonlight DENSITY lunar CYCLES, axial PRECESSION 2012, passage of Colorado amendment 64. Pearl (muktāphalaṃ) for Chandra (Moon),

7th Violet DENSITY [7X7 49TH OCTAVE-inner DESIGN OF THE EGYPTIAN PYRAMID Red coral (vidrumaṃ) for Mangala (māheya) (Mars),

6th INDIGO DensityEmerald (maratakaṃ) for Budha (saumya) (Mercury),

5th Blue DENSITY Yellow sapphire (puṣparājaṃ) for Bṛhaspati (devejya) (Jupiter),

4rd Green DENSITY Diamond (vajraṃ) for Shukra (asurācārya) (Venus), (Ra is identified as Venus, and this is the heart chakra infinitely beating heart of creator. Green ray chakra 4)

3rd Yellow DENSITY Blue sapphire (nīlaṃ) for Shani (Saturn), The planetary council of our Solar System resides in Saturn's rings according to Ra material

2nd ORANGE density Hessonite (gomeda) for Rahu (the ascending lunar node)
1st RED density Cat's eye (vaidūryaṃ) for Ketu (the descending lunar node),

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