Strange dreams working up to something.
02-11-2019, 12:42 PM,
Strange dreams working up to something.
I've been having really weird dreams, I have this ball of light in my dream thats a cross between God and Lucifer, just a bright ball of ever present knowledge and love. And I'm learning to use this ball in dreams to do things like teleport and cast major healing spells, something I'm both in lack of, teleportation especially, though more healing abilities couldn't hurt. I have a distinct feelings these are coming from aliens and I wake up feeling like I'm a good balanced being but it fades shortly as I wake up and start to worry and my mind gets going again, but I've been feeling really alive and magical every morning. Most of the dreams are adventures and similars but there seems to be a distinct building towards something, I wonder if something is about to happen to my abilites or me.
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