Guidelines: Healing
06-01-2017, 02:40 PM,
Guidelines: Healing
Healing Forum Guideline

Ra calls healing “one of the primal distortions of the Law of One.” The subject is quite large and is covered extensively in the Law of One material.  It covers the domain of not only the physical, but also pertains to the mind and the spirit.

This forum is intended for exploring all such healing modalities, both those that are traditionally recognized as being part of the mainstream as well as less-traditional methods.

In addition to the primary Bring4th Forum Guidelines, we ask that participants in this forum keep these other considerations in mind when posting here:

1 ) Please show extra care and compassion (on top of our usual abundance) to those seeking help or advice for their situation.  This is not a forum for criticism or “tough love,” but instead a place where members can feel safe sharing their desire for healing in any area of their life.

Pain and confusion which might be an impetus for seeking healing are very real things, and aren't experienced as “transient” or “temporary” for the person undergoing them. When in doubt about how to discuss a particular topic, it is best to err on the side of sensitivity.

2 ) Please refrain from making diagnoses unless explicitly request by another member. It is okay and encouraged to offer suggestions and ideas about healing, but a diagnosis should only be given in a practitioner-client context.  Such a dynamic is generally outside the scope of public discussions, and we encourage members to take such conversation to a private channel.

If a member is seeking diagnosis in the forums, then please practice the utmost care in offering one. This includes couching your assessment in total respect for the sanctity of their free will, and refraining from imposing your viewpoint.

*Thank you to Aion for suggesting the creation of this forum!
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