2009-01-17 - Chakra balancing, Channeling, STS Agendas, Non-Confederation Entities, 4th Density Earth, Activism
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2009-01-17 - Chakra balancing, Channeling, STS Agendas, Non-Confederation Entities, 4th Density Earth, Activism
14:01:32 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey, Steve and Aisha and whoever else drops by. Steve will collect your questions and write them to me, so I am waiting for him. Meanwhile, welcome and much love and light!

14:03:37 ‹Bring4th_Steve› We will begin in just another minute or two...

14:04:04 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Please direct all of your questions to the "Ask Carla Here" room, by clicking on that tab.

14:04:31 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Also, please be sure you are using Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is proving to be buggy.

14:04:55 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Lastly, please be sure to read the guidelines, below this chat window.

14:04:27 ‹peelstreetguy› Hello Carla. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work. The Law of One is incredible!

14:05:03 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Thanks for your kind words, Peelstreet! You open my heart! L/L xxx

14:05:47 ‹kensanwa› I would very much also like to extend my gratitude for all the work that you have done. You have made such a difference in so many lives.

14:05:51 ‹Aisha› Hi Carla. I also want to say thank you for the books and web sites that are changing my life

14:07:12 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Thanks so much, Ken and Aisha! My heart is soaring like a hawk! Who has a question? Please ask in the "Ask Carla Here" room. L/L xxx

14:08:04 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ok, Carla. Our session has begun, and the first question is from Aisha:

14:08:09 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Are you in contact with other groups in the world, who are chanelling the positive confeder. entities ? I wish to join a chanelling group like yours here in Slovakia or in the neighbouring countries, if any.

14:08:50 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Aisha - hang on, I am typing on your question.

14:10:34 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Aisha, we are not at present in contact with any contactee groups whose messages i recognize specifically as coming from the Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. This does not mean that there is not good info out there other than ours but that we are not in collaboration with anyone. However we do have a current list of those who are studying The Law of One. We would be glad to include your group. Is there a follow-up?

14:13:29 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Aisha, if you have a follow-up, please don't hesitate to post it in the "Ask Carla Here" room. In the meantime, we will move to the next question.

14:14:00 ‹Bring4th_Steve› The next question is from Peelstreetguy:

14:14:08 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Peels asks: I was wondering how you came to use western magic while channeling Ra?

14:14:41 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey peelstreet! Hang on while i type in your answer, please! :-)

14:15:53 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Peelstreet, i first took up the study of magic - not its practice, but research on it - in 1971. I loved the feel of the practice. I went so far as to engage with a student of W. E. Butler's in correspondence. More to come.

14:16:58 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› We discussed my coming to the Canary islands for an apprenticeship. However, the continuing demands of being a practicing white magician after the apprenticeship were greater than I felt I could commit to while working for Don Elkins. So i dropped the idea of practicing Western white ritual magic. More to come.

14:18:15 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› When Don, Jim and I were asked by Ra whether we wanted to pursue white Western ritual magic, with the Tree of Life glyph and its relationships, or Astrology and its relationships, or the Tarot, we chose the Tarot because we were equally ignorant of it, and because not of us was drawn to Astrology, as it happened. Is there a follow-up?

14:22:10 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, Peels has a follow up:

14:22:11 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Are you referring to Dion Fortune? and, have you read Isreal Regardies The Middle Pillar, and if so, what you think of it?

14:24:04 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Peels - I am referring specifically to W. E. Butler, my favorite writer on White Magic, Western style. I love Dion Fortune's work, especially "Psychic Self Defense". I have read, that is, struggled through, Regardie's The Middle Pillar and have every respect for the work. It is a challenge to read, isn't it?! :-P Is there a further follow-up or are we done with that? L/L xxx

14:24:43 ‹peelstreetguy› thank you I'm done

14:24:51 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you peels.

14:25:19 ‹Bring4th_Steve› The next question comes from Aisha:

14:25:38 ‹Bring4th_Steve› How to keep the lower 3 chakras balanced, for example when I feel bored in my job, but I have to do it to earn money for my living. Here the red ray chakra will be blocked or some other chakra too ? How to do the balancing in this situation ?

