2009-01-10 - The Harvest, Chakras, Foregiveness, Animals, Angels, Channeling
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2009-01-10 - The Harvest, Chakras, Foregiveness, Animals, Angels, Channeling
14:06:11 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey, Chat Room Seekers! This is Carla. It is my first Live Chat, so bear with me! The old girl is doing a learning curve here! Just ask Bring4th_Steve your questions and he will feed them to me. I am SO GLAD you're here!

14:08:05 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, the first question comes from Kuruuzum: Carla what do u think about kryon and kirael ? and what do u thınk about [the] photon belt and are we gonna change physically?

14:08:24 ‹Chela› Hi everybody! First time participating in a Live chat session so hopefully I will be able to follow along

14:09:05 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Kuru! Blessings, love and light to you. I don't opine about other channels, but when something resonates to you, trust that and work with it as long as it continues to resonate.
14:09:18 ‹kuruuzum› thank u

14:10:17 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› As to the change coming up, i feel safe and confident that we will make the changes we need as we die from the physical. Then we will "walk the steps of light" and stop where we're comfy. If that's 4D, we've graduated. If it's 3D we will repeat. No biggie unless you want to move on! If so, love, love, love!

14:10:33 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Kuru, do you have a follow-up to that?

14:11:34 ‹kuruuzum› can u gıve us a time ? when ıt will be ?

14:12:23 ‹indian› well hey there folks

14:13:27 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Kuru! Ra suggested 2011 and everyone else around - astrologers, mayans, etc. - suggest 2012. In there somewhere is right, i feel sure.

14:13:53 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you kuruuzum. Carla, the next question comes from DreamingPeace:

14:13:55 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Hi Carla! Thank you for taking the time to be with us today. I'm sure more people will start participating as time goes on. I'd like to ask if you have any suggestions on loving, yet releasing our loved ones who seem intent upon rejecting any sort of spirituality whatsoever. I respect their path, but how to love/let go when they have no path at all? (seemingly) I feel so urgent, but don't want to be like the religious people threatening people with hell if they don't convert, ya know?

14:15:46 ‹indian› sometimes i feel that dwelling on the time frame of whatever, whenever is a 3D distortion meant to be seen through or beyond

14:16:36 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey DreamingPeace! That is a frequently asked question. That is becuase when someone wakes up it feels so good and so right! However, we all have our own alarm clocks, and if you try to wake someone else up off his or her schedule, it's disconcerting to him or her and probably will not help. I like to drop seeds when i interact with those who are comfortably asleep. Just a thought in conversation, when it is appropriate. Then move on. Let the seed take root as it will. Now when someone asks you a question, that is a whole different story. Respond with all the love in your heart.

14:17:09 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› But never, ever push! Be there, radiate your wonderful loving light and you will already be serving that unawake person at your maximum.

14:18:12 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DreamingPeace, do you have a follow-up?

14:18:16 ‹DreamingPeace› Thank you! It's a little harder to do when it's your (young adult) child, and then there are issues of my own guilt that I am trying to clear, for not giving him enough of a spiritual foundation. I am working on forgiveness of self on that.

14:19:27 ‹DreamingPeace› Because we feel responsible for our kids...and now I am re-reading the LOO and finding principles I wish I'd incorporated into my parenting. sigh. But I know this is a lesson for me to forgive myself and trust that he will be ok.

14:19:38 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey, DP - it is the hardest thing to learn to let go and trust! But hang in there. It comes easier as you go. As to your feeling guilty, that is understandable but useless. Forgive yourself and give some good hugs to YOU. You have been and are doing your best. Who could ask for more? L/L xxx

14:19:24 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you, DreamingPeace! Carla, our next question comes from Chela: Carla, do you think the Archetypes can be extrapolated to designate the 7 densities as well, where the Matrix represents experiences on 1st Density and the Potentiator experience of 2nd Density or am I way off here?

