25 aspects of working with the energy of Ra
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25 aspects of working with the energy of Ra
These are my experiences. Yours may differ.

  1. It will test your patience. You will want to get up and do other things, but sticking with it for an hour or so each session is great practice.
  2. It will bring out your fears. Memories from the past will arise, including fears.
  3. It is magnetic. At first it feels repelling. Then when you stick with it for awhile it becomes magnetic in feel, and starts attracting your energy to it.
  4. It may bring up thoughts of importance, such as becoming a priest of Ra. Ra does not desire this. They would be grateful for your teaching of the Law of One.
  5. It can be uncomfortable, because it is like an initiation. It challenges your chakras to grow. Growth can be painful.
  6. While it doesn't feel timeless, there isn't a concept of time in the energy.
  7. The energy desires that you are sure of your choices. Your choice to work with the energy must be certain, if you are to work with it. It needn't all come at once. Your decisions can be made over time.
  8. Boundaries are a big thing. You can in your third density body work with higher 6D energy, but you must grow accustomed to it. You will gain respect and responsibility for what you do.
  9. Your first order of business is to get used to the energy. Just call out to Ra to attune you, or initiate you, or whatever wording you feel is right. They will work through you. Or you may work with your own soul family.
  10. Ra appreciates love. They love us unconditionally, so it is great when we can do the same.
  11. It will be harder to sleep, due to you feeling more charged.
  12. You will get glimpses of higher consciousness. They may not be visual, but mental.
  13. It will soon take on a life of its own once you commit. It will be steady and come in waves. Never overpowering, sometimes so subtle you can barely recognize it.
  14. You will get feelings of being home. Flashes of insight as if you were there.
  15. Feelings of being homesick will fade as new energies become more familiar.
  16. Increased empathy for others.
  17. New levels of unconditional love for all things.
  18. Strong desire to take on a vegetarian or vegan diet, even if it is difficult.
  19. Less fear over being overpowered or overstimulated by the energy and trusting that it manages itself very well.
  20. A further crystalizing of your chakras, as if beginning to accept intelligent infinity.
  21. Realization you are ultimately working with intelligent energy or love/light. Ra is simply a pure distillation of this love/light.
  22. You will be drawn towards Unity. Allowing your distortions to merge with others.
  23. You will have an affinity for Intelligent Infinity. You will be eager to touch it.
  24. It can help you with stilling your distortions if you ask it.
  25. You will be guided to work more with your spirit guide who is always with you.
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