awakening path: know the facts/truth,accept it, show gratitude,have creator conscious
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awakening path: know the facts/truth,accept it, show gratitude,have creator conscious
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One awakening path: know the facts/truth, accept it, show your gratitude, understand all is one, have creator consciousness.

I am following this path, and just realized today many people are also walking on similar paths.

When I started this path, there're many synchronicity, and some non-physical experience, telling me I am on the right path.
This is not an easy one, I need to face and light my own "shadow", which I am still working on that even by today.

to share my experience: in 2011,2012 I started reading "alien interview" and "Law of One" etc, understand all is one, what experienced is just a game and earth is prison/quarantine planet and, so we are playing this "ascension game" now.

When I accidentally [later I know nothing is accident, everything happens at its right time] used my mind to "create" some events, all my internal fear/anger/struggles etc are multiplied and come back to me. I think  I got better understanding of the phrase"if you are not truly ready, don't walk on this (awakening) path, some people had very bad results" from book "living LOO" .

but this is also a motivation, It motivated me to study oneness/LOO from many other books/perspectives, build up the multi-dimensional viewpoints.

After studying LOO materials and other similar teachings for over five years, I thought I'm pretty good at knowing the oneness/LOO teachings, and some truth comes to me (less than Mariana Jacobi's video mentioned below), and almost put me to depression. It's so hard for me to accept what is happening on earth: It's easy to say earth is a prison planet, but when seeing those victims' testimony, seeing all the black magic usage, and knowing all those are true. it's a totally different feeling.

Then, by studying "The Ascension Papers, book one", (especially chapter 10, what's evil) helped me step out of the situation, better understand LOO (to a higher level) , understand "all is one", creator consciousness, and raised my consciousness level a lot.
So tough lesson is a good lesson in my case. :-)

now, seven, eight years after walking on that path, I am still studying oneness, improve the consciousness level etc.

I'd like to share something heard from Mariana Jacobi today :  "If you can't accept the truth, then you can't fully wake up".

feel free to watch following videos to know what is really happening on earth (or to say, this ascension game) if that resonate with you.
warning: The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital.(quoted from xxx)

Mariana recommended to watch those videos by sequence. e.g. start from first one, then 2nd one, then continue

Somehow I feel many people in this forum were "trained" to handle this situation: hold vibration/frequency/consciousness level/5D light grid while seeing/accepting all the so-called negative things.

that's the one of the reason I post it here.
and of course, each one took different path to ascend, so this may apply to certain people only.

for everyone's info, this is Mariana Jacobi's website:

this is The ascension Paper, book one.

this is Mariana Jacobi's post:
copied from Mariana Jacobi facebook page

manifest a positive timeline

Dear friends upon your request I made a Freedom Awakening Chanel on You Tube under the umbrella of The Harmonic Reactor. Please follow the videos and do not skip. I made sure that that the videos will give you more and more knowledge of what is really happening in our planet. You will discover how deep the rabbit hole goes.
I know that The truth may anger you but it is time to wake up of the deep trance. Remember that YOU asked me to help you with this info. This information is not for people that are not ready to face the reality. Please I urge to do the research and ask questions for everything. After you wake up please study the quantum manifestation protocol S1 E1 and so on so you can change the parallel timelines of your hologram. And this is how you will escape the negative timelines. You have the codes for the new platform of creation and that is how to manifest new hologram reality by yourself. Do not have fear just acknowledge the truth and create and shift to a new reality hologram Earth of 5D. The knowledge for that is in the Quantum Manifestation S1 E1 and so on. Here is the link to the channel

My The harmonic reactor channel
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