14:20:22 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› working on an answer for Chela

14:21:23 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Chela! What a great online name! I do not know whether you can assign density to the archetypes, but offhand, the answwer is no. More

14:22:26 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Logically speaking, each subLogos has its own set of archetypes. so these archetypes will all be within the third density of our SubLogos, and specific, in fact, to Earth. More

14:23:07 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Never say you're way outta line when you are thinking and trying on new ideas! Why limit yourself? L/L Do you have a follow-up?

14:25:42 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ok, Chela, if you have a follow-up, let me know. We will move on with the next question.

14:26:05 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, the next question is a followup from Kuru: ı know u dont opine other channels . but could u tell me is billy meier [a] real contactee lıke george adamski

14:27:05 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Kuru! George Adamski was just plain real. Don Elkins flew out and met with him in the late '60s. More...

14:27:47 ‹kuruuzum› what abaout billy meier?

14:28:12 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Billy Meier is another think altogether. He had a real experience and it is well documented. later, he wanted to continue to generate attention and did some things that are not literally so, fake pictures, etc. Nevertheless, the original stuff was real IMO. Do you have a follow-up to this?

14:28:48 ‹kuruuzum› thank u very much for answer

14:29:24 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Do you have a follow up Kuru?

14:30:26 ‹kuruuzum› no thank u

14:30:46 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Then L/L, Kuru xxx

14:30:47 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thanks, Kuru. We will move to the next two-part question:

14:31:00 ‹Bring4th_Steve› This comes from DreamingPeace:Maybe this has been covered in a reading someplace, but...will the 2D animals who are graduating to 3D go to the new 3D planet with the other 3Ds? So our beloved pets won't stick around here once they are harvested to 3D? or are they on a different harvesting schedule? as in, maybe they will still be here but as animals a bit longer? There will still be animals in 4D, right?

14:31:29 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey DP - it'll take me a minute so don't hang up!

14:31:49 ‹DreamingPeace› ok no prob

14:33:15 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I know there are pets in higher densities because one of the subjecs in Chapter 8 of Secrets from the UFOs who came from a higher density to this Earth as a Wanderer had a pet - a tiger! very sweet tiger of course. I tend to think our pets will accompany us IF THEY CHOOSE. otherwise they can graduate to 3rd Density and start their human walk, joining us eventually as students or children or whatever there, when they, too, graduate 3-D.

14:33:23 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Do you have a follow-up, DP?

14:34:40 ‹DreamingPeace› Yes.,,that explains the harvestable pets...but I'm thinking there will still be younger souls who will be newly incarnating pets...?

14:35:39 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey DP - yes, life scrolls on down the line until we're all around the course and back in the undifferentiated Creator.

14:36:17 ‹Bring4th_Steve› DP's second part of the question is: (Related to previous question) I'm also thinking about the disappearing bees and birds...and so many animals going extinct...I'm assuming that once the transition is complete and Gaia is healed, Nature will be restored, and 2D entities will be abundant, until they are harvested to 3D at which time they'll go elsewhere...is that your take on it or am I way off?

14:38:07 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey DP - I know all will be resotred on Earth eventually, but no one has asked the COnfederation entities whether the same species will come back, or whether new ones will evolve. I don't know the answer to that! I do know that we can make a huge difference just by lovin the Earth and its species now. ANy follow-up on that? L/L xxx

14:39:00 ‹DreamingPeace› No, that's fine...thanks!

14:39:39 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you for the question, DreamingPeace. Carla, the next question was asked by DreamingPeace: Q'uo says that we must balance the lower chakras in order to fully open the heart...this was disconcerting to me, as I've had health issues that I know were related to blockages in the lower chakras. I know you've had health issues as well, but your heart seems very open? Any suggestions on how to open/balance the lower chakras?

14:40:09 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey DP - wait on me, this'll take a moment

14:41:22 ‹DreamingPeace› ok, I'm not going anywhere; take your time! I appreciate it!

