2018_0203 - Spiritual Sleepers
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RE: 2018_0203 - Spiritual Sleepers
(05-02-2019, 07:19 PM)xise Wrote:  However a lot of people think reasoning is the end all be all of decision making, whereas really unless you dig deep into the underlying perspectives and views you have, you're still going to be reasoning based on distortions.

I would agree that pretty much all reasoning will be based on distortions, at some level of premise. However, it would appear to me that the lion's share of people use their emotional nature as the end all be all of decision making.  
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05-12-2019, 10:07 AM,
RE: 2018_0203 - Spiritual Sleepers
(03-03-2019, 01:16 AM)redchartreuse Wrote:  
(03-02-2019, 05:18 AM)Cainite Wrote:  Yeah but that's caring for distractions and not the same thing IMO.

I think I read in the channelings that STO ppl may find the world a lot darker a place.

btw I also don't get why they all stand in front of a TV in a store watching football (soccer).
That's more like their interest though... the same way I'm interested about doing what I like.
Also conformity has a role in how they think they should be or what to do/want... fashion for women, sports for men for example..

The polarized being realizes that the external world (illusion) is boring or cruel, ... that would help motivate him to seek within for satisfaction.. and look beyond how things appear to be.

The more I ponder on this, the more it appears that the impression of negative philosophy onto this sphere IS the balance to naive compassion, i.e. martyrdom.

As for those in the sinkhole, despite some playful suggestions regarding their propensity for sleeping in strange places, they continue to appear to me to be more useful for the negative than for the positive.

The primary goal of the negative polarity here is to convert other-selves to the negative, so that they may be subjected to manipulation and eventual enslavement to the agenda of those at the top of the power pyramid.  However, a secondary goal is to move positively oriented entities into the sinkhole, since this results in an increase of spiritual entropy that makes the path forward more difficult for ALL positive entities incarnated here.

For the positive polarity, attempting to guide a negatively oriented being into the sinkhole is not a desirable outcome.  

While the negative may still manipulate those in the sinkhole to serve their agenda and gain polarity, the positive does not have an "equal and opposite" move, since manipulating others toward the positive does not yield a polarity gain.  The reason being that manipulation itself is a negative tactic.

The most that the positive can offer to the sinkhole is to "send them love and light" and yet this would appear to be (based on results) a fairly ineffective means of creating change.  Which, if we really think about it, makes a lot of sense due to the fact that "love and light" is sent to entities at all times, from all points everywhere. Adding one's own personal vibrations to the mix, while noble, is like adding a few extra drops of salt water into an ocean.

We cannot actually see the changes that love/light make as we most definitely live a life in faith. You gain polarity when you choose to love "anyway".
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