2010-10-05 "In The Now" responses
10-05-2010, 11:44 PM,
2010-10-05 "In The Now" responses
Responding to Carla's BlogTalkRadio show today. I downloaded the audio as I wasn't free at showtime. The download feature works perfectly.

Even before the technical difficulties escalated, Monica's voice sounded fuzzy. After Carla discussed my question, about 28 minutes in there was a lot of echo on Monica's voice. Monica are you on a cell phone or Skype? Carla's voice sounds very clear, yours doesn't come through as well. I hope all the troubleshooting goes well. Might it help to do a conference call for Monica at Carla's phone, before the Internet connection? Just wondering.

Nice to get to hear the music play out longer. Great piece!

I found it interesting that we had three questions in a row about how to use our free will in the face of uncertainty - about politics, spirituality, or the nature of choice.

Points I appreciate from Carla's response to Norral:

I'm humbled by Carla's "grace under pressure" about physical ailments.

There are good people doing good things that don't make the news.

There are many undecided people who randomly bounce between serving themselves and others, which doesn't add up to much.

Her teachings do not include any platform for economics or politics. They are about the individual human heart.

I learned that for radio, I need to make my questions more concise. Sorry about that! Yes, that's a perfect summary of my questions. Perhaps with another couple of decades practice, I'll be able to speak as clearly. Smile

Points I appreciate from Carla's response to my query:

"Prayer is a mystery." - I love that. The Infinite unified Creator has no boundaries to our prayer. Knowing the situation may be more comforting to us but doesn't limit God's awareness. "So you're not praying because you know. And you're not praying to somebody you know. You're praying to an infinite Mystery."

So well stated: "There are always those who interpret dogma conservatively, and find it necessary to judge others who are not like themselves."

"What matters is that you genuinely want to help."

I love the idea of prayer through music. Thank you.

About not giving orders to the divine: "You're not saying do this. You're visualizing that person as whole and complete. Spirit will do what it needs to do with that. You don't have to know."

About joining in another ritual of worship: "There is really only one Love; there is only one Creator. There is no need to harness your prayer to any dogma. Just stay within an open heart."

Great follow up question Monica.

"Get their permission first if you're going to mess with their stuff. Ask permission before you open your mouth."

Points I appreciate from Carla's response to what she heard from Matt:

"What is the right thing? The question doesn't get asked, and the pain of the world hangs on that fact." This is such a profound saying.

Free will as prerequisite to love - thank you for emphasizing this teaching of the Law of One.

Importance of balancing what resonates versus what the "monkey mind" recycles.

"Where is the love in this moment?" as the most important question, always. And, "If you can't see the love in the moment, maybe you are there to bring it."

"I don't believe faith has a content." This discussion helped me integrate the response to Matt with the response to my question.

Another very uplifting, very informative program. I feel my heart blessed by the love, wisdom, and balance that Carla shares. I'm happy for this new weekly tradition. Thank you!
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