14:41:28 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› It is not always so, DP, that health issues are related to blocked chakras. sometimes - and Ra said this was true of me - we and our guidance decide before incarnation to put a trigger into our bodies so that if we get off the track we intended to stay on for our incarnational work, we'd be alerted to change our ways. More coming...

14:41:51 ‹DreamingPeace› Yes, I remember that.

14:42:55 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› In my case, every time i have gotten too far into doing physical things - feeding the poor, doing volunteeer work at church, whatever, i've come down with some new chronic thing that throws me back into doing more inner work. Nowadays i am extremely limited physically and can affirm tht i continue to grow by going more and more within, deeper, more trusting, more faithful and ready to adapt and ask, how can i cooperate with this? More coming -

14:43:02 ‹DreamingPeace› I think in my case it's a trigger to get me to slow down, exercise, take care of myself, love/forgive myself, etc. But I'm just wondering how the lower chakras are balanced...is it by physical things like exercise, yoga, etc. or emotional clearing...?

14:44:25 ‹DreamingPeace› Since Q'uo does seem to indicate that it's very important to balance them, I'm just wondering HOW to do that, whether we have health issues or not.

14:44:39 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› So forget this thing New Agers have about "If you're sick, it is all in your head. It's all your fault." Look at everything, including illness, as a gift. Then open it in every way you can, sensing into it, dialoging with your guidance, analyzing, etc. Let your path open for you organically, not because you feel as though "this is my fault".

14:44:58 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› And then, to open the lower chakras, work on it every day. More coming -

14:46:08 ‹DreamingPeace› YES! Right on! (about forget what the New Agers say about we're not eating/exercising right etc. That approach seems to feed the guilt

14:47:24 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› In the evening, perhaps is the best time - just take some time and go over your day. Explore your feelings from the day. Use the balancing exercises Ra gave and work these through. You don't just open the chakras once, and they stay open. You keep opening them on a daily basis, and sometime on a moment-to-moment basis when there are challenges. Be humble within yourself and just keep starting over, asking, is my red ray open? Do i have issues with sexuality or survival? Is my orange ray open? Do I have issues with personal relationships with myself or others? Is my yellow ray open? More coming

14:48:03 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Do I have issues with legal relationships like marriage, work or kids/parents/siblings? when you perceive a glitch, send love!

14:48:17 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DP, is there a follow-up on this?

14:48:59 ‹DreamingPeace› Thank you! Can you direct me to where Ra explained the balancing exercises? or is that what you just explained?

14:49:36 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› OK, DP, taking your follow-up on how to balance the chakras: wait a bit, this will take some time to type. Glad to do it!

14:52:22 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› here is how the balancing exercises go: 1. Find a strong feeling/emotion/reaction from your day. perhaps you were impatient. OK, then go back into the moment this occurred in your head. Accentuate this feeling of impatience. Let it fill you up and spill over. 2. Allow the corresponding dynamic to replace this feeling of impatience naturally. this can take a while. Wait for it! Let the blessed dynamic of patience gradually fill you up and accentuate until it, too, flows over you. 3. Then hold the two dynamics you have experienced - in this case, patience and impatience - side by - more coming

14:53:27 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› side in your mind. See the perfection of patience/impatience. Release both feelings, and check your chakra again (that would be orange or yellow ray, depending on whether the person you were impatient with was a personal friend or a wife or relative. See how clear that chakra is now!

14:53:56 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DP, a follow up on the balancing exercise? There is a lot of channeling on this point, so you can do a Google site search on it too.

14:55:43 ‹DreamingPeace› Lots of info from various sources on the internet...yes. So there's not a particular transcript that explains it? Thanks for giving me the overview... Very useful, thanks!

14:57:56 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DP, there are indeed whole sessions on the subject. ALso, Ra specifically described the balancing exercise. i just do not have the reference handy. Sorry. Go to Goodle. type in "balancing exercise" site:llresearch.org. then you will get a whole list of entries. Check each of them out until you find the info that works well for you. L/L xxx

14:58:23 ‹DreamingPeace› OK, thanks again!

