Directory of Bring4th Staff
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Directory of Bring4th Staff
Directory of Bring4th Staff


Steppingfeet – Director of L/L Research overseeing its operation. Can help with all L/L Research-related questions. Dreams to hike the national parks. Has consumed life in quest for unlimited cache of peanut butter rumored to exist deep in the mountains.

Bring4th_Austin – Assistant Director of L/L Research, Head Moderator of the forums. Can help with questions pertaining to L/L Research, the forums, or the next octave. Favorite band: Queen. Favorite distortion: the first one.

( See Moderators for account and forum-related questions.)


Bring4th_Austin – Head Moderator of the Bring4th Forums. Can help with all account and forum-related issues. Makes decisions by plugging hair into tree. (See: Avatar.)

Bring4th_Plenum – General Moderator of Bring4th and Special Moderator of Chat Rooms. Can help with all account and forum-related questions. Best thread creator ever. Believes in oneness. Doesn’t believe in a regular sleep schedule.

---------------Archetype Forum Coordinator------------------------

Justlikeyou – Curator of the forum, "Archetypes of Mind, Body, & Spirit". Super genius of the mind, can recite pi up to the 3,750,000th digit. (After that point he just starts making it up.) And can assist with questions regarding the archetypal mind and the appropriate use of that forum.


Bring4th_Steve – Webmaster of L/L Research. Best person you've never met. Tells good stories with pipe, robe, slippers, and fireplace. *If you need something of Steve, please contact GLB, Austin, or Plenum.*


Bring4th_Jim – rock and president of L/L Research, Carla's husband, and scribe for the Ra Contact. Does not physically age, believed to be seven hundred years old.

Bring4th_Carlalisbeth – co-founder of, primary channel for, and the inspirational heart at the center of L/L Research. Indomitable spirit which cannot be stolen to negative time/space. Carla passed away in April, 2015.

---------------Somewhat Sentient Life-------------------------------

Bring4th_Admin – Impersonal Website Admin account, it is a social memory complex consisting of every great mind who ever lived. Also used for Bring4th superstructure and announcements.

Bring4th_Moderator – Impersonal Website Moderator account, it is the portal through which energies from other dimensions move into our own. Also used for Bring4th moderator purposes.


βαθμιαίος – Though not Bring4th staff, he can recite the Law of One backwards while taking a sobriety test, and he is the creator of Earth's greatest tool for study of the Law of One material:

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