Poems to God and Others
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Poems to God and Others
God, give me the strength

To handle the increased responsibility
As I get closer to you
I must monitor my thoughts
Because every little one shifts my energy
I feel your love and light
It captivates me, holds me, heals me
And though you have no personality or gender
I can feel you with me
Let me do more to help the world
Let my will be that
Strengthen my will and my faith
Let me shine like a star
In the metaphysical sense
I must seek, then rest, then seek, then rest
And continue to ground my power
Teach me humility; let me know I’m on the right path
I reach out to you, for you have sent help
Though it was me who called for it
In short, let me never forget
Where I came from, and where I am going
Let my thoughts be only on what I want
Let my passion burn inside
To seek within, and change the world.

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