14:57:54 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you, DP for the great questions. Carla, the next question comes from someone named Bring4th_Steve: Carla, there has been talk on the forums about people having children at this time, and what the children's bodily activation might be like. Do you have any input on how procreation will be handled as we move into fourth density? When do you believe dual-activated bodies will complete their fourth density transition, to the point that only 4th density bodies are born? After the last 3rd Density being dies?

15:00:27 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Steve - do I know U? :> As i understand it, there is still physical procreation in 4-D. However there are energy exchanges with everyone, as there is no confusion about intentions since we can read each other. So any two people exchange whatever dynamic is between them. More coming -

15:02:12 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I think that you're right about when dual-activated bodies will cease to occur. When the last person out the door has made his choice, and all entities on this rpesent 3-D Earth are either graduated or have gone to anotehr 3-D planet, fourth density will be able to appear. At that point, all children will be 4-D-activated only. Meanwhile we get to enjoy our Indigo Children! A follow-up?

15:03:32 ‹Bring4th_Steve› No, that is great, thank you!

15:03:50 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, the next question is from Kuru: is time travel possible ?

15:04:22 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Kuru! Sure it is possible. That's the way most UFos travel. Follow-up?

15:06:10 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Kuru?

15:06:19 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Kuru had a second question: when will the extraterrestrials will reveal themselves ?

15:06:41 ‹kuruuzum› sorry my connection problems.. but i'm reading thank u

15:07:13 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Kuru - typing on that last one

15:08:17 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› They have already revealed tehmselves to many thousands of people. Some they have visited physically, with traces of their visits to lend credibility. Some they have visited psychically. And some they have talked with, as I talk with them when I channel. Follow-up?

15:08:33 ‹kuruuzum› i thınk orions are attackıng me lol

15:08:46 ‹kuruuzum› thank u for the answer

15:09:35 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, we have exhausted the list of questions thus far. Does anyone have any additional questions to ask in the "Ask Carla Here" room?

15:09:46 ‹kuruuzum› i mean general revealed

15:10:48 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, do you recall if there is any mention from the Confederation of Planets on the significance of crop circles?

15:10:52 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Kuru - The Confederation of Planets says they will not ever reveal themselves to the general population, as that would be a massive infringement on free will. The object of positive UFO contact is to wake people up, to function as an alarm clock that says, "There is more to life than I thought." More coming

15:12:20 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Now, the negatively oriented folks, called orion Empire by some, rather unfairly - orion is a HUGE constellation - could land in a heartbeat if enough people were service to self. But truth is, most folks here on Planet Earth are service to others in their orientation. A lot of times, channels which have become corrupted by being asked too many specific, non-spiritual questions will start saying that they'll land soon. I say, 'fergit it!

15:13:35 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Follow up, Kuru? otherwise, L/L xxx and thanks for the great questions!

15:15:00 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Steve, should I respond to the crop circle question? Or should I wait for the next one from others?

15:15:08 ‹kuruuzum› thank u

15:15:18 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Sure, let's move on to the Crop Circle question. Thank you, Kuru.

15:15:41 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› OK Steve. I'm typing on that.

15:17:00 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› yes, Steve, there have been several good questions on this through the years. Again, to find those places, go to Google and type in "site:llresearch.org crop circles". Give that a whirl just to make sure I am giving the right info here. L/L xxx

15:17:42 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ok, I should have asked as well: Do you have any particular interest in this phenomenon?

15:18:35 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Well, Steve, i think crop circles are beautiful. however i believe it would be to the technical, scientific or mathematically oriented that crop circles would be most resonant, since they are examples of sacred geometry. Follow-up?

15:19:05 ‹Bring4th_Steve› oh, good point.. Yes, they are amazing! No follow-up. The next question comes from DreamingPeace:

15:19:08 ‹Bring4th_Steve› What's the difference between angels and higher-density beings? Is the term 'angel' a general term used to describe any discarnate soul who is doing work, or is there a 'species' or beings that are angels? How do they fit into the densities?