14:26:10 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Aisha - hang on while I tpe -

14:26:57 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Aisha, this is a very common thing, to feel the heart closing because you are bummed from some worldly matter. We all are there frequently! More coming -

14:27:47 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Here's the situation energetically: you are losing power into the heart because of your yellow-ray chakra (in your instance of work-related bummedness) blockage. More to come

14:30:06 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Here is what i do when that happens. 1. Stop a moment. 2. Breathe, deeply, in and out. 3. Ask myself who am I and why am I here. 4. Remember that I am a child of the Creator and I am here to love and be loved. I am looking for the love in this moment. 5. I realize that I AM the love in this moment. I vow to do what I am doing with every bit of love in my heart and do it excellently as a gift to the Creator. At that point I am usually all re-energised. Is there a follow-up on that, Aisha?

14:31:06 ‹Aisha› yes

14:32:12 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Aisha asks: you mean to do my job as gift to the creator ?

14:32:35 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Aisha, I'm typing on your follow-up.

14:34:54 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› yes, because everything i do is a gift to the infinite One. All things are sacred to me. If all is one, and all is the Creator, then it is just as much sacred work to clean the toilet bowl, change a screaming baby or hack away at cubicle paperstacks as it is to channel or sing or teach. So i am always focused on serving the Creator, and all that i do sings that song. Do you understand this? It takes a while to recast the chores of this life as sacred work, but to do so redeems them. and it redeems your attitude as well! L/L xxx

14:36:32 ‹Aisha› thanks a lot Carla

14:37:07 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› My pleasure, Aisha! L/L xxx

14:38:24 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thanks, Aisha. The next question comes from Kensanwa:

14:38:31 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Kensanwa asks: Hello. I have a question about the balance of compassion and wisdom. I noticed a little early on that I seem to [be] full of compassion, but am not doing so great on the wisdom side. I was wondering if you had any advice for someone who is looking to put a bit more wisdom behind their love.

14:38:56 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey kens - typing on that - hang on! :-)

14:41:22 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Kens, I also am a bit overbalanced on love and in need of wisdom's balance. I think we probably share an incarnational plan of improving that balance. The first thing to do is set your intention to work on that balance. Then when you perceive a choice is coming up where you either choose love or wisdom, stop a moment. Become present with yourself. A good gimmick I learned from Marianne Weidlein is to ask myself what my highest, best self would do. The answer usually pops right in, clear as a bell. Then comes the hard part - doing the wisest and best thing instead of following the heart. Is there a follow-up to that question, Kens?

14:45:32 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Please let me know if you have a follow-up, Ken! SmileIf anyone has any questions for Carla, please click on the "Ask Carla Here" tab, and post the question to the room.

14:46:45 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Group, while we are waiting for a question to come in, i thought I would write on a question which i heard from Steve might be asked. That's on why the Creator gave the world hallucinogenics and so forth, things that might be poison to our systems. Writing -

14:47:42 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I did some research, looking all over our [llresearch.org] site to see if the Confederation had given any information on that. They have not. I do not think anyone ever asked about it yet. They asked instead about whether they should take it. The answer is always no. More coming.

14:50:45 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› "The world is so full of a number of things," said Lewis Carroll, "that we should all be as happy as kings!" We have complete and total free will. The Creator did not make this a safe world. He made it a world of choices. And there are no mistakes! So the ball is in your court when you come to a choice like whether to take an hallucinogen or other drug. The confederation suggests it is wiser and safer to progress according to your own natural rhythms. Spiritually speaking, if you receive enlightenment before your time, you can blow a hole in your energy body. More -

14:51:44 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› That is their reasoning in saying, "Better not to do it." But there is no judgment. We get to choose for ourselves. L/L xxx And thanks to whoever asked that question! Steve see if you can get it to him or her when you ahve time! L/L xxx

14:52:07 ‹Bring4th_Steve› It was asked by Peelstreetguy.. :-)

14:52:17 ‹Bring4th_Steve› And he made it here to see you answer.

14:52:57 ‹Bring4th_Steve› The next question comes from Aisha:

14:53:15 ‹Bring4th_Steve› What can we do to translate the LOO books or the Quo,Latwii,Hatonn transcripts for example to Slovaque, is there a chance to do it somehow, I saw a french translation of the Ra material.

