04-08-2020, 11:05 PM,
It's The Law of One that binds us each and every Central Star.....
Not of this world or time and space, yet not too far from this place.
I imagine which I'll go to next and how very near or far and with whom Ill share this space in time, could they be from the Moon or from the planet Mars?
Can't wait to see my family and feel their warm embrace, Its The Law of One that bind us each and everything in space....So no need to look around you just remember who you are ,your LIGHT,  your LOVE,  your EVERYTHING..... that's right's true are ......your UNITY, DUALITY your INFINITE, your a STAR.........potential energy is all that we really are!!
Its The Law of One that guides us to be better than before and to see the others in ourselves and know exactly who we are!!
Heart~~ Love will keep us together ~~Heart
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08-12-2020, 01:52 PM,
At the center of each Galaxy -- lies a density so great,
A formulation of complex matter -- an information processing center
By way of vibrations of the simplest for uninhibited by time and space,
A pure perception of all directions, bound my entanglement to all forms.
Information, matter, and energy cannot be created or destroyed,
Nor can Free Will, Love, and Light in the same respects.
I write these words in search of unity in the glorious sanctity of being.
Thank you, Universe and Creator, for I cherish this experience and all others.

I see the purpose of Earth's existence, and I hope that all who are watching do, too.
See you part played, as the great scheme of things unifies into the greatest celebration of being,
Collectively, and with great Love ... It's yours, truly.
It is in these actions of Willful Love and Light that the New Earth will be born.
I'll see you all at the party 'till the Neverending of Time.
Love to All -- Light to All -- Be All Now
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