15:19:24 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Steve - typing on angels.

15:21:26 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I was fascinated by that very question way back in the early 1980s and asked about that. You can Google "angels" and get that question and answer. Angels are sometimes part of the inner planes of third density. sometimes they are from elsewhere and come to respond to a particular seeker's prayers and want to help that person, with who they resonate. I have many such angels around me. In one session, the Hatton group said that it should really be "The Confederation of Angels and Planets". They work together.

15:22:22 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DP, i just realized that was your question on angels. Sorry! And i should have said Google 'site search', using "site:llresearch.org angels". Follow-up?

15:23:34 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DP, i am responding to your second question on angels.

15:25:08 ‹DreamingPeace› No follow-up, thanks!

15:25:09 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› DP, there is a species called angels. Some have never even incarnated. Others have chosen to take incarnation. But they come from the Logos, whereas we have come through the densities here. They have not. They are very special, however, when we die to this life, we can choose to join the angelic hosts. A lot of children do that when they die very young. Follow-up to that?

15:26:00 ‹DreamingPeace› Hey, I have to go...thank you so much, Carla! (something came up)

15:26:35 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you DreamingPeace! Very interesting that we can join the angelic hosts, Carla. Despite DP needing to leave, the next question comes from her:

15:26:43 ‹Bring4th_Steve› DP asked: Part 2: And the same with: fairies, gnomes, dragons, unicorns...where do they fit in? and other highly intelligent beings such as dolphins, whales...

15:27:04 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Answering DP on fairies, etc.

15:29:39 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› A book called "Passport to Magonia", i THINK by Jacques Vallee, not sure, is the best source of info on those beings. [Added by Bring4th_Steve: http://www.scribd.com/doc/8652147/Passpo...el-Worlds] Fairies and gnomes are types of nature spirit. dragons and unicorns are thought forms created by our myths. Dolphins and whales are our superiors, mentally and emotionally, not to mention spiritually, and we fit into their world rather than they fitting into ours! They were here first! They are third-density beings of the indigo subdensity, hanging around to give us good vibes.

15:29:52 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Any follow-up?

15:30:41 ‹Bring4th_Steve› She did not indicate one, and since she has left, we will move onto the next question, which comes from Kuru:

15:31:00 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Kuru asks: have u ever heard about buddha boy. he is living in nepal . what do u thınk about him?

15:33:05 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Kuru, I have heard ABOUT him, and since Cayce said that an avatar of jesus would be born in 1998, one is interested to say the least. However it is always best to investigate and create your own intelligence on a subject like that. only you know how much in depth you have gone, so you can really only trust your own opinion in such matters. In general, though, i will say that i am very interested in seeing purely loving beings, and hope that they will enter into the lightening of the consciousness of Planet Earth. L/L xxx
15:33:46 ‹kuruuzum› thank u very much

15:34:17 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Kuru, any follow up to that?

15:34:41 ‹kuruuzum› thank u

15:35:00 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ingerul has joined the chat and is writing a question. One moment, please.

15:35:51 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ingerul asks: I was wondering since channeling in 1981-1984 the answer to Don's questions were highly technical; Carla did you attempt to answer in the same scientifc way that you did back then in the earlier session,

15:36:09 ‹Bring4th_Steve› or did you try to attempt to answer in the same way?

15:36:19 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Ingerule, Hey! Typing on your question.

15:38:39 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Ingerule, i have never tried to answer scientifically, because i am not scientifically trained. The Ra group and Q'uo group often say, "Using this instrument, here is as good as it gets." Then they use what resources i do have. In the case of the Ra material, Don's questions got non-scientific answers, but the answers were able to lead physicists to what Ra was saying in a much more scientific fashion. Follow-up?

