The Pyramid was a 7th density thought form. Visual proof
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The Pyramid was a 7th density thought form. Visual proof
Go to google images "egyptian pyramid brain"
This portrays ROGYBIV entering the human brain. 49th octave of electromagnetic spectrum

Go to google images "Egyptian pyramid 52 degree angle"
-51 degrees
-51.84 degrees
-or 52 degrees
The reason why there's a slight variation in these numbers is Marcel Vogel said Metratron was channeled and gave him the number 51
some people have tried to make it more precise deriving 51.84
52 is rounded, and corresponds angularly to the birthplace of Jesus at bethlehem

"Egyptian pyramid sphinx 52 degrees"
Looking at the Pyramid while standing in front of the Sphinx shows you the numerology encodes the human face.

Now, my number sequence derived from 14 vibrational densities of sahaja yoga and the 14 pieces Osiris had his body chopped in to during his legend of physical disintegration and re-intergration at the hands of Set.

DENSITY #1: 1 DAYS 4 years
DENSITY #2: 4 DAYS 7 years
DENSITY #3: 9 DAYS 12 years
DENSITY #4: 16 DAYS 19 years
DENSITY #5: 25 DAYS 28 years
DENSITY #6: 36 DAYS 39 years

DENSITY #7: 49 DAYS 52 YEARS. 49th octave of electromagnetic spectrum ROYGBIV [52 year cycle of Venus]

DENSITY #8: 64 67
DENSITY #9: 81 84 [81ST OCTAVE OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM. The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is the range of all possible electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation can be divided into octaves — as sound waves are — adding up to eighty-one octaves. Physicists have studied electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths from thousands of kilometres down to fractions of the size of an atom. ]
DENSITY #10: 100 103
DENSITY #11: 121 124
DENSITY #12: 144 147
DENSITY 13: 169 172
DENSITY 14. 196 199


14 density hologram
7 chakras physical body
7 astral bodies

7 on left, 7 on right. Pingala one side, SUshumna in middle, Ida on other

THE DJED IS THE KUNDALINI in the Great pyramid

Other visualizations:

Humans responding to me trying to tell them:
Most people: *cricket* cricket* cricket*
Impatient moron: NEW AGE BS RAMBLING!!! We dun't like ur kind in these parts!! >:[
Narrow minded: CRAZY!

Me thinking in my head..."I think people who get super frustrated and mad because they don't understand the science of light frequencies and numerical inter-relationships shown here to astronomical cycles of cosmic bodies belong in the straitjacket rather than me.."

Everything is interconnected, your soul is everything. all is One infinite hologrammatic consciousness. The Otherworld Energy is Every Where -- as the Other World is Every Thing.

Nothing to be upset over. People understood it back then, and only religious sects know bits and pieces. No one I've ever read has linked it all.

John Van Auken and Marcel Vogel describe density 12 and the number 144 being used in the design of vogel crystals

Not density 14.

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05-09-2020, 07:27 PM,
RE: The Pyramid was a 7th density thought form. Visual proof
But doesn't the Pyramid play the tune "oh so poorly" as per Ra now?

What's the new Pyramid?

Doubt everything. Find your own light. - Buddha
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RE: The Pyramid was a 7th density thought form. Visual proof
10th density in my opinion looks to be related to the shrine of Hathor/Sekhmet [Lion/sphinx and god of copper/turquoise miners in Sinai], consort of Ra in the city of Eilat

Reading through the other reads I linked gives the explanation

Density 10 can be said to be related to the planet Jupiter. Hamsa Yoga in Vedic astrology depicts Jupiter. Hamsa hand jewelry based on results of searching for "hamsa hand jewelry" on shopping search features shows that it is clearly connected to this stone.

Eilat stone in astrology is said to be connected to Venus and Jupiter..
So if the Navaratna had a 10th stone I'd say it's Eilat stone. It's mined out and found nowhere else on Earth.
It was not mentioned in Edgar Cayce's readings but it is composed of all the copper minerals mentioned here, all in one, with the addition of several more such as chrysocolla and turquoise. the national stone of Israel
Lapis Lazuli isn't in it but just go ahead and get a piece of lapis separately, that stone is a combination of 4 minerals together and extremely dense it wouldn't be beneficial for electricity or for a human handling a piece to have fragile copper interwoven in it.
Slice of Eilat stone
Eilat Stone derives its name from the city of Eilat where it was once mined, it is a green-blue heterogeneous mixture of several secondary copper minerals including malachite, azurite, turquoise, pseudomalachite, chrysocolla. The Eilat stone is the National stone of Israel, and is also known as the King Solomon Stone.

