Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
01-17-2016, 08:36 PM,
RE: Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
Quick potential OT:
I just did a simple Google on Cisgendered and got back mixed definitions, such as Homosexual Cis and Straight Cis.
I'm surmising Cis means you are the opposite of Transgender from one of the results.

Transgenderism is completely muddied on my google search.  (Google is failing me heavily lately... Sad )

I'm unsure how to define or provide an agreed upon definition of what Transgender and Transsexual means...  

I understand it as Transgender is a Mental/Emotional disagreement or nonidentifying with your biological sex but does not desire to change gender mental/emotionally or biological sex.  OR on the flipside does desire such which...does that make them transsexual or still just Transgender?

Transsexual I comprehend to be someone who either desires to be the opposite biological sex or was once the opposite sex of who they currently are (already changed sex, if not acts completely as if they were the opposite sex of their biological birth body).

...I'm seriously debating throwing this question to Quo because even though I disagree with her opinions here and there I still respect and highly love the Confederation's perspectives and views.  Plus there is nothing out there on transgendered individual's metaphysics beyond a remark or five...

I wonder how they'd respond.
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01-08-2017, 01:27 PM,
RE: Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
(01-05-2016, 01:57 PM)The_Tired_Philosopher Wrote:  Speculation.
And...admittance, I would probably identify as a transsexual now, in a...Uh.  Excuse me, I've been working on some feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment.  Its left me overall confused on my sexuality, can feel this in my red ray for years and could never scratch it...  It was so prominent during my awakening I once more unbarred myself from things like gay porn or considering being with a guy as more than just friends.  Its all...Because of some childhood events.  That To this day I can't process. Mostly because I lost my virginity to a guy I think before I was even 10 (or 9 or 11), and that entire event is...blurry and I remember things starting and ending sex wise, but everything in just gone.  I have tried to find these buried or suppressed memories and can't.  I wasn't exactly optimistic back then and the entire encounter was.  Regretful, dunno if it was painful, don't remember... But I got used for a few years as a booty call before he just disappeared from my life without a word.

This plus one other thing (my lack of a father figure after age 13) has me essentially set at, I'm a guy, who feels like a girl.
And I don't want to admit it!  I just want to be...Accepted?   I can't explain it, I don't even know if this is a confused surmise or not, I don't know.  I'm fine identifying bi but eventually I'll have to get more honest with myself.  In High School I'd let girls put make up on me (albeit for money to let them practice) and I've always preferred my hair long, I'm not physical, I've never fought 'fisticuffs' or even been in a physical fight, I'm not physical I'm Mental/Emotional.  I'm low on physical power but beaming with mental/emotional energy (too much so omg).  I have always been good with emotions and words, sensations and feelings and how they are experienced.  I hate sports, love Go, Chess, DnD, hate shaving (but love how I look when I do).  And now I want to point out how some of these are dumb too.  Some of this should not point me to I'm transexual yet do, and I don't know why.  I don't know why not being into sports is a girlish thing.   I don't know if being bullied heavily my entire childhood suppressed my masculinity, or why I think my long a feminine preference.

-shrugs- but there's this thing inside of me that is unknown, I am now exploring it as I absolved a good portion of the horrors that plagued me weeks/months now and have..heh...the mental time now to unconsciously process it alongside the other stuff too.  I don't cross dress or wear makeup or anything like that, though Kilts look awesome lol

So, I've admitted I'm a bit confused on my sexual identity as per my social identification.  I'm perfectly fine being a feminine guy or a dude with a dudette mind...Bro Heart
But I think I need to look into this...To see if it is a transsexual thing or a...Confused thing?  Or...a Thing at all D: ?

Now I must ask how this ties into polarity.  How does a transgender polarize with each sexual encounter??
Lets use a male person who's transgender.  How does an entity with both sexes in energy polarize when interacting sexually?  Its my understanding a male principle reaches, a female recieves.  Male is + charge (not sto) and Female is - charge (not sts), is a male transgender energetically a + charge with loss in differential from - charge energies or...

What I'm trying to ask is, Homosexuality according to Ra is an aura confusion issue, from entities being too close too constantly, I personally didn't resonate with this passage ever so I dropped it but pick it up to see how others receive it.  