15:40:45 ‹Bring4th_Steve› As a reminder, anyone in this room may ask Carla a question. Simply Click on the "Ask Carla Here" tab, and pose your question.

15:41:14 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ingerul has a follow up:

15:41:17 ‹Bring4th_Steve› have you tried contacting some inner plane entities? or only of the Confederation?

15:41:34 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Ingerule, answering -

15:43:13 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› In the early days, i channeled any number of beings. Some were confederation of the planet sources, like Hatton. Some were nature spirits. Some were anomalous, like the Earth itself, which I have channeled several times. And some were inner guides. Follow-up?

15:45:06 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Ingerule, i might also say that what changed that was that i learned more about tuning and challenging, and began to ask for the highest and best source to channel which came in the vibration of Jesus the Christ. that seemed to remove everyone but Q'uo. L/L xxx

15:45:28 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ingerule writes: I know that for a session of channeling the optimum number of people is 3; can I try in channeling the Confederation with only me? or is it necessary that it be done in more people as to the ones asking and the one's replying

15:45:45 ‹Bring4th_Steve› I didn't read your book on channeling so if the answer is in the book I apologize

15:45:49 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Ingerule, answering –

15:46:58 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey inge! I am working with a channeling circle these days, holding three Channeling intensive sessions here at Camelot each year for those who wish to learn how to contact Confederation entities. By all means sign up and next time we have four - youd be #2 - I'll do another introductory circle. more coming –

15:47:57 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› inge, under no circumstances try to channel outer sources such as the confederation of planets by yourself. However, you can journal with your Guidance/Higher Self. That is safe. Just write down your uestion and then write down the next thought that comes into your head. See if that might not work well for you. Follow-up?

15:50:05 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Ingerul, if you have a follow-up, please let me know. We'll move on to the next question.

15:50:16 ‹Bring4th_Steve› I also would like to remind everyone that we have about 10 minutes left,

15:50:32 ‹Bring4th_Steve› so if there are any final questions, please ask them in the Ask Carla Here room at this time.

15:50:42 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, the next question is from Kuru: what was the Madame Blavatsky's mission?

15:51:10 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Kuru - typing on Madame B-

15:52:31 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Madame Blavatsky and others of the theosophical Society that followed her seem to have been ambassadors unifying Eastern abd Western mysticism. Until the last century, the two worlds of thought were as wide apart as the oceans between their continents. Now, the globe has shrunk and we are unifying and globalizing spirit. Follow-up?

15:52:57 ‹kuruuzum› thank u *rose icon*

15:53:23 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Kuzu, *heart icon*/*light bulb icon* xxx

15:55:14 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you, Kuru! The next quesiton comes from Zen Master: what inspired the sunrise for the top graphic?

15:56:05 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› ZM - Steve set that up. We were talking about the site and i talked about the dawning of 4D. He came up with the graphic! Follow-up?

15:56:26 ‹Bring4th_Steve› May I share an interesting add-on?

15:56:37 ‹zenmaster› thanks. Yes

15:57:31 ‹Bring4th_Steve› The imagery with the mountain ranges and the sun rising (bringing in the Golden Age) came to me in a dream! I felt very attached to making that part of the theme, and it matched with Carla's ideas for the design as well.

15:57:55 ‹zenmaster› (i like it and have a similar painting)

15:58:30 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Awesome! Thank you for sharing that. We may have time for one last question. Anyone?

15:59:19 ‹zenmaster› When is next discussion. I have some questions

15:59:26 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Well folks, ZM, Misty, Inge, Confused, Lorena, DP, Kuru and Steve, thanks so much for the trip! I had such a ball! See you all next Saturday, same time, same space! ALl my *heart icon*/*light bulb icon*, dear ones! xxx- wol

15:59:41 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thanks Carla!

15:59:43 ‹zenmaster› ty

16:00:14 ‹ingerul9› thank you Carla; have a nice weekend

16:00:26 ‹Bring4th_Steve› This transcript has been recorded and will become available in the near future.
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