14:53:41 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Aisha - hang on while I type -

14:55:16 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Aisha, the LOO and some of the Q'uo messages have been translated into Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Italian and French by volunteers who wrote in and asked if they could do so. We welcome all serious attempts to translate this material into other native languaes and we will be available for questions in the translation. Is there a follow-up?

14:56:17 ‹Aisha› yes

14:59:24 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Aisha asks: so if I decided to translate, and found some difficult parts, which are not totally clear, you could help a little bit ?

14:59:47 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Aisha, I am typing on your answer -

15:01:37 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Aisha, if you were to attempt a translation, we at L/L Research would be glad to be available for questions. In some languages there is more trouble than others, we have found - the Chinese translation was such a one, and we had a lot of correspondence with Terry H, the translator. He did a magnificent job! If you try this out in your language and find a glitch, just write contact@llresearch.org and we'll get your questions answered. Thank you dear heart! L/L xxx

15:01:50 ‹kensanwa› whoa....I think my computer did something strange. I am in Japan so maybe my link up is a bit slower than everyone elses....That was a great answer to my question. Thank you!

15:02:33 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› You bet, Kens! L/L xxx

15:03:40 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you Aisha, and Ken! We have plenty of time for your questions. Please ask them in the "Ask Carla Here" room, by clicking on the tab and posting your questions.

15:04:02 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, Kenswana asks:

15:04:05 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Do you have a translation for the Law of One in Japanese?

15:05:06 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› While we're waiting for another question, i want to thank you all for taking part. It is a lot easier to love this material than to engage with it and try to live it. Bless you all for your courage and curiosity in trying to bring this material alive in your life! You're the best! L/L xxx

15:05:20 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Kens, typing on your question!

15:06:28 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Kens, I have heard that there is an "official" (that is, the translating publisher has gone through our publisher and obtained rights) translation into Japanese in the works. I have not yet seen it. I do not know if it exists. Check that out, and if not, be my guest at attempting one yourself! L/L xxx

15:08:20 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, I have a question that is derived from a group topic on the Bring4th forums:

15:08:26 ‹Bring4th_Steve› There has been some forum talk on the quarantined time line rejoining Gaia's natural time line. Do you have any personal feelings in addition to what the confederation has already offered on how STS entities will become involved when the merge takes place? Will it even matter if we have made a solid decision to polarize in STO, since we will be able to see through the negative attempts of service by STS entities?

15:09:05 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Steve, replying - hang on - :-)

15:11:29 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Steve, the negatively polarized entities involved would dearly like to see us never rejoin the main time line. However the world is already far too STO as a whole for that to happen. We see the attempts of STS all the time, in politics, corporations - any time we see that we are being made to feel afraid. Hopefully we do see through these attempts to make our life be based on fear, not love. None of the STS attempts will keep us from rejoining the main time line and moving forward, i am quite convinced personally. Is there a follow-up, Steve?

15:12:13 ‹Bring4th_Steve› yes, briefly:

15:12:44 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Once we do rejoin, it is anticipated that the effects of the quarantine would not be so protective, such that we would have to deal with more STS catalyst - more-

15:13:08 ‹Bring4th_Steve› I just wanted to give the group feedback as to whether you thought this would pose a problem, or it would be another day in the life of a human. :-)

15:13:25 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Steve - typing on that -

15:16:09 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› We are set to rejoin the main time line at the end of 3-D, coming soon to a planet near you. There will be considerable time overlap as those of us still incarnate in 2012 finish out our lives. But eventually, the last of those of us born with only 3-D wiring will have gone on, and the rest will have dual wiring, 3- and 4-D. These Indigoes will have more memory of who they are, and will be able to deal with the temptations better, perhaps, than we who are strictly 3-D wired. But at any time, we may well be asked to choose to think love or fear, expansion and contraction, etc. Follow-up, Steve?

15:16:52 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Great thoughts to think about further, Carla, thanks.