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05-12-2020, 12:15 PM,
RE: The Pyramid was a 7th density thought form. Visual proof
I've been thinking about Navaratna's cross-referencing and calculations since being sent a PM by him asking to have a look at the thread "I found a correlation between Hindu Chinese and Mesoamerican timekeeping in Ra". After I replied to that, he's made more threads exploring further and more related stuff has come in, and by now I have more to say than back then.

I got another PM pointing me to the first thread listed below, but I also make this reply to the other threads in this short list:
- "The proof of the incarnation of Edgar Cayce as an 8th density entity"
- "The Pyramid was a 7th density thought form. Visual proof"
- "Newly discovered connection between 3rd and 8th density via Tarot/Moon cycles"

The density problem

What does "density" mean? That's the big problem with the stuff Navaratna has so far put together. He's exploring symbolic and numerical structures, while re-using words to describe them which do not really fit. The exploration isn't bad, but the sloppy language use is, because it turns things into a contradictory muddle.

The mapping of physical objects, and physical symbols, to various densities - and similarly with other related spiritual concepts - only works on a symbolic level, and cannot go very far. The reason it cannot go very far is that categorical boundaries are defined in connection with the framework of densities. If those are ignored, then contradictions will result.

7D is at the center of such logical problems. 7D represents a unity about which little more can be said than that everything is one in 7D. The entire cosmos could be described as a "7D thought form", but with such descriptions, all differentiations which make some physical objects more or less 7D-related disappear. 7D erases the difference between all separate things and beings.

To move past 7D would mean to move past a complete unity of/with this creation to a new or different creation. Ra's description of that is that until that happens, knowledge of what it means is missing. All attempts to fill in the blanks result in using things we know or can at least imagine to describe things we can neither know nor even imagine - not even at the 6D level.

Whatever is meant when referring to a person or thing as 8D or 9D, etc., doing so is logically incompatible with the Ra scale of densitities if you try to say that any distinct person or thing in our creation is more related to 8D or 9D than any other.

For different stuff, different words are needed

Using old words to describe completely different, new things results in confusion. Seriously, if Navaratna came up with a clear and unique terminology, and avoided phrasing things in a way which causes logical contradictions, then it would be more interesting to read.

Maybe Navaratna's big problem is that he hasn't found the words he needs to describe the big and intricate structures he examines. I mean, go right ahead and make your own unique terminology if you don't find a good match elsewhere. It would make it much easier for others to have a look and follow along in the reasoning.

I think that Navaratna's exploration is actually interesting. But some work would be needed if it is to be communicated in a way that would better allow others to join the exploration.
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RE: The Pyramid was a 7th density thought form. Visual proof
I think we passed through 8th density in 2012 when the axial precession cycle completed.

Ra describes a 25,000 period for harvests to occur, and it corresponds to the approximate time for one to pass

"ROYGBIV= 7 densities /8 is moon/ 9 is sun
8 density: mathematical treatment of DNA codons corresponds to lunar cycles: 64 codons, multiplied by 6 minor DNA elements = 384 days [lunar year of 13 lunar months]

same pattern, continued  64 x 384 = 67 solar years [365 day length years]

So keeping this in mind, 1945 end of WWII-2012 was a 67 years epoch. Both mesoamerican and I ching timekeeping systems tracked this. I'll portray more of the math.

continued 64x 67 = 4288 years is A zodiac age.
6 times [4288] a zodiac age is-- 25728 years, one precession of the equinox."

6.15 Questioner: What is the length, in our years, of one of these cycles currently?

Ra: One major cycle is approximately twenty-five thousand 25,000 of your years. There are three cycles of this nature during which those who have progressed may be harvested. At the end of three major cycles, that is, approximately between seventy-five and seventy-six thousand [75–76,000] of your years, all are harvested regardless of their progress, for during that time the planet itself has moved through the useful part of that dimension and begins to cease being useful for the lower levels of vibration within that density.
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