Homosexual sexual energy transfer?
07-12-2017, 12:23 PM,
RE: Homosexual sexual energy transfer?
(07-12-2017, 03:28 AM)YinYang Wrote:  I enjoy your contribution to the forum, Diana, you have made many posts which made me sit back in contemplation. I apologise for upsetting you.

You didn't upset me. I just don't like untruths.

I know it's difficult on this forum to express in words on a page. It's the main reason I'm here—to sharpen my skills of honest and clear communication. But consider if the subject had been homosexuality, and you accused someone of twisting Ra's words to justify their lifestyle.

I wasn't upset, because you can't offend me for something that's not true. But I was compelled to balance your statement with the truth. And, I do get tired of the misunderstandings on behalf of a sector of society—vegans—who get slammed without thought on a continual basis.
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07-15-2017, 09:21 AM,
RE: Homosexual sexual energy transfer?
I've just been reading in session 31:

Quote:31.3 Questioner: Would this [sexual energy transfer] then be the primal mechanism for the Creator to experience Self?

Ra: I am Ra. This is not a proper term. Perhaps the adjective would be “one appropriate” way of the Creator knowing Itself, for in each interaction, no matter what the distortion, the Creator is experiencing Itself. The bisexual knowing of the Creator by Itself has the potential for two advantages.

"The realm of God is dangerous. You must enter into it not just seek information about it." (Anthony Bloom)
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07-17-2017, 11:11 AM,
RE: Homosexual sexual energy transfer?
(07-11-2017, 10:10 AM)rva_jeremy Wrote:  I absolutely think it's possible due to the fact that what we're talking about is an energetic phenomenon and not simply a bodily phenomenon.  But I will warn you that there are many in our community who, at the very least, think it's impossible for same sex couples to achieve the degree of transfer that opposite sex couples do, and that perfect, magical transfers are unlikely or impossible in a homosexual context.  While I think this might be true, the bottom line is that precious, precious few of any of us have perfect transfers, no matter with whom we're coupling!  So I think it's more about dealing with your situation as it is, less about conforming to some ideal sexual template.  But, as I said, opinions vary here.

I took some time to reply to this thread because of its sensible nature to some and my desire to word my thoughts well. I'm also taking your post merely because I think it speaks of what I think is the issue of confusion in regard to this.

I don't think you can dissociate the bodily aspect from the energetic aspect at all, what you said would be the exact same thing as saying two homosexuals can pro-create because the red ray sexual energy transfer is an energetic phenomenon and not simply a bodily phenomenon. While it might seem accurate in theory, it won't work in practice because the energy transfer involves two bodily templates serving as dual-poles and is a function of those bodily templates and their design, and not of spirit in itself. A sexual transfer operates from the lower chakras and as such is extremely close to the physical and this will remain so for more than just the red ray transfer. So you can probably have a degree of "transfer" but you won't ever have a dual-pole transfer mechanic using the two same poles, it's really like trying to use electricity with just the positive charge or just the negative charge, you won't get the energetic dynamic they can offer with their counter-part because you're trying to use a charge with the same charge hoping for a dual-charge mechanic to somehow happen.

No matter how woman-like a man is, they won't experience the female orgasm from within a male body and no matter how male-like a woman is, they won't ever experience the male orgasm from within a female body because the bodily templates are not designed to build up the same charge. Sexuality is of the nature of the body and the primal 2D sexual instincts act as part of the matrix of the spirit, which is to be transcended by the adept or polarizing entity realizing the Creator. To transcend these limitations to accomplish an energy transfer is to transmute the energy into higher energy, which is why I think Ra said "nonsexual green-ray transfer", because to be used at this level the sexual energy would need to be made nonsexual first (moving it up to the green-ray). If you do this, then yeah sure you are free to use the energy as you see fit doing work in consciousness, which can be used to energize whatever rays of another you want. The difference in the two is that work in consciousness is conscious work of spirit, whereas the other is an subconscious event programmed within one's body and which can be triggered.

Are you not all things?
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07-17-2017, 03:21 PM,
RE: Homosexual sexual energy transfer?
Yeah I've never understood why people moan or get very verbal when they orgasm.

Sometimes my orgasms are painful.

And they are never really more pleasurable than the actual masturbation.

I don't really feel like doing it anymore. Why bother with it? I am already infinity, so what would it add?

There is an anthro somewhere who needs me.
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