15:16:59 ‹Bring4th_Steve› The next question comes from ingerul9:

15:17:08 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ingerul writes: Hi everyone; such a pleasure to be with you all; I don't know if this has been posted before but I was wondering if we could ask Quo about astral projection and the use for spiritual evolution; also if you had any sort of this kind of experience; and the second question has to do with you making a post in the forums with the channeled material tha you have read other than L/L Research; maybe the ones that you liked; you said that Handbook for the New Paradigm is one that you liked so maybe you can post others as well; thank you

15:17:49 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Ingerule - typing, hang on!

15:19:26 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Inge, if you do a site search (type in site:llresearch.org astral projection) you can discover for yourself what has been said on that topic in previous sessions. Take a look and if what you see does not satisfy you, form a question and send it to Gary at contact@llresearch.org and we'll get it asked. More coming -

15:20:17 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I have not had experience with astral projection and for myself have chosen not to investigate that, as the down side of doing that is heavy for me - those of you who have read Book III of TLOO know what I mean. More coming.

15:20:57 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Inge, this does not mean that it might not be good for another person. i think the Monroe institute is the place to go to investigate that for yourself. More coming. :-)

15:23:05 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Inge, on the second question, I tend not to talk much about what I find useful, unless asked specifically, because I really have no axe to grind. I believe so much in the law of spiritual coincidence. If you are ready for a concept, you will be exposed to it. The Creation is great that way. When you set your intention and seek, what you need comes to you. Knock and it shall be opened unto you, etc. The only other channeling i have enjoyed lately besides handbook for the new paradign is Joshiah's work. Is there a follow-up?

15:25:08 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ingerul, do you have a follow-up at this time?

15:25:45 ‹ingerul9› I don't ; thank you

15:26:11 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you, ingerul! The next question comes from peelstreetguy:

15:26:38 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Peel's question: After reading the LOO for several days, I started kind of getting voices or impressions in my mind. Seemingly of confederation or higher self origin. Do you here about this a lot? Or maybe my mind is tricking me. It's so hard to tell.

15:27:09 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Peels - hang on - typing.

15:28:48 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Peels, I do hear that a lot. I see no harm in listening to impressions, as long as you realize that you are probably not hearing from our guys. The Confederation entities would not barge in. And it is unsafe to attempt to raise them without at least three people in the group. So if they identify themselves as Ra, please know this is an imposter. More -

15:29:42 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› What the Confederation entities always suggest is that you ask for their presence. Then they can send you their love vibrations to let you know you are not alone, and to send you a good carrier wave to enhance your meditations by stabilizing your energies. More -

15:31:23 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› If you are interested in finding out more about channeling, see our blurb on the Channeling Intensives page on B4. If you simply want to connect with your guidance, it is a matter of dialoging with them via the computer or by pen and paper by focusing in a quiet place, and asking the question on your mind, then typing or writing the next thought which you have. This is a safe practice. Is there follow-up, Peels?

15:33:19 ‹peelstreetguy› That about explains what I thought. It's most likely my guidence. That's it for now. Thank you!

15:33:09 ‹Bring4th_Steve› We move on to our next question, by DreamingPeace:

15:33:17 ‹Bring4th_Steve› DreamingPeace asks: Carla, Ra & Q'uo maintained a high standard of only answering questions in response to the call, so as to not infringe upon free will. What is your opinion as to what sort of standards we should maintain? Some of us feel compelled to get involved in activist work, which may affect some who might not be directly asking for that info. Are we infringing on the free will of others if we are vocal in our cherished causes? or should we trust that whoever would choose the info will be led to it, and not fret too much?

15:34:57 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DreamingPeace, remember, we have a lot of awe of these Confederation entities - more than they probably wish - and so they are extremely careful not to misurse that power they perceive they have with us. More -

15:36:13 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› However, you and I are just guys. If you want to do activist work in the world - as opposed to being a spiritual activist by praying at our daily Gaia Meditations, for example - then have at it! You are here on Earth to follow your desires. It is fine to be an activist. People do not have to listen to you. More

15:37:39 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› However, in your personal life, hew to the Q and A rule. Surely, it's OK to drop a seed of thought and then move on without being asked. But in terms of bending someone's ear over this material, wait for a question. The great service we all provide is being, not doing. Be there for people. Now if they do question you, feel free! :-) Is there a follow-up, DreamingPeace?

