Ayahuasca – A discussion
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RE: Ayahuasca – A discussion
(09-13-2017, 04:15 AM)YinYang Wrote:  Thanks sunnysideup! :-) No, I won't expose them, which is why I mentioned no names in my story. I have decided recently that I'm kind of done with my truth crusades and exposing bad guys, because a fool must persist in his folly until he becomes wise. If you are deceived, it's because you should be deceived, that's your lesson. One day you will wake up to the deception, and that is a precious life lesson which enables tremendous spiritual growth and evolution... and that priceless little thing called wisdom.

Quote:Questioner: Then prior to the forgetting process, there was no concept of anything but service-to-others polarization. What sort of societies and experiences in third density were created and evolved in this condition?

Ra: I am Ra. It is our perception that such conditions created the situation of a most pallid experiential nexus in which lessons were garnered with the relative speed of the turtle to the cheetah.

Hear, hear. Not much I can add there, except perhaps that experiences like the one you had often are a blessing in disguise. Rock on, YingYang.

There is no death, only change of worlds. -Si'ahl
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RE: Ayahuasca – A discussion
synnysideup Wrote:perhaps that experiences like the one you had often are a blessing in disguise.

Definitely, I always remind myself of the parable of the Chinese farmer:

Quote:Parable of the Chinese Farmer

Once there was a Chinese farmer who worked his poor farm together with his son and their horse. When the horse ran off one day, neighbors came to say, “How unfortunate for you!” The farmer replied, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

When the horse returned, followed by a herd of wild horses, the neighbors gathered around and exclaimed, “What good luck for you!” The farmer stayed calm and replied, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

While trying to tame one of wild horses, the farmer’s son fell, and broke his leg. He had to rest up and couldn’t help with the farm chores. “How sad for you,” the neighbors cried. “Maybe yes, maybe no,” said the farmer.

Shortly thereafter, a neighboring army threatened the farmer’s village. All the young men in the village were drafted to fight the invaders. Many died. But the farmer’s son had been left out of the fighting because of his broken leg. People said to the farmer, “What a good thing your son couldn’t fight!” “Maybe yes, maybe no,” was all the farmer said.

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RE: Ayahuasca – A discussion
(09-10-2017, 02:59 PM)YinYang Wrote:  A satirical tale of my first "ayahuasca" weekend retreat

thanks for sharing your story, that was greatly entertaining!! it's good to know you were able to have a laugh about it all.

"I am all that has been, and is, and shall be..."
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RE: Ayahuasca – A discussion
Magic mushrooms.... oh my hat!

Sooooo, a few weeks ago I was designing and I had a whole day of design ahead of me, so I thought I'd check out some local podcasts to listen to while I work, see what's happening in the neighbourhood. I saw this podcast "Shrooms at 70", and so I listened to it. It's this 70 year old lady who was interviewed telling her story about discovering mushrooms at the age of 64. Her husband died when she was 64, and then she fell into a deep depression. As a last resort, she decided not to wallow in her misery any longer, and throw a massive party for everyone who knows her. Everyone was told not to bring presents, just come and have a good time, and 300 arrived! Her one friend travelled quite some distance, and gave her a little present and told her to only open it when she's was all alone, on some other day. So a few days after the party she opened the present and there were magic mushrooms inside, with a little note to "enjoy it!". And so ate them all, 5 grams, and..... "saw the light".

Ever since then she has been leading the movement for the legalisation of mushrooms here in South Africa. We had a magic mushroom march in Cape Town in September, and the trial is currently underway, with a verdict expected in early 2018.

Now nothing in my life is coincidental, and I thought it was no coincidence that I discovered this podcast, so I decided after my sordid saga with ayahuasca to maybe check out this mushroom business. I searched a little and found a "plant group" on Facebook and joined, and then started chatting to the lady who runs it. I told her about my ayahuasca experience, and she asked who the facilitator was, so I told her, and she said "aaaaah, yeah, we know of him, and he's banned from our group, some people had some really bad experiences with him". So she gave me the number of a Johannesburg mushroom grower and told me to contact him. He asked if it's our first time, and I said yes, so he said he would suggest either "Amazon" "Burma", some other one I can't remember or the "Golden teacher". We opted for Amazon, transferred the money, and he couriered it to us, door-to-door.

So yesterday morning we were sitting on the balcony watching the ocean, it was a beautiful day, and we ate the mushrooms...

I can never convey to someone what I experienced. For a brief moment, or maybe hours I don't know, there's no time in that world, I was what I think enlightenment must be. My eyes were closed and I could see with my eyes closed, that really puzzled me. And the colours! The walls of the apartment fell away, and we were just in the air. I had a conversation with some "essence", that's the only way I can explain it. It said "I have my being in you" many times. At some point we also laughed because I said "that's why Jesus was crucified, because you can't be this happy without people wanting to kill you". Everything was alive, pulsating, moving, breathing, it was like one enormous organism, and everything is this organism. I think it's going to take me quite some time to assimilate this experience. There is no speech in that world either, it's just mind to mind. .....who would have thought that the whole cosmos lies in one little mushroom?
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RE: Ayahuasca – A discussion
My one time doing mushrooms turned out to be a very dark experience for me, I'm glad that your experience was much more positive than mine.
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour
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RE: Ayahuasca – A discussion
(11-20-2017, 03:51 AM)YinYang Wrote:  .....who would have thought that the whole cosmos lies in one little mushroom?

The way I see it is that you are what actually contains the cosmos (not that they don't also but that this isn't what is experienced)  and the vibration contained within the magic mushrooms does more of thinning out your veil which opens you to that fact. The barrier between you and the world is thinner, the barrier between your mind and spirit is thinner, the barrier between your body and spirit is thinner, the barrier between mind and body is thinner. They allow to give a taste of what non-veiled 3D would be like and this in turns allow a higher inner seeking too.

In my experience ingesting the drug forces transformation but the same results could be found meditating holding it or even connecting to the memory of it, except you'd need to consciously distill all resistance you have which they force open once ingested. Also the spirit of the plant seems to do little interacting unless you seek it out, it mainly leaves you to self-distillation in the heighetened state but can be interacted with also. Guess it doesn't want to learn/teach for others.

I haven't done any real trip since near 2 years now and will probably have the opportunity somewhat soon. Had shared a lot of my experiences over the 7 oz I had purchased within about a year and an half back then.

In the idea of infinity, acceptance of all the potentials the mind can think of is required for a balanced union with what is seen of infinity
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RE: Ayahuasca – A discussion
Yes, I would imagine that what I experienced was a thinning of the veil. Another distinct impression I got, was that it wasn't my conscious mind that was "in charge", the conscious mind was kind of "sidestepped", for lack of a better explanation. It was something much clearer than my conscious mind, which I think might have been spirit, but I'm just guessing.

....and you made your post at 11:11 ;-)
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