The cord is back.
09-19-2018, 11:30 AM,
RE: The cord is back.
(09-19-2018, 10:17 AM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote:  Yeah, I'll have to see. I contacted her yesterday because I was getting bad stinging in my legs. Like a scorpion had stung me. I had been stung by a scorpion before in my bed, and this was like 7/10 as strong as a scorpion sting. It woke me up at night, almost every night. I didn't have any stinging last night, so I'll see how it works.

I think your kundalini can raise slowly and not blow you out of the water. It's when you try to force it that it really knocks you down. But I'm still new to it. So I don't know.

My kundalini feels dense in my solar plexus now. My chakras sometimes feel like balloons.

Really? Wow. TBH I dont think I geel em usually.
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RE: The cord is back.
(09-15-2018, 09:33 AM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote:  GR, do you think we can actively choose not to feel the fear?
I talked with a shaman lady who does not experience fear, and she's dealt with a lot in the past. She no longer does fear.
Is it something learned, or can we just choose it?

I believe Fear resides and is a manifestation of the orange ray spectrum. However it is usually caused by either yellow or red rays influence/interaction on/of orange ray. Each ray grows and evolves,and gains in power, relative to focus and experience/choices. Once orange ray grows, to a fluctuating degree per entity, fear no longer is signified as fear. But a significator with in the moment.
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