How's this work in reation to a transgender individual?  It feels like a loaded question because it individuates transgender as being different, when its really not.  I just don't know how to ask this promptly.

How do the energetics of the body work with transgendered individuals? Are they male with a feminine charge, are they female with a male charge?  Would a sexual energy transfer be... -doesn't even know how to ask-

Do Transgendered individuals align with what Ra said of homosexuality?  It seems like there's energetically more happening here than if it were an openly homosexual guy vs an openly transexual guy.

And by transsexual all I mean is a physical gender that does not match your personal opinion of your mental gender.

Opinions and thoughts on both my opinion of myself and this speculation are totes welcome Big Grin
Does anyone know if Quo ever spoke on transgender individuals?
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01-08-2017, 01:37 PM,
Smile  RE: Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
I don't see becoming transsexual as a result of childhood upbringing. My granddaughter who has a very loving father and mother and an older sister who identifies herself as female, has always shown male preferences. For example, since she was "potty trained" she wanted to wear boys under ware. She wanted to buy her clothes in the boys department. She wanted to wear a male suit to her uncles wedding. She is now ten years old and still does this. She wants to change her name to Jake. She has had no influence to be this way, it is who she is.
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01-09-2017, 04:53 AM,
RE: Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
Dear Philosopher,
I would also like to offer some thoughts:

I would first like to adress the issues of guilt, shame an inadequacy.
I can fully understand havimg these feelings.
However, you could consider one thing:

There are two possibilities
1 your struggle with sexual identity is a result of imbalance, childhood issues and the likes and can be "resolved".
Even ifit were so, regarding how many issues we all heve that need to be healed and regarding that everyone has tons of stuff to resolve, should you really feel ashamed or guilty?
Even if it were a neurotic issue, it would just be one more thing in human experience that needs healing.
It does in my honest opinion not question your unmeasureable value and beauty as a soul and as a human being! Not the slightest tiny little bit!

2 probably there's just a lot of misunderstanding and confusion and nothing to be changed at all!!!

Even if you were the only human being in existence struggling with the issue, you should be honored as the one working this out for the healing and better understanding of all beings.

That said i would add a few things:
I understand that having no "identity" (in this sexually) or being unsure about ones identity is pretty hard to take.
However, most spiritual seekers especially buddhists strive for resolving the "ego" and thus the "identity". You are already there Smile at least in this field.
Could you possibly accept this "no identity" state? It would offer you incredible freedom!

Speaking of me as a man, i clearly identify with my male body. I am sexually attracted by woman almost exclusively.
However i have a deep appreciation for the beauty and attractiveness of men.

On a deeper and more emotional level i had and still have a life-long struggle with my "maleness" (couldnt find the correct word in english, sorry).
I would find and still do on ever deeper levels blockaged that i neverknew of.
I would identify withmy male body, but have issues with menin general.
Almost only female friends for i did notgetalong with men, i even disliked men in general for their emotional coldness, their over-intellectualizy, their lack ofcompassion and the likes.
It took very long to find out, that all these "qualities" are not really male. It was justthe way my father was, and i did never question this.

Their are a lot of issues still to be healed on my male side. But im growing, healing and accepting more and more.
On the other hand, i realize that my female "side" ALSO needs healing!

A spiritual ature being would in my opinion have both male and female energies equally developed.
But i think its not only about balancing the male and female side.
I experience myself as a mixture of male and female energies, with the male as well the female enrgie being blocked and distorted in a way.
So i will have to heal both "sides".

Apart from that, i perceive myself as a being a man when im having sexual encounters and on a few other occasions.
But mostly my gender doesnt matterat all.
I am white on the outside, butmy soul has no skin.
I am a man outside but my soul has no sex.
I am 46 physically but my inner being has no age.
I am a human being on the outside but my inner light has no form, only timeless neverchanging awareness and being.
And so does yours!

Blessing, my dear friend!
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Glow, Spaced
01-24-2017, 05:28 PM,
RE: Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
I am definitely getting Camille Paglia's next book. An educated and empowered feminist with no ideological agenda.

...the highest wisdom is to suffer all men to have full liberty to think on all subjects in their own way. - OAHSPE  
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