15:39:03 ‹Bring4th_Steve› DreamingPeace did have one follow-up to another question that was asked earlier:

15:39:42 ‹Bring4th_Steve› DreamingPeace asks: As a follow up to Steve's question about STS entities here after we rejoin the timeline: I seem to remember Ra saying that a new 4D STO SMC would not have STS entities for awhile...to give the baby SMC some time to adjust...I interpreted that to mean there won't be any bad guys hanging around here once the current STS entities have been harvested. It's a little disconcerting to think that there would be MORE STS influence after the quarantine is lifted, but I thought from Ra's words that there would be less, not more...am I understanding correctly?

15:40:20 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey, DP! Lovely to feel your vibes. Typing on that -

15:41:57 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› This gets a bit complex, only because we're stuck with words to communicate with, DP. Third-density Earth will be active for a while after 2012, while the 3-D population rotates out at their natural times of death to the physical. STS will be all over the place in 3-D as tehir ship sinks. A moment of silence for them. Bye bye, negatives! More -

15:43:38 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Meanwhile, the fourth density of Earth, which waits in the wings as far as being visible to 3-D until all the purely 3-D folks have rotated out, is already perfectly well formed. The baby is born and 4-D has dawned! On 4-D Earth, there will be no negative interference because there is a 4-D negative path, and those folks will be pursuing their studies on another planet - one unknown to me. Is there a follow-up, DP?

15:45:09 ‹DreamingPeace› So if there might stil be some negative stuff going on 'as their ship sinks' for awhile even after 2012, at what point do you think we can breathe a sigh of relief that we're past the danger zone of having some major disaster or something like that? I had assumed that after 2012 it would start getting, you know, better around here.

15:45:40 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› hey, DP, typing on that -

15:47:49 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DP, within a century or so, we will all be gone from this planet as those who studied the lessons of polarity here, and made our choices. While we are here, we are likely to hear STS's insidious voices. I do think 3-D will get better, but it will be hectic, as the new wanderers bust the system not working for our greater good. More -

15:48:49 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› The new wanderers seem to be those whose main interest is restoring the natural world, our mother Gaia, before leaving 3-D entirely. More -

15:50:31 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› The sigh of relief you will breathe is when you have passed into larger life, walked the steps of light and graduated to 4-D. It will be way better! however remember how badly you wanted to incarnate here in the midst of all the turmoil! You came here to help lighten the planetary vibes. So keep loving and keep trusting that what you do makes a difference. We didn't come here for nothing! More

15:52:14 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› We came here to give ourselves in service. We knew it would be tough. We knew we would be tempered like fine steel before we were done. And we wanted to help. Just keep the mission in mind and stay around for the party! :-) I promise to be there with you. I have vowed to be the last one out. I promise to turn out the lights! [Light bulb icon] while going to even more light!!! Is there a follow-up, DP?

15:52:50 ‹DreamingPeace› No follow up, thank you! Let's party!

15:53:06 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Captain Carla! Very nice...

15:53:16 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› <:o)!

15:53:21 ‹Bring4th_Steve› All, this is a reminder that we have about 10 minutes left...

15:53:35 ‹kensanwa› Thank you Carla and Steve for putting this together and to everyone who participated, it was a pleasure.Have a good day.

15:53:36 ‹Bring4th_Steve› If you have any final questions, please ask them in the "Ask Carla Here" room, now.

15:53:46 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, the next question comes from ZenMaster:

15:54:01 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Thanks, Kens! U 2! L/L xxx

15:54:18 ‹Bring4th_Steve› First will be a quote from the LOO:

15:54:28 ‹Bring4th_Steve› From LOO Book II, Session 29:

15:54:42 ‹Bring4th_Steve› "Questioner: ...the planet which we walk upon here would be some form of sub-sub-Logos. Is this correct?"

15:54:55 ‹Bring4th_Steve› "Ra: I am Ra. A planetary entity is so named only as Logos if It is working in harmonic fashion with entities or mind/body complexes upon Its surface or within Its electromagnetic field."

15:55:05 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Kensanwa asks: Could you explain a little bit about the nature of the "intelligence" that forms in such harmony (between the Earth and its inhabitants)?

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